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VONHARRIS 03-23-11 12:53 AM

New career started
U-110 IXB
Patrol No1
Date and Time
Occurrences 1
U-110, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: December 1, 1939, 04:07
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BE94
4.12.39. 20:36 Grid AN 41 Ship sunk! HMCS Skeena (A&B classes), 1350 tons. Crew: 158. Crew lost: 102 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! USS Sphinx (Convoy repair ship), 5397 tons. Crew: 198. Crew lost: 196
21:02 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS Augvald (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 110. Crew lost: 33 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! HMS Kelvin (J&K classes), 1690 tons. Crew: 208. Crew lost: 70
13:52 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! SS Stal (Tramp Steamer), 1964 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 32. Crew lost: 18
20:20 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! MV La Cordillera (Medium Merchant 30), 6936 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 67. Crew lost: 51
22:24 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! SS Penthievre (Small Merchant), 2396 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 4 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! SS Banderas (Small Freighter), 2228 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 22. Crew lost: 17 Grid AM 76 Ship sunk! USS Chloris (Convoy repair ship), 5398 tons. Crew: 162. Crew lost: 53
17:56 Grid AM 76 Ship sunk! USS Romulus (Convoy repair ship), 5399 tons. Crew: 196. Crew lost: 56
18:02 Grid AM 76 Ship sunk! SS Chelwood (Small Merchant), 2391 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 24
18:03 Grid AM 76 Ship sunk! SS Empire Lynx (Medium Merchant 20), 6161 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 40. Crew lost: 1 Grid BE 94 Ship sunk! HMS Birmingham (Southampton class), 10725 tons. Crew: 916. Crew lost: 384
10:58 Grid BE 94 Ship sunk! Q Ship USS Atik (Small Coastal Freighter), 2367 tons. Crew: 79. Crew lost: 50 Grid BE 62 Ship sunk! USS Chicopee (Naval oiler 1), 11824 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 74. Crew lost: 27 Grid BE 38 Ship sunk! USS Megara (Convoy repair ship), 5400 tons. Crew: 156. Crew lost: 123 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 16
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 76333 tons
Days at sea : 28

Patrol No2
Date and Time
Occurrences Patrol 2
U-110, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: January 17, 1940, 06:38
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BD99 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS Alwaki (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 79. Crew lost: 22 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! MV Greta Force (Coastal Tanker), 1241 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 21. Crew lost: 0 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS Algerian (Tramp Steamer), 1964 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 9 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! MV Poelau Bras (Heavy Merchant 01), 9444 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 74. Crew lost: 5
16:40 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! USS Jason (Cyclops)-type Collier, 10959 tons. Cargo: Coal
18:25 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! USS Caloosahatchee (Naval oiler 1), 11824 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 68. Crew lost: 58 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS Empire Clough (Medium Merchant 20), 6160 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 76. Crew lost: 7
15:54 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS Jewell Seam (Ore Freighter 02), 8403 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 72. Crew lost: 1
16:23 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS Venore (Ore Freighter 02), 8404 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 88. Crew lost: 53
16.2.40. 00:29 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS City of Hartlepool (Large Merchant), 10615 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 55. Crew lost: 31 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 10
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 73721 tons
Days at sea : 35

don1reed 03-24-11 01:07 PM The Chart shows U-48's voyage to date.
Uploaded with

Snestorm 03-24-11 02:33 PM

U124 IXB. Patrol 4.
Departed Lorient on 22.mar.41.

Assigned Grid: ES69 (West of Freetown) (Dull)

Returned to Lorient on 15.maj.41.

Patrol Results:
3 ships sunk for 19.353 GRT.
9 of 14 torpedoes expended.
Boat and crew in good health.

U124's history to date:
4 patrols completed.
12 ships sunk for 83.267 GRT.

Grey pilgrim 03-24-11 04:08 PM

Well, let's put it straight.
My first step in my current campaigne will be to buy a better machine to play on as I have got the laptop.
To make matters worse not very new one :D.

