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VONHARRIS 09-16-11 12:33 AM

U-125 IXC
VonHarris and his crew left U-65 IXB to take command of U-125 IXC boat

Patrol 12
13 July 1941
19:58 hours Departed from Lorient for grid CG77

24 July 1941
Grid CG95
04:02 hours Ship sunk! SS Daghestan (CAM-Ship 02), 6855 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 80. Crew lost: 44
Grid CG94
10:50 hours Ship sunk! MV Nordfarer (Granville-type Freighter), 4708 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 56. Crew lost: 48
Grid CG94 - convoy attack
19:31 hours MV Empire Dweller (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 0
19:32 hours MV Brandanger (Medium Merchant 02), 4894 tons. Cargo: Tobacco. Crew: 59. Crew lost: 46
19:33 hours HMS Orion (CLLeander41), 7270 tons.Crew :640. Crew lost:586

Moved close to the Spanish and Portuguese coast to find good weather to move in the externals. After the procedure was completed U-125 returned to the hunting grounds.

01 August 1941
Grid CG95
03:11 hours MV Siam II (Medium Merchant 30), 6936 tons. Cargo: Coffee. Crew: 54. Crew lost: 17

03 August 1941
Grid CG95 - convoy attack
13:50 hours SS Eastern City (CAM-Ship 02), 6858 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 59. Crew lost: 35
13:50 hours SS Sheksna (Passenger/Cargo), 2076 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 49. Crew lost: 23
13:55 hours SS Bruse (Small Freighter), 2255 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 0
13:56 hours SS Empire Standard (Empire-type Freighter), 5671 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 69. Crew lost: 19

05 August 1941
Grid CG95
07:21 hours SS Gudvor (Tramp Steamer), 1817 tons. Cargo: Scrap Metal. Crew: 21. Crew lost: 11
Grid CG94
17:01 hours SS Aberdovey (Coastal Freighter), 1873 tons. Cargo: Tobacco. Crew: 33. Crew lost: 28

09 August 1941
05:33 hours
Returned to Lorient
Enemy aircrafts more present
Merchant ships are armed
More escorts in convoys and improved skills
28 days at sea
12 ships sunk
53083 tons
No casualties
U-boat damaged (H.I. 98.51%) machine gun fire during crash diving

eschemschnuz 09-16-11 02:05 AM

Eschem Schnuz's Letters, 29th Flotilla
Yo Karl! :salute:

U-87 Type VIIB, 29th Flotilla returning from Patrol 2.
Realism at 50%, original game specs.
9-day cruise.
Medals all around!
Over and out.

mightymightychatham 09-16-11 04:37 AM

I just got back from a very dissatisfying 86,000t patrol.

We left Lorient and preceeded to our patrol sector West of Rockall. En route we encountered two lone merchants; an empire-type and a coastal freighter. Both were sunk. We then arrived at our patrol sector and scoured it for three days. No signs of life.

On the way home we recieved a contact report in the wee hours; a inbound convoy heading east, its probable destination Liverpool via the Irish Sea. A decent target at last. We set a course for intercept and came upon it about midday. Although it was dry, visibility was only about 7km due to heavy cloud and a high swell. Unable to get a visual on the whole convoy, the hydrophone suggested there were about twenty ships and only three escorts. One out front and the other two off the rear corners. Party time.

We dived to periscope depth and slipped under the front escort. Periscope went up to mark our targets. A Southampton was steaming quietly in the centre. I'd sunk five of these since the start of my career and remembered reading somewhere that there were six Southamptons built. I couldn't resist bagging the full set. Three front torps hit the cruiser (just to make sure) and the rear winged a coastal freighter. I began a steep dive to 150m at flank as the swo side escorts turned in to pursue me. Once at depth, I went to silent speed and came 90' to port in an effort to slink away. The escorts came up quickly and took turns depth charging the spot where we'd gone from flank to silent. By this time our boat was 500m away. Both the cruiser and the freighter went down during this time. Eventually the escorts gave up bombing the same spot over and over and went back to their convoy positions. Huh? No ASDIC? I was well withing range for them to ping me. Not one to complain, I made distance, surfaced, reloaded and came about for another bite.

I slipped in again and this time bagged a large merchant and another coastal freighter. This time only the leading escort came after me and again, multiple depth charges on my last known position and no ping. I'd encountered "elite" crews before; maybe these were "incompetent" crews?

