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kapuhy 06-18-20 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by cnupo (Post 2678459)
So, is this THE mod for this game? Can anyone recommend nice overhaul mods that actually make the game work? :

TWoS is for me the "proper stock game", as in it gives you great, stable experience out of the box. Unmodded SH5 is a lost cause, and custom modlists can give you great game if you know what you're doing or completely break the game if you don't.

Sokolov 06-18-20 11:55 AM

In the sensors.sim there are 2 lookout sensors, one with range 50000 m and surfase 0.00001? For what is this?

reedca82 06-18-20 10:13 PM

Are knuckles actually modeled in game? As in attract a DD to depth charge them instead of you?

Demon777 06-19-20 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by reedca82 (Post 2678639)
Are knuckles actually modeled in game? As in attract a DD to depth charge them instead of you?

if you mean deployable decoys, yes, they're in the game. As far as I understand, in TWOS they are available from a certain period of time.

Sokolov 06-19-20 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by the beast (Post 2677969)
Sokolov had it coming for him, that kind of attitude should never ever be allowed on Subsim.

I'm sorry, but read the thread where i shared environment, no one to of those guys, Gap, Demon did not thank me, just offence and demands and trolling, though all is clear, that good kind of attitude, i ask you, that's good kind???!

Sokolov 06-19-20 08:32 PM

Gap, i'll tear your head off with a spanner.

Sokolov 06-19-20 08:34 PM

And you too, who are you tell me the story, boy.

Mad Mardigan 06-19-20 08:49 PM

:doh: :o

Sokolov 06-19-20 09:35 PM

I wanted to say, i wil crash subsim (it's difficult, but i can), but thinking a bit i understood, that subsim already crashed.

Texas Red 06-19-20 10:04 PM

What the heck man, calm yourself down. No need to threaten Gap and anyone else. Gap did nothing wrong here, I will defend everyone here from your nonsense talk.

CrabKey 06-20-20 12:29 AM

Fantastic work.....
I really appreciate all the work that has gone into this mod. You created a mod which realizes the original intent of the designers.

As a subsimmer for decades, this mod has given me a greater appreciation of the actual conflict.

Many thanks! Danke.

Aktungbby 06-20-20 01:34 AM

welcome aboard!
cnupo!:Kaleun_Salute: after a eight year silent run!

Onkel Neal 06-20-20 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by Sokolov (Post 2678831)
Gap, i'll tear your head off with a spanner.

If you have someone you disagree with, please use civil language or simply ignore them. We do not allow hostile language here. If you want to keep your membership at Subsim, please calm down.

Likewise to everyone, don't antagonize the other guy. You always have the option to ignore.

kapuhy 06-21-20 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by vdr1981 (Post 2676585)
No unfortunately, there aren't any...

Working on it

Mad Mardigan 06-21-20 10:50 PM


Originally Posted by kapuhy (Post 2679147)

Looking forward to seeing your workings on this, being added into TWoS, kapuhy... :yep: :up:

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