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Dive! Dive! Dive! 05-15-12 10:12 AM

Day 8: I DID IT!! Sank 3 Tribal class destroyers and two merchants in Portsmouth! And hugged the coast all the way back to St Nazaire! After a re-fit and refuel I was awarded a medal! Hooray!
Day 11 *end of refit*
Just got new orders. To patrol the grid square next to the infamous Scapa flow.
My plan is to patrol the square and then pay Scapa a visit!
Day 14: Started patrolling the grid square. Encountered an unarmed large cargo ship. Sank it with the deck gun. No activity after that.
Day 15: Scapa Flow: Before I even reached Scapa had a VERY close call with 3 destroyers. After slowly making my way up to Scapa at 2knts I went through the netting and sank a juicy aircraft carrier and 3 destroyers. Now making my way back to base!

STEED 05-15-12 01:06 PM

As my ship yard is running low on IX boats and full to the rim with VII Boats I have decided on using them for a change. April 1940 4 passenger ships and one Battleship sent to the bottom, with less ells I have to be more picky at what I target and boy did I target the big stuff. :DL

Missing Name 05-16-12 12:05 AM

February 8th, 1941

Aft tubes inoperable. Attempts to unjam doors failed. Requesting permission to return to Lorient.

Report back to base. Attack the enemy if opportunity presents itself.

- - - - - -

February 13th, 1941

Convoy. CG9473. Eastbound, 5 knots. Count about 30 ships, at least 3 escorts. Visibility 5000 meters and diminishing.

No boats are in the immediate vicinity. Attack while weather permits.

Fired two torpedoes at Town class cruiser, two at large steamship, estimated 6000 tons. Two explosions, sinkings not witnessed. Out of internal torpedoes. Rain, high winds.

TBoone 05-16-12 05:46 AM

Lost sound
I havent been doing anything because I lost all my audio on the game on Windows 7 its bullcrap.

GalaxianFive 05-16-12 12:03 PM

Patrol 7, sank HMS Nelson off the coast of Norway, was escorted by 9 destroyers, depth charged at 142 meters for 1 1/2 hours got away without a scratch.
Patrol 9, found large convoy near rockall, sank HMS Nelson (again! is this supposed not to happen) which was in the middle of the convoy. When I returned to Kiel changed name in log to HMS Rodney.
Patrol 10, sank HMS Rodney! travelling in the middle of another convoy, oh well they all count. I'd love to find the Ark Royal, never seen any mention of it , is it missing from the game?

UndertheEagle 05-16-12 04:00 PM

My current Captain, Oberleutnant z.s. Karl Drost, in U107 (an IXB) has just returned off his fourth patrol (August 1941). We spent 51 days at sea.

We set off from Lorient on July 6th, and encountered a tiny convoy coming back from Gibralter. Avoided the escort and fired three eels - two hit a large merchant and the other missed a tramp steamer. The large merchant sank in a little under 7 minutes and U107 was depth charged for around 40 minutes, before we lost the escort and slunk away.

That was the last enemy ship we saw for a long time. U107 came across two Japanese ships and several American ships, but no targets.

Then on the August 21st (!) we finally picked up a sound contact, chased it and managed to get into a firing position and sent 4 eels at a Modern Tanker in very rough weather. Three premature detonations later, my T1 struck her in the engine room and she sank in about 10 minutes.

Then, moving East U107 ran into a convoy. 6 eels fired at 0142 with two hits, 3 premature detonations and 1 miss. Two Empire Freighters sunk.

U107 continued to follow the convoy, darting ahead and at 0818 we were spotted by a Black Swan Class - as she charged us, U107 turned, fled and fired both stern tubes at her. One eel hit and HMS Flamingo sank in 4 minutes. We reloaded in time to be chased by another Black Swan 20 minutes later. Used the same tactic and an eel struck her in the side - HMS Lark sank in less than two minutes.

Thank goodness for a rough sea - few near misses but we survived. At this point U107 slipped away and decided to regain contact later.

Two hours later, we fired a full load (bow and stern tubes) at the convoy and sank a large Tanker and a Large Merchant. Escaped completely unharmed.

As we fled back towards Lorient (one torpedo left) we ran into a lone Medium Cargo and managed to get in close and struck her with our last eel. She stayed afloat for well over an hour but finally sank.

Karl Drost and U107 sank 60774 tons.:yeah: I'll take another 51 day cruise for that amount!!

mdewals 05-19-12 04:03 PM

Well, my last patrol ended in near disaster.

Here I was being too eager to sink a ship in bad weather that I lost all my aft torpedo's. I continued to my designated area when all of a sudden I was under attack.

In terrible weather, visibility around 250-300m I ended up in a convoy and a flower class destroyer decided to do some target practice on me.

I did manage to hit him with 1 eel but it couldnt arm itself before hitting target.