Surfaced again, the convoy was coming over the continental shelf but it was getting dark and by now I was feeling cocky. I was running low on torps (and out of rear torps) so I took position to take a front shot on an ore carrier as the convoy came upon me for the third time. Down it went. This time none of the escorts even came after me.

Slightly bewildered, I headed toward home with three front torps remaining and a decent tonnage of about 41,000.

No contacts were sighted until the next morning. A lone troop carrier steaming south west off the coast of Galway. I'd never encountered a troop ship before and, with three torps left, determined to sink it. It was quite foggy and difficult to make out but it looked like a four stacker. Four stacks? None of these troop ships in the book have... IT'S THE AQUITANIA!!

I knew she was fast so I matched her course and moved ahead flank whilst determining her speed. 14 knots. And I'm making 16 on these seas. Brilliant. I powered ahead, I mean really far ahead; I didn't want to stuff this one up. Once she was out of sight I came to port and laid the boat to intercept her course at 90'. I ducked down to periscope depth and waited. And waited. And waited. She was long overdue at my intercept point, let alone the fact that she wasn't in visual range of my scope. I zoomed out on the nav map and realised; her noise signature wasn't moving. Cautiously moving toward her, there were no signs of movement. Coming closer, I realised: she was sinking. The water was almost up to her deck. What the hell? Calm seas, no rain, not another ship in sight. A mine hit maybe? Anyway, I felt cheated. I launched my last three torps at her to pick off the tonnage, feeling dirty as hell. I got the "she's going down" message the second the first torp hit.

Heading back to Lorient it occurred to me that this was my highest ever patrol tonnage. But rather than being excited, I felt hollow.

Escorts that didn't seem to care about protecting their convoy?

A large modern liner foundering in calm seas?

There were medals and promotions aplenty but I couldn't help but feel a bit dissapointed.

Fish In The Water 09-16-11 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by Zedwardson (Post 1750597)
well, the V class escort in nov 1939 found U-53 and sunk me with a few well placed depth charges. Obtained a Iron Cross (2nd class) after his death.

Gone but not forgotten, a salute and a moment of silence for the gallant crew of U-53! :salute:

VONHARRIS 09-16-11 06:06 AM

New career started because the previous one (U-125 IXC) crashed after an unsuccesful mod install.
A clean install took place and guess what: I managed to run the MFM!

Patrol No2
31 August 1939
05:23 hours Left Wilhelmshaven for grid AM52

04 September 1939
Grid AN14
12:00 hours SS Karsik (Medium Merchant 09), 3185 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 1

07 September 1939
Grid AM52 - convoy attack
21:57 hours SS Blairmore (Medium Merchant 16), 3902 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 60. Crew lost: 50
22:28 hours SS Clan MacFarlane (Medium Merchant 20), 6160 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 13
22:32 hours SS P. L. M. 24 (Ore Freighter 01), 6177 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 67. Crew lost: 62

09 September 1939
Grid AM52
11:44 hours HMS Cyprus (Q ship), 4043 tons. Crew: 57. Crew lost: 50

14 September 1939
16:25 hours Returned to port
15 days at sea
5 ships sunk
23467 tons
1 man wounded
2 men dead
Hull integrity: 72%

Fish In The Water 09-16-11 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1750784)
A clean install took place and guess what: I managed to run the MFM!

Wow! No small feat, enjoy and congrats! :woot:

VONHARRIS 09-16-11 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Fish In The Water (Post 1750798)
Wow! No small feat, enjoy and congrats! :woot:

It was too good to be true.
I spoke too soon.
It only lasted for one patrol.
The game crashed when I started the second patrol.

Anyway , a new clean install , mods enabled and some ships of the MFM manually added as usually.
Now the game runs fine.
I must not try any more experiments!

eschemschnuz 09-16-11 05:37 PM

Club Med
Yo Karl! :salute:

Thanks for the Iron Cross - second class stuff that is!

U-87 Type VIIB, 29th Flotilla reporting from Patrol 3.
Realism @ 50%, original game specs.
11-day cruise. Hull got dinked, but nothing too serious.
Medals and promotions all around!
Over and out.

Fish In The Water 09-16-11 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1750938)
It was too good to be true.
I spoke too soon.
It only lasted for one patrol.
The game crashed when I started the second patrol.

