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ijnfleetadmiral 08-15-11 05:47 PM

After the days in port after my last patrol, Patrol #13 will probably start in November 1940.


Miltiades 08-15-11 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by ijnfleetadmiral (Post 1728599)
After the days in port after my last patrol, Patrol #13 will probably start in November 1940.


Well If you really want to get a capital ship, you could wait for the Battle of the Denmark strait.
But personally I find it much more rewarding to stumble upon them.
What you can do is listen closely to the radio it will warn you about conflict, for example Operation Weserübung.

The Germans are very fond of giving medals..

Navelintel 08-15-11 07:57 PM

Nothing but Net!
We left Kiel on August 1, 1940. Since we were headed to Grid AN26, I ordered the navigator to plot a course to the North Sea via the Kaiser-Wilhelm Kanal which took about a day to negotiate. It is now August 6, 1940, and my boat (U-100) is somewhere in the North Sea, (Grid AN21) heading back out to open sea after raiding and knocking the bottom out of everything that floated in the port of Lerwick, Shetland Islands with the Royal Navy hot on my heels that has now placed a bounty on my head and that of my crew. But before I left the harbor at Lerwick, I had to find an opening in the sub net which sounds easier than not.

After sending several harbor tenants to the bottom, I set a reverse heading to find my way back through the sub nets but I soon discovered that they had closed behind me. Maybe it was the phantom tug that I missed sinking that escaped the onslaught and closed the net but I could not seem to find an opening as I did when we first entered the harbor, something that I noted while playing GWX 3.0 (Gold Edition).

I kept saving the game and doing a load save since I experienced several CTD either from zooming rapidly about with the free camera (or from switching personnel en mass from compartment to compartment which was mentioned as a hazard on page 13 in the GWX 3.0 manual) searching for an exit through the sub net which kept shifting around the harbor. So after several hours at the helm, I stopped all engines, stayed submerged, and retired to continue after morning mess. I then awoke and sent out another driver to reconnoiter the sub net to find an exit and low and behold an opening now appeared off my starboard beam (it also helps if you keep the free camera activated so you can leisurely peruse the sea bottom) wide enough for the Queen Mary to sail through. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I did another save and proceeded slowly (2-3 knots, since we had only 4 meters to maneuver at periscope depth beneath our keel to avoid the shore batteries) until my helmsman was absolutely sure we had no chance to ram the net again. I was never so glad to see and hit the open sea!

After sinking 15,739 tons (including the tonnage at Lerwick) with 4 torpedoes left, I anticipate we'll see at least a few more merchants (and hopefully unescorted and sailing the high sea) before our return to Kiel. Our log and tally thus far:

Patrol Number 1
U-100, 1st Flotilla, Left at: August 1, 1940, 23:19 From: Kiel, Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN26

Ship sunk! Grid AN 16, Large Trawler, 547 tons
August 5, 1940, 16:51

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, A&B classes, 1350 tons
August 6, 1940, 05:51

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, A&B classes, 1350 tons
August 6, 1940, 06:15

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, Hunt II class, 1150 tons
August 6, 1940, 06:19

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, A&B classes, 1350 tons
August 6, 1940, 11:17

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21,T class, 1222 tons
August 6, 1940, 13:26

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, Small Depot Ship, 6250 tons
August 6, 1940, 13:31

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, V&W classes, 1188 tons
August 6, 1940, 13:40

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, Coastal Tanker, 1249 tons
August 6, 1940, 13:46

Ship sunk! Grid AN 21, Fishing Boat, 83 tons
August 6, 1940, 13:55

Patrol results: Crew losses: 0, Ships sunk: 10, Aircraft destroyed: 0, Patrol tonnage: 15739 tons
August 6, 1940, 14:38

Moral of the story, Niemals aufgeben (Never give up)! Even if you are the least bit intrepid but resourceful and at the same time pragmatic, you will prevail in SH3. Also, it can be helpful to remember to read the manual for GWX 3.0 which a first glance may seem overwhelmingly massive (644 pages); it can be absorbed and enjoyed in cerebrally edible bites. If I had, I may have slipped into and out of the harbor at Lerwick without incident after first comprehending that the Royal Navy had used sub nets and extensively to protect their ports and then realizing that the mod can mercilessly and without warning change the net openings (even after saving your career and doing a load save). This may actually be the AI's way of exacting revenge (although not mentioned specifically in the manual which is simply brilliant in design since after all, this is war) with extreme prejudice after an intruder enters a port with the intent to exhort absolute mayhem and may be not unlike what an actual U-Boat commander experienced as he kept desperately exploring every option to avoid crashing the nets, becoming trapped, and risk losing his boat after a successful but stealthy raid. Ignoring this particular element of play will otherwise doom one to continue to repeat the same mistake at attempting to enter and exit a harbor by penetrating the sub nets at the same location again and again, somehow expecting a different result which some say simply defines insanity.

