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MCM 05-07-17 12:25 AM

There you see how buggy SH5 was a what an outstanding mod TWOS is!!!! :D:up:

For being too long in ASICS range: I can image that a destroyer at this times will ping from time to time without any detection before, just to see if there is something. At least this is what I am doing in my head :ping:

ybar 05-07-17 02:32 AM

New tuto vidéo on WoS 2.0 (french version)

Originally Posted by vdr1981 (Post 2165721)
F.A.Q. & Tips
Read before you start playing or posting a question!

- I'm somewhat confused about SH5/TWoS concept of campaigns, missions and objectives?
The concept is nicely explained here. LINK
- Do I always have to start my career from the first campaign?
No, type "silentotto" while you're in the campaign selection screen to unlock all campaigns and start any you want...

- How can I pass from one campaign chapter to the next one? (IMPORTANT)
Campaign transfers in TWoS are date controlled. This means that, in order to trigger the campaign transfer, you will have to be ON PATROL when ending date of your current campaign chapter is reached, preferably somewhere at open sea without AI units in your vicinity. Campaign transfer should then be initiated, or it will be at least few days after the ending date. This is important so pay special attention not to skip this date due to badly timed docking...The end date of first "Coastal Waters" campaign is on 1st June 1940, "Happy Times" ends on 1st march 1941 ect. Check ending dates for other campaigns here.

Now, there is a catch... Due to certain broken aspects of SH5's launcher, there is a possibility that even upon reaching campaign chapter ending date, campaign transfer still may fail to initialize (your patrol just goes on without any visible objectives). In this case, you should load your previous gamesave (made before campaign chapter ending date) and use one of these two methods (this or this) to trigger campaign transfer correctly (campaign transfer screen should pop-up in the next few days of sim time)... For this method to work, the TDW patch which disables Uplay browser should be disabled (by default in TWoS). Note that Mama's solutions with TWoS can be necessary only when you expecting campaign transfer, on campaign chapter ending. Before that date, you can load your gamesaves with or without these tweaks, there will be no significant impact on campaign progress.

Alternatively or if Mama's tweaks don't work for you (campaign transfer screen doesn't pop-up no mater what), you can use this workaround which will work for sure even if campaign chapter ending date is passed for a few days ...SH5 campaign progress workaround