With my ship being beaten up I went to 100m and snuck out and limped back home.

andwii 05-19-12 08:51 PM

this was a carefully planed invasion of Scapa Flow, showing that even with their "new" defense systems England's ports are still vulnerable!

diesel97 05-19-12 08:55 PM

November 1940, out of St. Nazaire. 1st patrol after coming back to GWX and enjoying it immensely. No sightings in my assigned area near Spain, so moved south towards Freetown. Sighted by a trawler and PT boat. Dived and annoyed by some very accurate DC's from it. Continued into the shipping lanes and just bagged a big solo freighter.

You still can't beat this classic for straightforward gameplay, attention to detail and atmosphere.

benitorios 05-20-12 05:57 AM

First 5 patrols...
All right, my first time reporting in this thread and I'm going to summarize my first 5 patrols of Kaleun Jürgen Schrader, 7th Flotilla, in command of U-48, a Type VIIB.

First patrol, December 1939. I was sent to BF48. The trip around the British Isles in order to get there was rather eventful, as I could rack up close to 40,000 tons in two convoy encounters + a few lone merchants. Reached patrol grid with just 4 eels to spare, patrolled for a few days, then went home.
Ships sunk: 12; Patrol tonnage: 61001 tons (my best ever single patrol since playing at 100% realism :rock:)

2nd patrol, January 1940. Assigned to grid BF18. A usually juicy grid, except I never made it there, due to two convoy encounters in which I expended all my eels.
The second convoy attack turned out great: I positioned myself ahead and starboard of the convoy, let the lead escort pass me by, then started singling out targets. Oh, by the way, it was mid-day... a little reckless I suppose, but made it far easier to spot and shoot from afar.
I notice that a warship sound contact is making an unfamiliar noise. Zero in the attack scope on that bearing, zoom in... a Revenge class. Yay!!! Forget that medium tanker I had painted a big red X upon earlier, my 4 eels are going to Mr. Revenge. 3 T1, 1 T2. 2 set on impact, 4m deep, 2 set on magnetic, just 1 meter below draft. Launched all four 8 seconds apart, targeting different parts of the ship. 3 hits! The fourth one was set too deep and didn't detonate. Time to dive deep. Played cat and mouse for 2 hours with the lead escort who had circled back onto me. In the meantime, the Revenge sank around 30 minutes after being hit.

The sad part? I only realized after the whole episode that the lead escort was that convoy's only escort !! I could have had a go at it while it passed in front of me and had the whole convoy to myself ! :damn: I guess that means better scouting and intelligence next time around...

Anyway, triumphant return home (my first battleship kill, allow me to celebrate :woot: Sorry, HMS Royal Sovereign), 52880 tons. Only a little disappointed that I don't get more renown than in my 1st patrol. But hey, I got medals :D!

3rd patrol, March 1940. Assigned to grid AM97. That's again a long way around.

North of Scotland I encounter and sink a lone coastal freighter. Then it's aircraft alert upon aircraft alert. At one point, I decide not to crash-dive but have a closer look at what aircraft is coming my way. Looks like a biplane. A Swordfish. OK, I'm going to let my flak gunner have a go at this. The guy just got transferred and he has to justify that flak gunner qualification somehow. To my surprise, he shoots down all 3 Swordfish that were coming at us! They didn't even get close.

An hour later, another aircraft sighting. Have a look... Swordfish again. Let's do this, shall we? 3 more Swordfish downed :arrgh!:

Another hour passed by, another aircraft sighting. That was the time too many... This time my flak gunner did shoot them all down again, except the last one made it all the way and dropped 3 bombs onto our deck (I swear I gulped down hard in RL when I saw those bombs leave the plane). Flak gunner and 1WO dead, both periscopes, hydrophone, aft batteries destroyed, hull damaged and bad flooding.
We barely fixed the boat up on time. After assessment of the damage, I decided it was pointless to continue with this patrol and crawled back home with all remaining 44 crew members keeping all fingers and toes crossed for no more aircraft attacks. That's a lot of fingers crossed, by the way.
We made it. 59% hull integrity, 2 good crew lost. That will teach me a lesson in humility in dealing with the RAF...

4th patrol, May1940. Assigned to grid AN55. Mmm, that's a little close to the British shore to my liking, plus there is not a whole lot of water to play in there. We make it to the patrol grid. Weather is terrible, zero visibility, so I decide the best way to pick up any target is to submerge and listen. Bad idea. 6 hours after submerging, we struck a mine while cruising at 2 knots. The boat is all orange and red, minor to extensive damage in almost every compartment. What saved us is the shallowness of the sea here: we bottomed down at 77m. Took 20 minutes to fix up everything, after which we timidly attempted to go up, using compressed air only (too scared to move in any direction and hit another mine). Damage was even more extensive than in the last patrol, couldn't even radio back to BdU. We crept back home under cover of the bad weather and spent 5 weeks in port fixing U-48 up.

