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Dragon81 09-09-14 12:15 AM

You forgot Step 5 and 6.

walsh2509 09-09-14 12:30 AM

I thought you only did those if you use these optional mods

*The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - TDW Real Navigation *The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - Realistic_Hydrophone_1_1 (Home thread) *The Wolves of Steel - *x* Resolution Patch (if needed)

which I didn't ... do you still need to do 5 and 6 even if you don't install those 2 optional mods ?

Dragon81 09-09-14 12:40 AM

Why do you think that Step 5 and 6 are optional?
Only the three mod parts of Step 4 with the * are optional.

walsh2509 09-09-14 04:28 PM

Still CTD , I put my disc in and load game and go through all the steps, I get to Step 5 and when I am clicking through the GenericPatcher to set paths to Silent Hunter 5 I get error msgs on each one saying each one isn't the one expected * ? Don't know if its because I only loaded WOS 1.2 and 1.2 patch 5 and the 16x9 res

* example - File C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter5\SHSim.act is different version than expected and its the same for each one I was going through ..

Belgarion 09-09-14 04:59 PM

just wanted to say thx! I used to use sobers mega mod collection which I also got working just fine but this is way easier! thx a bunch!

I searched for ages because I was missing a button! the ship identification button which I guess you disabled.

so yay its working fine.

walsh2509 09-10-14 05:54 PM

i don't know if it is my Exe ? but it would seem so because i get an error msg when I use TDW Patcher. When I put my disc on and install the game I it auto updates and then I get the UPlay upload which say I have the Gold version.

When I use the TDW patcher to route to the SH5 top fold, I get error msg for 5 of the 7 and at the end I only have 2 showing and 1 of the 2 isn't even on the original list Kernal patch isn't 1 of the original 7 on the screen shot of what you should see at the end of using TDW Patcher. Only the Sound one is one of the original 7

C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\TDW_GenericPatcher_v_1_0_164_0 ?

xpatriotx 09-12-14 05:15 AM

thank you for great work. its stable after 5 hour and awasome.

Dragon81 09-12-14 05:29 AM

I did a little addon to Wolves of Steel.
Check it out:

xpatriotx 09-12-14 05:49 AM

best mod ever
sorry i cant looked all pages but after mod my sub system page turned germanic is there any way to change it english again ?

Dragon81 09-12-14 06:37 AM

Are you talking about my Addon?
You have to remove the Raven Corax' German Patch if you don't want to have german language.

walsh2509 09-12-14 06:38 AM

anyone know why my SH5.exe is coming up with an error when doing Step5, one of the errors I get.

I have the original game disc, its not Steam. I load game in and it auto updates and when Uplay comes up it says I have the Gold Edition ? has that anything to do with my SH5.exe not being compatible with Step 5 ?

Dragon81 09-12-14 06:45 AM

Do you have installed the SH5-Patch 1.2.0 ?
I have the Collectors Edition and my Uplay says I have the "Gold Edition". So that is normal. :)

xpatriotx 09-12-14 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by Dragon81 (Post 2242324)
Are you talking about my Addon?
You have to remove the Raven Corax' German Patch if you don't want to have german language.

i searched and there is no raven corax or german patch. game original but not a clean installation. I did a little bit of laziness and cleaned old seperated mods with jsgm . maybe thats the problem

walsh2509 09-12-14 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by Dragon81 (Post 2242328)
Do you have installed the SH5-Patch 1.2.0 ?
I have the Collectors Edition and my Uplay says I have the "Gold Edition". So that is normal. :)

Yes when install finishes , I got the long bar saying update after that install I go to Uplay and says I have the Gold Edition.

I do the text steps, start the game stop the game I do the true edit Step4 and then load via JSGME 1.02 and 1.02 patch 5 I load them in and then I go to step 5. As per the screen shots on the front page I go through the next steps but that is when I get the error msgs on the SH5.exe and other parts. So when this Step is completed I only have 2 patches added not the 7 as per the screen shot for Step 5 and only 1 of the 2 showing relates to 1 of the 7 on the Step 5 end screen shot and that's the - TDW_SHSound_Patch.s5p (shsound) the other one that appeared with it was .. TDW_kernal_Patch.s5p (kernal) which was not one of the original 7 of Step 5.

ps .. just noticed, the end screen shot of step 5 on page 1 , part of the line reads ..
\MODS\TDW_GenericPatcher_v_1_0_151_0 where as when I finished the couple that took read \MODS\TDW_GenericPatcher_v_1_0_164_0

Would that have anything to do with it ... really want to get this working.

Thanks for all the replies.

walsh2509 09-13-14 07:51 PM

Ok, got it working with a 3rd install ... but oh lord times have changed, 1939 I sail to the east coast of England and along comes a merchant 7.8k tonnes bow large gun with 2 smaller ones beside, behind that just front of midship another 2 large guns 1 port the other starboard and at the stern 1 large gun with 2 smaller guns 1 either side. If that wasn't bad enough, she was coming right at me, bow shot Boom! slowed down not at all, ok but surely down a bit in the bow and a bit slower , no is sped back up. Next shot just aft of midships port side and another just behind that one, still going at the same speed. As she sailed past, I sent my 4th fish up her rear couldn't see any damage but after about 30mins she started to slow ... took a 5th to put her down.

Now with me just starting it still had the damage bars - both bars were still over half way up with 4 fish in her - 1 in bow 2 in port side just aft of midships and 1 up the rear.

Maybe I've been away to long, but is that not a bit much .. and that amount of guns on a merchant days into the war ???

Santini 09-13-14 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by walsh2509 (Post 2242922)
Maybe I've been away to long, but is that not a bit much .. and that amount of guns on a merchant days into the war ???


walsh2509 09-14-14 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by Santini (Post 2242956)

Doubt it, uk only had 9 but not 1 of those 9.

Q-ship would appear to be an easy target, but in fact carried hidden armaments.

These guns were in open areas, not covered, Q-ships were designed to lure uboats to the surface as its guns were hidden, these were clearly not.

walsh2509 09-14-14 01:14 PM

Is it a different mod from Wolves of Steel 1.02/1.02 Patch5 that you need to activate the crew icons to click for each area .. ? as you can see the top shot is from the internet of WOS the one below is what I have after I installed WOS 1.02 and 1.02 Patch 5 .. the "plastic" cover over the map is to size in the top 1 but in my install the plastic cover doesn't cover the whole of the map and it has a 360 dial imposed on the map and I don't have crew icons or some of the others .. I can't see where I can add these from the mod, so are the other icons in the top screenshot of WOS a different Mod that's been added with JSGME?


jibouil 09-19-14 09:54 AM

hello, I have a problem with the clock. when I press O it does not appear on the screen I have to open and close the map to see it.
Someone has a tip ?

franz_the_cat 09-19-14 03:50 PM

Hi all.

Thank you for this mod WoS 1:02 Dragon WoS addons etc
I would like to play with a list of where the torpedo speeds are indicated by meters per second?
I would love to play with a real navigation sextant is there a possibility to Wolves of Steel?

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