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Kermit the Frog 06-15-11 03:02 PM

6-7-1942, Bay of Biscay, U-93 "Steigendes Pferd"
We're so close to Lorient... Dramatic patrol cames to an end. Today is special day. Not because tomorrow we finally came home. Let's calculate a little bit. We left Lorient at 15-05-1942, after 14 days we reached U-461 to refuel our small boat. 29-05-1942 we left U-461 heading sector CA28, bay of New York.
We came there, and at 6-6-1942 we fought our epic battle for survive. Among other damages we also lost radio, so we wasn't reporting our position. Because of this every day, BDU was sending the same message to us:
"U-93. Report your current position and status". Without an answer of course.
But today BDU sends "three star" message:
"U-93 isn't reporting his position for 30 days. They are considered as missing, and probably lost with all hands."
I'm officially Davie Jones, and my boat's name is "Flying Dutch".

7-7-1942, Lorient, U-93 "Steigendes Pferd"
We're entering harbour. Nobody recognizes us. Bridge is so destroyed, that emblem is invisible, and since we have no radio,we're not announced. I take aldis to send our recognition code to curious ones. No big ceremony, no champaign. We took too much damage to show ourselves to everyone, the view is too depressing.

Repairs will continue to 14 October 1942. Comendantur asks if I want to take command over newly built, type IXC/40 boat. I refused, instead I submitted an application for transfer to 11th U-boat flotilla, Bergen.
Approved one.

sublynx 06-15-11 04:03 PM

U-552, patrol 6, end report
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE33

31.8.1943 Bergen
Action report. Just before midnight 23.7.1943 an attack was made against a convoy with 4 - 6 guards. In heavy seas and with only a hasty guesstimation of the course I got into a firing position perpendicular against a 12000 BRT tanker, speed estimated at 10 knots, course 266, range 4200 meters. Two TIII's and two FAT I's shot. After about nine minutes two of the torpedoes hit something, judging by the hydrophone sounds. An aft torpedo was shot at an Isles class patrol boat, range 2200 meters, but missed. Evasion in periscope depth. Afterwards the Kriegsmarine Radio intelligence reported that an S-type sub and a 8000 BRT tanker were reported sunk that night and since ours was the only boat attacking the convoy, we got credited by the sinkings. Later we estimated the convoy's course as 271 degrees, speed 9 knots. The sinkings show the power of FAT torpedoes. Wrong course, wrong speed, very long range, 15 m/s winds - and yet again the FAT's hit hard and unpredictably.

Enemy sightings.
24.7. 1225 AM45 Metox warning. Dived.
27.7. 1932 AF75 Metox warning. Dived. 5 - 7 fast warships heard on a southerly course.

Boat status. The boat took 6 days of repairs. Matrosengefreiter Richard Sturm was promoted and Stabsbootmann Wolfgang Koch got an EKII for their efficiency in emergengy repairs during the air attack that caused the damage to the boat. Leutnant Reinhold Wild got an order to report to Kiel. That probably means he will start training for commanding a boat of his own.

I managed to talk FdU Norwegen to let me have a better Turm for my boat and at last we have the room for a 20 mm Flakvierling. We also have a C/38 Flakzwilling. We now have a chance against the airplanes, but I still hope to avoid them if possible. We can carry only a limited amount of ammunition and a submarine can't be armored against bombs, while keeping it's maneuverability.

The base has also it's first acoustic torpedoes, TIV Falkes, but there are only a few and FdU wouldn't let me carry those. I didn't press the issue, since he already let me have the necessary changes that makes U-552 a lot more dangerous against aircraft.

In port I heard rumours about Hessler's U-65 probably being in trouble. U-505 has had a very successful patrol and sunk three destroyers and a whole lot of merchants in the US coast. I also heard that U-93 has been transferred to the 11. Flotilla. A very welcome addition to our small U-boat arsenal here in the North.

