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adrians69 09-21-13 05:41 AM

U-021 on patrol, Eastern British coast
On 2nd patrol, September '39. Got into Scapa and sunk Royal Sovereign battleship. As we were making our egress in VERY shallow waters, we were set upon by 4 destroyers and 2 MTBs. After 45 minutes of cat & mouse, 3 destroyers broke away, but 1 destroyer (V&W) and 1 MTB were more persistent. The destroyer stopped to listen so I turned on her and put 2 eels into her keel and that was that.

When I raised the OBS, the MTB was burning also so I assume it must have been close to the destroyer when she blew.

Currently sailing the east coast looking for ToO, 3 torps left and around 60 88mm shells. We shall see what the day brings!! :D

acooper 09-21-13 09:24 AM

U-4 type IIA
August 1st 1939
weather at port calm........

first patrol task in area AN52 after completing Naval academy and securing promotion as captain of first boat :woot:.
Proceeded from kiel to designated patrol area at head slow (this rust bucket hasn't got the legs for anything faster :/\\!! )
Not much action on the way, a few neutral nation single merchants ducked down below as not to be see and reported.
Patrolled designated area for 24 hours, crew a little green around the gills as the east coast of scotland hasn't sent us any nice weather.
radio report of a British warship heading SSW right at us, crew in high spirits as our first kill could be a RN warship :D .

August 10 1939
weather cleared with large swells
No sign of RN warship crew and my self a little disappointed :( . Watch crew have just reported a single british merchant liberty class, radioed in contact report and have started to shadow merchant, managed to jump ahead during the night and set up an ambush, sent 2 torps in one premature detonation about 200 meters out :06: second hit right underneath her keel and broke her back she went down quick, fuel reserves at 50% now time to head back home.

ALARM :o RN frigate spotted lucky enough on 90deg course to our own. Dived down to periscope depth 3 torps spread, 5834m out FIRE, torps running straight and true, then all three premature detonation :hmmm:, one fish left and the frigate has spotted the detonations. crash dived to 90 feet silent running (danger deep any flooding and we will hit crush depth before we can say fatherland. hmm frigate has ignored us or lost contact with us she is sailing away. No need to test our luck homeward bound again.

docked at kiel on august 11 1939 11 days at sea 2343 tons sunk
party in the bar tonight :woot:

adrians69 09-21-13 01:55 PM

Well another eventful day on the British east coast. We came across a collection of contacts off the coast around Blyth. 2 or 3 warships and 1 merchant. We decided to engage the merchant so we set up an ambush with the hydro and got her! Only 2400 tons but another result. Out of torps now so will be putting into Heligoland for restock/refuel.

acooper 09-22-13 10:53 AM

BuD Urgent message......... To any boats in the vicinity of AN 18 to look out for U-4 last reported location 26 km off the scottish coast shadowing x3 destroyer
convy........ feared destroyed all hand lost.......

(oh well back to the drawing board :cry:)

Rammstein0991 09-25-13 12:19 AM

hats off to U-4:Kaleun_Salute: you will be missed.

...or rather BELATED hats off since I'm past 1939 :haha:

Leandros 09-25-13 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by acooper (Post 2117512)
U-4 type IIA
August 1st 1939

docked at kiel on august 11 1939 11 days at sea 2343 tons sunk
party in the bar tonight :woot:

Hmmmm.....August 1939....:hmmm:....


Leandros 09-25-13 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 2117212)



Sailor Steve 09-25-13 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by acooper (Post 2117512)
docked at kiel on august 11 1939 11 days at sea 2343 tons sunk

You might want to be aware that the war doesn't start until September 1. Any ship you sink in August is neutral, and sinking it will make you an enemy of everybody for 24 hours, including Germany. You will also be given negative renown equal to the tonnage sunk. Your tonnage was probably -2343, and put you in the hole.

