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Gargamel 12-09-10 12:22 AM

Woohooo this is fun, trying to sheppard foreign ships into the shore with a type II prewar.

Axeman3d 12-09-10 04:45 AM

U104 heading out on third patrol from Lorient in late Nov 1940. Patrol area is east of the Azores covering the South African convoy route, so head straight across the Bay of Biscay to designated square and patrol fruitlessly for a week. I turned north and followed the convoy route up on the edge of the Bay, submerging for long periods to escape the foul weather that has hit the area.

While submerged I pick up a convoy on the phones heading for the English Channel at 9 knots, but am in poor position for attack and chasing in foul weather will take ages. I decide on a long shot and fire 4 torps at extreme range at the 2 largest targets. Two explode prematurely, spooking the convoy who start to zig and speed up. One torp hits and eventually sinks an ore carrier as I evade west again. I plot a route to try and shadow the convoy but am unable to regain contact at all the next day.

Weather worsens, now very hard to make any progress. I submerge for long periods and again pick up a merchant passing nearby. On the surface for attack in black moonless night so i can get close, notice it's actually 2 ships, a small merchant and an ore carrier in front. I switch off magnetic triggers and use the stern tubes at 900m range on fast speed to ensure impact, and both ships are hit. The ore carrier goes down in 20 minutes leaving a trail of life rafts behind it, but the merchant didn't even slow down. As it passed the sinking ore carrier I reload the stern tube and put another one in him, this time with spectacular results. Lots of flames and he goes down in a minute, lots of secondary explosions as it slips under. One life raft spotted. Now continuing north to Ireland and then the Western Approaches.

unterseemann 12-09-10 06:58 AM

U-151 Kptlt R.Eickmeyer

Patrol 4: 28/03/44-13/04/1944 (17 days)
Patrol zone: Channel western entrance

02/04/44 22h42 Coastal freighter sunk with 1 TIII torpedoe in BF24
SS Adm Nelson 1.869 tons

03/04/44 12h28 Motor vessel sunk with a TIII torpedoe in BF25
MV Matchlock 114 tons

04/04/44 Colony class frigate sunk with a gnat in BF24
HMS Somaliland 1.430 tons

09/04/44 08h48 Intermediate tanker attacked with a gnat in stormy weather. No impact. Unable to regain contact

09/04/44 16h20 Small convoy intercepted. Fired our last torpedoe (TIII) to a small merchant but missed. Resume patrol

13/04/44 8h55 Docked at La Rochelle. Return trip uneventful due to very bad weather

Patrol results:
3 ships sunk for 3.413 tons

Carreer total: 41.084 tons ( 8 merchants, 1 warship)

DeMeza 12-09-10 08:04 PM

U29, Wilhelmshaven
Left at: Jan 6 - 1940
Orders: Patrol grid CF32

Captains Log:

Jan 6: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Jan 7: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Jan 8: British sloop sighted (16:43) grid AN13, radioed our position, moderate winds, sunk with five 8,8cm rounds, left the area at high speed, course 290

Jan 9: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Jan 10: Nothing out of the ordinary, winds now at 13 m/s. overcast.
Jan 11: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Jan 12: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Jan 13: Contact picked up on hydrophone BE59, moved to investigate, British Ore Carrier (SS Port Brisbane), sunk with two torpedos, one in bow, one under the bridge. Sunk in a matter of minutes. (08:01)

Jan 14-18: Reached PG CF32 - nothing out of the ordinary.

Jan 19: Reached grid CG94 in order to pick up convoys from Gibralta. Outbound convey picked up on hydrophone and intercepted, heavy winds, heavy fog and rain, made attacking difficult. One ship damaged with one torpedo, one ship sunk (SS Empire Bede, 10:58) Empire-type Freighter, two torpedos, infront and aft of bridge, heavy list to port, sank within minutes. Three torpedos wasted at targets too close, no sinkings. Went deep and silent, evaded depth charge runs by lone escort, no damage. Decided not to re-engage convoy because of bad weather.

Jan 20: Plotted course for the Corrientes supply ship.

Jan 21-23: Nothing out of the ordinary:

Jan 24: Docked at Corrientes supply ship.

