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Ashikaga 09-13-16 07:30 PM

Say...... If I echosound bottom depth......

Do escorts hear me yes or no ?


Nobon 09-13-16 09:11 PM


To update from 16.5, what do I need to do?

I mean, do I have to run the patcher aswell, or just switch the update mod to the fresh one?

Love my last build, don't want to ruin it

gap 09-14-16 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by Ashikaga (Post 2434148)
Say...... If I echosound bottom depth......

Do escorts hear me yes or no ?


Yes :yep:

Ashikaga 09-14-16 12:59 AM

AH ! I thought as much.... Won't do that again hahahahaha.


THEBERBSTER 09-14-16 04:58 AM

Hi Nobon
This question regrading the patcher comes up from time to time here on the TWOS thread.
The answer is no.
You only need to do anything with the patcher if Vecko instructs you.
You can always of course change your map colors at anytime.

steevo45 09-14-16 08:00 AM

Rusted Glory
Sorry, if I've missed something obvious but will the rusted glory appear as part of the update 16.8, like an option when I'm in dock or do I have to unpack it somehow as a separate mod and then install separately?

Ashikaga 09-14-16 10:46 AM

With me rusted glory is fickle at best. It even changes during a mission.
Then the boat is pristine, then it is rusted, then pristine again xD.

Quick question. Is it possible to change the

"Nothing more to say" command into "keep up the good work" for all crewmembers and add a multiplier to it ? I like complimenting my crew as part of morale boosting.


THEBERBSTER 09-14-16 10:59 AM

Hi steevo
Rusted glory is in all updates.

steevo45 09-14-16 02:39 PM

Cheers, thanks for swift reply:Kaleun_Applaud:

vdr1981 09-14-16 04:43 PM

Stahl Wolfe. Patrol #16. 1/19/1944
Patrol #16
Mission Debriefing:
Attacked several times by the airplanes during patrol. Suffered heavy damage. Even when contact with enemy units was achieved, U-boat was forced to dive, loosing the contact soon after. Downed two airplanes. Several crew members injured during the action...Scheduled for extensive repairs in La Pallice harbor.
12/17/1943 5:03 :03 PM - Out on patrol from the base LaPallice
1/1/1944 - Objective achieved Patrol area assigned. Reach the area CE7355 and start operations. Attack any enemy contact
1/5/1944 9:50:00 AM - Destroyed Douglass SBD-3 Dauntless, Long 25 49' W, Lat 39 42' N
1/7/1944 11:02:00 AM - Destroyed Handley Page Halifax MkVI, Long 25 11' W, Lat 41 42' N
1/9/1944 - Objective achieved New orders 1
1/12/1944 - Objective achieved New orders 2
1/19/1944 1:37:09 PM - Completion of a patrol in the base LaPallice
Torpedoes launched - 0
Sinking tonnage - 00
Merit - 150
Patrol time - 34 days

THEBERBSTER 09-14-16 05:38 PM

Received this 8 group Enigma message in AM3468

vdr1981 09-14-16 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER (Post 2434400)
Received this 8 group Enigma message in AM3468


19 groups ...Well, what do you waiting for Captain? Crack it up !:)
Captain eyes only...:ping:

THEBERBSTER 09-14-16 06:04 PM

Hi Vecko
It was not a problem decoding it, I just thought I should report it.

vdr1981 09-14-16 06:08 PM

An example of occasional encrypted campaign message. Note how , in this case, encryption date and the date of reception are matched...However this is not possible for dynamic encrypted grid patrol and reposition orders, due to some technical aspects of the game engine...

In any case, always use encryption date data from the message it self when deciphering the message...:yep:

Ashikaga 09-14-16 07:44 PM

Awesome mission Vecko !

And great realism in the messages !! :)


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