Rats! :damn:

Oh well, if it helps - I'm in the same boat just adding a few ships manually. Once I update my rig the MFM will take to the seas in full force. :DL

Zedwardson 09-16-11 10:17 PM

U-28 leaves harbor, to patrol near the British Coast near the Orkney Islands, When a Task force is spotted racing down the eastern coast of Scotland. U-28 rushes to intercept, dreams of a British Capital dancing though the commanders head, as he approaches the English coast, he finds himself in a pickle of wonderful targets, a Large convoy heading south, a small convoy headed north, and the task force somewhere, unless it was in port.

Jan 26, 1940 0821

Damage to port and starboard rudders! we are under fire!!

Lt. Pies looks up from his navigation board, someone or some thing had caught U-28 unaware, he ordered scope depth, and sees his ashen lookout slide down the ladder.

C&D Class on direct heading towards us sir!

Looking though the scope, he sees the HMS Decoy charging with a bone in its teeth at his Boat. Calmly he asks for depth under keep. Then goes pale when he finds out the depth is only 75 meters.

He heard his navigator mutter "When they find us, dann ist aber die Kacke am Dampfen"

Pies is noted for being aggressive, but cool under fire, so he orders his boat to face the HMS Decoy, has he has four electric eels in it, and watches as the escort approaches.

1000 Meters - he orders tube one opened, and fires. he orders tube two opened and waits as he watches the stopwatch, it is a miss. He fires tube two and orders tubes 3 and 4 open, at 400 meters he knows the 2nd eel as missed, so he fires the last two, and orders a crash drive, lowering the scope, and finding god.


Cheers race though the boat, and lt. Pies orders his boat to scope depth. The HMS Decoy is sinking fast, but he sees smoke on the horizon, and he knows the other escorts are coming fast, so he turns tail and pushes his boat to get away from the sinking HMS Decoy, and into deeper water.

Lt. Pies lets himself smile, when suddenly a glance on the scope shows yet another escort coming head on to him. the boat is hit by pings. he fires the electric eel in a low percentage shot at the escort behind him, and orders depth to 70 meters. Then orders silence, for U-28 is to be depth charged.

Lt Pies gets his damage control team ready, as the men stay silent. the hydrophone man calmly tells as four (4!!) escorts circle the boat, pinging, dropping depth charges. Lt. Pies tries a tactic that if he hears the sound of screws overhead, then depth charge alert, to do a sudden burst of Flank speed, in the hope of avoiding the depth charges. The charges are endless, the watch officer looses count after 75, as boat after boat makes depth charge runs and tries to end U-28 run. There is no serious damage, but at 1032, there is a 5th(!!) escort that has arrive, and lays down a massive volley of depth charges. and U-28 shakes like a twig, and its bows plow into the mud, as emergency lights flicker on. Lt. Pies puts his damage control team into action, ordering them to give damage reports. Seeing organized Chaos up front.

The bow is badly damaged, as the Damage control team first controls, then begins to push back the emergency flooding. Lt. Pies does order the evacuation of those sections by non emergency crews, as the flooding was that much of a threat, however dewatering continued, even as depth charges kept falling, occasionally doing more and more damage. The shallow water helped for a first, as U-28 was at no risk of being crushed, but the flooding finally relented.

U-28 was on the bottom, in the mud, so the engine was turned off, as for the next five hours, U-28 was shaken, not stirred. each time it appeared that perhaps they where finished, as they pinged away, suddenly a depth charge would fall, breaking the damaged seals, and forcing the damage control teams to repair and dewater. But it was slowly working away, so carefully rising two meters, and going slowly, U-28 slipped away, and at 1732, surfaced, fresh air filling the boat. And U-28 sailed home. No crew being injured or killed in the action.

For this action, Lt. Pies received the Iron Cross, 2nd Class.

VONHARRIS 09-17-11 06:00 AM

U-45 VIIB new career
After the crashes with the CU mod , U-45 is back in action

Patrol 2 (No 1 was the shakedown)
31 August 1939
11:57 hours U-45 left Wilhelmshaven to patrol Grid BF16.