The repairs and the modifications have thankfully taken a lot of time and have kept us from the battle. However I have just had orders to report to FdU Norwegen and I guess it can only mean yet another patrol for us.


Gerald 06-15-11 04:05 PM

Good work, :up:

Snestorm 06-15-11 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by gt_magnus (Post 1682782)
Starting a new career today :)! One question though : Why won't your boat change number when changing from for example, a Type II to a Type VII? Is this a GWX bug or a SH3 bug?

Documents - SH3 - Careers - current career name - Patrols_0.

Scroll down to the last patrol. (Your next patrol).
Change the boat number to whatever you like.
(Reboot between doimg this and playing SH3).

There's also a folder where Time Compression settings can be customixed.

Snestorm 06-15-11 10:11 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 10.
News: U552 sunk 20.000+ GRT from a heavily escorted convoy, AND an S Class Submarine!!! Wow! Well done, and congrats on the new AA setup.
U93 had to slip back into port with heavy damages, and no radio notification. He lives!
After some well documented heavy action off USA's east coast & The Carribean, U505 has lost some valuable crew members, including the IWO. They'll be missed by U39 in Lorient.
U65 has met with some determined hunters after sinking HMS Nelson, and is clinging to life.
U126 has had a Tanker Party off USA's east coast sinking over 100.000 GRT in a single patrol. It took U39 8 patrols to break that same mark.
Kaleun Fischer was lost while trying to outrun RN surface units.

Underway from Lorient 11.nov.41, Bound for the rolling patrol line along the Freetown - UK shipping lines.

CG19 (W of Spain)
0148: "Ship spotted! 012. Long range." Sea is dead calm.
0159: Hydrophone speed and course estimation. 322 at 9 knots.
0202: Surface. The chase is on!
0252: Target IDed as Coastal Merchant, with a stern gun mount.
0257: Fire 3 (G7A), from 1100 meters. Diesels making under 2 knots.
0258: Impact. Target disintigrates.
(Our deck gun had been manned, just in case).

2200: On station at turn around point. (E of Cape Verde Islands).

0032: Convoy located by patrol line.
Radio: "Convoy. EJ39. N. 6 knots." (1 grid SW of U39).
U39 moving at high speed to EJ36.
Overcast. Light Fog. Wind 12 m/s.

EJ36 & EJ33
All torpedoes are expended in three attacks.
2 freighters are sunk, with a third left DIW.
U39 remained with the cripple until a IXC showed up with torpedoes, to finidh the job, and take the tonnage credit. Oh well.

U39 acted as Contact Holder all the way into DT35, where BDU released her due to heavy fog.

2030: Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results:
3 ships sunk for 14.938 GRT.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended.

U39's history to date:
10 war patrols completed since 1.sep.39.
24 ships sunk for 133.590 GRT.

Gerald 06-16-11 02:12 AM

133.590 GRT,Good work my friend :DL

Kip336 06-16-11 03:01 AM

DATE/Time Location Log
30 Jan - 1941
12:30 Lorient Departed. Escorted by minesweeper untill Point 1
13:00 Minesweeper dismissed, course 310

18:00 Position fixed, continued to operations area.

20:32 Crash dive practice. Hydrophone listen
21:30 Surfaced

31 Jan - 1941

10:30 BF19 Radio message. Large convoy BF15, WSW 8 knots.
Set course to intercept
14:30 Smoke on the horizon. An L Class AA Destroyer shows up
14:46 Destroyer turns towards us, he is enaging me!. Dive, silent running
15:40 Destroyer is getting inaccurate. Periscope Depth
Tube V, 550m, brg 160 AOB 35red, Speed 15 knots. Los!
15:41 Hit! She sinks! Continued along intercept track for convoy
16:40 BF13 I see flames on the horizon, must be the convoy. I continue along the track, before noticing I'm already past the convoy and am following a straggler. Turned around and backtracked for an attack run from the other side
16:48 Tube IV; Distance 1600, bearing 350, 8 knots. Angle on bow 60 red. Los! 1 minute later; Tube III, distance 800, bearing 345, 8 knots, angle on bow 50 green. Los! Torpedo's should arrive at the same time
16:51 One ore carrier hit. She starts to list, but continues to go on. Tube III hits a merchant for 5000T. She breaks up and sinks rapidly.
17:04 Destroyers come to show their frustration
22:07 BF1369 No destroyers in periscope sight, surface the boat, commence repairs
Wind 4ms/0, mod. Vis
23:59 All internal tubes reloaded.

