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0rpheus 10-04-14 02:34 PM

First of all, thanks to the author(s) for the excellent megamod.

Second, having a bit of an odd issue. Everything works fine as far as I can tell - but the clouds are moving incredibly fast. It utterly breaks the immersion which is such a shame as everything else is perfect. They're speeding across the sky like nothing I've ever seen!

I'm guessing this must be a small bug. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix, or a speed value I can change somewhere?


Kumando 10-06-14 06:12 PM

Does anyone knows if installing rongels lifeboat mod will break something?

SnipersHunter 10-07-14 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by Kumando (Post 2249301)
Does anyone knows if installing rongels lifeboat mod will break something?

I also like to know this and can i also activate the mod "Grossdeutscher Rundfunk"?

zeus 10-10-14 04:24 PM

Vdr1981, please.

Could you activate The map TAI and automátic class identificier ships ??

Without activating it is very dificult for me and other people


Godit 10-13-14 02:00 PM

Build in features?
Hello, new Captain here just getting started with WoS and using mods in general. I've got a couple questions pertaining to this mega mod.

1) Does anything in WoS change effects of torpedo damage and/or sinking mechanics like the earlier Critical Hits for Torpedoes and Better And Realistic Flotation do?

2) Is the built in speech recognition support a standalone feature or does it require the Speech Recognition for SH5 mod as a separate install?

Interpol 10-17-14 05:59 PM

Anyway of turning this back into English?


Mod list:
WoS 1.02
WoS 1.02 Patch 5
WoS 1.02 Realistic Hydrophone
WoS 16x9 Resolution Patch
Stock Clock (My own little mod)

I can't see how the last two mods could be causing the change of language.
(Had to resize due to the original being over 6mb)

Nage 10-18-14 03:02 AM

I like this mod, or in fact most of the mods in it. But I can't use it cos my laptop is just not powerful enough... I dunno why, maybe cos of all those graphical changes that this mod does. Game runs much more smoothly when I don't use any mods at all.

Jimbuna 10-18-14 08:30 AM

Welcome Aboard Nage :sunny:

Godit 10-18-14 05:47 PM

ROAFB scale?
After trying the built in RAOFB tutorial I've discovered that the scale on my scope must be off because I'm getting large errors in my measurements. The script says the mast is at an optical height of 10.6 degrees but the scale on my scope shows 12 degrees, even the flag is clearly above the 10 degrees mark.

I am using the 16x9 resolution patch but when I tested this without that patch just to see what would happen, I get the same results.

and here's my modlist.

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[F:\Program files\SilentHunter5\MODS]

The Wolves of Steel 1.02
The Wolves of Steel 1.02_Patch 5
The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - TDW_Real_Navigation
The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - Realistic_Hydrophone_1_1
The Wolves of Steel - 16x9 Resolution Patch

Godit 10-18-14 09:58 PM

RAOFB scale fix
I could not find a solution to the tick mark scale but Schnorchel did the next best thing and adjusted the RAOFB rings so that the measurement will now yield the proper ranges.

Here's a link to that thread.

It works beautifully now so I'd recommend anyone with the same problem to use his mod. Here's what it looks like.

Aktungbby 10-18-14 10:07 PM

Welcome Aboard
Nage! :Kaleun_Salute:

Interpol 10-21-14 02:52 PM

Does anyone know if there's any technical documentation on the different U-boat types, the successive parts upgrades and the affects it has on the U-boat, along with Torpedo data?

If not does anyone know how much of an affect the 10.0cm Deckgun has on dive time?

(I have searched the documentation that came with the mod, but appears to be nothing of the sort.)


Poacher886 10-27-14 11:00 AM

How do you pull up the sextant ? cant find the button for this.

Poacher886 10-27-14 06:49 PM

Hi ignore my last question, i've found it..been a long time.

Im really enjoying this mod and its saved me loads of time finding and updating each mod. One issue though...the wake and froth looks great around the U-boat except the it penetrates the conning tower a bit, harly a show stopper, but does blow immersion somewhat, is there a fix for this at all?

Other point...i clicked on the compass to change course and up popped a dial for better adjustment, this is fine, except i cant get rid of the dial now..any answer to this?

