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sublynx 04-27-2011 12:46 AM

patrol 5, U-451
20.3.1942, 20:02
Ob.Lt. z S. Erich Scheide
U-451 ("die Elster"), VIIC, Flotilla, St.Nazaire
Orders: Patrol AL15
Location: Grid BF 41
Weather: 15m/s, cloudy, no rain, visibility 4 - 5 kilometers

In about five to six hours we'll be in position to intercept a reported inbound convoy in grid BF17. Even if we find it with no problems we only get one chance of attacking before the water starts getting shallower and the airplanes flying from England become a factor too. Ten torpedoes left, so I might risk attacking it multiple times anyway.

Yesterday we had a very encouraging success using the FuMo 29 in 4 - 5 kilometer visibility, 8m/s wind conditions. We found a contact with hydrophones and then located two ships with radar. We shadowed them out of sight in the fog for 15 minutes keeping radar contact. During that time we established their course with the radar and measured their speed (7 knots) by changing our speed so that the range shown on FuMo 29 didn't change. The 3:15 method was difficult to use, because there were two contacts to follow and the radar kept switching off now and then (waves kept hitting the radar). The ships were duly sunk and were kleiner frachters, about 2200 GRT both. Even though the ships were quite small the signature in the radar was absolutely clear.

With FuMo 29 onboard we managed to establish the enemy's course and speed reasonably fast and accurate. In this case there was no need for time consuming and often a bit inaccurate hydrophone bearings. With some practice I think the radiomen will be able to do the necessary range and speed finding in 5 - 10 minutes, maybe even less.The radiomen were happily informing me about contacts on the radar and are now on a jubilant mood! With the FuMo 29 they can really add to the punching power our boat carries, at least in these kind of conditions (foggy, not too stormy, no airplane risk, area checked by hydrophone).

gazpode_l 04-27-2011 03:47 AM

My current patrol - started on 24/7/1941
Ships sunk thus far: 3

Mission: Left new harbour of brest in July 1941. Patrol grid alloted was a distant grid somwhere within the NW quadrant of the "DT" grids west of africa.

A peaceful journey down was only interupted by an encounter with a small, solo merchant, which was despatched using 2 torpedoes (1 missed)

No further activity was to be the norm for the next week or so as I patrolled my grid and then headed away from my grid.

I briefly toyed with temptation to experiment with an operation around gibraltar, but was driven away by numerous air-attacks, one of which resulted in light damage to my pressure hull which was soon repaired.

The journey back to familiar waters around the UK was eventful and in squally seas I was able to dispatch a medium sized frieghter, although I was quite wasteful with my torpedoes and expended more than I had bargained for!

I later THOUGHT I had discovered a convoy, and was plotting my firing position quite nicely, but then as I got to within firing range, a quick look through the periscope had me cursing as I spotted the glaring navigation lights too-ing and fro-ing in the heavy sea!!!

deciding not to fire on a convoy which could possibly be neautral/friendly, I left them be and carried on northwards.

I then encountered a small steamer just SW of longships which I made a right meal of taking another two value-able torpedoes to sink it!

Onwards north still and into the bristol channel. We motored eastwards towards SW wales where I am plotting a look into a couple of the small harbours dotted along the south coast of wales.

Have thus far come under numerous air attacks and have been forced under on three separate occasions.

During one dive my hydroman managed to pickup a fient contact, more in the general direction of ireland. Course was changed and we headed towards the contact.

Soon the merchant contact was no longer being heard but a warship was spotted on the horizon heading in our general direction. Silent speed was ordered and we descended to a depth of 25m hoping the HUNT Class would pass over us without DIDNT!!!!

We are now in a battle of cat & mouse and I am trying to evade the clutches of a very good adversary...currently sitting at around 100m trying to dodge the D/C he is throwing my way!

Thankfully no damages thus far from him.

W SUhr
U-93 (VIIc)
Essex Division
Based: Brest, France

VONHARRIS 04-27-2011 12:12 PM

U-64 IXB update
Patrol No3
November 10 1939
06:03 hours U-64 set off for her 2nd war patrol

November 14 1939 Grid AN14
13:10 hours Large merchant sunk by 2 torpedoes

November 26 1939 Grid BF17
22:20 hours Medium merchant 38 sunk by gunfire in clear weather

November 27 1939 Grid BF17
00:51 hours Medium merchant 17 sunk by gunfire
01:21 hours Medium merchant 38 sunk by torpedoes

December 3 1939 Grid BE39
convoy attack
6 torpedoes fired 4 hits scored
00:09 hours Q ship sunk
00:10 hours Medium cargo sunk
00:10 hours Medium merchant 15 sunk
00:15 hours Ammunition ship missed
Escorts never knew what hit the convoy.

