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sublynx 08-30-12 09:34 AM

Here's my latest war diary, 31 pages, mostly weather reports:)

grislyatoms 08-31-12 02:41 PM

Nice work sublynx! Very much like some of the actual logs I have read.

grislyatoms 08-31-12 06:10 PM

2nd patrol
23712 tons, crew and boat in good shape. Would have been over 30,000 but our last target (ore carrier) settled in shallow water, and cannot be claimed in good faith. For want of a handful of deck gun rounds to pierce the air pocket in the bow, we cannot claim her, as she was not well and truly sunk.

3rd patrol - Have abandoned the idea to hunt deeper water pockets off Hartlepool and Firth of Forth/Rosyth, mainly due to aircraft presence, but also concern about targets grounding instead of sinking.
9000 tons on our way to AM02 AM52. Was concerned with sinking merchants so close to Scapa Flow, but we had opportunity, and seized it. No doubt BdU will advise to "be more aggressive".

grislyatoms 08-31-12 06:27 PM

"I bet some British tars soiled their trousers watching that torpedo go right at them !!!"

grislyatoms 08-31-12 06:38 PM

Now that we have the water - ran crash dive drills. They could be a little better.
Currently testing our boat's limits. Passing through 160 meters. The L.I., and some of the new crew, are turning green. She, and they, must be able to take it.

grislyatoms 08-31-12 06:49 PM

175 meters. Deep as I dared go. Bow and stern torpedo crew did not take it well at all. Hmm.

sublynx 08-31-12 11:50 PM

Thanks grislyatoms! I try to write the report trying to follow Dönitz's orders:

Lots of repetition but at the moment I can't imagine playing without keeping a detailed report :ping:

STEED 09-01-12 07:21 AM

I started a new career in Oct44 in a Type VII/41 I'm based up in Norway, exact location slips my mind at the moment. :haha:

First patrol against a convoy coming from Russia and that was a real stinker! I will never understand how the heck I survived that one. Took out a couple of Escorts and two medium cargo ships. Dec-Feb I mainly been attacking the Russian small convoys, better odds making it to the end of the war. :03:

palatum 09-02-12 05:49 PM

Just had my first "in the middle of convoy" experience. What a rush! Foul weather, heavy winds, zero visability, and managed to get inside the columns. Twisting and turning to get decent solutions. No time or need to set course, I used the rudder actively for the first time. I travelled parallell to the convoy for some time, then turned 90 degrees and fired at targets coming in sight. Then rinse and repeat. I actively used binos to search for targets, as they didnt show up on the map. I have map contacts enabled, but it didnt help much, and I didnt need them, I was so close that targets were filling up the whole FOV of the UZO. I even had manual targeted shots at ships running parallell to me, with decent luck, 2 out of 3 hits.

Eventually a corvette showed up as I was on an attack run, and I managed to fire the torp at a merchant, then squeeze just ahead of him, leaving the corvette to take a detour around him. Good fun, and around 24000 GWT and 4 red ships :yeah:

sublynx 09-10-12 10:42 AM

U-29 patrol 8
Here's the latest war diary of U-29:

My commander Schröter got assigned a desk job by SH3Commander.

I continue playing with U-29, now with Günther Ebler as the U-boat's new captain

LemonA 09-14-12 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1932418)
Here's the latest war diary of U-29:

My commander Schröter got assigned a desk job by SH3Commander.

I continue playing with U-29, now with Günther Ebler as the U-boat's new captain

The secretary of OKM has us inquire why it took more than 5 hours 33 minutes to identify the approximate number of destroyers in one convoy?
In similar cases, it took other ship crews significantly less time ("
Twenty minutes later they had managed to get an idea of what was against them ").

OKM Berlin, den 30.09.40

sublynx 09-14-12 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by LemonA (Post 1934112)
The secretary of OKM has us inquire why it took more than 5 hours 33 minutes to identify the approximate number of destroyers in one convoy?

That was the official explanation. The unofficial explanation is that as I've become accustomed to GWX's lightly defended convoys I have a bad habit of not paying much attention to the escorts. Maybe I should try NYGM for a change :arrgh!:

LemonA 09-14-12 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1932418)

My commander Schröter got assigned a desk job

These are more likely to have been the real causes of the dismissing of W. Schroeter:
1) 13.9.40. One of the heads of OKM, K. Dönitz, made a number of comments regarding to the activities of u-29l on the 6th of their patrols (KTM-report No. 4313 ).
2) 30.9.40. The secretary of OKM sent a written question to commander of U-29 with the request for information on this subject.
3) 01.10.40. The reply letter from Schroeter was returned as undeliverable due to incorrect addresses.
4) 06.10.40. Without any expressed reason Schroeter was informed in writing by OKM (Berlin, Tirpitzufer 1), that he will be taking up a new post on 07.Oct'40 in Duesseldorf, Adlerstraße 74 ...