11 September 1939
Grid BF15
15:45 hours Ship sunk! SS Atos (Small Freighter), 2221 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 32. Crew lost: 28 Our first torpedo kill

12 September 1939
Grid BF16
09:05 hours Ship sunk! HMS Anthony (A&B classes), 1350 tons. Crew: 145. Crew lost: 14

14 September 1939
Grid BF17
19:48 hours Ship sunk! SS Adherity (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 5

19 September 1939
Grid BF17
12:03 hours SS Dalcroy (Medium Merchant 22), 4290 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 43. Crew lost: 5

21 September 1939
Grid BF17
18:53 hours SS Scholar (Medium Merchant 22), 4291 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 37. Crew lost: 21
19:12 hours MV Esso Belgium (Tanker 16), 10678 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 56. Crew lost: 31

01 October 1939
08:35 hours Returned to port
32 days at sea
6 ships sunk
24699 tons
No casualties or damages

ETsd4 09-17-11 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Zedwardson (Post 1751220)

... and orders a crash drive, lowering the scope, and finding god.

Wait, what? This Kaleun made up his own awakening in a submarine?

eschemschnuz 09-17-11 08:33 AM

Club Med
Yo Karl! :salute:

Thanks for the Iron Cross - first class stuff that is!

U-87 Type VIIB, 29th Flotilla reporting from Patrol 4.
Realism @ 50%, original game specs.
6-day cruise. Hull took a bit of a pounding though.
Medals and promotions all around!
Over and out.

VONHARRIS 09-17-11 10:04 AM

U-45 VIIB Patrol No 3
Patrol No3
31 October 1939
08:34 hours U-45 set sail from Germany to grid AN13

03 November 1939
Grid AN41
22:48 hours MV John R. Williams (Tugboat), 1129 tons. Crew: 19. Crew lost: 13 Sunk by gunfire

10 November 1939
Grid AM52
23:53 hours Q Ship HMS Maunder (Medium Coastal Freighter), 2364 tons. Crew: 72. Crew lost: 3

11 November 1939
Grid AM52
03:57 hours SS Aage (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 28. Crew lost: 5 sunk by gunfire
14:27 hours MV Laertes (Small Trawler), 98 tons. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 17 Sunk by 20mm flak gun

13 November 1939
Grid AM52
03:52 hours SS Nonpareil (Medium Cargo), 5521 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 60. Crew lost: 56

14 November 1939
Grid AM52
06:43 hours SS Anghyra (Tramp Steamer), 1631 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 15

15 November 1939
Grid AM02 - Convoy attack
09:02 hours SS Prosper (Tramp Steamer), 1632 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 18
09:32 hours MV Lorraine (Large Tanker), 10120 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 45. Crew lost: 21
10:55 hours SS Amsterdam (Tanker 10), 6581 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 26. Crew lost: 2

20 November 1939
04:11 hours Returned to Wilhelmshaven
21 days at sea
9 ships sunk
30945 tons
No casualties or damages

Zedwardson 09-17-11 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by ETsd4 (Post 1751362)
Wait, what? This Kaleun made up his own awakening in a submarine?

Just seeing if anyone was actually reading that :O:

WWII44 09-17-11 03:36 PM

I just finished my third patrol in the Type VIIC U-529. we got into scapa flow and sank the HMS Hood. We escaped the flow with little damage and no casualties.

Uboatman 09-17-11 03:50 PM

U-52 back in Kiel after a successful 3rd Patrol around to the Western Approaches. Bagged a couple on the way round. Went quiet for a few days then the weather cleared up and found an outward bound convoy in BF17. The lone V&W escort spotted us at extreme range, went to periscope depth after it came to intercept me and took the destroyer out.

Returned to the surface and positioned for an attack on the convoy. Weather conditions were very good but not favourable for a surface attack, had to take out the 2 Fast Freighters 1st as they were the only ships armed, even then after 5 eels had to surface to finish of one and sustained minor damage to the hull, nevertheless went on to savage the remains of the convoy depleting all ammunition apart from the 20mm which was retained for the return to base


