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Kermit the Frog 06-09-11 06:55 AM

6th June 1942. Sector CA28, 40km from New York.
I hunted down some juicy tankers, and one ceramic-type ocean liner. He just hit the bottom, when I saw a inbound convoy. Estimated course 295 deg. I see one leading escort, and two escorts on sides. After 10 min. I can recognize them. It's A&B DD as leader and old, ex American, four pipes DD's on sides. It's stupidity to attack a counvoy on this shallow waters. On the other hand... I never was too smart :88). The plan is simple: Two torpedos (just to be sure) to large tanker, one to modern tanker, and one to leading escort. Magnetic pistols set, depth also. Two TIII G7e, and two TII G7e torpedos ready to action. There's only lack of speed parameter in TDC. Because of big distance I can't estimate it precise enough. Once it's 8,5kt, and 9 kt other time. If I want to have torpedos hitting targets simultaneously I need to fire to large tanker first, then after ~one minute to modern tanker, and after another 1 min. 15' to leading escort. I don't have much time to enter speed parameter into TDC. 8,5 kt looks quite possible for me. Time to fire torpedo. First aiming point is last mast of large tanker. Shooting distance 4500m. FIRE TWO! FIRE THREE! Second aiming point is between last mast and funnel of Modern tanker, but I need to remember about corrections in distance, and wait some time to synchronize hits. NOW! FIRE FOUR! Last aiming point, first funnel of leading A&B destroyer. Same as previous: distance check, and wait to synchronize hits. Before shoot I double-check the speed... 8,5kt. SET! NOW! FIRE ONE! All eels are on the way. Now, run away from here. 200rpm both engines, turn 90 deg right, and prey. But we have no luck this time...
-Destroyer turning towards us!- Hydro says.
-Sh*t! Sh*t!! Sh*t!!! Sh*t!!!!!!!!
A large torpedo detonation between pings couldn't drown this terrible sound. We're sitting duck. 13m to surface 10m to bottom. First DC series isn't very accurate, but after a while two DDs are pinging me, and the third vessel is listening by his hydrophone. If I want to survive this I have to reduce the number of persecutors. So... periscope up! It takes some time before the head of periscope touches the surface, but when it does... The only thing I see is water boiling around me. Boiling from hitting bullets! Periscope down! Immediately! But in a blink of an eye, before I lost a visual I saw old four pipe DD dead stop, listening us probably.
-Flank ahead! Hard starboard!- I turned my boat 30 deg right. Before turn end, I set stern torpedo: 0kts, straight run.
-FIRE!- I did this in last second because in next one some destroyer rammed us.
-Both periscopes destroyed! All antennas destroyed! All the bridge destroyed! Both flak guns destroyed! Board gun destroyed. Hydrophone, Radio, Sonar, Radar destroyed! Hull badly damaged! Hydro- and Radioman are dead!- Screams chef engineer. Just after he finished his monologue we've heard stern torpedo detonation.
-One less!- But our situation is helpless. I'm not dead yet, but now it's a matter of time. He will return.
-All leakages sealed!- Says CE
-Silence on deck!- I know, that I can hear a destroyer by my ears a couple seconds before he reaches me. -All stop!
Without my hydrophone, and periscope this single DD scares me to death.
All the time, without break, continuous terrifying sound.
I want to hide myself, lie on the floor, but there's nowhere to hide. Nobody breaths... Now when I'm blind and deaf my imagination sets me images of destroyer's bow cutting my command room. Images are so convenient, that I'm pretty sure that nothing can help us. I'm expecting a hit in a second... next second... next second... next second... next second... next second... next second...
Then I hear something else, something else except pings.
-DD's propellers larboard! Flank ahead, hard larboard!- Boat jumped submissively like a pike! -C'mon!!!!!!
Destroyer propeller is very loud now -Prepare for collision!- I shout, but... Destroyer passed, and instead of collision we hear DC explosion. ONE, TWO, THREE... Boat is shaking nervously after this third explosion, but holds still in one peace. No leakings! There is a hope for us. I look at the map of area. There it is. 20 km north of us, small bay... to wide and to narrow to let destroyer to continue its attacks. To small to use ASDIC... Perfect for us.
I spear You next 6 hours of real time evading destroyer and some vessel, while trying to reach our promised bay... Anyway, finally DD hit into a ground trying to ram us. We enter (Hewlett Bay I think) submerged, and wait there all the day under water. This is how I looked:

Uploaded with

I order to surface few minutes past midnight. I was so happy so I could scream about it, but I couldn't because of destroyer not far from us. He stuck on ground, but his guns doesn't seem to be damaged. I don't see any other units nearby. I decide to escape the same way I came here. People aren't wiling to go down, but... They don't dare to disobey an order... Yet. We hit the ground couple times , but nothing serious happens. After a rest of the night, and all the next day spend on silence run, on periscope depth I was sure that we're safe, so an hour after sunset I order to surface the boat. Well... I order to surface remainings of u-boot. I spend the night circling around and recharging batteries. I have two torpedos left.

