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Von Due 05-06-16 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by Fahnenbohn (Post 2402546)
When you have a closer look at the ships' zones, it's sometimes astonishing how bad they are simulated ! This results in totally unreal behaviour.

See here :

Oh, I have looked and I shook my head in depressing recognition. I've seen tankers, fully ablaze, the captain to his knickers in sea water shooting off at 18 knots. Still, I keep getting surprised.

Speaking of ship zones. Is memory playing tricks on me or was there a way to have the zones show up in the rec manual? Or was that SH2? I need memory more than my computer needs it.

Fahnenbohn 05-06-16 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Von Due (Post 2402558)
Speaking of ship zones. Is memory playing tricks on me or was there a way to have the zones show up in the rec manual?

Oh yes, that's possible, but under certain conditions :
- the target must be between 350 and 10 in your periscope
- you must not be too far, maybe you must be less than 1 km from the target
- maybe i'm wrong, but iirc, the angle of impact must be around 90
- to select the zone you want to shoot at, you must have locked the target.

Try this in the torpedo training mission, and let me know !


Von Due 05-06-16 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Fahnenbohn (Post 2402568)
Oh yes, that's possible, but under certain conditions :
- the target must be between 350 and 10 in your periscope
- you must not be too far, maybe you must be less than 1 km from the target
- maybe i'm wrong, but iirc, the angle of impact must be around 90
- to select the zone you want to shoot at, you must have locked the target.

Try this in the torpedo training mission, and let me know !


I might, after I have done an exhaustive search on the internet on solutions to the drifting gun aim. I couldn't make this up if I tried but the gun aim camera was 20 degrees off. To hit the target I had to aim so far to the left I couldn't see the bleedin ship and it kept getting worse.

I remember there was an issue with that gun but this bad? At least now I noticed an early indication the gun sight is off. Normally you will see the nozzle of the gun when lookin through the sight at max zoom. If I can't see the nozzle, the aim has drifted to the right. This time I saw not only the nozzle but 1 more degree off and I would be staring into the face of the gun crew. Almost the entire gun was visible. This is def a camera issue. I am willing to bet it is related to the binocular camera/obs deck camera issue, when you use the binoculars and go back to the deck camera, everything is tilted and only way I found to fix that on the fly is to find some orientation where the horizon appears level, use the binoculars and hurry back to the deck cam.

EDIT: There is definitely something not right about the obs deck camera. Its position floats around. Spin the camera around 360 and you shift its position. Sometimes by quite a lot. One moment I was sniffing the scalp of the guy on the left, a few turns later I clipped into the guy on the right. They might start to question their captain if this camera doesn't get its act together. That, and use the binoculars and everything on the obs deck is tilted like some German expressionist film. It might very well be the gun sight shift is due to something similar, that its position isn't fixed along the relevant axis. Wonder what they linked it up to? Torp spread angle perhaps? Who knows but this is just plain silly.

Von Due 05-08-16 09:14 AM

U 123, the new type IXB, Patrol 6, started April 24th 1940. Today is May 13th, about 4.40 in the morning. Current location Strait of Gibraltar.

Just done reloading the tubes and getting the last torpedos from external to internal stores. 2 British armed trawlers passing at 1200 meters while the operation went on. Went decks awash until they passed.

So far it hasn't been all eventful. Was lucky in the Channel with rotten weather allowing me to cruise the surface only doing the occational listening for warships. Weather cleared up with 8 m/s wind as I cleared the Channel, allowing me to use the guns on the few merchants I encountered. Out of deck gun ammo and running low on machine gun ammo. Shells for the 3.7 still plentyful but so far it hasn't impressed in effectiveness.

11 merchants down and 10 torpedos left. The last 2, both French medium C2 cargo ships caught in the strait, drove me to shout in fury. Both took 3 torpedos. One kept 2 knots for 2 hours before the 3rd torpedo stopped her. Another hour went before she went. What is it with these French and their ships? Are they transporting helium? If they could make their destroyers the same way then they would have won the war by September the 4th, 1939.

Weather right now is dead calm, light clouds and medium visibility. The prolonged attacks on the French ships has delayed my planned approach to the port of Gibraltar. Next attempt this evening. The enemy has only been sending armed trawlers to investigate. They are of little concern. Mine fields are a concern though. I might need to go in during the day to plot down any obstacle.

Time is 9.26
Daylight and I just spotted 2 Southampton with 2 destroyers, and the big gold nugget, it's either Nelson or Rodney, too early to tell yet but I am maneuvering in for a shot at her magazine. It will be a tight one, land not too far off where I need to be. Plan on electric at 3500 meters, hopefully I get a few meters more. Then off to see if I can get those cruisers.
Nelson the hotheaded. Took 2. Look closely under the A turret. I forgot to link up the TDC and was 0.5 degrees off... 2nd hit bullseye.

About 45 minutes later
Each took 2. I need to reload the last 4 torpedos now so it's time to hit open water. Well worth the 6 torpedos.