Howard313 03-26-11 01:22 AM

  • Patrol #17
  • Year 1941
  • Patrol Grid EJ58
  • Ships sunk - 2
  • Total Tonnage this Patrol - 9786
Having a bit of bad luck as is obvious from what is stated above. While on previous patrols I made it a mandatory act to bag no less than 30,000 tons per patrol, we were not given any golden opportunities like we have received in the past. While we did move in to intercept a large convoy, there was a heavy fog and we never caught sight of them before we had to return to base for fuel-related issues.

On a more happy note, I have just been given permission to fire upon targets flying under the flag of the United States, thanks to Japan's recent attack of Pearl Harbor. Another nation at war with us merely means more targets for my torpedoes, and if The U.S. Military thinks it can turn the tide of this war they are sadly mistaken.

Tonight, me and my men will drink in the hopes of a more fruitful patrol #18

*** U-107
Type: IXB
Current Tonnage - 268,000

STEED 03-26-11 09:35 AM

October 1943 IXD2 U-200 now based at Penang, and what a field day I'm having! Tanker after Tanker after Tanker...WOOHOO.

Happy times are here again. :DL

17 Tankers so far. :D

Gerald 03-26-11 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by STEED (Post 1628228)
October 1943 IXD2 U-200 now based at Penang, and what a field day I'm having! Tanker after Tanker after Tanker...WOOHOO.

Happy times are here again. :DL

17 Tankers so far. :D

There are tankers around 2000 GRT, and it then becomes approx.34.000 GRT :O: well done

BogdaNz 03-26-11 02:47 PM

how can i have these ?

STEED 03-26-11 03:09 PM

January 1944 IXD2 U-200 having a great time down under, another four large tankers and four medium tankers gone up in smoke.


Snestorm 03-26-11 09:23 PM

U124 IXB. Short & Sweet.
Patrol 5.
12.jun.41 til 27.jun.41 (Only 15 days!).

U124 pulled out of Lorient bound for DT34 (Freetown routes), but never arrived there.

Date 19.jun.41.
Grid CF32 (West of Spain).
Time 0452.

"Ship spotted. Medium rangs".
Good morning, Mr Destroyer. Dive to 100 meters.
We managed to entertain him, and his friends, for a time.

Slow Convoy, with 7 escorts!
This was just too big to pass up.
We even tailed them when Heavy Fog showed up, via the hydrophone.

We harrassed this convoy for the next 2 days, and 236 miles, finaly ending the chase when our last torpedo left it's tube (14 torpedoes - no externals carried).

Date 21.jun.41.
Grid BE67 (SW of Ireland).
Time 0003.

Our last torpedo has been spent, and our last target rests on the bottom.
4 attacks were made on the convoy proper, and 1 additional attack on a DIW ship from an earlier attack.

U124's shortest, and best patrol, thus far:
5 ships sunk for 30.689 GRT.

U124's history to date:
5 war patrols.
17 ships sunk for 113.956 GRT.

Snestorm 03-30-11 07:10 PM

U124 IXB. Patrol 6.
25.jul.41 til 19.sep.41.

Convoy beyond approach:
Grid BC27. (East of Canada).
Date 22.jul.41.
Time 1753
Dived to avoid an Armed Trawler, and got a convoy on the hydrophones.
I don't listen myself, and the soundman's reports were wild.
Took a chance, and surfaced for a visual. No good! Bad idé!

Involuntarily went down and followed the convoy with hydrophones.
Did an end-around.
Submerged for a daylight attack.

Here is what sound had to say.
Merchant. Medium speed. Moving away.
Merchant. Moving fast. Closing.
Merchant Moving slow. Closing.
Merchant. Moving slow moving away.
And on it went. Fast, medium, and slow merchants.
Some closing. Others moving away. All mixed together.
No choice but to ignore the highly unrealistic convoy.

Made one attack on a more realistic convoy.
4 torpedoes fired at 2 targets (3 & 1).
3 hits. No sinkings. (Better than that last mess).

Patrol results: 3 ships sunk for 16.749 GRT.
Hull integrity 96%.
Promotion to Lt.Cdr.

U124's history to date:
6 war patrols.
20 ships sunk for 130.705 GRT.