Estimated sinkings: 15.000 tons

U29 - Peter Corpus

VONHARRIS 12-10-10 03:23 AM

U-106 15th patrol
This is the patrol log of U-106 15th patrol
Date and Time
Occurrences 15
U-106, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: April 24, 1941, 04:07
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AE47
5.5.41. 0738Grid AE 48Ship sunk! HMS Circassia (Auxiliary Cruiser), 13850 tons. Crew: 223. Crew lost: 129 (in port 2 torpedoes)
0746Grid AE 48Ship sunk! HMS Duncan (C&D classes), 1375 tons. Crew: 152. Crew lost: 33 (rammed by sinking cruiser)
0746Grid AE 48Ship sunk! SS Frances Dawson (Small Merchant), 2390 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 39. Crew lost: 28 (in port 1 torpedo)
0816Grid AE 48Ship sunk! HMS Glasgow (Southampton class), 10725 tons. Crew: 963. Crew lost: 57 (in port 1 torpedo)
0944Grid AE 48Ship sunk! SS Tajandoen (Large Merchant), 10401 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 106. Crew lost: 42 (in port 2 torpedoes) AM 53Ship sunk! SS Haiching (Small Freighter), 2228 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 28 (lone ship deck gun fire)
1904Grid AM 53Ship sunk! Typhoon (Sloop), 8 tons. Crew: 15. Crew lost: 9 (20mm flak guns)
2203Grid AM 53Ship sunk! SS Saint Palais (Passenger/Cargo), 2245 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 234. Crew lost: 91 (lone ship 1 torpedo + deck gun fire)
Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 8
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 43222 tons
Engine troubles flank speed not possible
20mm flak guns jammed

18 torpedoes fired
8 torpedoes hit and sunk their targets (44%)
2 torpedoes hit their targets but they didn't sink (12%)
8 torpedoes missed (44%)
4 stern torpedoes were not launched because of extensive damages
to the stern tubes.
42 105mm shells fired
3 clips of 20mm AA fired

Sinking of the HMS Circassia (Auxiliary Cruiser), 13850 tons.
The ship was stationary out the port of Reykjavik. Three TI were fired against her targeted at the front mast , midships and aft mast.
In fact the cruiser was not anchored but she had steam on. The torpedoes were spotted (my bad I fired during the day) and she picked up speed. The one aimed aft missed but the other two hit and sunk her immediately.
As the sinking ship was moving forward she rammed the HMS Duncan (C&D classes), 1375 tons which exploded and sunk. The weird part is that I got credit for the sinking.

Sinking of the HMS Glasgow (Southampton class), 10725 tons.
The light cruiser was anchored in Reykjavik harbor. I fired a stern torpedo agoinst her just for not leaving her alone. The torpedo hit her under the front turrets , a huge explosion and down she went.

After leaving Reykjavik we had multiple contacts of DDs ASW trawles and MTBs. The DDs were US ships running at high speed and producing so much noise that we were safe to travel at 2kts and no one could hear us. When we reached open seas we surfaced but we were spotted by an ASW trawler which fired at us. She missed as we crash dived. The trawler called for help and a Tribal class DD appeared. He run an attack on us which caused severe flooding at the aft torpedo room and destroyed the tubes. The DD did not re-engage and left.

We decided to go to grid AM53 as the situation in AE47 was getting really bad. We radioded BdU and they agreed.
We encourntred a convoy on the way but all the torps we fired missed as the ships were zigzaging.

After sinking the SS Saint Palais (Passenger/Cargo), 2245 tons we decided to go back home as the weather was rough. Then they came out of the fog: 2 Fiji class CLs unescorted running at 20kts.
All 4 forward tubes fired , but the solution was not good enough. The CLs evades the 3 fishes and the fourth that hit caused only minor damages.

Now with no trops left we headed for Lorient.
We were still at grid AM53 submerged to avoid a lone Hurricane which was provinding escort to a hospital ship , when the hydrophones went crazy. A huge convoy of tankers , whale factory ships and large merchants was coming right at us in an ideal attack position. But with nothing to attack we just dived deeper and left.

After reaching Lorient I was offered the command of an IXC type. I agreed under the condition that I would take all my crew with me. The BdU said OK so here we are : U-505 IXC is about to devastate the Atlantic Ocean.

Missing Name 12-10-10 08:56 AM

End of patrol 15, U-127 (IXC).