December 8 1939 Grid AM51
02:25 hours Tramp steamer sunk by gunfire in clear weather and calm seas

December 11 1939 Grid AM52
02:28 hours Small merchant sunk by torpedo

December 13 1939 Grid AM52
06:49 hours Small freighter sunk by torpedoes in heavy seas

December 15 1939 Grid AN11
01:37 hours Convoy repair ship sunk by 4 torpedeos

December 16 1939 Grid AN61
21:01 hours Medium merchant 39 sunk by gunfire - all torpedoes expended

December 17 1939
22:07 hours U-64 docked at home port
38 days at sea
12 ships sunk
50908 tons

unterseemann 04-28-2011 05:07 PM


11:01 U-2541 received a message while transiting along the brasilian coasts

The war is over... Quite a strange feeling after all those years of fighting...
Our decision is made, we will surender to a neutral country. Our choice is the port of Natal in Brasil...


15:10 Kptlt Rudolf Eickmeyer leaves U-2541 and meets William C.Hugues the USS Somers's captain

This was the last patrol... It was a good one though

Carreer total: 33 ships for 192.536 tons in 10 active patrols +1 shakedown cruise (242 days at sea) between 1-1-1944 and 12-05-1945

Post war: After the war Rudolf Eickmeyer salvaged sunken ships in the Rhine river. Later he worked in the shipbuilding industry. He died on 2 May 1993.

Fish In The Water 04-28-2011 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by unterseemann (Post 1652828)
The war is over... Quite a strange feeling after all those years of fighting...

Congratulations on making it to the bitter end. Well done!! :salute:

Salvadoreno 04-28-2011 10:46 PM

U-84's kapitan had a certain sense of dread come over him, though it had been a time for celebration.

The crew was in a relaxed state. They were headed home through the North Atlantic. Their small VIIB had sailed to American waters and scored 3 times. 2 Large american cargos and 1 medium canadian cargo. On their way to American waters they ran into a convoy and sunk another 2 merchants. Totaling 5 ships for 36,810 GDT. As usual there had been a few predetonations and a misfire. But still a good score for U-84s second patrol.

Still U-84 has not felt the shake of a depth charge nor the rattle of aircraft gunfire. Yet streams of reports were coming in from BdU. This is what had been worrying U-84s kapitan.

To: U-84
From: BdU
August 14th 1942

We regret to inform that....

To: U-84
From BdU
August 16th

...Has not checked in. It is assumed lost with all hands...

To: U-84
From: BdU
August 20th

...sunk by Aircraft and destroyers....

To: U-84
From: BdU
August 25th

...Presumed lost while attacking Konvoi...

More and more of these transmissions were being sent to boats at sea. More and more boats were being lost in the Atlantic. Why had U-84 been so lucky? It was still happy times according to U-84 and her crew. Attacking convoys at night surfaced, avoiding the incompetent british. What had changed since June, the U-84s first patrol?

It was still a long way home for U-84, still on transit back to Brest. Hopefully it would be uneventful..

To: BdU
From: U-84
September 1st 1942

1030//About 2 days out from Brest// Will communicate when in range of escort//

To: BdU
From: U-84

300// Heavy rains have led to a safe passage into Brest// Last Comminque// U-84 Patrol 2 status 5 Merchants for 36,810 GDT//

Onkel Donitz greeted the commander of U-84 and promoted him Ober z. See. The bands were playing and the nurses throwing their flowers. U-84 flew proudly its tonnage flags. Still as the commander walked away from his VIIB, something was just not right.

The VIIB would return to the North Atlantic, where all those casualties had been reported.