5th patrol, July 1940. Assigned to AN59. Mmm, what is it with the British Eastern seaboard? Anyways... that's orders, right?
We make it there, only to find 15m/s winds and zero visibility. We get a convoy report, attempt to intercept, but in the meantime it changes course and goes into Hull. We retreat back to AN59, dive to PD and listen. Sound contact. At last! 4-bearing method, we get into position 500m from the projected course. Can't see anything, so will have to shoot based on bearing callouts from my sonarman. Torpedo los! I use the event camera in this patrol, which gives me the joy to see my torpedo go under the target :down: - whatever it was (couldn't make it out on the event camera). It must have been a small boat, as the torp was set at 4m deep. Perhaps a tugboat or something.
Anyway, with this weather, impossible to use the deck gun, and I'm not going to waste another torpedo for a target this size, so back to listening.
Next day, contact! Freighter, moving slow. OK, hopefully this is when my luck turns for the better. 4-bearing method, we get into position. Something is amiss, though. My sonarman keeps calling out bearings, but I can't hear anything myself on the hydrophones. And impossible to get a visual in this pea soup. I guess I'll just trust my SO. Again, we shoot based on hydrophone bearing, this time with 2.5m depth setting.
10 seconds to impact, 5 seconds... the event camera shows the torpedo going under .... a sailboat :damn: Who would be sailing here, 150km from shore in 300m visibility fog and 15m/s wind???? Arrgh, anyway, I resisted the urge to surface and ram the thing, and went back into position, hoping for something better.

Will report soon on the outcome of patrol 5....

This career had started so well with over 110K tons in the first 2 patrols, but bad decisions and bad luck have taken a toll on the crew's morale. Hopefully something good will happen soon...

Dive! Dive! Dive! 05-21-12 03:14 AM

Its been a while so I wont spend time describing everything.

1940: Dead :wah:

New campaign: 1939
Captain: Ewald Aust
3x Coastal merchant
1x C2 cargo ( SS Carrier Dove)
1x Small merchant ( SS Destro)
1x armed trawler ( HMS Kelt)
Awards: Iron cross, 2nd class.
Patrols: 3

u35_captain 05-21-12 09:36 PM

U-105, a Type IX out of Lorient - late 1943.

After two patrol assignments off the south coast of Ireland - a nightmare of dodging planes and escaping destroyers - finally sent back to the Caribbean as the year begins to close out.

And though I haven't spotted anything larger than a light cruiser since 1941, a battle group swims across my view in heavy seas, which confuses the escorts, as do my countermeasures.

Sneak in and put three torpedoes into the Escort Carrier at the center of the group, then go deep and run. 1944 may be a very bad year, but '43 ended well.

VONHARRIS 05-22-12 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by u35_captain (Post 1887118)
U-105, a Type IX out of Lorient - late 1943.
Sneak in and put three torpedoes into the Escort Carrier at the center of the group, then go deep and run. 1944 may be a very bad year, but '43 ended well.

Well done Kaleun.
A CVE less , the better for the Uboot fleet!:salute:

RConch 05-22-12 06:50 AM

It is early February 1942, and U 48 (Type VII C) was assigned to BE 99 out of Lorient.
Did my 24 hrs in BE 99 and got a wild hair to head at 1/3 speed to Amerika. Heading toward Norfolk, Va.
I am hoping for a piece of the tanker action over there.

VONHARRIS 05-23-12 09:46 AM

U-45 IXB Patrol 4
Patrol 4 results

Patrol log page 1 of 2

Patrol log page 2 of 2

u35_captain 05-24-12 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1887212)
Well done Kaleun.
A CVE less , the better for the Uboot fleet!:salute:

Thank you! I was absolutely shocked I managed to hit it considering five destroyers were looking for me and it wasn't a close-range spread. Thank heavens for heavy seas, I guess.

Frenchy849 05-26-12 12:08 PM

12th Patrol,U-752.
Sank entire convoy of 4 ships,escort included.
Out of torpedoes,heading to El Ferrol to meet with Max Albrecht.
P.S:The detroit that leads there is as tight as a virgin.

boonie 05-27-12 05:54 PM

returning sh3 boat captain logging:

Enlisted to 2nd Flotilla, boat: VIIB
1st and 2nd patrol skipped because war is still not on.

3rd patrol:
Assigned to BF19, decided to take the english channel, thinking its early in the war and hopefully opposition will not be tough, the trip through the channel will provide good warm up i reckon :O:. And i was right.. there were so many targets. Fresh on arrival at Dover gap there was this coastal tanker which i sunk, then a V&W came and check on the distress call which proved fatal for tis crew :O:. And as such i am in the channel, wrecked alot of havoc on the shipping, end up using all my torp and dg ammo before i managed to reach BF19.
total tonnage : 32-37k (cant remember).

