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Snestorm 03-17-11 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Gereke (Post 1621843)
AN84, approximately 60km east of Lowestoft.

He sent you THERE in a IXB?!?!
That area is even a nightmare Type IIs!

Gereke 03-17-11 09:24 PM

Yep, BdU must have had it in for me for some reason. Maybe it had to do with the drunken party and the 2. Flotilla Commandant's wife.

When I saw my assigned grid I couldn't believe my eyes. But, was not mine to question why and all that. Like any good Kaleun I left port to do my duty. I was down in my nook having a cup of coffee when I was called to the bridge due to a ship emerging from the fog. Came up top and about throttled the incompetent lookout when I saw it was a Destroyer. Happened in the early morning hours just before I was going to order a dive. Had been staying under during the day due to my grid being a very bad place to be spotted....

I think Frau was slightly prophetic when she made mention of having a Bernard assigned to my boat by the practical joke department.

Snestorm 03-19-11 01:14 AM

U124 IXB. Patrol 1.
Departed Willy on 2.sep.40

Assignment: Recon grid AN26 (South of The Shetlands), continue patrol towards The Western North Atlantic. Conclude patrol in Lorient.

19.sep.40. Grid AM17 (Rockall Bank). Time 2251.
"Ship sighted 000R". Destroyer!
We were also at his 000R. Who saw who first?
As we were diving sound picked up a convoy behind the DD.
Didn't make a difference, as the lone escort realy knew his stuff, and had the weather on his side. Clear & Calm, with a half moon.

Although he kept our repair crew busy pumping and fixing things in the boat, they realy had a job once we hit the surface. Topside was not looking good at all. And to top it all off the flak gun, radio antena, and both periscopes were destroyed.

Time to head for our new homeport, hopefuly, without having to dive.
Surfacing blind is not a good habit to get into.

24.sep.40. Grid BE38 (SW of Ireland). Time 1420.
"Ship sighted 021R". Destroyer!
Dive to 100 meters.
This time the weather was on our side.
Safe, but unable to attack his convoy.

25.sep.40. Grid BE63 (SSW of Ireland). Time 0031.
"Ship sighted". Merchant. Many merchants! (And escorts).

Time 0033. Real fast solution.
3 T2 torpedoes at a C2 Cargo.
1 T1 torpedo at a distant tanker. And Dive!
2 impacts on the freighter. Missed the tanker. No sinkings.

Sound has picked up a straggler.

Time 0242. It took 2 more torpedoes to sink her but, the C2 went down.

26.sep.40. Grid BF51. Time 0845.
Welcome to The Bay. A L A R M !

27.sep.40. Grid BF61. Time 0900.
Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results & history to date.
1 war patrol.
1 ship sunk for 6.454 GRT.

STEED 03-20-11 02:12 PM

June 1943 was a better month for me in the Caribbean, sunk two large tankers and one medium tanker along with a whale factory ship.

Pedrelare 03-20-11 05:02 PM

I recently started my new Career in October, 2th of 1940. I was patroling the designated area and didn't find nothing, not even a fish.

Started heading to Scapa Flow to know how things were there and for my surprise there WAS! After I sank a Medium Cargo I found the damm HMS Hood. 50% of battery charge, about 25% of CO2 and lots of torpedos to sink the bastard. Fired a 4 torpedo salvo at him, 1 failed and 3 hitted. Started flooding but not sinking. Made a U-turn and fired more 2, only 1 hitted. He flooded even more but weren't going to sink and there was 2 V&W destroyers looking for me.

I went to east, wait until night (to don't get spoted by the coastal gun) passed through the net and the 4 sunk ships. Made a circle surfaced to recharge battery, reload torpedos and refill the O2 in the sub.

Then I went back and fired more 4 torpedos at the Hood, 2 missed and 2 hit. She exploded and started burning.

Escaped by the same way that I came in and headed back to Lorient. On the way I sank 2 more medium cargos.

And for my ****ing surprise: I got promoted, about 800 Renown and no medals neither for me or my crew.

Now I'm going to try to load my last save, because this must be very wrong. :damn::nope::damn::nope::damn::nope::damn:

gazpode_l 03-20-11 06:57 PM

u-93 patrol 5
Previous post for this patrol:

W Suhr abord u-93 contined his patrol #5 over the last few days. Following the destruction of a large merchant, he set a course for DT23 a patrol grid located north west of africa. Skirting past gibraltar he ran into some severe storms and at some stages seas ranging over ten meters in wave height! :o

Continuing on through the storms, Suhr repeatedly had u-93 diving at random stages to use the hydrophones, although it would appear that they were alone in the great ocean as no contacts were detected..

