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Spike88 08-24-09 04:54 PM


U-48 is being refueled and rearmed. Will be leaving for patrol 5 shortly.

Phoenix The Taffer 08-26-09 04:14 PM

Since I cant shoot torps for crap (just installed the game for the first time recently) I decided to head to Portsmouth in August '39 and torp some stationary targets at night in the harbor. Well I managed to miss anyway...probably could have hit something if I hadnt set the spread so wide. Anyway, I think some patrol craft was following me on the way in that made me nervous (I dunno if he was just curious or what since the war doesnt start til September, right?)...after that I went to periscope depth and he took off somewhere. A little torpedo boat or something was around making himself useful zipping importantly back and forth. The wreckage of something was on the far right shore, smoking. <shrugs> Anyway, I took the shots at a number of ships relatively close together, managed to miss, as I said above. In fact, all I saw was a giant plume off to the left, nearer the shore batteries. The inhabitants apparently dont find giant salt water geysers that unusual.

I think it's more likely that they're just bloodthirsty.

I fired a deck gun shell off to the right somewhere. I must have hit something because the searchlights snapped on over there, looking around. I fired more in the center and then they found me, and I backed off some more, and dove.

Here's the funny thing. The shore batteries, ships, everything went nuts. I think they decided to go ballistic on each other due to some friendly fire issues. I dont think they realized they were shooting at each other. Anyway, when I did surface again there was a sinking ship right near me, and they were definitely not shooting at me or anywhere near me.

A patrol boat or the fast torp boat was closing in. I did manage to shoot out his searchlight, and he ended up losing me. I tried antagonizing him again, but he managed to overwhelm my damage control or my hull just gave out.

Pohl 08-29-09 11:31 AM

After this patrol I got promoted to Kapitänleutnant & got the Oak Leaves :woot:

Paul Riley 11-02-09 01:12 PM

Its time to resurrect this old post I think,as I anticipate some action this week,on my part.I have been away from SH for about 3 months,and this is totally unacceptable! :down:
Right,if I remember I was playing my first GWX3 career with a fairly pleasant chap called Willie Werner,and as it has been so long since I last spoke with him it would be safe to assume that Willie and his green crew have met an untimely end,and so have been consigned to the 'lost at sea' section.
Which now brings me to my new career which I am just setting up right now,and we will start in Nov 1939,which is the month I left off with capt.Werner.
Will keep you posted as soon as we leave port.

So,get those old dusty log books out,and get to it! :up:

Leandros 11-29-09 04:03 PM

Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - U-122 - Aug. 30th. 1941 13:31 - patrol 16

Position South-West of Ireland, sea state 6, visibility 700 meters.

Left La Rochelle morning Aug. 28th, headed for the North-Western Approaches. Some hours ago we bumped into two Tribals in the bad visibility. Managed to get below but was graced in the extreme rear and had some proper sideways oscillations. Danced around a little at periscope depth. Fired a dud (T1 on magnetic) from the aft tube, in the meanwhile also being attacked by the second Tribal. Downed no. 1 with a lucky shot from a forward tube (T1 on magnetic). Received damage from no. 2 D/C's (both scopes) after having fired two torps at him - one missed, one dud. Went quickly down to 140 meters and started wriggling at lowest speed. Had various fixes done.

Much surface noise above so after a couple of hours he gave up and left. After having surfaced the observation scope could be fixed. The attack scope is out for the journey. Proceeding North at standard speed.

Leandros 12-13-09 02:02 PM

Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - U-122 - Sep 7th. 1941 19:01 - patrol 16

Been out a little more than a week now, most of the time hovering in the North-West Approaches. A lot of small fry. Here is the catch up till now:

Bumped into a large convoy approaching from West this morning but wasn't able to get near it due to the escorts. Eventually we had sunk 1 Flower, 1 Hunt and 2 Black Swans. In the meantime the convoy diappeared. Having gone full speed Eastwards we have now caught up with hit again, laying in a nice position ahead of it. Looks fat, doesn't it...? Seems as if we have done away with all the escorts. The sonar hear no warships.

Undefined 12-13-09 02:24 PM

Patrol 1: August 1 1939 - August 2 1939.
U47 - Type VIIB 7th/13th Flotilla
Base: Königsberg

(Worth mentioning is that this is my first REAL campaign [Realism 58%, using brain, no rushing, TC 1 - 32) , i just got the game and earlier i just messed around (: )

Outcome of first patrol:

RoaldLarsen 12-13-09 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Flegmatica (Post 1218667)
Patrol 1: August 1 1939 - August 2 1939.
U47 - Type VIIB 7th/13th Flotilla
Base: Königsberg


Outcome of first patrol:

You are going to be in big trouble when you return to base.

Draka 12-13-09 11:33 PM

Ayup - war ain't started yet! :damn:

Falkirion 12-14-09 04:03 AM

Currently I'm headed towards the Southern coast of Ireland to try and hunt up some convoys on approach to England. Got one small merch at the expense of a convoy but I was behind the convoy so I probably couldn't have overhauled it anyway.

Last patrol was quite successful. Start of the war, I put the Nelson and a pair of tankers under the waves.

Undefined 12-14-09 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by RoaldLarsen (Post 1218898)
You are going to be in big trouble when you return to base.

Not rly, i rather be awarded and get medals n sh*t.

Leandros 12-14-09 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by Flegmatica (Post 1219009)
Not rly, i rather be awarded and get medals n sh*t.

Problem is Adolf wanted to have the Tommies pacified when he went for Poland. That means no sinkings.....:hmmm:... in this period....

Undefined 12-14-09 12:11 PM

**** Adolf! I take no orders from him. Thats how i roll :rock: :rotfl2:.

Leandros 12-14-09 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by Flegmatica (Post 1219160)
**** Adolf! I take no orders from him. Thats how i roll :rock: :rotfl2:.

Seaman: Captain Flegmatica, there is a SS squad lined up at the quay...
Captain F: Yes, what about it..?
Seaman: They say they have come to take you away...
Captain F: Whatever do they want to do that for...?
Seaman: They say......Adolf said so.....:down:...

Leandros 12-14-09 12:27 PM

Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - U-122 - Nov 26th. 1941 - 08:01 - patrol 17

Just left Lorient under secret orders. Orders to be opened West of Scapa Flow. No engagements to be undertaken before that. What can this be..? Have loaded up with mostly fast T1 torps - specially checked the magnetic fuzes.

We have also been refurbished with new batteries - MAK 44 - and rubber-coated hull. Have a nasty suspicion on what this mission is about.

Dec. 2nd - 19:00

20 NM west of Scapa - orders opened. "To enter Scapa Flow and destroy any Royal Navy vessels encountered. Undue risks are allowed to fullfill the mission".

Thank you! Off we go!

At least the weather is ideal. Heavy seas!

Dec. 2nd - 22:08

Just passing the narrowest part in the Western inlet. Discovered by shore posts - could actually hear the sirens ashore. Continuing submerged at full speed.

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