After hitting mine in St. Helena, I docked at the KM Python. Heading back to St. Nazaire, I traveled along African merchant routes, but this found nothing.

So I raided the ports of Libreville and Lagos. Both were heavily mined, but this time I was extra careful and did not hit any.

The defenses of Libreville were pitiful. There were only the mines. I sank everything in the harbor: A troop ship, medium cargo, tramp steamer, small freighter, passeger/cargo and modern tanker. I was able to move off on the surface at a leisurely pace.

Lagos was more complicated. A DD was patroling the minefield, while I was on the surface. I dove, waited for her to pass and sank her with a torp to the depthcharge storage. The other guardian was putt-putting over to my position. Being the daredevil I am, I surfaced and pumped ten 10.5cm rounds into the trawler.

Harbor now free of moving escorts, I navigated the minefield and sank a large merchant. I seriously injured a medium cargo but she didn't sink. Out of torpedoes, I escaped.

On the uneventful trip back home, I realized that St. Nazaire would never get the IXC wanted. Upon arriving, I immediately transferred to Lorient.

Patrol date: May 27 - June 24. 43000 tons.

VONHARRIS 12-11-10 02:47 PM

U-505 17th patrol
Date and Time
Occurrences 17
U-505, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: October 16, 1941, 03:15
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid EJ821 77Ship sunk! SS Winona (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 32. Crew lost: 25 (lone ship sunk by deck gun fire)
2146Grid CG 21Ship sunk! SS Eagle Wing (Medium Cargo), 5081 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 55. Crew lost: 45 (in convoy 2 torpedoes)
2159Grid CG 21Ship sunk! SS Saltwick (Small Merchant), 2396 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 44. Crew lost: 21 (in convoy 2 torpedoes) CG 46Ship sunk! SS City of Dublin (Passenger/Cargo), 2245 tons. Cargo: Mail/Packages. Crew: 108. Crew lost: 10 (lone ship sunk by deck gun fire) EJ 39Ship sunk! SS Thomas J. Jarvis (Liberty Cargo), 7336 tons. Cargo: Coffee. Crew: 70. Crew lost: 52 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
1032Grid EJ 39Ship sunk! SS Robin Sherwood (Medium Cargo), 5082 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 31 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
1033Grid EJ 39Ship sunk! SS Umkuzi (Large Merchant), 10617 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 87. Crew lost: 54 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
1041Grid EJ 39Ship sunk! MV Vinemoor (Granville-type Freighter), 4709 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 45. Crew lost: 23 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
1042Grid EJ 39Ship sunk! SS Carlota (Nipiwan Park-type Tanker), 2476 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 16. Crew lost: 7 (in convoy 1 torpedo) CG 57Ship sunk! SS Aberdovey (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 28. Crew lost: 15 (lone ship sunk by deck gun fire) BF 14Ship sunk! MV Santa Monica (Medium Cargo), 5084 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 55. Crew lost: 50 (lone ship sunk by deck gun fire)
Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 11
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 48765 tons

18 torpedoes fired
9 torpedoes hit their targets and sunk (50%)
3 torpedoes hit their targets but they didn't sink (17%) Targets : Whale factory ship + Dido class CL
6 torpedoes missed (33%)
4 torpedoes were not launched

80 105mm rounds used
No AA fired
All systems worked properly
Sonar coating does not have the desired effect
Note : If only those Zaoukonigs could be put into production soon.......

Gargamel 12-12-10 03:18 AM

Started my first patrol in a new career, Sept '39. Running the Orkney / Shetland gap, encountered a couple trash ships, took them out with the deck gun. Then went about 2 weeks without even seeing another ship. The boys were getting restless. Then we got a radio contact report of a large convoy heading our way.

Moved to intercept, seas were dead flat, beautiful sailing weather, crappy for hiding a sub on an attack run. As we snuck in close, neither sonar nor periscope could find any escorts other than the lead destroyer. And then we saw her..... a Revenge sitting in the middle of the pack. Still couldn't believe there was only one ASW escort!

Took out the destroyer with a well placed eel. Sprinted into the center and quickly sank the BB with 4 eels. The first 2 probably would have sank her, but I was time pressed, and didnt want to wait around to see if there were really any other escorts.

