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Walruss 02-06-11 05:26 AM

My most successful patrol yet! So I've decided to do a full report.
Patrol 4
U-46, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: November 24, 1939, 09:42
From: Corrientes

After resupplying and rearming from the Corrientes, a tanker stationed off the canary islands, I have decided to make use of the Gibraltar choke point on our way back home. The weather has been absolutely stunning, and the men are in good spirits. Over the past few months it seems the British have had great difficulty detecting our uboats submerged, so I may attempt to infiltrate Gibraltar itself, conditions permitting.

26th Nov. Attempting to infiltrate Casablanca- with dawn fast approaching I consulted my charts and found a hollow in the sea bed, 20 kilometers from the port. We have submerged to 40 meters and will attempt an attack on the port at nightfall. Sonar reports light ASW activity- a small motor boat or perhaps converted trawler is all we can hear.

27th Nov. Successfully attacked Casablanca, firing 2 torpedoes each at 2 old tramp steamers in the harbour. The first was damaged by one hit, while the second torpedo failed to explode- though I'm sure it hit! Damn these temperamental pistols!
The second ship suffered both torpedoes working flawlessly, fore and aft being rocked within a few seconds of each other, sinking very quickly.. With the whole harbour in an uproar and no juicer targets to attack, we departed submerged. On our way out it seemed the first steamer was badly damaged, but still afloat- perhaps moored in a shallower area of the harbour... It will still make them stop and think!

NOTE: SH3 commander put only one steamer sunk, but it did contain military stores, so not a total waste.

28th Nov: Made it through the straights very easily, and though we sighted several enemy ships in transit with us, none seemed large enough to warrant a torpedo attack, especially with a significant warship presence.

29th: Infiltrated Gilbraltar harbour, and managed to line up a medium-sized Cargo vessel at anchor. As I was taking a range bearing, however, some bright-eyed young sailor spotted my periscope and lit it up with a searchlight. In a panic I ordered the torpedo fired and a dive to 30 meters, before setting the running depth of the weapon. The Sonarman reported hearing it impact on the hull of the ship, however to everyone's surprise and delight, a second later the warhead detonated.

Spent the next few hours evading destroyers on our way out of the harbour, and ran aground once evading depth charges. Minor damage to diesel engines and Batteries.

30th: Located a calm sheltered natural harbour just inside the med to do repairs. The hull is more or less sound, thankfully, with no leakage. The impact just cracked a few cells in the fore battery compartment, and shook the engines a little. We'll be under way by nightfall.

3nd Dec: Encountered a Granville-type transiting the straight last night. Torpedo 1 failed to explode- suspected pistol failure. torpedo 2 exploded properly and she sank inside of an hour. This morning we ran across a light- passenger-cargo entering the straits. Not wishing to waste an eel on such a small vessel, I ordered the gunners up to the deck and we shelled it until a stray shell hit something nasty and the whole ship exploded into a fireball.

4th Dec: Two Granville types encountered in a single day! Both sent to the bottom with a single torpedo each.

5th Dec: Encountered what i'm sure the french grandly referred to as a 'convoy' - The trgets were juicy enough for a lone boat- A large Merchantman and a medium-sized cargo vessel - however the escort was a lone fishing trawler, pressed into service with a small gun and some automatic weapons. Feeling daring, I ordered us to run in surfaced from the side, firing 2 torpedoes at the larger rear ship - magnetic fuse, only one exploded... I may have over-estimated the sspeed and missed with one torpedo however, while at the same time ordering the gun crew to open fire one the trawler. My brave men immediately scored two hits on the little dingy, setting it ablaze although not sinking it. We ran in at full seed using the damaged merchant as cover while exchanging fire with the trawler, and I fired the last of my forward eels at the smaller cargo where it exploded just aft of the funnel. The deck-gun now out of ammo, and the trawler obviously crewed by brave men (their vessel now well and truly ablaze and the only damage to mine were a few machine gun holes in the conning tower) I ordered periscope depth and dropped back to shadow the final two ships.
By midnight it as clear that the cargo, though listing heavily and no longer keeping pace with it's escort (whom had long since become a tiny spec of yellow flame on the horrizon), I decided to use one of my two remaining torpedoes to finish the stricken vessel. I wound up using both, again due to a faulty impact pistol. Damn the torpedo development board!

Returning to the Corrientes for supplies, as I do not wish to cross behind england totally unarmed. Hopefully they have at least some shells for me left over.

Oblt z.s.
Heinz Buder
Patrol tonnage: 35173 tons
Ships sunk:
SS Portrieux (Tramp Steamer)
SS Golden Light (Medium Cargo)
MV Firethorn (Granville-type Freighter)
SS Northton (Passenger/Cargo)
SS Bradfyne (Granville-type Freighter)
SS Empire Citizen (Granville-type Freighter)
SS Glenstrae (Large Merchant)
SS Crest of the Wave (Medium Cargo)

B.N.R.T. 02-06-11 09:12 AM

Gutentag, meine Freunde!