- We have "Enigma" machine too ?
Yes! Thanks to the amassing SkyBaron's work, SH5/TWoS features, for the first time in SH series, fully functional naval M4 Enigma machine used by KM during the WWII. Due to some technical aspects of the game, when deciphering the message make sure to always use encryption date contained within the message it self (ex. BDU 0600/1/10/39 18) and not the actual in game date. Players who do not wish to use "Enigma" can always disable appropriate optional addon and ignore occasional encrypted radio traffic which can actually contain some interesting data in form of earlier base transfer announcements, info about occasional scripted convoys with rare units, some "easter egg" messages ect...
- If I patrol the area for 20 hours , save the game and continue the game the other day , this time I patrolled is also saved ?
Unfortunately , it is not...You shouldn't reload the game or leaving the area until those 48/72 hours are passed. However, if your patrol timer is stopped due to mentioned reasons, it is not the end of the world (You'll stay short for just a couple of crew promotional points, there is no other penalties). This also means that you certainly don't wont to miss approaching large convoy just because it is outside of your patrol area... You can restart your stuck patrol timer by exiting from patrol zone, saving/reloading the game and entering the designated zone again...
- I've arrived in Kiel but I cant select Eastern British Coastal Waters objective, only Danzing objective is available?
Campaign objectives are date controlled and EBCW objective will not be available until 4th September 1939.
- I wish to change number of days spent in the bunker...
Sure, check this mod...Clicky. You can also use appropriate option in KSDCommander settings tab which will randomize your bunker "pauses", for example between 20 to 30 days or so... To apply your settings , you should launch your SH5 trough CSDCommander at least once. All days in bunker tweaks should be done prior your docking.
- Where's mine target identify button?!
In this megamod automatic target recognition is disabled due to somewhat unrealistic implementation. There really aren't to many ships to be recognized in SH5 so auto recognition while the ship is 20 km away is a huge gamebraker...Optional Auto Target Recognition addon will restore your auto indent ship button but it will also effect your renown and realism percentage settings.
- Should I play without real navigation?
In my opinion absolutely not! TheDarkWraith's Real Navigation is one of the few SH5 features which can separate SH5 from the rest of the franchise and it improves gameplay drastically. It is the best and the most realistic nautical navigation mod ever adopted for SH games and it will suit both experienced and new players. Real Navigation addon can be enabled/disabled anytime.
- I checked all options but still my displayed realism percentage is not 100%?
Full 100% realism settings are reserved exclusively for Real Navigation Captains who do not use auto target recognition cheat (AKA "Wind & Smoke" addon).
- I'd like to have my menus and texts in German (or any other language except English) for immersion - is there a German version?
Unfortunately not (yet)...German (or any other) menu.txt is not compatible...
- How do you access a recognition manual that can feed TDC?
Press "E" key or notepad lookalike charts GUI button on the bar near right edge of the screen. Recognition manual's "drag" tab will become visible near left edge of the screen. Stock Rec. manual in XO dialog screen is disabled because it's somewhat incorrect and incomplete...
- My watch crew reports smoke on the horizon but there's nothing there?
You should know that your young watch crew will always be able to see slightly further away than your old captain avatar, especially when it's foggy day or nighttime.
-How can I use Stadimeter?
Mark your target with "space" key and press small button placed on top of range TDC dial (attack periscope and UZO stations only). "Use Stadimeter" command visible in XO dialog screen is disabled because stock rec. manual is not available anymore ...
- Why is mine 88mm deck gun so weak and hard to control?
It is not ... Many players are accustomed to heavily overpowered stock deck gun where couple of HE shells will have almost the same effect as torpedo warhead, not going to happen with this expansion. Use deck gun to finish of targets that refuse to sink after torpedo attack (or vice versa). If you wish to sink a ship with deck gun only, prepare yourself for engagement which can sometimes last for several hours...
- How many torpedoes should I use for single ship?