Popped to the surface, finger on the crash dive alarm. Had the deck gun open up on all the big targets while the eels were reloaded. Was firing every thing I had at every target. Good Haul for first patrol. Was really wishing I had more torps. And a better weapons officer, his loading times were atrocious, I'll fire him after this patrol, he was a political appointment anyways.


2.9.39. 0255 Patrol 1
U-46, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: September 2, 1939, 02:55
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BE31

6.9.39. 1
Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS Aallotar (Passenger/Cargo), 2253 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 185. Crew lost: 74
Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! MV Coral (Small Trawler), 98 tons. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 15


Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! HMS Brazen (A&B classes), 1350 tons. Crew: 190. Crew lost: 1
1059 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! HMS Resolution (Revenge class), 31000 tons. Crew: 1199. Crew lost: 11
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! MV Teakwood (Modern Tanker), 7292 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 51. Crew lost: 38
1109 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Ole Wegger (Whale Factory Ship), 12017 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 126. Crew lost: 5
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS N. T. Nielsen-Alonso (Whale Factory Ship), 12016 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 131. Crew lost: 128
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Port Auckland (Ore Carrier), 8085 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 15
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Manaar (Large Merchant), 5459 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 107. Crew lost: 39
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Ixion (Ore Carrier), 8083 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 67
Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Talthybius (Ore Carrier), 8084 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 96. Crew lost: 82
1218 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Raranga (Large Merchant), 5460 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 98. Crew lost: 24
1242 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Krasnoe Znamya (Tramp Steamer), 2432 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 22. Crew lost: 0

0228 Grid AN 41 Ship sunk! SS Ahoy (Coastal Freighter), 1873 tons. Cargo: Trucks. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 24


Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 14
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 105502 tons

That's a rate of 833 tonnes per minute for that 2 hour period!

Also kinda glad to see out of the 1190 sailors on the Resolution, only 11 died. Actually a pretty low loss of life for the carnage I caused. Which is good. Tonnes = Good, Kills = Bad.

Jack Cutter 12-12-10 04:45 AM

Great haul! I'm jealous of those numbers! :yeah:

I have SH3+GWX 3.0+ SH Commander, and it lists the ship names, but it never shows me the crew losses or the cargo aboard. Where do you find that, or what am I missing?

oldstyle 12-12-10 08:57 AM

Happy times
Date et Heure
 Patrouille 2
U-93, 7e/13e Flottille
quitté à : février 10, 1941, 15:34
depuis : St. Nazaire
Ordres de mission : Patrouille carreau AL36

Carreau BF 43
Navire coulé ! SS Bonifacio (petit navire marchand), 2424 tonnes. marchandise : avions. équipage : 55. équipage disparu : 37
Carreau BF 18
Navire coulé ! SS Scottish Star (cargo type Empire), 7661 tonnes. marchandise : machines. équipage : 78. équipage disparu : 75
Carreau BE 36
Navire coulé ! SS Umtata (gros navire marchand), 9466 tonnes. marchandise : minerai de cuivre. équipage : 50. équipage disparu : 28
Carreau BE 36
Navire coulé ! SS Coracero (minéralier), 8595 tonnes. marchandise : bauxite. équipage : 80. équipage disparu : 22
Carreau AM 49
Navire coulé ! SS Sea Beaver (gros cargo), 9952 tonnes. marchandise : véhicules militaires. équipage : 57. équipage disparu : 21
Carreau AM 54
Navire coulé ! SS Glenshiel (gros navire marchand), 8347 tonnes. marchandise : vins/spiritueux. équipage : 82. équipage disparu : 46
Carreau BE 62
Navire coulé ! MV Languedoc (gros tanker), 12426 tonnes. marchandise : carburant d'avion. équipage : 57. équipage disparu : 2
Carreau BE 62
Navire coulé ! SS Chandeleur (gros cargo), 7778 tonnes. marchandise : denrées alimentaires. équipage : 40. équipage disparu : 32
Carreau BE 62
Navire coulé ! SS Sea Scorpion (gros cargo), 7777 tonnes. marchandise : minerai de fer. équipage : 39. équipage disparu : 10
 Résultat de patrouille
Pertes : 0
Bateaux coulés : 9
Avions abattus : 0
Tonnage de la patrouille : 74426 tonnes

Best patrol ever : as I remember, only two torps missed and for one it didn't matter cause it was a salvo of two and one hit and sunk the tanker.
I had to say that I have good weather conditions during the patrol (wind never up than 4m/s and good or medium visibility), so all the torps were in magnetic. Result, all the big cargos were sunk with one torp as the tanker !
Futhermore, one of the convoy was just attacked by another U-boot as I was waiting submerged to attack it. A kind of wolfpack feeling...
And I saw two other U-boots during the patrol : one traveled mid-submerged with its tube's doors always opened and closed alternatively, strange...
I play with manual targering, all realistic except the external camera (but not to help, just for good eye).

