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palmic 12-23-17 10:11 PM

Merry christmas! :Kaleun_Party:

Cyborg322 12-24-17 04:38 AM

Merry Christmas Vecko and all WOS'ers

Jimbuna 12-24-17 06:26 AM

^Coolio :)

THEBERBSTER 12-24-17 09:37 AM

Merry Christmas To All From Peter

Cyborg322 12-24-17 09:46 AM

Berbster !

skin-nl 12-24-17 12:10 PM

Merry Christmas to all :Kaleun_Party::Kaleun_Party:

excel4004 12-24-17 04:18 PM

Merry Christmas mates! :salute: :rock:

HW3 12-24-17 06:05 PM

Merry Christmas to all!!!

vdr1981 12-25-17 03:59 PM

Just want to say Merry Christmas to all of you guys and also one giant Thank You for Peter "TheBerbster" Scott who is constantly supporting my work trough various donations and user support! :Kaleun_Salute:

Have a good one! :salute::salute::salute:

palmic 12-25-17 06:16 PM

Yep, you are doing great work Peter and we see it! :up:

HW3 12-25-17 08:08 PM

Merry Christmas Vecko and Peter!!!

vdr1981 12-26-17 03:41 PM

Recently I saw few captains on some popular Youtube channels how they exploit relatively easy harbor raids and pumping their tonnage despite the fact that they can not hit a thing at open sea, even with low difficulty settings.
I didn't like that so I have decided to "spice things up" a bit...:)

Change log for v2.1.1 so far...


- Added water reflections for coastal artillery installations.
- Repositioned/adjusted coastal artillery 3D model bones.
- V-shaped coastal artillery platform replaced with smaller rounded one which should prevent occasional inoperative coastal guns and also fit better into the SH environment.
- Revised and re-positioned coastal artillery installations in order to cover exposed approaches of allied and axis harbors.
- Added destroyable radio room damage zones to coastal artillery installations.
- Revised/repositioned minefield locations. Added new dense minefields to the most likely attack directions near enemy harbors.
- Reduced spacing between individual mines in minefields from 300m to 120-130m which will significantly increase possibility of mine struck when operating in shallow waters near enemy harbors.
- Revised anti submarine nets locations. Still looking for solution for "nets sticking out of the water" issue.
- Improved units dusk/night time visual sensors (re-enable the snapshot via Generic Patcher to activate the change).
- Updated TWoS credits page. Special thanks to the latest TWoS supporters/donors: Peter "TheBerbster" Scott, Volker "Lasstmichdurch" Dannenberg, Vasiliy Horbachenko, Thomas "excel4004" Pentenrieder and Brian Imwold - Thank You very much Captains!
Expect new update tomorow or day after and once again, merry Christmas and happy new year to all Subsim skippers! :salute::salute::salute:

THEBERBSTER 12-26-17 03:55 PM

Hi Vecko
The Scapa Flow mission Breaking the Fortress is the only harbor raiding I do as with 100% realism I try to keep the game realistic and in reality it is highly unlikely you would get anywhere near a harbor let alone inside it.
Nice looking update. :Kaleun_Salute:

HW3 12-26-17 08:30 PM

I'm with Peter, the only harbor raiding I do is the "Breaking the Fortress" Scapa Flow mission. Trying to slip into any other harbor would be too nerve racking for me. I did get into Lock Ewe and Dunkirk and back out again once in SH3 but, that was extremely tricky, and I never went back again either.

Aktungbby 12-27-17 02:11 AM


Originally Posted by ODESIT (Post 2531254)
this is error?


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