Most of the ships will sink after one well placed torpedo struck, although sometimes you may need to give them some time until ships crew decide to quit damage/flood fighting and abandon the ship (simulated in SH5). If you wish to "speed up the process" send them another fish or use your deck gun if safe to do so. Ship sinking speed depends of various factors like : crew skill, hit location, damage taken, type of the ship, internal cargo, ect ect... Note also that electric torpedoes have less powerful warhead than steam counterparts.
- Should I attack neutral shipping?
Despite common belief that the game wont penalize you if you sink neutral ship, it seems that it will by giving you negative rating and renown points which are very important for players progress (medals, new subs and equipment, prom. points). But again, sometimes one must do what has to be done...
- I've sunk a ship and now my game freezes when I try to open Captains log?
This means that you have sink a friendly unit from Axis coalition and your campaign is now over. You should be more careful when selecting targets next time...
- Should I do harbor raids?
Due to several engine and AI limitations, harbor raids in SH games are generally very unrealistic and they are commonly regarded as a cheap way to "pump up" your tonnage. Also players presence within 60 Km of traffic generator nodes (mostly located in harbors) will prevent game engine to spawn any convoys or units which can lead to potential campaign corruption, so you should stay well off any major allied ports.
- How can I find assigned patrol grid?
Use grid map tool (Charts-Maps). The tool is resizable...
- Why I can't refit my sub in some "blue" ports?
Because it's not realistic...Sub refitting was very time consuming and hard process which could only be accomplished with specialized tools and/or in dedicated locations. Changes in WoS files will simulate this to some extent by allowing players to take provisions only in ports which could support U-Boat operations and withing a certain time span...
- How do you keep morale/readiness/restfulness up if you are away at sea for weeks?
Good food and periodic Bosun's intervention, smartly timed of course... Also, completion of secondary missions and capital ships/warships kills will increase your crew moral significantly. And of course, talking with your crew but only once per patrol, and you already know that some "painful" questions can effect negatively crew moral, like if you ask Beno about his parents ect...Use crew special abilities smartly and warily.
- Where's mine tonnage bar?! I can't play without it!
I'm sorry...It's dead! The "bug" is removed from the game...
- I'm suffering infamous stuck tonnage bar bug, can I use this modpack without any problems?
By all means, yes...The whole concept of sink xxx tons to unlock next objective/campaign is abandoned. All objectives are now date controlled ...For more info check OHII addon"No Stupid Tonnage Bar_ Free Style Campaign" readme documentation...
- Can I enter the war with type VIIB ?
Sure, enable this mod prior your campaign start...LINK
- How is time compression set in this expansion?
With TC x128 or higher, TC will drop to x1 every time your watch crew detect something regardless of unit coalition (enemy, neutral or even friendly). TC up to x64 will drop to x1 only if enemy airplane has been detected...This is important gameplay element because player now has to reveal ships affiliation by some other means other than TC drop (ships behavior, markings, type, location, ect). Max TC is limited to x512 for stability reasons, although I can not recommend anything higher than x256 in areas with dense air and sea traffic (Baltic, coastal waters...).
- I want more custom settings in order to set gameplay options to suit my playing style (UI style ect)...
Sure..Withing the modpack is contained an awesome TDW User Options File Editor Viewer application. Learn how to use this app and explore it's options. It is truly remarkable application and it offers to the player level of customization like in no previous SH title...How to use TDW Options File Editor Viewer with The Wolves of Steel Megamod
- Is there any written manual for TWoS?
Unfortunately, there is not. however, in TWoS Documentation folder you'll find readme files of individual mods contained within the modpack. You can also put GWX manual to a good use and/or search for numerous tutorials/playthrough videos found on Subsim and Youtube...You will also find scripted tutorials which can be played in Hystorical missions. Some tutorials support only SH5 Enhanced user interface (UI). You can change UI style using Options file Editor Viewer app.
- Can this modpack be compared with GWX at all?
Tough question but I'll say no... GWX is product of a dedicated team, developed over officially patched, finished ,good game. This ugly duckling wasn't so lucky, not even close...It was abandoned by developers as soon as it saw daylight...Still, thanks to the some unique SH5 feature like Sky Baron's Enigma, TDW's Real navigation, high customization ect, SH5 with TWoS on board can reach levels of realism and "hardcore" simming which any previous SH game or madpack can only dream of...

