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Wreford-Brown 08-09-2014 01:36 AM

Enjoying the challenge
I've recently taken up SHO and I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

After a number of years playing predominantly SH3 (with a little SH4 thrown in) I find the AI annoyingly predictable and I've got a good idea when to attack a convoy and when to search for single ships because the convoys are too well protected. All this, coupled with pretty good knowledge of the campaign files has made SH less of a challenge than I'm after for my preferred gameplay.

SHO has breathed new life into the series for me. The AI is still an unknown quantity (I'm still on the first campaign) but I'm enjoying learning on the job through the earlier missions rather than by being sunk then waiting ten minutes for the next game to load. The campaign so far has been well structured and balanced and listening to other Kaleuns talking about sinking the Nelson and other Allied warships adds to the immersive experience and is pushing me to crack on with the campaign.

Maybe I'm enjoying the challenge because I'm not able to mod the game so it stays fresh - is anyone else having a similar experience?

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