01 Feb - 1941
0:48 BF13 Smoke on the horizon! Soon followed by a est. 10.000 ton freighter out of the fog, brg 355, aob 20 green
Decks awash ordered, prepare for surface attack
0:59 BF13 Tube II + III, 450 meter, brg 0 deg Aob 90 green, 6 knots, 3 deg. spread. 1 hit, 1 dud.
0:05 Surface the boat, coup de grace with 22 88mm shells. Their gun fired about 4 rounds in 4 minutes
0:17 Picked up a lifeboat. Gave them a compass heading to land, and took her papers. .
She's the SS. Manchester, a 10,620GRT merchant. Headed for Bristol, bringing in iron ore. She sunk very fast!

AAlso Available on google docs, as a public to all spreadsheet;

Bernhard Bernard 06-16-11 05:26 AM

Patrol number 1.
Commander: Berhard B. Bernard
May 6, 1939.
1. 0600: Ship sighted off port bow; it was big and shiny. I sailed at it until it sailed away. I think it was faster than me.
2. 0630: Sunk ship flying a red flag with white circle in the middle by ramming it.
3. 0640: Recieved fire from dolphin off the port bow, AOB 30 degrees. Opened fire with deck gun.
4. 0641: Dolphin sunk, no survivors.
5 0642: Slipped over and hit head on deck. Ordered abandon of ship in case of damage to deck.
6. 2200: Still waiting for someone to pick me up actually. Nobody else wanted to abandon ship. Fools! Good thing I kept my log book or it would have sunk too!

gazpode_l 06-16-11 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by Bernhard Bernard (Post 1685087)
Patrol number 1.
Commander: Berhard B. Bernard
May 6, 1939.
1. 0600: Ship sighted off port bow; it was big and shiny. I sailed at it until it sailed away. I think it was faster than me.
2. 0630: Sunk ship flying a red flag with white circle in the middle by ramming it.
3. 0640: Recieved fire from dolphin off the port bow, AOB 30 degrees. Opened fire with deck gun.
4. 0641: Dolphin sunk, no survivors.
5 0642: Slipped over and hit head on deck. Ordered abandon of ship in case of damage to deck.
6. 2200: Still waiting for someone to pick me up actually. Nobody else wanted to abandon ship. Fools! Good thing I kept my log book or it would have sunk too!

Absolute class! :har:

Kermit the Frog 06-16-11 06:36 AM

14-10-1942, U-93 "Steigendes Pferd", Bergen
Finally we're leaving for patrol. I can't wait to try this new "Metox" receiver. Anyway, Bergen looks beautyfull. Millions of lights, and green hills makes me feel like acting in fairy tale. Unfortunately I can't disrupt myself, because of three troubles. First one is because my helm is transferred to other boat, and the new one is purely green. The second one: More and more u-boats isn't returning from patrols. Something doesn't fit here. What happened? Finally third one: when I swam here last time, it was operation "Weserubung", and I was having my old VIIB. There's lot of changes since then.
Well we'll see... but now:
-Manoeuvre stations! standard ahead!- But honestly there's not much to manoeuvre, because from our bunker to harbour gate leads straight line. Watch crew is fascinated with beautyful sights in fiord, But I feel myself insecure. Two and half hours of shallow water, remands me times of operation Weserubung when I was setting a trap in fiord. Suddenly I feel myself like a target on shooting range. I feel much better when we're entering an open see. Now I can focus on task. My orders: patrol in sector CG88. I look at the map, and immediately I have in front of my eyes pictures of old times, when I was based at Keel. When I was sneaking through North See to Atlantic, or through Canal to hunt down Gibraltar heading convoys. Very quick I decide to travel around the West British coast. It's maybe a little longer way, but I believe that Canal is to hard way for the beginning.
-Weather report every 2 hours!- I decide to stay surface in daylight.