Solving Issues
- How should I report a problem, bug or CTD?
Check this post and make sure to be thorough in your reports.
- Install instructions are so complicated, it's nothing like World of Warships "simulation"...
Trust me, It can be much harder...In any case, you shouldn't mess up with modded SH5 until you familiarize your self with :
Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler,
TDW Generic Patcher,
TDW Option File Editor Viewer,
or how to actually install, patch and configure your game.

Still, modpack and install instructions are created in a way that even a person with some patience and without any SH experience should be able to activate the megamod properly.
- When I launch the game I can hear sound but screens stays black for more than 5 min?
Check your SH5.exe OS compatibility mode options...
- SH5 starts in partial screen and with no sound?
- My TAI map is misplaced in top left corner of the screen?
Press small "toggle TAI Visibility" button few times, located above depth meter on the left side of your screen.. .The cause for this glitch is high resolution settings.
- Black charts/boxes, messed up GUI ?
Update your DirectX 9.
- I have friendly/enemy warship stuck with me, she's matching my speed and course without attacking me? If I command "all stop", she will do tight circles?!
"Sticky destroyers" are known stock game bug...Simple save/reload the game to get rid of the issue and to unstuck ships AI...
- I'm experiencing significant game stuttering and FPS drop with this expansion?
Try Antilag fix. Note that increased loading time with this fix is normal side effect...
- My last campaign gamesave is corrupted. The game crashes as soon as I load it ?
There is a solution, check this post.
- CO2 is rising and crew is missing on the bridge even after surfacing, some commands aren't working at all?
Issues like these are commonly associated with game alt-tabbing, so you should avoid this. Usually , these issues can be fixed by saving/reloading the game.
- Telegraph acts weird. I order standard speed (3) but it only sets to slow ahead (2) and so on, it is always one speed setting behind the ordered one.
Small side effect from one of the patches but your commands are accepted correctly, works much better with SH3 interface...
- I've lost my charts/recognition manual?!
Delete all ***_Draggables.TDW files from main game folder and start the game again, Original charts/rec.manual positions will be restrored ...
- My deck gun crew constantly gets washed away/radar is shutting down even with lower wind speeds?
It's a well known problem of all SH games but this can help a bit... Link
- I've dived and my KDB self destructed without any reason, bug?
No, It's feature...According to numerous interrogation reports Kristalldrehbasisgerat (KDB) apparatus was very vulnerable and exposing it to high pressure will most likely make the device unusable. However, with WoS you can still rely on your other hydrophone apparatus (GHG) which is much more resistant .
- I've lost my KDB hydrophone and now my bearing needle is now stuck?
This is only true for type VIIB and VIIC/41 but your AI sonarmen will continue to use remaining GHG hydrophone without any problems. Simple save/reload the game to solve the issue...
- My framerate in Kiel and other ports is very low and game is unstable in general?
Disable patch for increased rendering distance of unit via TDW generic patcher (if enabled, by defualt disabled i TWoS). That should help...
- I've attacked a convoy/task force, damaged leading ship/battleship and some time later my game CTD?
Yes, there is still one lurking issue withing IRAI ship tactics scripts that we still can't "catch". This will happen only when convoy/group leader (in escorted groups) is damaged but not "dead". To avoid this, try to hit leading ship/battleship with more torpedoes so she can "die" faster. However, the issue is not present when dealing with unprotected convoys, single warship and almost impossible to occur when dealing with large convoys. TWoS campaign files are heavily modified to avoid this issue as much as possible.
- I can't dock/end patrol? The orange anchor icon doesn't appear?
Save and reload the game. The "anchor" should appear then...
- I've started new patrol and my sub's instantly jumped to next base (or even CTD sometimes)?
This will happen if base change date is skipped due to patrol ending. In this case, you should load your last bunker save and while you're in the bunker, delete that particular gamesave. Then, start new patrol...
- I can't leave the port! Game crashes some time after new patrol start, every time !
Probably a "faulty" unit has been spawned in your area. Use available "change days in bunker" tweaks in order to avoid problematic departure date. Or simply end patrol and start next one...
- My game CTD randomly a lot, what should I do?
This is clear indication that you have messed up somehow your game or mod installation . The the best solution is to check install instructions once again, reinstall the game completely, delete everything from my documents folder and start fresh campaign (using "silentotto" cheat if you like)...
- CTD in Historical missions?
All historical missions will CTD after approximately 24h of sim time. So far, there is no solution for this issue...