They eventually reach the patrol grid where they would hang out as ordered for 24hrs.

Upon completing the prescribed period within the alloted DT23, U-93 sets a course for familiar waters of Biscay and the United Kingdom and makes a course north-east..

Snestorm 03-20-11 07:30 PM

U124 IXB. Patrol 2.
Departed Lorient on 25.okt.40.

Reached our assigned grid (CF98, Between Gibralter & The Azores) on 2.nov.40.
Hung out for a few days, and were redispatched to the area east of Canada.

Radio dispatch recieved on 2.dec.40, at 1127. Grid BC51.
Enemy convoy. Grid BC54 (one grid south of us). Course ENE. Speed 6 knots.

At 1600 we were in BC54, and recieved a repeat of rhe original transmission.

At 1720 we found the lead escort, without being detected.
5 attacks would follow over the next 2 days. All 14 torpedoes expended.
Escort consisted of an ex-USN Clemson Class destroyer, and a Flower Class corvette.

2 tankers, and 2 freighters were sunk for 30.236 GRT.
3 additional ships are spewing thick black smoke.
The VII drivers around Rockall shan't have any problems finding this one.
Happy Birthday, guys. Big convoy, with plenty left.

U124 returned to Lorient without incident, and docked on 20.dec.40.

U124's record to date:
2 war patrols.
5 ships sunk for 36.690 GRT.

STEED 03-21-11 06:30 PM

September 1943 in my IXD2 U-200 attacking the Arctic convoy I could not believe my luck, twice two escorts went right over me and minimum damage was inflicted on me. I wonder the rough sea had anything to do with it, any way thanks to my T4 ells they saved my bacon and sent those two escorts to the bottom. Also bagged a large merchant and medium tanker, I've be glad when I get to move down under helping our Japanese Allies out and less planes over head.

Gereke 03-21-11 08:23 PM

September 1941

Left Brest with orders to proceed through the Straight of Gibraltar and join the 23rd Flotilla in Salamis, Greece.

At 0430, while transiting along the Spanish coast at a heading of 180, one of my lookouts reports spotting shadows on the horizon. Turned out to be a medium sized convoy with light escort. Through some good luck, I was already in a prime position for attack. Due to the fact that it would be dawn soon I opted to commence with a submerged attack. I ordered flank speed ahead to close the distance, and then down to 14m.

Maneuvered my way into the middle of the convoy, and with my first salvo of torpedoes I took down a 9,000t Tanker, a 7,000t tanker and a 6,000t Freighter. I ordered the tubes reloaded, and then fired a second salvo that did not yield very good results. 1 hit which only caused damage to a large freighter, the others were misses or duds.

I noticed that the escorts were starting to get hot on my trail so I decided it was time to hit the cellar and run silent. I'd let other U-boats have their turn with the convoy, as I had radioed it's position before commencing my attack. I also wanted to save some eels for my transit through the Mediterranean.

My transit through the STROG went without incident. I was lucky enough to have some thick fog on my side, and made the entire trip on the surface.

Thirty two days after leaving Brest, U-97 moored at Salamis. After some refitting and crew rest we'll be ready for our next patrol.

Exakt 03-21-11 08:45 PM

First 100% realism career
U-46, August 3, 1939.

It has been two days that we have set sail from Wilhelmshaven, as per orders from BdU, to perform a shakedown patrol. So far, every bootsmen are getting familiar with U-46, a type VIIB boat, a nice upgrade from a type IIA, on which they all trained on. Weather is nice this time of the year, so the crew is enjoying some of the sun when we are surfaced. There has been some gossip over a Wilhelmshaven about a coming war with the British. Also heard rumors of an attack being planned on Scapa Flow. It seems suicide, trying to attack the base of the British Home Fleet. Only time will tell but for now, we are enjoying the moment of peace while it lasts.

Lt z. See Jakob Bock

NB: As stated in the post title, this is my first 100% realism career, wish me luck... :arrgh!:

kapuhy 03-22-11 02:10 AM

I've lost a sailor in a scene somewhat similar to "Das Boot" ending - Stabsoberbootsmann Marks has been killed by shrapnel from bomb explosion when a squadron of Hurricanes jumped me just before entering La Baule sub pens. He has sold his life dearly though, managing to shoot down one attacker and damage another.

unterseemann 03-22-11 12:35 PM

Patrol 10
Kptlt R.Eickmeyer
U-2541 type XXI

05JAN45: Left Bergen
Orders to patrol coastal waters between north of scotland and faeroes islands.