Very soon we see, that nothing is like in old times. Radio reports lot of DD patrols at North See, but through all the day nobody troubles us. The see is calm, visibility 9 km makes our journey safe.

Two hours after sunset, same day.
-Radar signals detected!- And after a while -Multiple radar signals detected!
I stand up immediately, and go to bridge. I don't see anything in given direction, but it means nothing. Signals are very clear, bearing 320~310, and seems to move along our larboard.
-What's the visibility?
-9 km- says Johann -change course?
-No... I need to know if they can detect us from that range.
-Battle stations?
-Of course, but quiet...
We don't have to wait long. Very soon we see them. Four destroyers, on parallel course, but opposite direction. I feel the need to hide myself under water, but I resist this idea. Instead I watch them carefully through binoculars, but they not changing course. After 20 minutes I'm going to go back to command room, when another time we get warning:
-Detecting single radar signal, on course.
I grab my Binocular, but Johann is faster:
-Alaaaarm! Dive! Dive!! Dive!!!- The hatch is closed and locked when he starts talking -It's Lancaster bomber. Heading straight on us.
-Periscope depth! Watch periscope up! Hard starboard! Flank ahead!- Almost immediately I see him. He just dropped DC's. Missed one :)
I'm afraid that destroyers may came back, so I order change course, standard ahead. We're staying under water for 30 min. After that time I carefully raise periscope up, and after assuring that we're alone, I order to surface the boat.
Next couple of days we spend without further adventures. We're on latitude of London. From three days we have constantly heavy clouds above us, but visibility keeps its 9 km and no sign of rain. We're on Atlantic and I'm already missing North See. I don't know why...

Uploaded with

VONHARRIS 06-16-11 07:02 AM

U-505 IXC
Patrol 17
U-39 returned to Lorient safe after a nice patrol. Kaluen Snestorm was unhappy for having to leave a target DIW due to lack of torpedoes
U-552 has upgraded her AA armament to fight th ever increasing aircraft threat.
U-93 and Kaleun Kermit were transferred to Bergen to team up with U-552
U-93 has departed and already has reported contact with a heavy RAF bomber
U-336 is on patrol sinking ships

08 December 1942
03:27 hours U-505 left Lorient for grid DN78 , Cuba. I might bring back some Bacardi

05 January 1943
Grid DN78
09:57 hours Naval oiler sunk in convoy battle

09 January 1943
Grid EC68
09:48 hours Naval oiler sunk in convoy battle
09:59 hours Naval oiler sunk in convoy battle

14 January 1943
Grid EC68
11:12 hours Large tanker sunk in convoy battle
11:14 hours Turbine tanker sunk in convoy battle
12:39 hours Turbine tanker sunk in convoy battle
All torpedoes fired

11 February 1943
14:27 hours U-505 docked at Lorient
66 days at sea
6 ships sunk
65549 tons (all tankers)
No casualties or damages, The Americans have a lot to learn!

Installed the FuMo - 30 radar set.
The T1 FAT1 torpedoes are available. I have reqeusted for 4 of them to put them into use following the example of U-552.

I didn't have time to file a full scale report this time!

gazpode_l 06-16-11 07:06 AM

R Hessler, Pat2, Rpt5

Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1683951)
Pat2,Rpt4, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)

Hessler has recently sunk the HMS Nelson. However, the latest news is that despite depth changes and running silent, and flank speed when in baffles of the enemy, he has yet to evade the three persuing enemy corvettes which are hitting back.

