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ivanov.ruslan 08-18-16 03:39 PM didnt understand whether this convoys are two or one seen twice

Hmm, we'll see this job

Captain Coward 08-21-16 02:18 PM

Those B@st@rds, They Shot At Me!
July of 1941 and those sons of b*tches (a coastal merchant) shot back at me while making a surface run with my deck gun. First time I've been shot at. I started to dive from 500 meters away but I got pissed and decided to have my gunners take out their gun instead. Luckily they were bad shots and went to the bottom! I was overjoyed watching them sink to a watery grave.

Captain Coward

nohey 08-31-16 11:18 PM

My first post here, hello fellow Captains.

Small report from U-101, 29th Flotilla September 12th, 1941.

Left La Spezia for the Mediterranean Sea on the morning of the 5th of September at approx 07:30. We made our way down the eastern coasts of Corsica and Sardinia before making open sea. Very little to report.

7th of September, 1941: Came in contact and quickly sunk a 4878 tonne merchant ship by day with deck gun before turning east-south-east for our petrol sector: CH94.

8th of September, 1941: Came into contact with another merchant ship of undisclosed tonnage at 9:30am - watched the Luftwaffe bomb the ship with several Junkers via periscope before we could sink it ourselves.

9th of September, 1941: Heavy rain and extremely bad weather. Bridge watch caught site of a coal vessel between 4-5000 tonnes doing between 8 and 12 knots at 1:45am. We were unable to catch and stopped pursuit after losing sight.

10th of September, 1941: U-101 navigated the north coast of North Africa with few encounters. Detected via hydrophones suspected warships as we made for the straight of Gibraltar at a depth of 40m. No visuals. We used the bad weather to slip into the straight of Gibraltar and into the bay of Gibraltar undetected.

11th of September, 1941: Between 12am and 4am U-101 successfully destroyed two anchored T2 and T3 Tanker vessels in the harbour of Gibraltar. T2 8654 tonnage, T3 18459 tonnage. 4 T1 eels and deck guns were used. Royal Navy dispatched several unidentified warships but U-101 successfully evaded them and slipped out of the bay. Minor damage due to miscalculation of depth.

12th of September, 1941: No encounters as we made our way north-west towards Palma - repairs ongoing. Aft tube eels all that is left of torp compliment - deck gun ammunition moderate. Probable deck gun attacks on return to La Spezia.

End of report.

ivanov.ruslan 09-01-16 12:14 AM

Welcome a board !:salute:

nohey 09-01-16 06:54 PM

Thanks Ivan =)

Aktungbby 09-01-16 09:00 PM

Welcome aboard!

Jimbuna 09-02-16 06:50 AM

Welcome to SubSim nohey :sunny:

max-peck 09-02-16 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by nohey (Post 2431097)
My first post here, hello fellow Captains.

Welcome aboard skipper - sink 'em all :up:

nohey 09-02-16 11:36 AM

Thanks for the lovely welcome, guys. Just finished my first petrol, barely making it home under allied aircraft strafing. Pretty intense.

Captain Coward 09-03-16 06:59 PM

Marlene Dietrich
No war stories here, just a boring patrol in the CF region hoping to stumble upon a convoy.

Thank goodness for Marlene Dietrich! Wonderful music to listen to while on patrol.

A big "thank you" to the person who put the download together here.

nohey 09-04-16 02:36 AM

Refuelling and rearming at the U-Motoschiff 'Thalia' in Cadiz. Several hospital boats in port but an honourable captain abides by the naval code. Setting sail for the gauntlet of the Gibraltar Straight once more.

The Black Wolf.

Obltn Strand 09-24-16 05:46 AM

Patrol 4
U-139, 1st Flotilla
Left at: January 4, 1941, 06:35
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM39

10:00 Arrived patrol area and sent report to BdU. AM3977

12:08 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3977
16:38 Surfaced.

06:59 Ship sighted. High swells and poor visibility prevents any meaningful action. AM5345
13:21 Hydrophone contact. Slow screws. Weather has improved. Intercepting.
13:36 Two warships appearded on intercept course. Dived deep and commenced silent running. Weather improved and apparently ASW measures with it. Opportunity lost.

02:23 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on SW course. Avoided contact. AM5337
13.07 Hydrophone contact. Slow screws. Intercepting. Coal fired tanker on SE course. Commenced submerged attack.
13:58 Fired tube I.
G7a. Range 800m, Speed 9 kts, AoB green 90, Depth 5m. Definite dud.
Cannot prees for another attack due to proximity of british coast.