Gargamel 12-12-10 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Jack Cutter (Post 1552241)
Great haul! I'm jealous of those numbers! :yeah:

I have SH3+GWX 3.0+ SH Commander, and it lists the ship names, but it never shows me the crew losses or the cargo aboard. Where do you find that, or what am I missing?

Go to Update Personnel File in SHC, then click view when it pops up. Then in that webpage, click the patrol number.

You may also have to turn on a setting or two in SHC

VONHARRIS 12-13-10 03:22 AM

U-505 18th patrol
Date and Time
Occurrences 18
U-505, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: January 2, 1942, 00:12
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid CA31 CA 33Ship sunk! USS Puffer (Gato class), 1526 tons. Crew: 60. Crew lost: 4 (sunk by deck gun fire) CA 31Ship sunk! MV Royster (Tugboat), 1130 tons. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 14 (sunk by deck gun fire)
0411Grid CA 31Ship sunk! USS William B. Preston (Clemson class), 1190 tons. Crew: 116. Crew lost: 8 (stationary 1 torpedo)
0412Grid CA 31Ship sunk! USS McDougal (Somers class), 1850 tons. Crew: 296. Crew lost: 59 (stationary 1 torpedo)
0551Grid CA 31Ship sunk! SS City of Lichfield (Small Merchant), 2430 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 49. Crew lost: 9 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
0617Grid CA 31Ship sunk! SS William Hooper (Liberty Cargo), 7394 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 45. Crew lost: 38 (in convoy 2 torpedoes)
0627Grid CA 31Ship sunk! MV Hopemount (Modern Tanker), 10872 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 52. Crew lost: 2 (in convoy 2 torpedoes)
0806Grid CA 31Ship sunk! SS Reuben Tipton (Medium Cargo), 4894 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 39. Crew lost: 17 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
0919Grid CA 31Ship sunk! MV Solvoll (Fishing Boat), 84 tons. Crew: 18. Crew lost: 18 (stationary 37mm flak)
0920Grid CA 31Ship sunk! MV Orfasy (Fishing Boat), 84 tons. Crew: 24. Crew lost: 1 (stationary 37mm flak)
0921Grid CA 31Ship sunk! MV No. 1032 (Fishing Boat), 83 tons. Crew: 29. Crew lost: 17 (stationary 37mm flak) BC 83Ship sunk! SS Affirmity (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 24. Crew lost: 8 (in convoy 1 torpedo)
Patrol results
Crew losses: 3 dead (The deck gun crew was killed)
Ships sunk: 12
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 33407 tons
The loss of my deck gun crew was terrible. The forward deck was hit by 5 inch shell by a DD which showed up out of nowhere when the tugboat was sunk. The deck gun was not destroyed!! The senior petty officer (gunner) was a holder of the Iron cross first class,.

I had an other bad moment in this patrol. In the convoy that the SS Affirmity (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons was sunk , there was a big 3 funnel liner (42k tons) but I missed it.
In fact I launched a spread of 4 TIs at medium speed and impact against her in bad weather from a distance of 7.500m . swung around and fired 2 stern TIs with the same configuration.
All but one missed.

Gerald 12-13-10 04:33 AM

Yes, it takes time to get good crew, I had a similar situation some time ago they escaped with injuries, but a DD turned up behind a small promontory outside Dakar and received a few hits, and port-side engine was destroyed, also was bad weather, :yep:

Missing Name 12-13-10 10:39 AM

Restarted from an an earlier save due to a CTD. I'm in a type IXB again, having decided to pass up the IXC available. It's August 1941, about ready to ship out near Gibraltar.

Got my fingers crossed and lucky Alberich!