11JAN45: Heavy sea with good visibility. Sank lone destroyer in AF77 with 1 GNAT
HMAS Quiberon (Q&R classes) 1.690 tons

14JAN45 06:45 AN15 sank lone british merchant with 3 torpedoes salvo 2 impacts. 07:01 coup de grace.
SS Tyndareus ( Ore carrier ) 8.753 tons

15JAN45 00:02 AM32 2 ships convoy detected by lookouts. no escorts. Fired two torpedoes to each ship in simultaneous attack
01:02 SS Port Denison ( Ore carrier) 8.754 tons
01:03 SS Empire Bruce ( Empire type Freighter) 8.622 tons

18JAN45 Docked at Bergen.

4 ships sunk for 27.819 tons
HI 98.5%

Total carrier: 22 ships (20/2) for 119.583 tons (116463/3120)

VONHARRIS 03-22-11 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by kapuhy (Post 1625226)
I've lost a sailor in a scene somewhat similar to "Das Boot" ending - Stabsoberbootsmann Marks has been killed by shrapnel from bomb explosion when a squadron of Hurricanes jumped me just before entering La Baule sub pens. He has sold his life dearly though, managing to shoot down one attacker and damage another.

We salute a brave man. :salute:

Snestorm 03-22-11 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by Exakt (Post 1625131)
U-46, August 3, 1939.

NB: As stated in the post title, this is my first 100% realism career, wish me luck... :arrgh!:

Welcome to the club.
Congradulations on going 100%, and good luck.

Your tonnage should see a drop,
while your satisfaction with your own achievements should get a big boost.

Snestorm 03-22-11 07:32 PM

U124 IXB. Patrol 3.
Departed Lorient on 17.jan.41 bound for grid AD88 (SW of Island).

Date 21.jan.41. Time 0931. Grid BF17 (SW corner of the shallows below Ireland).
2 stern torpedoes fired at a C2 Cargo.
1 impact (right in the nose). No sinkings.

Date 27.jan.41. Time 0447. Grid AL29 (W of Rockall Bank).
A Coastal Merchant was encounter at medium range.
As our tracks were too close for a torpedo attack, the deck gun was brought to bear.
1.977 GRT, that didn't get to run us over. A big thanks to my gunner.

Date 27.jan.41 (still). Time 2243. Grid AL14.
From BDU.
To U124.
Convoy. Grid AL18. Course E. Speed 7 knots.

Date 28.jan.41. Time 0204. Grid AL18.
Dived to avoid a corvette.
We are apparently aft the convoys beam, on the port side.
(We don't get contacts on the chart so finding these convoys is neither guaranteed, nor artful in approach.)

Time 0359.
D E S T R O Y E R ! ! !
Signal lights and guns blazing, coming head on!
Dive to 100 meters.
There are 4+ escorts counted on the hydrophone.
We were down for quite some time.

Time 0751.
Fire 1, 2, 4. (T2 torpedoes).

Time 0752.
Impact! And P I N G !

Time 0753.
T2 Tanker sunk for 10.872 GRT

Following this we were rocked by DC at 100 meters.
The sea is calm, and the escorts are sharp.
New depth of 150 meters is ordered.
It's a long, slow, low crawl away from the convoy, at a 45 degree angle, but we finaly broke free.

Time 1407. Grid AL27.
Again ahead of the convoy, and submerging for another go.
Weather has changed to Medium Fog & 15 m/s winds.
We could only make 15 knots during the overhaul.

Time 1437.
Fired 1,2, and 4 (T2 torpedoes) at a C2 Cargo, resulting in her sinking for 6.452 GRT.
Weather conditions prevented the escorts from having a repeat performance of our earlier encounter.

Time 2108.
While again overtaking the convoy D E S T R O Y E R ! 2400 meters.
We did get under in time.
We did evade the DD.
And, we did eventualy manage another attack on a C3 Cargo.
Fired 1, 2, and 4 (T1 torpedoes - best for last!)
2 impacts.

Target eventualy went Dead In Water, and ate 3 more torpedoes before sinking for 7.923 GRT.

All torpedoes expended.

Date 12.feb.41. Time 0859. Grid BF51.
A L A R M ! Our RAF welcoming committee to The Bay.
Aircraft beat the heck out us.

Date 13.feb.41. Time 0900. Grid BF61.
Home in Lorient, after running the whole night at Full Ahead.

Patrol results:
4 ships sunk for 27.224 GRT.
Hull Integrity 45%.
My gunner will be getting a new 105, as his old one was destroyed.
All promotions will go to Damage Control party members.

U124's record to date:
3 war patrols.
9 ships sunk for 63.914 GRT.

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