Grun Teufel 09-14-12 05:50 PM

Every year I play silent hunter 3 until the war ends or I get killed. I play it almost like it is a hunting season. Currently, I'm starting my 3rd patrol on the 12th of February, 1940 and I am casting off to grid AN52 in a type VIIB after a recent transfer to Wilhelmshaven.( which I am happy about because I hate going in and out of Kiel.) :yeah: More later with tonnage and what all happened at sea. Happy Hunting!

sublynx 09-15-12 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by LemonA (Post 1934377)
These are more likely to have been the real causes of the dismissing of W. Schroeter:

Oh well, that's military life for you... At least Schröter made it alive :) Hopefully Ebler reads addresses more carefully.

ijnfleetadmiral 09-20-12 08:05 PM

Kurt Hossel Strikes Again!
Target Practice for U-123

In what is probably the most daring strike of the war yet, U-123 under Oberleutnant zur See Kurt Hossel, attacked the harbor of Reykyavik, Iceland on 3 August 1940. The crowning achievement of this attack was the sinking of Southampton-class light cruiser H.M.S. Sheffield, sunk at anchor without warning. Other ships destroyed include:

1 A/B-class Destroyer
1 C/D-class Destroyer
1 Large Merchant
1 Medium Cargo Ship
1 Small Merchant

For this daring attack, Hossel has been awarded the Diamonds to his Knight's Cross. We of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht salute Oberleutnant zur See Hossel and the entire crew of U-123, for they are truly Grey Wolves of the Deep! :salute::salute::salute::salute::salute:

ijnfleetadmiral 09-21-12 10:49 PM

Gibraltar Attacked!
U-123 Strikes British Mediterranean Stronghold

Kurt Hossel and U-123 have outdone themselves yet again. On 27 September 1940, after successfully attacking a convoy and sinking a Large Merchant and a Granville-type Freighter, followed by the sinking of a Large Cargo Ship near the Western entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar, U-123 penetrated the heart of the anchorage itself, sinking TWO Southampton-class CLs at anchor, along with a Tribal-class Destroyer.

Our intrepid Hossel then began his escape, but decided to make one final periscope observation on his way out. The fortunes of war once again smiled on U-123 as there, at anchor, with no escorts in sight, sat battleship H.M.S. Nelson. Six torpedoes were fired and the Nelson exploded with a blast that shook the harbor, capsizing to starboard and sinking within minutes. U-123 escaped in the subsequent chaos, and arrived at her new base at Lorient on 1 October, having sunk over 83,000 tons in one patrol.

In recognition of Hossel's stunning achievement, our beloved Fuhrer Adolf Hitler ordered a special grade of the Knight's Cross created. It is therefore our pleasure to announce Oberleutnant zur See Kurt Hossel as the first-ever recipient of the Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, & Diamonds to the Knight's Cross. We of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht salute the crew of U-123 and their commander, the newly-crowned "Prien of the South"!

TheDuke233 09-23-12 07:02 AM

Jap Radar??
Recently in SHV, I was doing a photo recon of anchored enemy carriers in the Solomons...Snuck into shallow water camera range and alearted a Jap DD.. I had no option other than to shoot down the throat.. I fired a 3 torpedo spread and scored two hits, sending him to meet honorable ancestors..Got my recon photos and as I was doing a 180 for deeper water I heard another torpedo impact from the one that missed the DD...I thought I had hit the carrier as it was in the same direction I fired..Later in deeper water, I upped scope and observed smoke and flames on the horizon from the direction of the carriers...At 10K+ more yards and in deeper water I surfaced...Very soon thereafter I had an extreamly PO'ed Jap destroyer headed right at me, lobing shells while blazing and smoking away!! I had scored a very lucky hit with the missed torpedo on another DD I hadn't even seen!! :hmmm:...Dropped down below the thermocline, went silent and snuck away...10K+ more yards and a distant blazing DD in the periscope rear, I surfaced guessed it...Here he comes right at me with a bone in his mouth...Back deep and quiet, coming to periscope depth to cross the gap and into the deep sea channel, I surfaced again at about 15K..:huh:.Here he comes from out of sight range, still blazing and smoking but with a full head of steam...Enough is enough...This guy was going to chase me all the way back to Pearl Harbor...Another spread from my rear tubes and he went down...Prob a glitch in the software, but with a little imagination, it could have been a Jap DD with radar....Man, I love the sub sim games!!! Need to find some DVD's of the "Silent Service" TV program of the late 1950's early '60's...B&W film, but I never missed and episode...

VONHARRIS 09-28-12 09:11 AM

U-65 IXB
Patrol No 3 of current career
January 20 1940
Just off Wilhelmshaven en route to AL 63
Hearing to the theme of Das Boot on gramophone

Congratulations to Kurt Hossel and U-123 for their last achievement.

BootsmanBoof 09-28-12 09:49 AM

Patrol 15 out of Lorient, Late Oct1940, U-46 type VIIB. Came across a convoy 2 days out of port, took out 2 destroyers from range with the deck gun, and then took my time blasting the merchants for around 50,000 tons in a couple of hours of daylight surface attacks LOL, was a little hairy with merchant deck gun and MG fire and the boat took some damage, but not one crew member was harmed.

I play GWX with SH3, and although taking out escorts is not my usual realistic method of gameplay, I thought what the heck.

Home 4 days after departure, awarded Knights Cross with Swords & Oak Leaves, now approx. 250,000 tons sunk.

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