Anybody know how to make the merchants in convoys HOLD STATION, as they should?

Tom 03-31-11 01:37 PM

Kapitänleutnant Josef Ochner, U-93, reporting, February 10th, 1941, DT56.

So far, this has been the worst patrol ever.

We left St. Nazaire on Jan 18th, with orders to patrol DT56. We chose a route following the Portuguese coast southwards in hope of sighting lone merchants travelling between Gibraltar and England. No ships sighted, had to dive once because of airplane.

After passing Portugal we headed southwest between Madeira and the Canary Islands and then turned SSW towards DT56. Sighted one lone merchant and received radio reports for another one and a small tanker and a merchant together. Maneuvered to attack position each time, only to find out all four ships were Brazilian.

Patrolled DT56 for 14 days, leaving the patrol area twice to intercept ships reported by radio. Both ships turned out to be Brazilian.

23 days at sea, weather has been good except for a three day storm at the patrol area. Sighted one airplane and six Brazilian merchants so far, 14 torpedoes remaining, about one half of fuel remaining. Crew morale not too high.

Decision: Setting course north following the Freetown - England convoy route, hoping to run into a convoy either on this route or at the southern edge of the western approaches. Should have enough fuel remaining to operate in that area for a week or two.

Salvadoreno 03-31-11 02:16 PM

Duck IID's commander decided to try the boats luck and sneak into Dover.

After 4 succesful patrols and a refit it was July 1940. 25.500 GRT sunk for about 6 ships, not a bad score fo a duck.

Very carefully under a huge storm IIA U-12 snuck within 2000m of Dover port. A quick check on the hydophones KorvetteKpt Sauer lifted the ob scope to see what was at the port. Couple of juicy tagerts, Sauer picked a small tanker, small merchant, and another small merchant for his targets. A quick turn with the ob and.. O my god...

"Dive quick DIVE!!!!"

"Kapitan Depth only 10 meters under our keel"


The boat hurled out of control at 4 knots into the seafloor. Minor damage. The crew listened to the trawler as she passed over, hurled over a few charges, and BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!!!


"Batteries damaged Sir!"

"COnning tower took major damage sir!"

"Keep her bottomed out! They have not pinged us and may believe we are trying to get away, lay doggo! SILENCE!!!"

Tense moments passed...

NO pinging.

"Franz! Where is she"

"Passing at 180 sir behind us"

"Keep her bottomed out, we will sit until darkness"

One hour passed..two.. The crew began to cheer up. Sauer went to his bunk and dry heaved, letting nobody see..

"Screws! SCREWS! Coming Fast! Approaching! Long Distance!"

The boat remained, Sauer was determined to sink those boats at dover.

"Medium range"....

"Short range KALUEN!!!!"


The charges had sealed the fate of U-12.

Sauer gathered everybody in the command room, told them he was honored to serve with them, and passed out a bottle of Vodka he had hid under his bunk. The men all looked at each other, not knowing what would await them when they blew the ballast...

Tense moments passed, the 3-4 destroyers seemed to be toying with U-12. Sauer gazed at the ceiling of his boat...

"Blow ballast"...

U-12 rose only 23 feet.

End result. 12 Dead (including Sauer and 2 officers).

It was a preetty intense couple of hours RT!

I am in process of doing a fresh install of SH3 to do more mods. Was running NYGM and MaGUI F..

VONHARRIS 03-31-11 04:31 PM

U-110 IXB
Our 1st combat patrol with U-110 begun on December 1st 1939 when we left Wilhelmshaven with orders to patrol Grid BF44.

We found our first target on December 5 1939 at 17:45 hours
A cosstal freighter at AN14. U-110 dived and took an attack position to fire tube No5. Calulactions were made and torpedo los. Our very first torpedo attack and it was a dud. This was not a good sign for the patrol. Immediately No6 was fired and this time the target ship blew up.

December 6 1939 00:46 a medium merchant was spotted by the IWO. The weather favored a surface attack and two TIs were fired. BOOM down she went.