Salvadoreno 04-28-2011 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by unterseemann (Post 1652828)


15:10 Kptlt Rudolf Eickmeyer leaves U-2541 and meets William C.Hugues the USS Somers's captain

Is it possible to surrender? Or did that **** just keep firing at you?

unterseemann 04-29-2011 12:38 AM

It's not possible to surrender but i played it as if it was. The american destroyer never shot at me as war was over ( 12th of may 1945)
Thanks 'fish in the water'!

sublynx 04-29-2011 12:57 AM

Thanks for the report Unterseemann. Very nice reading about the end of the war. I can't really imagine peacetime right now, I'm playing a career in 1942 and there's still dozens of patrols waiting for me.

VONHARRIS 04-29-2011 03:04 AM

U-64 IXB update
Patrol No 4

January 16 1940 22:58 hours
After a 1 month refit period U-64 set out to sea

January 19 1940 Grid AN48
17:56 hours Large merchant sunk in clear weather with 42 105mm rounds

January 22 1940 Grid AN13
03:10 hours Medium merchant 39 sunk in bad weather submerged attack with 2 stern torpedoes

January 25 1940 Grid AM52
19:48 hours Large merchant sunk in clear weather with 35 105mm rounds

February 5 1940 Grid AM52
08:39 hours Convoy repair ship sunk in stormy weather submerged attack with 2 bow torpedoes

18:46 hours Medium merchant 04 sunk in rainy weather submerged attack with 2 bow torpedoes

February 6 1940 Grid AM52
19:54 hours Emprire type freighter sunk in bad weather submerged attack 3 bow torpedoes + 4 stern torpedoes
She took 4 hours (game time) to sink. A trully "die hard" ship

February 8 1940 Grid AM52
20:45 hours Heavy merchant 01 sunk in clear weather with 37 105mm rounds

February 16 1940 Grid AN16
08:24 hours Large merchant sunk in clear weather with 27 105mm rounds

February 17 1940 Grid AN14
14:56 hours Small trawler sunk in clear weather with 80 20mm rounds

February 29 1940 Grid AM52
17:20 hours Empire type freighter sunk in calm seas submerged attack 3 bow torpedoes , finished off with 34 105mm rounds

March 7 1940 Grid AF77
05:55 hours Tugboat sunk in heavy seas submerged attack with 1 bow torpedo

March 13 1940
05:52 hours Docked at Wilhelmshaven
58 days at sea
70166 tos sunk
11 ships sunk

Fish In The Water 04-29-2011 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by unterseemann (Post 1652972)
Thanks 'fish in the water'!

You're very welcome! :sunny:

Besides, it was well deserved...

Missing Name 04-30-2011 11:11 AM

I've been experimenting with my modding. To do so, I made a simple shooting gallery of various targets.

I have made some discoveries:
- 40 rounds of 2cm FlaK will destroy a tugboat.
- 1960 rounds of 2cm FlaK had no effect on a small merchant.
- It takes about 200 rounds of 3.7 cm AP to finish off said merchant, aiming all along the waterline.
- 100 rounds is sufficient to destroy an intermediate tanker, again aiming along and below the waterline.
- 4 simultaneous torpedo hits on an ammunition ship lags my computer due to the number of explosions that follows.
- On a perfectly clear day, the HMS Hood destroyed 2 Hipper class and 1 Deutschland cruisers while sustaining one light hit. They were steaming towards each other at 10 knots from 20 km away. The two Revenge class battleships accompanying the Hood didn't even notice there was a fight going on.
- The VIIC/41 went to 262 meters before taking slight damage. By that, I mean it was at 99% integrity.

VONHARRIS 05-01-2011 05:03 AM

U-518 IXC
March 11 1940
Transfer order:
Kptltnt vonHarris and the crew of U-64 are to commision the U-518 IXC type Uboot.

April 12 1940
05:15 hours
U-518 set for her maiden patrol (5th for the crew)

April 30 1940 Grid CG87
Convoy attack in bad weather
6 torpedoes fired 4 hits scored
22:27 hours Southampton class CL sunk 2 bow torpedoes
22:41 hours Medium merchant 03 sunk 1 bow torpedo
22:41 hours Heavy merchant 01 sunk 1 bow torpedo

May 3 1940 Grid CG98
Two ship convoy no escorts clear weather calm seas
07:52 hours Armed convoy repair ship sunk 2 bow torpedoes
07:55 hours Medium merchant 39 with 23 105mm rounds

May 4 1940 Grid CG94
04:12 hours Medium merchant 04 sunk 15 105mm rounds
07:26 hours Qship sunk 11 105mm rounds No return fire