Should I finish a patrol and return base, or go back there and take my revenge...

What would be Your decision mates?

Gerald 06-09-11 07:20 AM

Avoiding shallow water, is my hypothesis purely spontaneous, there are convoys of much safer water, remove the single ship in shallow water is okay, as long as you have an eye on the surroundings....and good luck, in your mission :up:

Osmium Steele 06-09-11 07:21 AM

If the uzo still works, stationary targets are simple, and safe, to hit from max torpedo range at midnight. :arrgh!:

Kermit the Frog 06-09-11 07:25 AM

UZO full operational :)

VONHARRIS 06-09-11 07:25 AM

Kermit the frog

With that damage on your sub and without sonar and radio you are doomed. The only choice you have is go back avoiding any contact.

Good luck.

sublynx 06-09-11 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by Kermit the Frog (Post 1680342)
What would be Your decision mates?

Well BdU might say: "Sink 'em all!", but I would call it a day. 'twas great reading this report, lots of nervecracking tension here. Congratulations on surviving :arrgh!:

Osmium Steele 06-09-11 09:23 AM

Assigned to patrol just NW of San Juan Puerto Rico.

No joy in assigned oparea so... Hrm, can I raid San Juan? Let's find out.

Weather check: Heavy precip, visibility poor, 13m/s winds. Perfect! :oops:

Ok, so not so perfect, but you know what they say, "If you don't like the weather in (insert city here), stick around an hour, it'll change."

WRONG!! FIVE DAYS later and I'm sure I just saw Noah and his ark float by. Hurricane season, BAH! Sank the Somers class DD and trawler patrolling north of the harbor mouth to shake off the rust.

My chart notes the Mona Passage as a possible convoy route, so we head west of Puerto Rico and listen. Of course, the weather clears though the sea state remains very rough. Reduced a small merchant to flaming wreckage, but where's my convoy?

Sure enough, an unescorted two ship convoy, followed two days later by another. Followed four days later by an eight ship convoy with two escorts. Made three attack runs in just over a twenty-four hour period.

Totals: 11 ships sunk

2 warships
2 tankers
1 whaling factory ship
6 cargo (including 2 ore carriers)

Just over 64,000 tons of allied shipping.

Returning to Lorient with a single T-1 in tube #5.

I think I like the Mona Passage...

VONHARRIS 06-09-11 01:46 PM

U-505 IXC
Patrol No12
(time off in real life so more patrols can be done)
In Loreint , new batteries were installed in U-505 promising longer underwater ranges. Orders were to patrol Grid ES36

07 December 1941
01:56 hours. U-505 left Lorient under the cover of night to avoid aircraft attacks

20 December 1941
Grid EJ33
01:22 hours Moving in to intercept convoy
03:23 hours Sound contact established , calculations begun
03:55 hours Penetrated escort screen. 4 bow + 2stern torpedoes fired
03:56 hours Liberty cargo sunk by 2 bow torpedoes. Large cargo hit by 2 stern torpedoes
03:57 hours Turbine tanker sunk by 2 bow torpedoes
04:12 hours Depth 90m running silent no pinging
04:34 hours Depth 148 m running silent escaping
07:04 hours Surfaced , no rain , 1m/s winds , moving in external torpedoes

23 December 1941 (Kaleun's birthday , really)
Grid ET13
17:18 hours Moving to intercept convoy
19:52 hours Sound contact gained , convoy moving away , aborting approach

26 December 1941
Grid ES63
Reached patrol grid

28 December 1941
Grid ET42
00:10 hours Heading east for Freetown

29 December 1941
Grid ET52
02:40 hours Shells landed near U-505. Under attack by enemy destroyer. Minor damages , diving to PD
02:46 hours Somers class DD sunk by 2 stern torpedoes. Our first US ship
03:00 hours While submerged picked several merchant noises. Up scope US ships run at various speeds and various directions like crazy. Indetified as Turbine tanker , large merchant . ceramic type ocean liner , troop transport
03:57 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
03:58 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired turbine tanker hit twice
04:02 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired large merchant hit twice. The ships kept moving unpredictable , Reloading tubes since depth was kept at PD speed steady at 2kts
04:06 hours 1 bow torpedo fired turbine tanker hit once more
04:56 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
04:57 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
04:58 hours 1 bow torpedo fired. Internal torpedoes expended, down scope leaving the area
05:12 hours sinking noises large merchant sunk

