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vdr1981 08-29-16 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by SnipersHunter (Post 2430560)
Oh alright, thank you for the quick response. One last question: It is also normal that the radio contact reports only appear on the Patrol log as radio message but not in the normal radio message window , right?

Yes...By default, only radio contacts closer than 400km will be shown in your message box and in ships Journal. You can adjust this range in upper right* corner of your screen (+ -). Pretty clever feature...

@ Peter, how about this one? :smug: A flashing "new"...

kevinsue 08-29-16 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by LesBaker (Post 2430366)
Hi Kev,
Awhile back it was reported that when you sent a patrol report, that the radioman would report "New Message Received " confirming the report in writing, but the voice would say "Sending Message".

In the interim a blank mute file was produced by TDW included in his "NewUIs" to stop the error.

These files replace the mute file with the correct German " New Message Received".

These files the .ogg and .lipbin should be placed in Data/Sound/speech/Radioman replacing the MC_RR_RADIO_15 files in all three Files Normal, Tension and Whisper.

You will also have to Modify the Send_Patrol_report.aix file found in Data/Scripts/AI/Crew by removing the # markings before the 3 lines introduced by Vdr.

All the Best

Thanks for the reply. :up: Is this the same change that TWoS Update No. 16.3 incorporated? "- Re-enabled "send patrol report" script in WO and Radioman dialog menus. The command is also renamed to "send status report".

Ashikaga 08-29-16 06:16 PM

Yeah Radio reports...

I was on my merry way to my patrol area. Every night I sent a patrol report.

Then I got a message from Bdu to be more agressive.

I stopped sending them messages after that. Now on my way to Montego Bay for Political Asylum...............



THE_MASK 08-29-16 09:03 PM

Do Coastal Defences work ingame ? It is spelt Costal in the ingame files .

vdr1981 08-29-16 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by sober (Post 2430598)
Do Coastal Defences work ingame ? It is spelt Costal in the ingame files .

Sure they do...Although some may be inoperative due to coast proximity. You have a historical test Scap mission too...

THEBERBSTER 08-30-16 04:18 AM

Hi vecko
Very nice, as long as the color changes when a new update appears other wise it is still the same color with the same flashing.
Replacing the red with a green or blue for example next time will draw the attention that there has been a change.
Flashing would be good for someone who is color blind.

THEBERBSTER 08-30-16 04:23 AM

Hi sober
If you go into Scapa now without a medium fog you will get a nasty surprise.
On the west coast entrance IIRC there are 2 coastal batteries between the island and 1 passed the island.

kevinsue 08-30-16 05:38 AM

Just updated to the latest version Update No 16.5 with a complete reinstall and started a new career "Happy Days". :D For some reason with each update, Speech Recognition will not work for one thing or another. The SHSpeechEngineTest.exe is working fine, but the program will not activate when selected ingame. I've been searching through the files to try to find the problem by have had no joy yet. :nope:


Been swapping files etc and now everything works...tried to undo what I've done to isolate the problem again but can't seem to get it to break again...

Unkki 08-30-16 07:08 AM

I'm having CTD's exactly at the same moment every time, when I leave the Kiel base. As soon as the sub is out of the bunker a CTD, every single time.

Just before I upgraded my paint and the hydrophone and accepted the mission in the east of England.

- Version 16.5 (also happaned on 16.4)
- No extra mods
- New user, but have been past this Kiel part before without issues

Help please :wah:

fitzcarraldo 08-30-16 10:38 AM

First: many thanks for the new update. Installed.

Second: a question.

Is there some way of corrupt savegame, when I reload it, the FPS drops to impossible values?

Im playing Med campaign. I save a game with my fixed (via antilag) 35 FPS. I reload the game and my FPS, in the same conditions (weather, traffic, etc.), drops to 12-13 FPS! Is it a corrupted savegame? Is there some reason for this save-reload situation?

Other savegames, in Atlantic, reload perfectly with my fixed 35 FPS, smoke and explosions included. My PC have enough power for manage TWoS, and never see in it 12 FPS!

Best regards.

Fitzcarraldo :salute:

kevinsue 08-30-16 03:32 PM

I thought I read a post by Sober somewhere recently regarding "Antilag" where he had removed it from his modlist for this reason. Might be worth doing a search or contacting Sober for more details.

THEBERBSTER 08-30-16 04:48 PM

Just had a second ctd.
One in the current patrol.
One in the previous patrol.
Both times talking to the crew to keep the morale up.
The ctd's both happened when talking to the last crew member Kurt Faust in the stern torpedo room.
Is there a right way or wrong way to speak to the crew?
Do you speak to just some of them or, all of them as you go through the boat?
At the beginning of a game load?
At anytime?
After a number of hours?
Once a day?
Morale can drop quite quickly so I would like to do the right thing and get on top of these ctd's.

Nobon 08-30-16 06:08 PM

:D niiice,
Sonar fix is back!
Downloading update.

One quick question: you did not modified commands.cfg since 16.3, right?

Don`t wanna loose my beloved arrow keys scope >D OR break the mod.

fitzcarraldo 08-30-16 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by kevinsue (Post 2430774)
I thought I read a post by Sober somewhere recently regarding "Antilag" where he had removed it from his modlist for this reason. Might be worth doing a search or contacting Sober for more details.

Im suspecting that. But it seems also the antilag corrupts the savegame, because it is not resolved with a reload. The game stucks in low FPS for ever (for that savegame).


Fitzcarraldo :salute:

HW3 08-30-16 07:53 PM

I talk to them every few days, usually all of them as I travel around the boat checking things out, (The kaluen needs to be seen by the crew from time to time). I've had no CTD's while doing it.

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