The enemy have been pounding U-65 for one hour solid now and no letup in sight.

The sub has sustained light damages during the attacks but have said that they appear to be winning the battle to escape.

More reports to follow soon....hopefully! :06:

SAVE & EXIT: 12;15am R/L time for bed
GAME TIME TODAY: 1hr (no time compression used due to persistant attack)
Hope to do more tomorrow nt.

R Hessler, Pat2, Rpt5
Last report as above mentioned R Hessler, was under attack from convoy escorts.

23/10 - 8pm
We have sunk the Nelson and a detonation is heard far away, but no other sounds are heard to confirm the hit. Enemy escorts are beginning to Ping us! :ping:

23/10 8:15pm
We are now being chased by 2x enemy escorts (possibly ASW trawlers or Flower class corvettes") Depth Charges are exploding around us, causing minor damages to our sub.

23/10 - 8:30pm
U-65 is in serious bother now! We've got three escorts around us as three separate warship signatures are heard, all the same type (unconfirmed) Minor damages are repaired and we are diving deeper to between 90-100m

23/10 9pm
Rapid pinging from above, followed by more detonations! we are getting D/C dropped on us every 2-5 minutes at the moment and despite changing depth and direction, it appears to be difficult to shake of our persuers.

23/10 9:30pm
The convoy can no longer be heard on hydrophones, the escorts have allowed them to escape! distance between us and the escorts appear to be greater now. We've not been pinged for a little while and no D/C have been dropped for past five minutes

23/10 9:45PM
I order us to crawl slowly upto Periscope depth. I need a quick look to regain situational awareness. It's gone quiet from above - I think the escorts are leaving to catch backup with the convoy, and more-so could be out of depth charges as the attacks lasted around 90 minutes.

23/10 9:50pm
A periscope sweep shows 1x flower class, 1x asw trawler, one at 3km and the other at 5km. They appear to be heading away - we must now be careful not to allow them to re-aquire us, otherwise we will be under attack again!

SAVE & EXIT: 01:00hrs R/L time (thursday am)
Time for bed!

General comments:
U-boats U-552 & U-126 have been engaging tankers & convoys and have sent dozens of british & other merchants to the bottom, they are looking like they will be some of our best commanders out there with the amounts they have sunk thus far.

U-93 took major damage, but arrived in lorient alive, with a broken radio meaning she was unable to make any contact and BDU presumed she was lost at sea! Since then it took months to repair her, but has been out & returned from another patrol, during which she sunk 3 ships for just under 15k GRT.

Kaluen Kip (I think that's his name) has returned to sea in his U-boat. However we suspect he's been given a different boat because his old one was broken and was unable to put to sea.

sublynx 06-16-11 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1684948)
News: U552 sunk 20.000+ GRT from a heavily escorted convoy, AND an S Class Submarine!!! Wow! Well done, and congrats on the new AA setup.

Thanks Snestorm, I did manage to get the boat to a barely adequate firing position, but the results were pure luck combined with the excellent capabilities of long ranged FAT torpedoes. :O:

@Bernhard: Excellent first mission! Keep up the good work! :arrgh!:

@Kaleun Kermit: Great screenshot and nice to have another boat operating from Bergen! Gute Jagd!

@gazpode: Congrats on escaping the revenge of Royal Navy!

@everyone else: Excellent patrol results here :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

sublynx 06-16-11 03:00 PM

U-552, patrol 7, report 1
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE34

Statusbericht 20.8.1943
1301 AF76 clear, visibility 8 – 9 kilometers, wind 15 m/s. Continuing towards our patrol grid with a full load of 12 torpedoes.

2121 AF87 A Catalina on a northeasterly course, range 6 – 7 kilometers. Flak guns readied, dived when estimated that a dive to A+20 could be made safely.