2 external bow torpedoes remaining and carried in

09 January 1942
Grid CG54
10:24 hours merchant ship spotted dived for submerged torpedo attack
10:29 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
10:30 hours 1 bow torpedo fired , 2 explosions medium merchant 06 sunk

14 January 1942
03:30 hours U-505 docked in Lorient. No news of any sub yet.

39 days at sea
5 ships sunk
35735 tons
94% hull integrity
no casualties

sublynx 06-09-11 03:54 PM

U-552, patrol 5, report 2
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol CG11

4.6.1943 clear, 15 16 km, 7 m/s.
1105 AF77 Metox warning. Dived.
1410 AF77 Airplane sighted 332 relative bearing. Crash dived.
1713 AF77 Metox warning. Crash dived.
1812 AF77 Metox warning. Crash dived. Made a major course change as a precautionary measure.

5.6.1943 heavy rain, 800 900 meters, 15 m/s.
1105 AF77 Fumo-30 contact, 342 relative bearing, long range. Dived to periscope depth. Frachter, 34 RPM. Surfaced for making radar-based estimations. By 1120 a course of 30 - 40 degrees true and a speed of 9 knots estimated by keeping the ship out of visible range, at a constant relative bearing of 130 degrees and a range of 4000 meters.

Two TIII G7es fired submerged at 1200 hours at an 8500 BRT freighter, impact pistol, depth 3, range 600 meters. One hit under the front mast and another just behind the bridge. A fire observed by periscope on the bow of the vessel. Then at 1213 hours first the sounds of the engine and the screws disappearing, then sounds of metal bending. Presumed sunk.

2243 AN11 Metox warning. Dived. Fast warship screws coming closer. Lost sounds by 2253.

6.6.1943 heavy rain, 800 900 meters, 15 m/s.
1200 AM34 BdU reports heavy traffic near Puerto Rico, New York and Freetown. Continuing towards our patrol grid. Eight torpedoes left.


gazpode_l 06-09-11 07:20 PM

NOTE TO USERS:-NB only had 2hrs to myself over last couple of days to play SH3, anticipate aprox 4-5hrs gameplay over next three days!!, so there might not be many reports from me until early next week when more free time will be availble to me! :damn:

Pat2,Rpt2, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)

22/10: 9:00am
WARSHIP SPOTTED! - Distant sighting confirmed to be "Motor torpedo boat" dive to P/D

22/10: 9:30am
Seems we have shrugged off the torpedo boats and that we can continue our progress north

22/10: 5pm
two more torpedo boats are spotted together with a pair of mystery mast-head lights in the long distance. they appear to be stationary!

22/10: 5:30pm
Dive again to avoid contact by torpedo vessels x2. Some two hours later they are still with us but at long range.

22/10: 7pm
A small motor vessel merchant is identified. Continued current course towards patrol grid.

23/10 3pm
We arrive at Am53 our patrol grid and setup a patrolling course

23/10 4pm
Radio report recieved: LG CONVOY, GRID AM53, SPD 7knts!!!

23/10 5pm
plotted intercept course and find we can easily get into position

23/10 7pm
first intial sighting of outer protection of convoy.

SAVE & EXIT @ 01:10hrs R/L Time

Other comments; Can't recall any word from U-123. U552 continues to do well against the enemy whereas U-103 now has a new commander and my friend from that vessel is now in U505. Hopefully they built her as well as they did some of the other boats.

Snestorm 06-09-11 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Kermit the Frog (Post 1680342)
Should I finish a patrol and return base, or go back there and take my revenge...

What would be Your decision mates?

Go home, Kermit!
Let's hope you make it.

Tommy is waiting his turn to play with you, when Sam is done.

Thanks for a great read, and good luck with the return voyage.

Snestorm 06-09-11 10:09 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 8. Part 2.
CG45 (W of Spain)
1928: "Ship spotted! 339. Long range." Destroyer!
Turn nose on. Go to 15 meters for a quick listen.
1930: Periscope depth. Sound reports a convoy. Undected.
1954: Fire 2 (TII G7E). New depth 100 meters.
1956: Little Merchant sunk for 2.341 GRT.
Torpedo run 120 seconds. Convoy course 002, making 6 knots.
(All torpedoes set to 3 meters. Magnetic pistols removed.)

Gibralter - UK convoy. Course later corrected to 002. 6 knots stands good.

Our next attack was planned as a night surface.
We managed to penetrate the screen, but were forced to go to periscope depth because, we ended up at very short range, directly in front of the convoy. (Our broadside was overexposed).
2353: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E) at the only target visible in the periscope, with an 8 degree spread.
2354: Large Cargo sunk for 8.009 GRT.
Torpedo run was 40 seconds. Range 650 meters.