All in all , after several and many tense and unforgettable moments, GWX 3.0 (Gold Edition) along with the included manual is an incredible SH3 variant and addition to be highly recommended, collected, and played if you want a real life and up close perspective of this historical naval conflict that has been taken to another level after graduating from the SH3 Stock program.

Good hunting all! :salute:

Fish In The Water 08-15-11 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by Miltiades (Post 1728609)
The Germans are very fond of giving medals..

Nice assortment of bling there, congrats! :up:

JazzJR 08-15-11 08:16 PM

Today i had the order to Patrol AD79. On the march to the area U995 sunk one old Passengership and two small Freighters with a Tonnage of 11057BRT. As U995 had almost reached its patroling area, it was engaged by a Q-Ship hitting the front depth rudder making diving impossible. U-995 fired two T1 Topedos at the ship which made it sinking in a few minutes. Heavily damaged U-995 finished the patrol at AD79 and returned to its Base in Brest. Giving a total Tonnage sunk of 398.252 BRT :salute:

U-995 in Brest

ijnfleetadmiral 08-15-11 10:38 PM

Patrol 13 of U-47

Number 13 certainly proved to be unlucky for us...the seas were continually rough, making it certain that the deck gun crew was just along for the ride, at least SIX torpedoes malfunctioned and either didn't detonate or ran too deep, and ship sightings were practically nil. After firing all but the final remaining stern torpedo (the one in external reserve) KL Hossel gave up (although he used much more coarser language to announce it) and we returned home, having sunk only three ships for a measly 11,714 tons, thereby bringing our combined total to 281,195 tons. En route home, KL Hossel spent most of his off-duty time thinking up grotesque ways for the SS to publicly execute Herr Churchill once Britain surrenders.

On return to port, KL Hossel was again ordered to Berlin, where he was presented with the Diamonds to his Knight's Cross by the Fuhrer. When the Fuhrer asked him if he thought there was anything the U-boat service desperately needed, KL Hossel replied, "Ja, mein Fuhrer...better torpedoes."

Ship #1: Coastal Freighter

Ship #2: Empire-Type Freighter

Ship #3: Passenger-Cargo Ship

VONHARRIS 08-16-11 12:33 AM

U-109 IXB Patrol No10
03 May 1941
07:47 hours U-109 left Lorient for grid EH95

07 May 1941
Grid CG27
02:08 hours Ship seen
02:20 hours Positive ID: Coastal freighter
02:28 hours Dived to PD - ship possibly armed
02:39 hours 1 TI (bow) fired
02:41 hours Impact
02:45 hours Surfaced - ship listing heavily - masts touch the water
02:46 hours Opened fire with the deck gun
02:47 hours Ship sunk - SS Adroity - 9 105mm rounds used

Grid CG51
10:35 hours Ship seen
10:36 hours Dived to PD
11:11 hours Positive ID: Medium merchant 01 - armed
11:17 hours 1 TI (bow) fired
11:18 hours Periscope spotted - ship took evasive actions - impact aft
11:23 hours Surfaced - ship seemed to be sinking by the stern
11:24 hours Opened fire - ship sunk - SS City of Hereford - 6 105 rouns used

11:28 hours Aircraft seen - engaged as external torpedo was brought in
11:32 hours PBY retreated - minor damages - no casualties

Grid CG54
18:07 hours Ship seen
18:25 hours Positive ID: Small merchant - unarmed
18:40 hours Opened fire
18:42 hours Ship sunk - SS Saint Enogat - 14 105mm rounds used

08 May 1941
Grid CG57
00:18 hours Ship seen
00:25 hours Positive ID: Coastal freighter - unarmed
00:44 hours Opened fire
00:47 hours Ship sunk - SS Finlandia - 20 105mm rounds

27 May 1941
Grid ET37
00:28 hours Ship seen
00:39 hours Warship - lone destroyer - dived to PD
00:49 hours 1 TI (bow) fired
00:52 hours Impact - ship sunk - HMCS Assiniboine (C&D classes)