And lastly, did anyone manage to create a functioning fuel gauge in the boat, i've never seen one to date?


test_m4a1 10-28-14 09:14 AM

Outstanding idea of making "ready-to-go" modlist.

I have been moding for a very long time but it always effected CTD.

Now i can say i can play (and im playing) without any problems, finally.

Thank You for this!

arnahud2 10-30-14 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by test_m4a1 (Post 2256021)
Outstanding idea of making "ready-to-go" modlist.

I have been moding for a very long time but it always effected CTD.

Now i can say i can play (and im playing) without any problems, finally.

Thank You for this!

Same here, a lot of CTD occured while trying to do my own modsoup.

Then, when using WoS All-in-one mod, no CTD at all.

Perfect job, vdr1981 !! :salute:

Laffertytig 10-31-14 04:12 AM


Swat 11-01-14 06:45 PM

First thanks very much vdr1981 for your hard work putting this all-in-one and easy to install super mod. Same here - I've been trying many times to build up my mod soup always with different results. I'm still in a testing stage how things behave, but so far it does look very promising and I might FINALLY be able to start the campaign since SH5 was released. so thank you and respect.

Since the mod seems to be very good indeed I'm kind of picky one and wonder about two things that still bother me....

First those random graphical glitches I keep getting here and there, unfortunately don't have any screenshot of that, but I'd say it has something to do with smoke textures. Sometimes like black 'bubble' appears on the horizon, sometimes the entire black stripe across the horizon. It usually disappears as I move the camera... totally random...

Secondly - and I believe many of you will be aware of that - sometimes torpedo hatch is not opening. Although I click to open, I hear a sound, but then I go under water with the camera and the door is still closed....

Well like I said - just being perfectionist here, otherwise my immense respect to all the modders out there for their hard and fantastic work. Remembering the state this sim was released in and what it looks and how it behaves now.... ?? Thank you guys.

Any help or suggestion with the above mentioned much appreciated....

Wolfstriked 11-02-14 11:44 AM

Another thank you post.Long time since I went deep in the Atlantic and must say that you guys have done amazing things with SH5.TDW's work is crazy in how much it changes the game all at once.And this mod list with all the great mods it contains is even more immersive craziness.:yep:

Also wanna add that I really love the wave mechanics to this mod and the underwater view is superb.In past with SH games I have gone crazy with the feel of the boat on the water and now with WoS I just wanna play this gem and sink ships and to me that says much!!

Now to some constructive criticisms as we all know there has to be.Some of these are probably needing to be fixed by TDW but I will just post here as it pertains to WoS and maybe vdr1981 can fix.

When you are at decks awash the WO will not give "nearest visual contact" even though he is still standing on deck.

Ambient noise in hydrophone is still heard.With TDW patch that removes ambient noise you dont hear it but when you install WoS the ambient noise is back with footsteps everywhere.Also stuff like the SO telling you of contacts he hears while you have his headphones on.:hmm2: Truth is I would love it if you heard nothing but hydrophone noise as the TDW patch alone still allows you to hear crew commands being repeated.

The damage mod RSD has some kinks also.Stuff like being submerged and you finally get all compartments down to 0 flooding but some still have water in the 3D world.Or at times you have no water in 3D world but the damage screen shows flooding.The "activate repair crew" from CE commands doesn't do anything,though it also doesn't do anything when WoS is not installed so is really a TDW UI issue.Just needs more work to iron out the kinks as it adds so much to the sim.

Almost every ship I attacked and watched in outside view has a shallower draft than shows in the SOAN.When you do a magnetic pistol attack and you go one meter deeper than whats posted the torp will go right under and not detonate.if you put magnetic pistol at the draft height listed then it will detonate.From SH3 days I was taught to put one meter lower than the draft so I was not hitting anything for awhile till I went to external view.

There is more that pop up but overall this is the best SH experience I have had yet.Just wanna thank all the guys who have been working at making this version what it could or more like what it will become!!:up::up:

Laffertytig 11-02-14 06:07 PM

any chance someone can help me get this mod working.

im up to step 5.

the tdw patcher that comes with the mod is version 164 yet the latest patcher version is 168.

do I just copy in the latest patcher to my silent hunter 5 folder and follow the instructions? I did try this previously which led to sh5 not even loading so wanna confirm im doin the right thing.

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