Going in at daytime is going to push my oxygen supply and batteries. CO2 at 1.6 and charge at 4300A and about 10-12 hours before I consider it safe to surface, but I sure as helvetia wasn't going to let those off the hook.

The allies are getting up to speed now. When I enteredthe Mediterranian,all I saw was armed trawlers and MTBs. Leaving after the Gibraltar visit, suddenly there were corvettes and a Hunt I patrolling the strait. Cleared the Strait with 3 torpedos left and encountered 2 French ships west of the Strait. A passenger/cargo and a small merchant. The passenger ship was in lead and with a greater top speed I let it have one set at 3.5 meters in the engine room, to little effect. It kept more than 6 knots and showed no sign of slowing down. Attempts were made using the 3.7 on the small mechant but that gun is a goner if I have a saying. It is as useful on a submarine as a Ferris wheel, at least for sinking smaller ships. Out of machine gun ammo and deck gun ammo, I estimated their speed now that they were zigging, and set up for a short range shot at both. Aimed at the passenger, at the engine again, magnetic pistol and hit near the bow. Aimed at the small merchant closer to stern and hit something big because it blew up immediately. The passenger ship slowed down and eventually drove itself down.

Out of torpedos and gun ammo, I set course for the Channel and base. That place has gotten a bit crowded since I sailed through there some weeks ago. MTBs everywhere, single and formations but managed to dodge them, thanks to darkness and poor weather.

Eventually made it back to Wilhelmshaven.

The Netherlands have surrendered. It's only a matter of time before the army secures the French ports so we can have easy access to the Atlantic. I won't miss the Channel.

Von Due 05-09-16 10:46 AM

U 123. Patrol 7. June 9th 1940.

What on Earth is BdU thinking, sending a long range boat to patrol the coast of Great Brintain? Patrol grid AN18... This is a job for the type II boys.

Enroute I received a contact on a taskforce moving SSE then turning SSW heading for what I guessed was Firth of Forth. Full speed on intercept course. Did not encounter the taskforce. Arrived the coast at grid AN51 on June 13th. Weather is good with medium wind.

Spotted a lightship and its towing ship to the NW at 15000 meters. Lookout reported we were being attacked. No sighting. Dove to periscope depth. No contact until 30 minutes later. 40 minutes after the initial warning, an armed trawler was spotted heading for us. At 3000-4000 meters away it changed course.

1420. Contact incoming eastbound from the inlet. Warship and merchant. Course to intercept.
Spotted an armed trawler escorting a lone Temple Mead, 4000 tons. Set up for stern tube attack at around 1100 meters. Target and escort changed course towards me. Moved forward to maintain range.

1505. Target hit at around 700 meters by single torpedo, exploded and sunk. Escort continuing after about 30 minutes. Did not come close to my position.

Stayed submerged waiting for nightfall. The boys will be busy this evening getting 2 of the stern torpedos from external to internal stores.

Submerged. Picked up another contact. Course to intercept. Spotted a Dalblair, 4000 tons at close range struggling up against the wind. Plotted target course and speed. No warship activity nearby. Flank ahead to take up position.

2053. Target hit by torpedo to her boiler room. Stopped completely. Did not sink.

Surfaced about 1200 meters from the Dalblair hiding in the fog and night. 2 hours to bring the torpedos inside and reload the tubes. Good thing two of my petty officers in the torpedo room earned their star. I need all the bunks I can get for the other crew to keep them from getting fatigued. Weather has turned for the worse. Heavy clouds, rain, zero visibility and 15 wind made the operation hard for everyone.

Returned to target, still afloat and showing no sign of sinking. Only a slight list to port. Hull below waterline mark still clearly visible. Not moving. Set up for single shot at front mast area.

2314. Target destroyed.

The boys are tired now. Most sound asleep. Staying on the surface now to move north towards patrol grid.

June 14th. Arrived patrol grid. No events enroute. Oberfahnrich z.S. Henning Emmrich, torpedomen stabsoberbootsmann Gerhard Shultz and August Eick moved one torpedo from forward external to internal. 1 hour but they are beasts. No fatigue drop on those. I need more of that kind. Sound contact single warship, small one probably another armed trawler, long distance to port, kept course. Morning. Clear skies, moderate visibility, 11 m/s wind. The wind might allow me to stay surfaced until I reach my planned point for submerging. The boys are still tired but most of them are now fit for duty is I rotate them often.

1141. Submerging to 40 meters. Funkmaat Stabsoberbootsmann Alfred Hertin is at the hydrophone. If anyone can pick up contacts, he is the one.

ivanov.ruslan 05-09-16 02:53 PM

Again patrol During the day the wind increasingly louder, and finally passed into storm

We never understood how this came trawler He dropped us healthy rump with depth charges We understand that we have entered an experienced fighter Therefore, after another attack,we pay to periscope depth and fire a torpedo at the ship's stern Blowing ballast,we saw water tore housing

In the morning the weather subsided, but shoot at us sent to patrol torpedo boat
I not love them because they bring aircraft and destroyers ...