29 May 1941
Grid ET31
12:29 hours Ship seen - warship
12:30 hours Dived to PD - multiple sound contacts - convoy
13:19 hours 4 TI (bow) fired at 3 targets
13:22 hours 2 impacts
13:33 hours 2 TI (stern) fired at 2 targets - diving to 100m
13:36 hours Impacts - pinging - depth 32m
13:37 hours Depth charges.
13:39 hours Depth 45m - pinging
13:40 hours Depth 50m - DCs - shaking no damages
13:43 hours Depth 60m - Pinging
13:44 hours Depth 68m - DCs
13:55 hours Depth 91m - sinking sounds - SS Allerton (Ore Carrier)
13:59 hours Depth 100m
14:10 hours Depth 110m - DCs away
14:27 hours Depth 140m - no pinging - sound contacts of ships moving away
20:00 hours Surfaced in 9 m/s winds and clear skies

14 June 1941
Grid DJ16
09:24 hours Ship seen
09:30 hours Dived to PD
10:00 hours Positive ID: Heavy merchant 01 + medium merchant 01 both armed
10:04 hours 2 TI(bow) fired
10:05 hours Impacts
10:06 hours 2 TI(bow) fired - impacts - ship sunk - SS Hainaut (Medium Merchant 01)
10:22 hours 1 TI(stern) fired - impact
10:23 hours 1 TI(stern) fired - impact - ship sunk - SS Glenstrae (Heavy Merchant 01)

15 June 1941
Grid DJ21
07:11 hours Failed attempt to intercept convoy

16 June 1941
Grid CG97
01:27 hours Ship seen - convoy
01:54 hours Surface attack - 4 TI(bow) fired at 3 targets
01:55 hours Dived to PD
01:59 hours Impact
02;00 hours 2 TI(stern) fired - diving to 100m
02:04 hours Sinking sounds - HMS Flamborough Head F 88 (Convoy repair ship)
06:20 hours Surfaced

20 June 1941
14:38 hours U-109 docked at Lorient
49 days at sea
9 ships sunk
41229 tons
95% hull integrity
no casualties

vonHarris was decorated with the Golden Oak leaves for his Knights Cross with oak leaves swords and diamonds.
He also refused a transfer to training post.

sublynx 08-16-11 12:46 AM

U-331, patrol 1 finally finished

Miltiades 08-16-11 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by Fish In The Water (Post 1728657)
Nice assortment of bling there, congrats! :up:

Too quick to give away if you ask me.

JazzJR 08-16-11 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1728749)

Your War diary gets more and more realistic everytime :D
Now you just have to write it in german. :03::salute:

sublynx 08-16-11 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by JazzJR (Post 1728898)
Your War diary gets more and more realistic everytime :D
Now you just have to write it in german. :03::salute:

I did. This is just a translation the Royal Navy made after Dönitz's archives were transferred to London. :DL (Actually I'm desperately going through my German textbooks and dictionaries, trying to remember wie es eigentlich war geschrieben und versprochen... Hang on, I'll get there eventually :O:)

JazzJR 08-16-11 08:12 AM

Well i have to google some words in english to write some senteces but i think, the most people can read what i want to say. :DL

ijnfleetadmiral 08-16-11 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by Miltiades (Post 1728877)
Too quick to give away if you ask me.

I'm starting to agree...I got the Oak Leaves and the Oak Leaves with Swords in the same patrol recently, and then one patrol later, I got the Diamonds! Wish I could figure out how to hand out promotions that quick...I could use some more stripes on my sleeve! :D


Miltiades 08-16-11 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by ijnfleetadmiral (Post 1729202)
I'm starting to agree...I got the Oak Leaves and the Oak Leaves with Swords in the same patrol recently, and then one patrol later, I got the Diamonds! Wish I could figure out how to hand out promotions that quick...I could use some more stripes on my sleeve! :D


I could use some women on my ship instead of medals, maybe a crew full of women.:D
Except the navigator..... :rotfl2:

JK :O:

GoDeep 08-16-11 03:13 PM

Currently, I am in hot pursuit of a convoy in grid square BE39, December 30, 1940. My boys want to be home for New Year's but sadly that's not going to happen. Not as long as we have torpedoes, anyway.
My first attack on this convoy bagged me a mid size freighter and I damaged a tanker too. Last I checked, she was listing by the stern but still managed to keep up with the convoy. In the rear of the convoy was an aux. cruiser and I have my mind set on that now.

I'm gaining on the convoy and there's still about 8 hours of darkness left... :arrgh!:

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