Next came our end run in preparation of a daylight submerged attack.
I wasted my only bow T1 G7A when a long range opertunity arose.
At 4.800 meters, I missed.
We turned immediatly after firing, and continued the end-around undetected.

CG42 (Same convoy)
0600: Sunrise.
0649: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E), with 3 escorts close-by. New depth 102 meters.
0652: T2 Tanker sunk for 10.871 GRT. 2 degree spread.
Torpedo run time 3 minutes. Range 3.000 meters.

U39 remained undetected throughout all attacks, thus far.

1000: Surface to Medium Rain, Heavy Fog, 14 m/s wind.
Further persuit was abandoned.

2100: Save & Exit.

Flaxpants 06-10-11 12:10 AM

U707- Patrol 4
Oct 26th, 1941

Currently sitting in the Western Mediterranean contemplating an attack on the port of Gibraltar....

Traveled from the Thalia in Cadiz and had a very 'exciting' trip through the straits avoiding depth charges and managing to sink a few merchants on the way. Am now letting the crew, and the sub recuperate, and am undecided about my next move. Its either a gung-ho attack on Gibraltar hoping for some juicy spoils or lurking around in the shipping lanes coming out of there.

Then home for Tea.

VONHARRIS 06-10-11 04:24 AM

U-505 IXC
Good news came in: U-39 had attacked a convoy sinking some 19K tons and U-552 had also sunk 9K tons of shipping. U-65 was still in one piece in the dangerous waters of AM53.
In Lorient U-505 had her camouflage pattern changed.
This time the patrol grid was ED98 just north of the port of Spain in South America. Orders were NOT to engage any target until patrol area reached
13 February 1942
03:25 hours U-505 left Lorient

03 March 1942
Grid EE55
12:14 hours Aircraft spotted , crash dived

09 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:51 hours Patrol grid reached

13:42 hours A US fleet oiler spotted sailing unescorted. She was heavily armed so no deck gun attack. Dived to PD for torpedo attack
14:14 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
14:15 hours Explosions , ship was left DIW , turning for stern shot
14:22 hours 1 stern shot
14:23 hours Explosion but ship still there
14:23 hours 1 stern torpedo fired
14:24 hours Hit , ship sunk after secondary explosions

19:37 hours Aircraft spotted
19:38 hours Crash dived , minor damages by machine gun fire 2 explosions heard

10 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:59 hours Moving to intercept small convoy
02:18 hours Visual contact , navigation lights on , neutral ships

12 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:42 hours Moving west to Curacao oil fields
03:50 hours A huge ship is spotted running fast dived to PD. Ship was indentified as the USS West Point a converted liner to troop ship
03:54 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired
03:56 hours All hit the target. She sunk in seconds, Only a few life rafts were seen

15 March 1942
Grid EC92
23;03 hours Airship of the US Navy spotted. Decided to engage this slow flying giant
23:10 hours 20mm rounds proved useless, Uboot damaged by cannon fire Crash dived to avoid more damages.

16 March 1942
Grid EC92
01:32 hours Still submerged a sound contact was established,
01:48 hours Ship was spotted and identified as turbine tanker , presumed unarmed
01:50 hours Surfaced and engaged with the deck gun from 2500m. 6 rounds fired
01:52 hours Return fire from the tanker, she was armed with a 4in stern gun and several small caliber weapons Damages and flooding Dived to PD
01:56 hours 2 bow torpedeos fired
01:57 hours 2 hits no visible damage to the tanker
01:58 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
01:59 hours 1 hit , ship was on fire slowing down , no smoke coming out from her funnel. Turning for stern shots
02:10 hours Coup de grace fired from stern tube
02:11 hours Ship hit and sunk

After surfacing the damages were estimated. The LI said that diving below 40m would be like signing our own death sentence. Time to go home

18 March 1942
Grid ED68
18:17 hours While on the surface , a ship was seen : turbine tanker unescorted. Dived to PD and waited as in her current course would pass some 500m from our stern,
18:38 hours 1 stern torpedo fired
18:39 hours She was hit and fire broke off on her stern.
18:40 hours 1 stern torpedo fire - hit after 40 seconds. At this range it was clearly seen that the ship was unarmed
18:43 hours Surfaced and opened fire from 500m range
18:45 hours She sunk after 16 105mm rounds

08 April 1942
07:03 hours U-505 returned to Lorient with out any further incidents
55 days at sea
4 ships sunk
67176 tons
44% hull integrity

1. Active sonar was installed
2. Bold decoys were intalled which can be very helpful as Kaleun Dietzmann
from U-552 has pointed out.

Gerald 06-10-11 06:18 AM

A good job, where you were now, is always a bit tricky when the inlet is relatively narrow with some wicked DD guarding, :DL

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