Few more tips
- When starting the game use "Run as administrator" option or set permanent administration rights in SH5.exe right click-properties/Compatibility tab.
- SH3 UI style is faster, more practical and more immersive than SH5 UI IMO. It also appears that it is less prone to some bugs and glitches and it definitely has higher FPS. You can switch UI style using Option File Editor Viewer app...
- Use "blow ballast" button to surface your boat, it's the fastest and the most secure way.
- Press "F1" to see help/keyboard commands.
- Press "space" while watching enemy unit trough binoculars to designate unit and command deck gun attack, slow down your boat and place target at 12 o'clock, close range, both battle stations ON (F7 key and GUI command)...
- Press "num enter" key two times to unstuck your right mouse click.
- You need to go below the deck at least once in order to NewUIs teleport buttons start functioning properly.
- Sometimes it's necessary to click two or more times certain GUI/key commands in order for game to accept command correctly.
- To use "Supermarks and Nav Marks" UI features, you'll have to access to your navigation map with "M" key exclusively.
- Torpedo hit with large angle or at curved ship's keel will make impact detonator useless.
- Magnetic detonators are very unreliable in early stages of war...
- For successful torpedo attack you'll have to collect target's : Range, Speed, Bearing (usually automatically taken from periscope/UZO) and angle on bow (the bearing which would enemy watchmen report if he spots your sub)...
- Aim for engine room! Engine room on most merchants/warships is located slightly behind ships superstructure...
- Use deck awash to minimize your profile or to partially fill your main ballast tank with sea water in order to dive more quickly when necessary...
- Use slightly extended attack periscope for surface attacks while on deck awash or when sea is rough.
- Dive deeper and slow down engines in order to extend your hydrophones range.
- Hydrophone audio range for player is approx 40 km in all directions regardless of depth (game limitation) . AI sonarmen can pick up contacts up to 60 km away but the range is depth and angle related. A bit more about Hydrophones in WoS
- Use manual diveplanes and underwater propulsion to maintain extreme depth. If your boat starts to sink don't panic, use some compressed air to obtain positive buoyancy (press blow ballast) and when boat starts to rise quickly command desired depth but NOT deeper than your current depth...
- If severe flooding is present , try to maintain attitude of your U-boat by the use of manual diveplanes controls, compressed air and propulsion.
- Clicking on GUI depth gauge your AI chief will understand as "take more/get rid of some water in order to reach desired depth". Be careful if you wish to dive while there's flooding on board.
- Use gamma adjustment and periscope filters if you find your nights too dark...
- Certain external equipment will not be repairable without dry dock in your home base. Diesel engines and batteries will be repairable but only up to certain level, depending of damage amount.
- Proper commands for silent running and battle stations states are those available trough F7 and F8 keys.
- Send radio reports trough your WO/radio man interaction menus and don't use TC higher than 32 until the message is sent. This procedure also stands for other orders like: depth under keel, max range at current speed, new heading command, nearest radio contact ect...
- Be careful with radio reports. Use of radio communications will redirect most of enemy nearby air and naval patrols to your location.
- Forget about mathematical and GPS precision with this expansion. Almost everything is uncertain and randomized, including torpedoes speed and depth, your true position in SH world merchants AI crew fighting damage ect ect.
- Don't skip patrols ! Patrol without any tonnage will lower your rating and your career will suffer consequences.
- Skilled escorts will sometimes be able to hear you on short range even if you're on "slow speed" (~1.5kn/55RPM). If they just wont quit, use max speed of ~1kn or even "all stop" for some time if positive buoyancy can be obtained. Note also that skilled escorts will be able to hear noise of your diesel engines during night surface attacks on short to medium range.
- Fancy depth charges dodging is a Hollywood myth. According to numerous historical sources, the best tactics against pursuing escorts are depth, silence and... prayers...
- Airplanes AI still isn't up to the task IMO, but they definitely can "bite" you when you least expect...
- When laying on the sea floor due to flooded compartments, don't use TC higher than x2 or you may suffer even more hull/compartments damage. This is a well known issue with all SH games.
- If you enable "highlighted sensor regions" TAI/Nav map configuration options , you will be able to observe how AI actually sees and hears you depending of your speed, depth, profile, weather, time of day ect...Very useful for "Submarine school" training...
- Chart Box can be expanded and scrolled up/down with mouse wheel!
- Gameplay settings can only be changed in the bunker, during your campaign playtrough.
- Use Options File Editor (Ship's Journal tab) to match your Ship's Journal captain name and U-boat number (Oscar "Something", U-xx) with those visible in your Cpt Log.
- Check here for few more TWoS 2.x.x compatible and tested mods...

Tips for stable gameplay (important):
- DO NOT add any additional mods if you are not 100% sure what you are doing or you may induce all kind of stability and gameplay related issues! Keep in mind that most of the standalone mods outhere are incompatible with this expansion.
- Do not jump from historical missions or museum into campaign directly, and vice versa. When you wish to load individual gamesave or Historical mission, restart the game first. SH tends to "remember" some things from previous sessions which can effect stability and corrupt gamesaving function.
- Avoid using autosave gamesaves. They can easily become corrupted.
- Avoid overwriting of old/previous game saves. Always make a new one and keep few recent, just in case...
- Save and restart your game completely once you leave your home base or when approaching for docking (100-200 km from the home base approx.) This will improve game stability and unburden game engine for upcoming rendering "shocks". It is always good idea to make a manual gamesave in the bunker and restart the game before you start new patrol. Don't delete your bunker saves, you may need them again.
- Keep your gamesaves clean. Try not to save game with destroyed/damaged or in any way bugged AI units (especially airplanes) in your rendering area (40-60 km around the sub). This doesn't mean that you should never do this, but if you do so make sure to have at least one previous "safe" gamesave. Check this post too...
- Occasional save and complete restart of the game in between the actions/encounters or when approaching an area with potentially dense sea/air traffic is highly recommended (at least once in ~72h of sim time)!
- Avoid gamesaving and use of high time compression after the "fun" starts and bunch of things is happening around you, let's say 16/32 at max (deck gun attack, attacking large convoys, approaching ports, escorts evading ect...).
- Ease your TC and try to limit duration of your playing sessions while operating in areas with dense air and sea traffic (like Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean , British coastal waters, Bay of Biscay after 1943 ect). Fail safe midnight gamesave every ~48h of sim time is also highly recommended.
- When things seem quite after successful (or less successful) attack, surface the boat, get some distance the game...
- Avoid alt-tabbing of active game, SH5 doesn't "like" this...
- Avoid excessive interaction with your crew after long playing sessions. Complex crew interaction animations can sometimes cause game crash after longer playing sessions.