I've got some fairly detailed patrol logs written up in Commander, which look similair to the ones here. I'd like to share them with the people who are interested with them. The problem is that they get all messed up when I copy and paste them and there's too many pages to make printscreens. Is there any way or place where I can upload them?

Theusje 02-06-11 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by USNSRCaseySmith (Post 1591469)
You can go deeper than 140 you just need to run your engines fast enough to maintain depth

I was damaged several times thanks to enemy aircrafts. I therefore decided to "test" my sub to see how deep she could go. At 140 I got the message that we were taking damage and water started getting in.

Now in this new 1939 career I seem to have messed things up. As it's Sept there must be some regulations that I'm not aware off. I sunk(sank) the HMS Rodney, 2 large merchants and some smaller ships for a total of 60,000 GRT. I got 1900 renown and got promoted. But the game says I didn't sunk any tonnage and therefore my crew doens't get medals and promotions. I guess I have to read up on those Prize stuff. I know the WW1 sub history fairly well but not the WW2.

scunnygsi 02-06-11 10:52 AM

Oct 4th 1939
Patrol #3
Sub Type IIA

Left Kiel to patrol grid AN21. Hopefully will find an enemy target to fire some of my fish at, crew seem to be getting attached to the ones im carrying, maybe too attached as 1 or 2 of the crew have taken to sleeping with them. This may also be due to lack of bunks for the men.

Happy hunting to all.

Gargamel 02-06-11 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by Theusje (Post 1591682)
I was damaged several times thanks to enemy aircrafts. I therefore decided to "test" my sub to see how deep she could go. At 140 I got the message that we were taking damage and water started getting in.

Now in this new 1939 career I seem to have messed things up. As it's Sept there must be some regulations that I'm not aware off. I sunk(sank) the HMS Rodney, 2 large merchants and some smaller ships for a total of 60,000 GRT. I got 1900 renown and got promoted. But the game says I didn't sunk any tonnage and therefore my crew doens't get medals and promotions. I guess I have to read up on those Prize stuff. I know the WW1 sub history fairly well but not the WW2.

Had similar problem... try this:

Theusje 02-06-11 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Gargamel (Post 1591746)

Thank you, it worked.

Missing Name 02-06-11 03:59 PM

November 5, 1940.
Current position: about 35km SSW of Gibraltar.

I ambushed a convoy outside the straight. Sank a 2-stacker light cruiser and a fairly large freighter which went up in a magnificent fireball. An ore collier also took a hit, but I applaud her damage control crew. The weak escort team spat in the wrong direction.

Large freight ship in my crosshairs, guarded only by a mosquito boat. 2700 meters... 2500... 2000... Gone, but with four torpedoes expended due to premature detonations in the rough seas.

Made the trip through the straight in daylight. Luca was not allowed to shoot at the seagulls, even if we DID have 5000 rounds for the MG34.

Medium freighter, single escort. Took down the merch; destroyer attacked us but we outsmarted them.

Spent a few more days east of the straight. Was about ready to head further east, when the hydrophone picked up lots of movement. Task force... four cruisers, a carrier and some escorts. Flattop gone, two hits. Two more shots, duds.

Made the trip through the straight in broad daylight again. Luca was taken off watch duty.

A few more days of nothing, and then we got a call to come back home... will be modifying the tally painted on the tower.

Walruss 02-07-11 05:30 AM

Hiding under a convoy, listening to the destroyer searching over head

VONHARRIS 02-07-11 02:13 PM

U-522 update
Back in business after installing new graphics card (Asus Geforce X460)
I tried the NFS11 Hot pursuit II but I didn't like it very much.

U-522 IXC update
Patrol No 28
Grid AM76
Date : March 3 1944
Completed main objectives : Reach and patrol grid AM78
I have sunk a Bogue class CVE with a combination of a TIV and 1 TI torpedoes.

I had to leave a huge convoy pass because I was detected by the enemy. I crash dived to 130m and they lost contact. After resurfacing the convoy had changed course and was heading away now.
Well better safe than sorry.
At least we can fight another day.

Edit : Enemy planes are all over the place. Playing cat and mouse with lone ASW ships.
Still alive.

gazpode_l 02-07-11 08:52 PM

U-93 Patrol #3
23Apr1941: Left Kiel
30Apr1941: Arrive AM24 (Assigned Grid)

Established contact via phones with distant vessel,
possible merchant, unsure of how many.

Persuing at best speed!

Established contact is actually a fishing veseel.
Breaking off attack to continue grid patrol then heading to grids AM11, and AL37/38

4th May
Completed patrol of alloted grid on May 2nd, not cleared of allocated grid until much longer than expected. Passing Rockall bank on way back towards Ireland after fruitless search of AM11 & AL38.

Perhaps AM52/53 will offer better hunting or it will be the irish sea for us??