Von Due 05-09-16 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2403273)
We never understood how this came trawler He dropped us healthy rump with depth charges We understand that we have entered an experienced fighter Therefore, after another attack,we pay to periscope depth and fire a torpedo at the ship's stern Blowing ballast,
we saw water tore housing

That is an awesome image. Quite some weather you guys are having there and nice shot!

ivanov.ruslan 05-11-16 03:44 AM

Yup, trawlers are not at all safe :)

Warship spoted

Alarm!Alle man voraus !

Hit us faster than the wind

Explosions, explosion, explosion

Boiled water

Received heavy damage and leaks Incidentally depth under the keel was about 30 meters I missed part of the ballast to compensate leakages, but part of the submarine surfaced

Soon received a solid dose shells

We were able to dive again, but with new damage

The game of cat and mouse continued until depletion of depth charges But the dog and then continue to haunt us more hours

Finally he called and backup ,heavy cavalry ,formation Wildcats

Again depth charges, narrowly on hair :)

I dont remember how everything went, but again lucky How long ....

With rattle machine, undefeated, he withdrew into the ocean...Yup, none too safe these trawlers....

Fahnenbohn 05-11-16 04:07 AM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2403704)
Hit us faster than the wind


Von Due 05-12-16 01:27 PM

Current career is easy and pretty complicated. Doing a test career to test out new, to me anyway, targeting techniques. Too bad I have only seen 2 merchant ships in 19 days (!!!) if we don't count a fishing boat off the coast of Ireland that behaved in the most frustrating, to me anyway, way, speed constantly changing between 5.5 to 11 knots making it impossible to set up a solution valid for more than the next 30 seconds. I have never seen anything like that before.

ivanov.ruslan 05-12-16 03:01 PM

Spotted eine tanker Efternung 3 km

Rohr einz!Los!

Ales im Wasser


He walked to the bottom

For this small tanker was not worth wasting torpedo The gun estimate on alert

With the first shells had no success But it's over

after It were the gun deck

Let off steam slid into the abyss

The game continue...

Aquelarrefox 05-14-16 04:28 PM

hi. type II, u-08, today retired after 12 patrols. GUSTAV FRETZER - 74.067 tns

i attach the log (text in spanish and some in english), especialiced in port attack in 39-40: Blyth, Hartlepool, and the better lerwick, with military ships sunk in everyone, manly minelayers.

some destroyers, some planes, some from a carrier i couldnt find.!lV9QnZbA!1k2DkqARI...OU4_YjoJbaJmuM

well, next time mybe flotilla 2 with type vii-b in late 39, im still thinking.

ivanov.ruslan 05-15-16 03:31 AM

At last the long-awaited words-ausblasen

We started cruising position mode screw-charge Throughout the day, nothing special, but a few attacks by aircraft and destroyers

Evening we were again on the surface

Watch crew spoted one trampdampher He failed to get

ivanov.ruslan 05-18-16 03:42 PM

Shortly eclipse, heh, heh ...:D

Here are the Knights of distant communication

Of the Nibelungs, acoustics giving us correct any data - and bearings, and the course and speed of the target
So now someone crawling around us .... But we saw nothing ...

Soon among the murky surface of the ocean emerged boards of ships-Groser Geleitzug

We went to convergence in surface position Because of stormy excitement, visibility was not good

So, while one wave,revealed to us, the dark silhouette of the destroyer

who opened fire on us with all guns

Of course not wait for him, to be retired in full swing electric motors at a safe depth

The place where we plunged

poured tens of depth charges

Lurking in the depths ,wait destroyers to retire, paid to periscope depth Even here, the waves tossed the boat like a rubber ball

We waited for the right time, sailed and went down in pursuit

By the time that we hit this Avenger

Let the hunt begin....

ivanov.ruslan 05-26-16 03:57 PM

The hunt continues

Approached and with both engines, but because of the danger of ram, dipped emergency

We are maintaining a depth of 11 meters, because the periscope is flooded by waves
Which was very risky, foam from breaking waves in the turm visible from afar

When in terrible, all-seeing eye of the periscope we saw target -big liner

We had salvo of two torpedoes at the liner, but both missed, one struck medium merchant -enough to bark dogs

who immediately attacked us

Managed to break free, we sailed and forced motors went down after convoy We caught up with the convoy in the morning
From our Nibelungs reported hearing the sound of screws on a large ship Periscope was raised
and saw liner to enter quickly into a spider clamp crosshairs

Again salvo of two tubes and pass again, the ship stopped the engines and two torpedoes passed in front of his bow Suddenly appeared and security

And plunged again began the game of cat and mouse

The next hours passed in pursuit of the convoy

revving engines

Immersion to avoid airstrikes

In the evening we reached the convoy,

Dipped in front of him, we approached a firing position and lifted periscope

The liner was front and the chance was not on his side this time

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