0838 AF76 Two Whitleys coming straight at us initially at a range of 4 – 5 kilometers. Flak guns readied, no chance for a safe dive. The stern of the boat turned towards enemy, speed AK. Enemy attacked line astern at a dive of 30 – 40 degrees, no jinking attempts by the attacker noticed. Flak crew opened fire on the leading airplane at medium range. The plane was hit soon as no deflection shooting was necessary, and started to disintegrate in the air and hit water approximately 150 meters from the port side stern of the boat. The pilot made no attempts to crash land and the plane was smashed to little pieces, when it hit the water. The second plane strafed the pressure hull with machine gun fire and turned to our starboard side. Watch officer’s estimation is that the second plane was hit slightly. The plane gathered height and range, and enough distance was gained for a safe dive. A test dive to A+70 was made. 273 20 mm rounds were used.
1310 AF76 a U-boat sighted, turned out to be U-93 returning to Bergen.
1933 AF76 Metox warning. Dived.

0118 AF76 Metox warning. While diving an airplane was sighted. It was night time, but very light.
1158 AF76 One twinengined airplane coming straight us. The range was estimated as long enough for a safe dive. The range turned out to be badly misestimated, and at 1200 hours while the boat was still at a depth of 51 – 56 meters, three explosions rocked the boat. Luckily, no damage was caused.

Assessment. The enemy Whitleys were badly underarmed with their ten light machineguns altogether against our eight 20 mm guns. Their no-deflection slow attack approach was quite senseless. I can only assume that they were sure that we would try to dive and there would be nothing shooting back at them, and they would then accurately drop bombs on us from a very low level. The attack approach they made against our firepower would have only been sensible, if the enemy had been armed with 20 mm guns or rockets and the noses of the planes had been armoured, not made of glass. We surprised them this time and the morale of the crew is very high.


Snestorm 06-17-11 01:42 AM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 11. Part 1.
0520: Underway from Lorient.
Orders: Commence operations in CA63.
Assigned area therefrom: Grid CA, in it's entirety.
Special instructions: Firing upon submarines is prohibited.

Biscay was passed submerged by day, and Ahead Standard by night.

26.feb.42 (The following times ar local Zone Time).
CC15 (S of Skt Lawrence Seaway)
1918: Hydrophone operator reports medium speed merchant closing, just prior to our nightly surfacing. Course & Speed are guesstimated at 086 making 9 knots, based on a New York origin and our position as destination.
1924: Surface. Both diesels Full Ahead, with a 30 degree lead on target's guesstimated course. TDC preset to 90 degree port AOB, 9 knots, 3 meters impact (magnetic pistols removed per BDU), 2 degree spread on tubes 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E).
1951: "Ship spotted! 288. Long range."
Turn bow on. Ahead Slow. We slightly outran him, confirming his estimated course. AOB setting reversed to 90 degrees starboard.
1952: Set turns for 2 knots. Target IDed as a C2 Cargo.
1953: Stern gun mount noted. (Too rough for our deck gun at 8 M/S).
The range closes fast, but if I slow the boat can't lead the target.
2000: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E). Spread opened to 5 degrees. Range 700 meters.
Back Slow. Impact! Impact! Miss!
2101: Fire 3 (G7A).
2102: Impact! On the bow. C2 sunk for 6.446 GRT. Torpedo run 55 seconds.
Area departed at high speed. All tubes reloaded following pre-sunrise dive.

2227: Med speed merchant picked up on sound.
Moving away. Heavy Fog & Rain. No persuit given.

1500: On station at assigned entry grid.
Overcast. Medium Fog. 15 m/s.

0400: Overcast. Medium Fog. 8 m/s.
Total depth: 93 meters.
Location: 70 miles SW of Montauk Light, Long Island.
No encounters in US coastal waters thus far.
U39 closing Long Island's south shore in hopes of locating New York - Boston, or New York - Halifax trafik.
Secondary search area is to be New Jersey's coastline, if neccesary.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 05:21 PM.

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