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Dutch 03-31-10 12:19 PM

Currently just returned to SH3 after a good many years away.

Mods Running: GWX 3.0 of course.

Station: Kiel 1st Flotilla
Sub: U-7 Type IIa
# of Patrols: 1 (Pre War Training)
Current Status: Adjusting Sub Personnel after Training.
Next Mission: Pre War Training
Date: August 5th, 1939

Good Hunting!:arrgh!:

unterseemann 03-31-10 02:55 PM

23 Oct 1941: After 44 days at sea U-125 ( Kptlt Konrad Tietz) is back to Lorient.
Patrol info: 7 ships sunk for 59574 tons, no damage, no casualties.

Total tonnage after 9 patrols: 55 ships for 349512 tons

Next patrol will be the last for the kaptain, 1wo Dieter Hagenau will be the next kaptain of U-125 (if everything goes well...).

This is a photo of the 55 sinkings locations so far
in blue U-46 type VIIC 7 patrols (39 ships)
in red U-125 type IXC 2 patrols (16 ships)[IMG...251024x768.jpg

KL-alfman 03-31-10 04:04 PM

after Kaleu Friedrich Mohr (U-578) was assigned to the Baltics as an instructor, I started a new career:

Leutnant Alfred Hackel
U-599 (VIIC)
1.Flotilla, Brest

patrol grid was ET57, an area SW of Freetown with a lot of air-traffic. they returned 62days later on April, 7th and had sunk 8ships with 42k tons.
four times convoy-attacks were attempted to conduct but only once the approach was successful (and led to sinking of 2ships).
the outer screen of DDs in now unpredictable when they former just were side escorts they now swarm out to 4,000m and scan the area constantly with ASDIC.
due to the cautious approach we could dive and evade all DD-runs but it gets tougher by the day.
so we concentrated on loners or two-ship convoys.
the allies covers the air nearly everywhere (will get worse when the Azores will turn into an air-base too).

hope will not sink but every ton must be earned the hard way, it seems.

Stavros 04-01-10 09:55 AM

Hi everyone :salute:

Its my first post here :)

I start new campaign some days ago with GWX 3.0 at 90% realism settings , only external camera enabled. 7th flottila VIIB U-47. Today i finished my secound patrol (first combat patrol), after one month at sea (8 September 1939 to 8 October 1939) i sunk 15 ships, total ~35000 tons (12 merchant and 3 DD) and head back to Kiel. I scored +1300 renown, 2 promotions, Iron Cross second class and 26 x U-Boat War Badges... it was very successful patrol ;) Can't wait to start another...

Stavros :salute:

KL-alfman 04-01-10 10:03 AM

welcome aboard, Stavros! :salute:

keep up the good hunting.

frau kaleun 04-01-10 10:05 AM

That's some nice shootin' there, Stavros.

Welcome to Subsim. I'd say "Fette Beute" but you already got that covered. :up:

pickinthebanjo 04-01-10 10:07 AM

yeah well done. I always like to get at least one destroyer on my patrols.
thats the same settings I use, with just the external cam enabled (for screenshots)

xance 04-01-10 11:03 AM

August 12th, 1942
On my 5th patrol out of Brest I was assigned to patrol BE 57. As I had 30000 tons under my belt from my last patrol I was quite confident of a repeat performance. I completed patroling my square in horrendus weather and decided to visit and old hunting ground, Rockall banks. About 8 days later the weather had not stopped and the crew were a bit restless when all of a sudden I notice that my TC had gone from 128 to 1. Apparantly some B24's decided to pay a visit and forgot to alert the watch crew :down:. Luckily nothing hit and I dive immediantly. This was repeated through out the entire jounrny to Rockall. There we were set upon by some P38's who simply dived into the see, much to the crews amusment. By this time my batteries were low so I decided to surface. Literaly 30 seconds later some PBY's and P38's appeared and started to attack. I decided to give them a fight. My senior petty officer and No1 managed to deter the PBY's and shot down 1 of the P38's but his partner managed to hit the forward deck and basicly screwed up the ship. I dived, evaded and repaired.

That little action cost 2 men killed, 1 wounded (radio operator) and destroyed the batteries, radar, radio, deck gun, flak guns and bow torpedo's. I decided to return home, no eels fired with only 22% hull integrity.

After that Bdu "retired" me to a nice desk job. :damn:

frau kaleun 04-01-10 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by xance (Post 1343650)
After that Bdu "retired" me to a nice desk job. :damn:

Coulda been worse.