Date and Time

0149 Patrol 3
U-52, U-Flotilla Weddigen
Left at: October 15, 1939, 01:49
From: Kiel
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN41
1302 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS West Notus (Medium Old Split Merchant), 5596 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 50. Crew lost: 34
1653 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS Isac (Tramp Steamer), 2109 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 24. Crew lost: 13
1904 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! SS Columbine (Split Merchant), 3368 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 68. Crew lost: 8
2235 Grid AM 55 Ship sunk! SS Port Caroline (Ore Carrier), 6715 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 75. Crew lost: 21
0627 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Delfina (Medium Merchant 11), 3129 tons. Crew: 60. Crew lost: 33
1715 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! HMS Walker (V&W classes), 1188 tons. Crew: 116. Crew lost: 22
1951 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! MV Wellington Star (Fast Freighter), 13241 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 73. Crew lost: 39
1954 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Dick Lykes (Medium Cargo), 3957 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 53. Crew lost: 51
1959 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! MV Beacon Grange (Fast Freighter), 12612 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 76. Crew lost: 6
2007 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Petrolite (Small Old Oiler), 1587 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 15. Crew lost: 9
2011 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Elena (Nipiwan Park-type Tanker), 2476 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 15. Crew lost: 14
2016 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Sire (Medium Split Merchant), 5897 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 49. Crew lost: 14
2021 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Chepo (Medium Split Merchant), 5896 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 48. Crew lost: 29
2023 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Chevychase (Nipiwan Park-type Tanker), 2477 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 25. Crew lost: 13
2025 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Andalusian (Bulk Freighter), 2866 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 49. Crew lost: 16
2026 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Zagloba (Bulk Freighter), 2867 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 39. Crew lost: 13
2032 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Lifland (Passenger/Cargo), 1778 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 191. Crew lost: 26
1046 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 17
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 77759 tons

note for fellow Kaleuns running the Community Units Mod, the Bulk Freighters went down after 2-5 shots at the waterline, was surprised but pleasantly so

JazzJR 09-17-11 08:13 PM

Patrol 17

Leaving the Port St.Nazaire to patrol grid BE97 at 1409

Ship sunk! "SS Romolo" at BE66 Large Cargoship 10616BRT

Going to A-45, hope to find some Ships through KDB
Ship propellers at 011 closing , middle distance.
surface and attacking targets with 8.8 Deckgun
Ship sunk! "SS Clan Menzies" at BE95 Large Cargoship 10618BRT
Ship sunk! "SS Memnon" at BE95 Large Cargoship 10619BRT

Ship sunk! "SS Merida" at BF45 Passenger- Cargoship 2245BRT
Continue Patrol

Ship sunk! "SS Barnby" at AM52 Medium Cargo steamer 4708BRT

Ship sunk! "SS Bedenham" at AN15 Coastal Freighter 1871BRT
Ship sunk! "SS Agais" at AM36 Coastal Freighter 1872BRT

Empire Freighter spotted! Attacking with 8.8 Deckgun.
Freighter is returning the Fire!
Tube I firing a G1e Torpedo.
Taking damage from gun fight! Repair crew is at work!
Watch officer killed by shrapnel. Another seaman dead, one wounded.
Torpedo impact!
Ship sunk! "SS Empire Prairie" Empire Type Freighter (Q-Ship?) 6780BRT
Returning to Base in St. Nazaire.

Reaching St. Nazaire ending Patrol 17
Crew losses:2
Ships sunk: 8
Sunk Tonnage: 49329BRT

WWII44 09-17-11 08:52 PM

Patrol 5
U-529, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: November 15, 1940, 09:21
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BF15
Ship sunk! SS Agua (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 13
Ship sunk! Motor Torpedo Boat, 47 tonsShip sunk! Motor Torpedo Boat, 47 tons
Ship sunk! Motor Torpedo Boat, 47 tons
Ship sunk! Motor Torpedo Boat, 47 tons
Ship sunk! SS Capo Olmo (Granville-type Freighter), 4708 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 97. Crew lost: 29
Ship sunk! PT-188 (Elco Torpedo Boat), 45 tons. Crew: 12. Crew lost: 6
Ship sunk! HMS Decoy (C&D classes), 1375 tons. Crew: 164. Crew lost: 90
Ship sunk! HMS Ceylon (Fiji class), 10725 tons. Crew: 771. Crew lost: 300
Ship sunk! MV Piriapolis (Troop Transport), 8011 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 192. Crew lost: 90
Ship sunk! HMS Vega (V&W classes), 1188 tons. Crew: 101. Crew lost: 24
Ship sunk! HMS Vanoc (V&W classes), 1188 tons. Crew: 102. Crew lost: 37
Patrol results
Crew losses: 1 dead
Ships sunk: 12
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 29297 tons

Fish In The Water 09-17-11 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by WWII44 (Post 1751566)
I just finished my third patrol in the Type VIIC U-529. we got into scapa flow and sank the HMS Hood. We escaped the flow with little damage and no casualties.

The drinks are on Donitz! :up:

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