December 7 1939 00:05 a passenger/cargo ship was spotted. My XO said to leave her alone reminding me the legend of the unsinkable passenger/cargo. I refused. A submerged attack with tubes 5 and 6 was set up. The result busted the myth.
We hadn't finished cheering and the soundman went crazy: Multiple contacts all warships bearing 180 closing.
We dived at 80m and waited for at least 3 hours. As no sound contacts were heard and a quick periscope swap showed nothing we surfaced and continued.

December 15 1939 22:20 hours a coastal freighter crossed our path as she came out of nowhere at 2000m. A surface attack was prepared and launched. At that time a watchman shouted: SCHIFF GESICHTED. It was a small tanker tailing the freighter. The torpedo hit the freighter but she went on. Two more TIs were fired at the tanker setting her on fire. An explosion and ...
The other ship was still moving with her bow in the water.
She sunk 45 minutes later

December 26 1939 15:15 (a day after Christmas) We found our first convoy in 15 m/s winds rain and heavy fog. All six tubes fired using only hydrophones and we were lucky. 5 hits were scored and two ships sunk.
It was then that the LI noticed the fuel level,it was lower than it should have been. All this cruising in bad weather has costed us enormous quantity of fuel.
After the convoy was well away we surfaced and set course for home.

The return passage was uneventful and we docked on January 3 1940 at 11:31 hours having celebreted New Years Eve at sea.
We had sunk 7 ships for 17430grt.
Now it was time to rest and run a diagostics on both diesels.

Snestorm 04-01-11 02:00 AM

U124 IXB does a Local.
Patrol 7.
Left Lorient on 17.okt.41 at 2259.
The hour of departure would allow us maximum use of darkness in crossing The Bay.
(Sunrise 0640. Sunset 1720.)

Patrol Grid is CG89. WSW of Gibralter, at the wide end of the bottle.
BDU gave us a Local this time.

Coming around the SW corner of Spain (CG82), things started happening on 24.okt.41.

0340: Coastal Merchant sighted at medium range.
0347: Fire 5 & 6. (T1 Torps). Course 309. Speed 7 knots. Surface attack.
0348: Target sunk for 2.043 GRT. Dive to reload tubes & avoid the coming days air threat.

1050: Sound contact. Slow merchant. UK to Gibralter.
1118: Surface.
1138: Where is he? Hydrophone check.
1143: Surface. Light fog & low visibility.
1159: Fire 1, 2, 4 (T2 Torps). C3 Cargo with gun mount. Course 104. Speed 6 knots. Range 2500 meters.
1202: All 3 torps impact sinking the target for 7.909 GRT.

1242: Sound contact. Slow merchant. 2 more tubes to finish reloading.
1318: All tubes loaded. Periscope depth.
1356: Fire 1,2, 4 (T2 Torps). Small Merchant. Course 234. Speed 5 knots. Submerged attack.
1357: Target struck by 2 topedoes, and sunk for 2.343 GRT.
(Wasn't 100% confident in the speed guesstimation, so I fired one just ahead of him to cover 6 knots. That's the one that missed. Better too many, than not enough.)

Status: 3 ships sunk. 6 of 14 torpedoes remaining. (4 bow. 2 stern.)

On 25.okt.41 we arrived on station at 1710.
We did our time & zig zag before moving towards Gibralter.
Our target area is the bottle neck.

The action picks up again on the evening of 28.okt.41, in CG95.
60 miles W of Gibralter. 2 night surface attacks come in short time.
(Sorry. There was no time to write the details. They were armed and required my full attention.)

1924: C3 Cargo. 7.949 GRT. Course 264. Speed 9 knots. Sunk. Tubes 1, 3, 4. (T1 Torps).

2130: C2 Cargo. 6.448 GRT. Course 264 & speed 9 knots again. Sunk at 1700 meters. Tubes 5 & 6. (Last of the dependable T1s)

Returned to Lorient without incident, and docked on 5.nov.41.

Patrol results: 5 ships sunk for 26.692 GRT. Healthy crew and boat.

U124's record to date:
7 war patrols.
25 ships sunk for 163.397 GRT.

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