Fozzy22 04-01-10 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1343677)


Dutch 04-01-10 03:19 PM

Captain's Log: Date September 12, 1939 (U-7 Type II)

00:13 hrs: Received a radio contact. Plotted intercept course to investigate.

01:26 hrs: Visual Contact Made. Confirmed English Ore Carrier. Plotting Solution

01:56 hrs: Opened Tubes 1-3. Fired.

01:57 hrs: 3 Confirmed Hits on Target. Target Dead in Water.

01:59 hrs: Target Deck Awash Confirmed Kill Grid AN61 Ore Carrier 8789 tons.

02:00 hrs: Continuing to Patrol Grid AN52.

End Log.

xance 04-01-10 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1343677)

You sure got that right...

frau kaleun 04-01-10 03:25 PM

Hey, I see you're in your own little world.

I used to be there, when I first got here. Except it was my own little world.

The voices told me to leave, though. ALWAYS DO WHAT THE VOICES SAY!

Here endeth the lesson.

Fozzy22 04-01-10 06:16 PM

On patrol #6 with my Type VIIB:

Day 3 on route to patrol grid I came across an Empire-style freighter (nearing 8000 tons...largest i've come across so far) and it took 4 eels to send to the locker.

Proceeding to patrol grid with morale high and some more enemies to sink. :arrgh!:

Jimbuna 04-01-10 06:20 PM

Still on the east coast of England in my Type XXIII (with two eels) doing my best for the Fatherland.

pickinthebanjo 04-01-10 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1344268)
Still on the east coast of England in my Type XXIII (with two eels) doing my best for the Fatherland.

I didn't even know there was a Type XXIII in here, Is that a Mod?

Fozzy22 04-01-10 08:20 PM

Patrol report U-28 Type VIIB cont:

After sinking 2 large merchants and loosing my remaining eels in very bad weather trying to sink a tanker I proceeded north west to the Belchen supply ship off the coast of Greenland. After a day or so rest with the crew now rested i decided to scout along the convoy route of Halifax (Canada) to Liverpool, and with some success. Now at grid BC48 tracking ahead of a large neutral convoy, full of eels and ready to attack.

End report.

Jimbuna 04-01-10 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by pickinthebanjo (Post 1344380)
I didn't even know there was a Type XXIII in here, Is that a Mod?

Yeah, playable in GWX3.0....see my FF site.

Dutch 04-01-10 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1344064)
Hey, I see you're in your own little world.

I used to be there, when I first got here. Except it was my own little world.

The voices told me to leave, though. ALWAYS DO WHAT THE VOICES SAY!

Here endeth the lesson.

I suppose it all depends on who's voice it is.

Dutch 04-01-10 11:28 PM


Date of Birth: 06JUL14
Date of Intake: 01APR34 (CREW 34)





U-Bootwaffe Postings
07JAN39 U-Boat Flotilla Weddigen (Commander training)
01AUG39 U-Flotilla Weddigen (3 patrols)

U-Boat Commands
01AUG39 U-7, Type IIA (3 patrols)

Patrol Dates Ships Sunk
1 01AUG39 - 05AUG39 (5 days) 0 (0/0) 0 (0/0)

13AUG39 - 16AUG39 (4 days) 0 (0/0) 0 (0/0) U-boat damaged (H.I. 99.97%)

08SEP39 - 17SEP39 (10 days) 1 (1/0) 8789 (8789/0)
Ship sunk!|Grid AN 61|SS Ixion (Ore Carrier), 8789 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 64. Crew lost: 53

TOTALS: 3 patrols (19 days) 1 (1/0) 8789 (8789/0) 0 enemy planes downed
0 crew lost

I had a chance at sinking another ship close to the English Eastern Coast. I fired my last two torps but I forgot to set a new spread degree, so my torps pretty much missed just ahead of the bow and just astern. But to my surprise I still hit just under the bow. Hopefully that will keep it in dry dock for a few days. Going to call it a night now and watch some Star Trek DS9 (Yes yes I know but if I'm going to be a geek, by God I'm going to be a total geek. Some chicks like that :yeah:. Go big or go home I always say.) which we will call shore leave. Night, and good hunting fellow Captains.

Frau you in on shore leave or just reporting it? :hmmm::woot::03:

Will report in ASAP tomorrow.

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