16:45 May 4th :smug:
A radio report, just one square north of our position a large convoy has been reported by BDu intelligence. Maybe at last we can make our mark on this patrol? :hmmm:

Attempting to get into an intercept position to shadow convoy - possible smoke on the horizon. Unsure if a merchant or warship.

NB: Just as making reasonable contact RL has to get in the way as it now 1:45am and I have to be at wrk in some 6hrs! DARN IT! :damn::damn:

To be continued.........
Kln: W Suhr

VONHARRIS 02-08-11 12:37 AM

U-522 update
Patrol 29 completed
Returned to Bergen with 19% hull intergity and 9 men dead to enemy air attack. I was not able to dive and I had to fight two British Wildcats on the surface. AA fire was not enough.

Overall situation
Date: July 1944
Patrols: 29
Days at sea : 884
Merchants sunk : 190
Tonnage : 1235216 tons
Warships sunk : 37
Tonnage : 201588
Aircafts shot down : 5
Men lost : 14

Upon return to Bergen the remaining crew of U-522 was assigned to a new boat : U-2511 XXI electroboat
We are preparing to set sail for the Atlantic. This time the Allies will have something to fear.

VONHARRIS 02-08-11 02:34 PM

The end of U-2511
November 9 1944
A motocycle stops outside a huge mansion in Munich.
A flawless dressed naval officer gets off and rings the bell at the front door.
The maid anwsers the door.
" Frau von Harris bitte" asked the officer
" Jawohl " said the maid and went in.

A minute later a well dressed woman came to the front step. When she saw the officer stopped immediatelly and looked at him in despair.
" Is it what I think it is Herr Oberleutnant?"
The officer didn't answer. He reached for the inner pocket of his jacket and gave the woman a sealed envelope.
The officer saluted and left. He didn't know what to say.
Frau Caroline von Harris tore the envelope and read the letter.

It is with great pity that we have to accept the loss of Frigattenkapitan Herbert von Harris along with U-2511 and all hands......

She couldn't read anymore.......

U-2511 was lost with all hands in grid BF16 while attacking a fast tanker convoy at November 6 1944.

gazpode_l 02-08-11 08:31 PM

U-93 Patrol #3
Did not expect the opportunity to continue my patrol tonight but was able to;
Tracked convoy which had changed course and got myself into a firing position. I now have three EELS left in front and two rear ones (including 2x external reloads).

I have just scored first tonnage of this patrol, which amounts to two larger tankers/merchants with 5000 tons and 7000 tons. :up:

I also in-advertantly bagged an intermediate cargo of aprox 3000GRT when a torpedo aimed at another vessel was deflected by the hull of a nearby ship and ran into a different target than intended and sunk it with the one hit :yeah:

I have also damaged a larger size frieghter/cargo and hopefully fcan get back into a more suitable firing position once I have beaten off the counter-attacks which the enemy are engaging on me as I saved up.

Aw well time for bed in R/L :yawn:

Missing Name 02-08-11 11:39 PM

November 23, 1940 - December 6, 1940.
Type IXB, U-127. Commanded by Kptlt. Todlich.
Based in Lorient.

I was assigned to patrol AM43. On the way up, I sank a large merchant with the deck gun. After a few days at my designated patrol, I looked for more fruitful hunting grounds. I came across a fishing trawler and FlaKed it.

I moved around the North Sea for a bit. There was one freighter dispatched with a torpedo. On a whim, I moved between Scotland and Ireland. An unaware naval trawler was taken out with the deck gun, as was a small motor boat.

Continuing south, I received a report of a large convoy in the Irish Sea. Two more u-boats were in the area, although I never saw them. I could hear the battle taking place ahead. One ally appeared to have sunk, the other slipped away.

Now it was my turn. Much to my surprise, it appeared to be unescorted. My allies appeared to have driven them off or sunk them. So, being me, I surfaced and opened fire with the deck gun. I had to dive twice due to fire from two Q-ships, but both were dispatched. Some damage was received but nothing serious. Using most of my torpedoes (including externals) and the remaining deck and FlaK, I sailed in the center of the convoy at my leisure and took out targets. They attempted to ram us multiple times, and one ship opened up with assorted small arms.

By the time I had my fill, the large convoy had been downgraded to a small convoy. I had sunk 12 ships (including the Q-escorts) for about 41900 tons over a battle lasting about 21 hours and 25km.

On the way back to Lorient, I sank a tugboat with the remaining 3.7cm FlaK shells and a merchant with one of my two remaining torpedoes.

And as an added bonus, my crew got to stay on leave during Christmas while the boat was patched up.

Pappy55 02-09-11 02:46 PM

December 5th 1939

U-27 has been sent back out to sea,,
We really could of been given the men 24 more hours leave. Guess somone in Bdu has a sick sence of humor or hates my guts..

So we leave Wilhelmshaven on a cold a dark christmas morning.. The men were all singing Stille Nacht on the way out of port..

To save on time and fuel I have decided to take the dangerous route through the English Channel to BF17..

I have a bad feeling about this patrol..

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