08:01 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3985

00:10 /From BdU: Enenmy convoy at grid AM6574, course NW, speed 6 kts/
Will proceed to North Channel and informed BdU.
11:44 Smoke on horizon. AM6177
14:42 Detected by escorts.
14:44 Aircraft. Crashdive. Two distant depth charges. AM6188
16:11 Evaded the escorts succesfully. No depth charges or asdic. Convoy still audible on hydrophone. Will continue attack.
17:12 Regained contact. Now I can attack in cover of the darkness.
17:53 Fired tube III at small freighter.
G7a. Range 1000, AoB green 80, Speed 5 kts, depth 5m
Hit amidships.
17:55 Fired tubes I and II at large freighter.
G7e. Range 1200, AoB green 80, Speed 5 kts, Depth 5m.
Two hits both sides of the brigde. Second right under smokestack.
17:57 Detected by escorts. Crashdive.
18:57 Determined but not very skilled attack by escorts. Some twenty not so well aimed depth charger were dropped.
19:26 Surfaced almost under a corvettte. One burning ship in distant horizon. AM6413
19:52 Skillfully evaded the corvette but lost the burning ship. Attempting to regain contact.
19:52 /To BdU: Sunk one small freighter, damaged one larger. One T, ample F/
20:17 /From BdU: Good work. Move to grid AM89/

05:16 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on W course. Changed course to avoid contact.
09:29 Hydrophone contact. Slow screws. Intercepting.
09:46 Several warships in vicinity. Clearly audible by hydrophone.
10:53 Freighter changed course and thus spoiled my attackplan. Cannot pursue, warships still in vicinity.
17:08 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on ESE course. Changed course to avoid contact. AM5346

09:00 Insufficient fuel and provisions to continue patrol. Started return trip to Lorient and informed BdU.

10:15 Docked at Lorient.

ivanov.ruslan 09-29-16 12:29 PM

In the early evening we had a meeting with neutrals who called the radio aircraft and a Tribal destroyer, who became our sacrifice

From now on we will sink all !

Obltn Strand 09-29-16 02:21 PM

Patrol 5

U-139, 1st Flotilla
Left at: February 11, 1941, 07:39
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM32

16:05 Aircraft. Crashdive. BF1963
18:07 Surfaced.

17:34 Ship sighted. Three destroyers on SSE course. Avoided contact. BF1198

02:16 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on SE course. Avoided contact. AM2993
10:45 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on SE course. Crashdive to avoid contact. AM2963
12:00 Surfaced.

11:20 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3355
17:58 Surfaced.
23:50 Arrived patrol area and informed BdU of it. AM3277

16:00 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on SE course. Dived to avoid contact. AM3263
17:26 Surfaced.

08:40 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3287
09:43 Surfaced.
13:54 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on WNW course. Boat is in good position to conduct submerged attack. AM 3289. Unfortunately they turned away. Opportunity lost. Will stay submerged till sundown.
17:52 Surfaced.

08:30 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3466
09:12 Surfaced.
13:16 Aircraft. Crashdive. AN1141
17:47 Surfaced.

16:33 Aircraft. Crashdive. AM3287
17:34 Surfaced.

15:00 Started return trip. AM3296

10:45 Docked at Kiel.

I hate these kind of patrols but it's off to commission new boat U-452...

ivanov.ruslan 09-29-16 03:39 PM

Two to zero for our team

But at what cost

ivanov.ruslan 10-12-16 02:21 PM

After the report of the Nibelungs noticed ziel - 2 submarines
I shot a torpedo at each, exploded one, but the other immediately after the explosion took zigzags and came....

SnipersHunter 10-12-16 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2440191)
After the report of the Nibelungs noticed ziel - 2 submarines
I shot a torpedo at each, exploded one, but the other immediately after the explosion took zigzags and came....

Looks good, could you please post your modlist for me :subsim:?

ivanov.ruslan 10-13-16 01:55 AM

Yes ,why not ;)

Kendras 10-13-16 04:28 PM

Patrolling on Wise's U-Boot !


Convoy Assassin 10-21-16 02:03 AM

Silent Hunter 5 war supplies & British supplies
Hi all.
I am stuck & would really appreciate any tips/advice please.

I am trying to complete this section and despite sinking over 250,000 tonnes of shipping(200,000 with tanks on the deck),empty deck cargo and tankers,plus Battleships,carriers,cruisers & some destroyers,the status bar will not fill up nor can I seem to complete this section.

Where am I going wrong?
Can anybody please help,................before I scuttle my sub.
Thanks in advance

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