Axeman3d 12-13-10 11:13 AM

U104 out of Lorient, Nov/Dec 1940

Weather was miserable the whole trip, some of the worst seas I've seen. Running at ahead full in order to make 10 knots most of the time, I reached my patrol square off the Azores to prey on the South Africa/India convoy routes. Completely fruitless, so I decided to steam up and down the route from the Azores to Ireland, zigging all the way.

Picked up a large northbound convoy and spent most of my patrol harrassing it to death, picking off small merchants, a couple of medium cargos and a couple of Emprire frieghters. Eventually it was nearing the shallower waters leading to the English Channel so I backed off and headed back down the route, only to find and sink some stragglers.

The horrendous weather meant I had to use impact settings on the torpedos most of the time, and could not use the deck gun on the unescorted stragglers at all. On the last encounter before heading home, I found that this did not apply to a small merchant, who proceeded to strafe me with AA machine guns at extreme range while I waited to see if he would sink with my final eel in him. He didn't and I went home seasick and with bullet holes in the conning tower.

VONHARRIS 12-13-10 02:41 PM

A curious transfer request
Upon return of his 18th patrol Heinz von Harris was having a beer with his dear friend Kptltn Herberd Kraous. Kraous and his U-754 have just received orders for transfer into the Med. Kraous was bragging that
U-505 wouldn't last not one patrol in the Med.
Von Harris was furious. The insult was too big to ignore. He got up , said something between his teeth and he went to the phone.
He called Bdu. He demended an immediate transfer to the 29th flotilla.
His demand was met.
So U-505 left Lorient for Salamis with one clear order : SINK EM ALL!!

eBeaker 12-13-10 08:11 PM

At the helm of KM Prinz Eugen, I ran into a small convoy northeast of Dover soon after reaching my patrol point. Soon after sinking everything, I detected a large convoy to the north. At flank speed, I sped not to find a light cruiser at the center as I had expected, but HMS Rodney herself! After a long running battle which ended with me sinking all the merchants and smaller escorts to give me room to maneuver, I found to my dismay that my main magazines were empty and Rodney not even listing a bit.

After fleeing to the south, I was further dismayed to find Rodney was in pursuit! After a bit of maneuvering, I worked my way past her and hit yet another convoy, which I mauled with my single starboard-side secondary gun that still had ammunition. After a quick pass, and several more merchantmen sunk, I headed back to base with 102,000+ tons under my belt.

Kapt Z 12-13-10 09:22 PM

From: U-93

Sunk Illustrious class carrier grid DH57.

Will stop at supply ship Corrientes to take on supplies, fuel and torpedoes before continuing to assigned grid DT72.



VONHARRIS 12-17-10 12:46 AM

Patrols in the Med
Things proved very hard for U-505 and Heinx von Harris in the Med.
All ships are escorted and the enemy air force has a constant presence in the skies.
Three patrols have been completed

No 19: 19 Mar 1942 - 8 Apr 1942 24 days 21998 grt
No 20: 14 Jun 1942 - 3 July 1942 20 days 20568 grt
No 21: 19 Aug 1942 - 12 Sep 1942 25 days 35895grt

During patrol No 19 U-505 met one of Sir Tovey's TFs : 1x King George 2xNelson 2x Fiji 10xDDs.
The weather was in favor of U-505 but a miscalculation during the submerged approach caused major trouble. When the pericope was raised von Harris saw the battleships crossing this path at bearing 160 - 190 and the DDs charged him immediately. The two stern torps were launched against the KG , one missed the other a dud. U-505 escped with medium damages and three dead men.

Note : I have seen that TFs are easier to find in the Med than in the Atlantic but they they travel faster (18 - 20kts) and it is very difficult to intercept them unless they come your way.

Missing Name 12-17-10 03:34 PM

U-127, Kapitanleutnant Ohne ein Namen.
Type IXB: 10.5cm deck gun, 2 FlaK/30 Zwilling.
Patrol 24, set out from Lorient. Early July, 1942.

July 9: I came across a convoy, intercepted it beautifully. Fired two torps at a large merchant from about 4000m, but then the convoy changed course while the fish were en route. Due to large numbers of escorts and mainly low-value targets, I called off the attack.

July 10: Encountered an Irish convoy.

July 11: Shelled a large oiler near the Canary Islands. Used 57 shells. Enemy 20mm could not reach us. Pleasant weather.

July 12: Intercepting a small merchant. She is unaware of our presence...

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