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XenonSurf 12-29-17 02:31 PM

I have only scratched the surface in contemplating all of the wonderful work done to improve SH5, TWoS will keep me busy for a looong time to come :)

Thank you, and I wish vdr1981 and all fans of the game a happy new year...and sink them all...

THEBERBSTER 12-29-17 02:51 PM

Hi Vecko
I am sure I can speak for all of us who play TWOS to offer our congratulations on your very deserved award.:Kaleun_Applaud:

Muckenberg 12-29-17 05:07 PM

:Kaleun_Salute::Kaleun_Salute::Kaleun_Salute::Kale un_Salute::Kaleun_Salute::Kaleun_Salute:

mkiii 12-29-17 07:08 PM

well deserved award vecko, congrats mate :Kaleun_Cheers:

palmic 12-29-17 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by Bojanpopovic (Post 2533637)
Hi. I am playing 2.1.0 mods, its september 1943, and somewhere in the middle atlantic attacking convoy. Evervthing its ok, except escorts skill when chasing me... I have prepare attack well...dived, runing silent mode, rarely rise periscope...Than launched 4 torps, when escorts started moving faster, i have dived to 200 m, run silent(with one propeller) or stop engines, did everything to minimize noise...but every time escorts hit me with dept charges(sooner or later) does not make sence...i mean they didnt see me, and perhaps didnt hear me... how they always find me? Is this normal for 1943 that escorts have that INSANE skill of killing subs? Its annoying because i cant survive succesfuly attacked merchants for expl... Any tutorial for this, if i making mistakes when run my sub? Tnx

I could say i have great experience with TWOS escorts and they are way buggy, but not even less in way to hit a target without reason. They are buggy in following you. Sometimes, they are buggy to lurk around you in your vicinity without reason. They are lurking for you in point where was your last point of getting them know ....
But, if they are not hearing you, they are not going to hunt you without reason. You had to let them know somehow..

At first, you have to master hydrophone... Its very easy..
I am sometimes tracking even 3-4 escorts at the moment around me..
Well, most of the times i am killed ;) but thats the part of the simulation, if they dont get me into circle, im mostly fine....

palmic 12-29-17 08:33 PM

What award are you guys talking about? Did TWOS finaly got best mod out there award? :)

Tonci87 12-29-17 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by palmic (Post 2533853)
What award are you guys talking about? Did TWOS finaly got best mod out there award? :)

He received the best of Subsim 2017 award.
Reason for the Award: Modder of the Year

Congrats VDR. Itīs deserved :Kaleun_Applaud:

palmic 12-29-17 09:25 PM

Great, TWOS is last man standing for all the remaining years. In my oppinion, there will not be any other to get th throne.
Uboat looks good enough to be succesfull game, but not even close enough to be best sub sim...

GWX looks best in my oppinion, the interior looks very best, but real navigation put everything else to the pocket i though :)
I could never ever play anything else without it. In my oppinion TWOS is best ever and i would like to be mistaken :Kaleun_Wink:

Vecko deserves everything for it, i absolutelly agree with this...
... And i would be very welcome and supportive to anyhing else here...

I just want to say now, thanks for the hundreds of hours which i spend in TWOS back all those years (and i blamed it a lot :D ) Vecko and all those guys behind the mods...
And i hope you are not right now tunning the next version and spending your lifetime the other way...

Merry christmas And Happy new Year! :subsim:

vdr1981 12-30-17 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by Tonci87 (Post 2533854)
He received the best of Subsim 2017 award.
Reason for the Award: Modder of the Year

Congrats VDR. Itīs deserved :Kaleun_Applaud:

I wasn't aware I was nominated in the first place...:o

Congratulations to other winners as well! :Kaleun_Applaud:

Muckenberg 12-30-17 05:22 AM

Great and frank congratulations to your appreciation Vecko. You definitely deserve it. :Kaleun_Applaud::Kaleun_Applaud::Kaleun_Thumbs_Up: :Kaleun_Salute:

THEBERBSTER 12-30-17 07:38 AM

Hi Vecko
Some of us proposed you so you would not be overlooked this year.
Producing outstanding work has to be rewarded not just by giving a donation but for all to see.

Pikes 12-30-17 08:16 AM

Not only thanks for keeping this very old sim alive, but of course every mod is built on the inspiration and previous work of all the contibutors, to thanks to them all and the community for 2017!

bdd458 12-30-17 10:47 AM

Is there a version of SH5 Speech that works with WoS?

Cyborg322 12-30-17 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by bdd458 (Post 2533943)
Is there a version of SH5 Speech that works with WoS?

Check post by TheBerbster


bdd458 12-30-17 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by Cyborg322 (Post 2533946)

Thank you for the link, but I was refering to the mod that allows you to use voice commands to control the boat :).

Or would doing that allow me to use SH5 speech?

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