EHB 09-26-13 03:18 AM

A little luck is always nice....
17th of September 1939, U-33, Oblt.z.S August Jungmann:
Accidentally ran into a large convoy on my return journey south of Ireland. Took me way too long to realise it was escorted by a battleship.
Snuck into the convoy. Should have waited for darkness (note to self). Got discovered a couple of minutes to soon. The battleship (later identified as the HMS Rodney) opened fire and managed to hit a tanker instead, setting it ablaze. With rudders hard port i fired my last three eels in a salvo towards the diverging Rodney and dived. Three hits. The crew cheered. In my exhilaration I forgot to alter course. With the escorts on my tail and at 80 meters depth I thought I was being depth-charged but then followed a loud screeching sound. At this point I had to cheat a little by having a look in the periscope (you can see things at 80 meters depth under water? Really?).
Turns out I was hit by the sinking battleship dragging the boat down. With serious damage to the bow section and heavy flooding, the boat was out of control. I thought that was it, but soon after the boat hit the seabed at about 155 meters depth. More damage being sustained. Destroyer circling above and the desperately working to shore up the dying boat, I took a look in the persicope again. Only a few meters away, the HMS Rodney was neatly sat beside me on the bottom of the sea... (I do wish I had remembered to take a screenshot, but I was literally sweating in my chair). Finally managed to stop flooding while being depth-charged and a couple of hours of evading the destroyer/s the boat finally surfaced in a quiet starlit night on calm seas.
Upon arriving home, I gave the enitre crew two months off. Bad call. My chief engineer got himself killed in a barbrawl a copule of weeks later....

(Sorry for the long (and first) post. This might be commonplace, but felt I had to tell the tale...

sublynx 09-26-13 04:56 AM


Originally Posted by EHB (Post 2119337)
(Sorry for the long (and first) post. This might be commonplace, but felt I had to tell the tale...

Commonplace?? Not at all! We sometimes get hit by the sinking ships, but your story was something many of us will never experience and you yourself won't probably ever again experience that, either.

Thanks for sharing :arrgh!:

And welcome to the forum :)

EHB 09-26-13 05:12 AM

Was quite nervewrecking (strange how one emerges one self in this game).
1st Battleship on 100% Got lucky with my guestimeates after they altered course. Still don't know how the boat survived. Think it was about 15-20secs till collapse in the bow compartment at the worst.

Tupolev 09-26-13 05:31 PM

I'd say colliding with a sinking battleship at 80m depth is worth passing on to the forum!!

That bad luck is right up there with my collision with a shot-down bomber. Right into the Turm!!

We gotta learn to hit the screenshot buttons faster!!!


adrians69 09-27-13 03:04 AM

End of 2nd patrol Oct 1939
After resupply at Heligoland, we returned to our hunting ground on the east of England. Back around Tyne & Blyth, during the routine hydro sweep, we encountered a new contact approaching from the south. Ambush was set and another Hog Island (4400 tons) was ours.

We have mopped up a few coastal and fishing boats with the 88, but off Grimsby another contact was discovered heading towards us. As it was night, we closed on the surface to engage with the deck gun, but we were unaware that a destroyer was lurking just over the horizon. Crash dived as it approached and went silent. The merchant had been heavily damaged and slowed to a crawl by our shell hits, so we were able to keep in contact with her until the destroyer gave up the hunt. Once the destroyer was out of earshot, we surfaced again and finished off the merchant with another few rounds.

Out of torps and now heading for home to bring this patrol to an end. Campaign results in 2 patrols so far 2 warships, 9 merchants for a total of 57884 tons, most of which were sunk on this last patrol.

EHB 09-27-13 10:12 AM

Weirder & weirder
January 20th 1940, U-33, Oblt.z.s August Jungmann
This career just gets weirder and weirder.
On passage north of the British Isles on to the designated patrol grid southwest of Ireland, my 2WO spotted a warship. I started my plotting to determine range etc. It soon turned out it was stationary. A quick rumage through the naval charts revealed a small speck of an island at the very south of grid AM34, northeast of the Hebrides. Through the periscope it became clear that the ship had run aground. Almost felt a little bad for the poor souls aboard as we quickly dealt with the Southampton-class cruiser.

This time I remembered to take a screenshot (Having all the time in the world...)

It's not to obvious, but the black just below the horizontal recticle is a small land tounge.

sublynx 09-27-13 12:48 PM

It never stops amazing me how many surprises this ancient game can deliver :)

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