May 5 1940 Grid CG95
16:39 hours Small merchant sunk with 10 105mm rounds

May 7 1940 Grid CG95
Two ship convoy escorted by armed trawler clear weather calm seas
Spotted while on the surface closing in.
The trawler opened fire first
09:08 hours Armed trawler sunk with 2 bow torpedoes
09:14 hours Tramp steamer sunk 17 105mm rounds
09:17 hours Medium cargo sunk 30 105mm rounds

May 8 1940 Grid CG95
Convoy attack bad weather rain medium visibility
6 torpedoes fired 5 hits scored no ships sunk
Reloaded stern tubes and attack again at stationary target when the rest of the convoy had gone
10:20 hours Heavy merchant 01 sunk 1 bow + 3 stern torpedoes

Two ship convoy escorted by armed trawler
Submerged attack
22:05 hours Tramp steamer sunk 1 bow torpedo
22:05 hours Small freighter sunk 1 bow torpedo
Escaped submerged

May 21 1940
13:27 hours
Docked at Wilhelmshaven
14 ships sunk
63282 tons
40 days at sea

sublynx 05-02-2011 02:35 AM

patrol 6, U-451
March 1942
Ob.Lt. z S. Erich Scheide
U-451 ("die Elster"), VIIC, Flotilla, St.Nazaire
New orders: Shadow/attack convoy
Location: Grid BF 41
Weather: 8m/s, clear, no rain, visibility 9 - 11 kilometers

Shadowing an outbound convoy of 5 - 6 escorts and 21 - 22 merchants. The convoy's course is 235, speed 8 knots. The convoy seems to have one escort in front, one in back, two on the left flank and at least one escort on the right flank. There are at least three 10 000 BRT ships on the convoy. The escorts haven't been leaving their guard sites. Either they don't have radar or they keep their posts even if they get a radar signal. The visibility is good, so we would have noticed if they had tried to chase us.

My two attacks at daytime at PD from the left flank were detected by the two flank guards and I had to evade. One depth charge attack shook the boat very violently but apparently there was no damage to the boat.

One daylight attack at PD from the front was successful. One 10 000 BRT grosses frachtschiff (AOB 90, 1100m), one 8990 BRT tanker (AOB 75, 1700m) and one kleiner frachter sunk. Only the first ship was a sure shot, the tanker I misidentied and the kleiner frachter was unlucky enough to hit an aft shot torpedo that missed it's intended target. Five G7e's and two G7a's left. Escaped amidst the convoy at A+70, making mostly 2 knots, mostly straight ahead and away from the convoy's body. It seems only one escort closed in to really try to hunt us. Avoiding the hunter we got 5 -6 pings from the rear guard, before turning slightly towards him. No DC's anywhere close.

Before spotting this convoy we hunted in grids BF 16, BF 24 and BF 19. These grids were patrolled by lone escorts and a group of 3 destroyers. No aircraft sightings. Managed to sunk a mittleres frachter by torpedoes and a trawler by FlaK guns.

In those grids it's better to leave sinking sites quickly, as the destroyers patrolling the area will come and try to find the attacker. Managed to evade at periscope depth, but had to be quick about it. Having two FlaK guns on our boat made the sinking of the trawler quicker but it is questionable if giving away the boat's presence and location for attacking such a small ship is worth it. The enemy will try to find you and might divert their shipping to a safer route.

Missing Name 05-02-2011 08:19 AM

September 1939.
Lt. z S. Wolfgang Grimm.
U-36, a Type VIIB out of Wilhelmshaven.

Within moments of war being declared, I started finding targets. Which was largely due to the fact that I was passing by Dover at the time and took a look.

At Dover:
- 3 small tankers, 5 smaller merchants, 1 Town class cruiser, 1 troop transport, 1 floating dock and 1 motor boat. Weather (and the harbor guard) were poor enough to permit surfacing and using the deck gun.

In the Channel, on my way to my patrol grid:
- 3 small merchants, 1 medium merchant and 1 large merchant.

A convoy I literally ran into in stormy weather:
- 1 ore carrier, 2 large merchants, 1 old Revenge-class battleship.

On the way back:
- 1 coal barge.

Discounting the dock, that's about 123k tons of various types there.

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