Video Examples:

Trevally's Automatic Scripts for Navigator - TDW Real Ravigation for SH5

Maintaining Extreme Depth with type VIIC-41 U-boat

Full realism engagement 2

- TheNorseCast returns to SH5 once again, this time with The Wolves of Steel megamod! Don't forget to subscribe and share some comments! :up:

- Another very interesting and above all highly informative LP TWoS series made by Potus! Check his videos , subscribe and share some comments! :up:

*DO NOT add any additional mods if you are not 100% sure what you are doing! Most of the standalone mods are incompatible with this expansion.

gezahu 05-07-17 06:02 AM


Tanks for the advice tweaking sim.cfg did the trick. Now I can get 6-7 km to a merchant 9-10 to a destroyer.

Is there a way to make destroyers deaf at surface?
I mean I dont want them to hear me while I am surfaced. I am not sure destroyers could use their hydrophones on surface....

Also I was playing contacts on with detection ranges and noticed that there are "super destroyers"with unbelievable detection ranges both visually and hydrophone wise. Is therre a way to get rid of them? Make viual detection universal....

IVIalicious 05-07-17 02:55 PM

Hi guys, technical problem here.

I've tried to install TWoS several times now and i always get the same thing when i use the generic patcher. (the game is updated to 1.2.0, i've went through all of the instructions thoroughly and my specs are Windows 7, I7 CPU, Nvidea GTX Titan X and 16GB of RAM. I have also ensured that TWoS and the patcher can be used so that Steam doesn't launch the game as a workaround)

When i open the files using the patcher, i say yes to everything until i only get ONE error message saying it can't find the path to one of the files. The end result being me only having 8 out of 9 files that i need for patching.

This may be nothing but can this cause the game to CTD???, everytime i try to start a new campaign or even try to use the museum it CTDs. I'm pulling my goddamn hair out because of this because i think i know what the problem is, the one file that wasn't found.

A bit of help gents?. May just be something obvious that I've missed.

Aktungbby 05-07-17 03:35 PM

welcome aboard!

HW3 05-07-17 03:49 PM

Welcome Aboard!

You might find the answer in this post. I can't answer your question since I have the disk version.

I hope it helps you.

THEBERBSTER 05-07-17 04:31 PM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > IVIalicious
Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community:salute:

There are 9 patcher files, you have 8 correctly installed pointing to the SH5 game folder.
The missing one or error you are having is because you did not point this particular patcher at the SH5 game folder correctly.

jrnesbit 05-07-17 06:46 PM

i disabled the enigma mod because I figured out it was a huge pain LOL. BUT do I simply just disable it or do I also have to reinstall the main WOS mod as well? or anything else when changing a mod. like having to go back to the bunker.

THEBERBSTER 05-08-17 05:00 AM

Hi jr
You will see from the TWOS instructions which mods are essential and which ones are optional.
The Enigma mod is an optional mod that just needs to be disabled.

Gizmous 05-08-17 08:26 AM

Hi everyone. How can I turn on crew pictures on the bottom?

Aktungbby 05-08-17 08:53 AM

welcome aboard firsttime poster!

THEBERBSTER 05-08-17 11:15 AM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > Gizmous
Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community:salute:

Click on them to see the orders

SiggeMan 05-08-17 11:28 AM

Hello! Playing this awesome mod and im currently in October 1944, based in Bergen.
Im just wondering when i'll get the VIIC/41? Im still getting through with the VIIC, but some new tech wouldnt bother me :P
Is it as when you get the VIIB, that the game wants a certain amount of "success" from you before you can get it?

Jimbuna 05-08-17 02:19 PM

Welcome to SubSim Gizmous :salute:

vdr1981 05-08-17 04:08 PM

If anyone like it...

TWoS Glass Covered GUI Dilas

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