4th patrol:
Assigned to AM33.
Left port and headed straight for the pass btwn skapa flow and shetland, just before reaching the pass i received target update from bdu regarding a taskforce that is currently at the otherside of the shetland traveling ENE, that means i would have been able to take a shot at it if not for the 2 aircraft encounter on the way..zzz.

Patrol went pretty below average compared to previous patrol so far, reached AM33 and stayed there for 24hour, that spot is completely abandoned, wonder why Bdu sent me there. The crew got really bored so i decided to test dive the boat to 200m. Everyone stopped to complain about boredom after the test hurhurhur.

On the way back to camp skapa flow something very interesting happened, BDU sent me another update of the taskforce i missed, they must have headed to USSR and came back!! immediately setup camp in front of the convoy and waited, at Oct 9th around 5-6am finally picked up their signature in the hydrophone, its a big blob of red contact hahaha.. exciting times ahead...

Maneuvered boat to a spot where i would have around 1.5-2km range when the majority of them arrive if the course predicted by my SO is right. more waiting. Raised observation scope when the front signature reached around 6km range and seen a magnificent convoy which consist of the HMS Hood, HMS Renown and 2 Southhampton class, defended by 4 destroyer (1 at each side, front rear left and right). Hood is at front following a destroyer, followed by Renown and then 2 Southhampton and a destoryer. Retracted observation scope and began to count the chicken as they plod along to my attack zone hurhurhur....

Decided to send all 4 front fish to the Hood and swing around for a lucky tail-pipe shot at the Renown's rudder. 3 struct the Hood, 1 at bow, 1 below the 2nd main gun, 1 btwn the 2nd main gun and superstructure. The 4th was about to hit her as well but strangely exploded before reaching, i did not set enable dud, i dont know why it exploded, can they shoot at my torp with their guns? i am not sure. It was set at a depth of 11 for Hood, not sure how they manage to shoot at it accurately. Hood's bow got completely submerged LOL but still managed to plow along at 8kt.. very crazy ship. The tail-pipe shot missed as i slowly slipped to 100m at 0.5kt heading 45degree off their course in order to shadow the crippled Hood.

After the destroyers left and i tried to reload the torp, something very bad happened... my torp wont reload after i secured from silent running, i was not attacked at all, everything was nice and dandy but the torp simply wont reload, my forward torp compartment is crammed with angry sailors but the torp just wont load for me to finish off the Hood...

Was forced to reload a save game, restarted computer and Sh3.

This time i am very annoyed. So after some consideration, I WANT THEM BOTH DEAD for the trouble... :D. After redoing all the preparation, i fired 2 torp at each of their rudder section and tail-pipe shot at the rear section of Hood as well, miraculously all landed on target after 2 additional reload. :D. i do not like reloading for shots but they forced my hand for bugging out my torp tube. But anyway, Renown went down just from the 2 rear section hit (both landed just below the rear main gun, 9.5 deep), Hood took all 3 hit to the rear section (2 below the last main gun and 1 near the rudder) and managed to crawl at aroudn 6-8kt. I slipped below to 120m at 0.5 kt and went by undetected.

Daybreak, destroyers left and this time all my tubes loaded successfully hehehe. Plotted an interception course for HMS Hood and after some trouble found it now crawling at 3kt, deserted by all her escorts and Southhamptons and listing badly at stern port side. I crept to 1km range in front of her at port side, waited for her to come to range and raised observation scope to take in the view.. its still a very glorious battlecruiser despite the listing, very beautiful and magnificent. Shot a fish at her already mortally damaged left rear section but she remained plodding alog still.. wow. Finally fired 2 more shots at the front bow section to finished her off..

Used the remaining torp on some freighter and a destroyer, didnt bother to finish using the dg ammo this time hehehe, cant wait to checkout the medals and rewards so i exit mission right there at north of scapa flow.

i got 1st and 2nd class iron cross, crew got 5 2nd class cross and 1 1st class cross, 1 clasp, 31 uboat badge. lol.

total tonnage : 110k plus (cant remember exact number).

jimmyjam25 05-27-12 07:55 PM

Check out my tonnage after 17th patrol. My best yet! Wooo! :D Thats 261.276 if you can't see it properly...

DeltaNiner 05-27-12 10:20 PM

just endured a very slow agonizing death in the port of Blythe. It was 1940 and I sunk a troop support ship for the best tonnage I had found for the whole patrol. The Black Swan that was stationary in the harbor must have been watching me the whole time because as soon as the torps hit his spot lights came on and he started shooting at me. I lowered the periscope and tried to run away but "6M under keel" doesn't leave a guy with many options. :nope:

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