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Synthfg 09-04-2010 12:44 PM

6 July 1944,

After hammering the dents out of the boat from our last patrol,
getting tubes 1 and 2 working again
and with the allies moving towards us from Normandy
we are finally fit to sail,

New radar detector fitted and a reasonable number of IV and V's available we set out from the docks at Lorient in the early evening, to immediately find ourselves in the middle of an american air raid,

We got a chunk of a B17, and escaped damage, the destroyer moored nearby wasn't so lucky

we set out for the channel in order to see if we can find any allied supply ships supporting the beachead,
Took out a wellington and a few kingfishers on the way round

only for the worst storm at sea I've yet seen in the game to brew up as I was passing Cherbourg (now in allied hands)

so far have picked up a couple of QR destroyers by firing homers on radar bearings

and then some idiot sailing a sloop crossed our bows, with the sea to rough to man guns we set on ramming speed and with the waves as they were ended up scooping him from below and dumping him to the deep, wonder if I'll get the kill credit ?

StarFox 09-04-2010 07:52 PM

Just got back from Patrol 14. Had a great time, 46,000 tons of shipping sunk, including a small ocean liner and a troop transport I caught in harbor. Needless to say the harbor patrol was not happy, barely made it out alive.

Ran into a Convoy on the way back, fired 5 torpedo's, 2 hits, 1 dud, 1 miss and I never found out what happened to the 5th one. Did major damage to a small tanker, but his pumps got ahead and he never sank. Knocked the screw off a whale factory ship, but he continued on as well.

Ran out of fuel on the way back at 1/3. Ran the last few miles on batteries. Some idiot (me) forgot to check the mine and sub net charts when returning, I managed to snag a sub net before making it back to Lorient, could not free myself because I ran out of fuel and the sub was up in the air (slight flaw in the game, it thought I wanted to use diesels since the conning tower was out of the water)

In the end, we had to wait until the storm cleared and got dragged off by tugs. The collision cost me the forward batteries, and 2 months worth of repairs to the U-123. Can't Imagine the commanding officer was too pleased when he got that call.....

Snestorm 09-06-2010 08:35 AM

U64 IXB Patrol 7
Left Lorient on 12.OKT.41
Patrol Grid Was: BE86 (complete)

Current Date: 23.NOV.41
Current Position: BE25
Been weaving the Freetown-England shipping lanes northward.
Will commence a southwrd weave at the AM grid border, after moving one grid east.

2 merchants sunk for 4.359 GRT.

Attack 1:
2 stern torpedoes expended on a Coastal Merchant.
Daylight submerged attack in Heavy Fog.
Course 055. Speed 6,5 Knots. Range 300 to 500 meters.
1 Torpedo fired at the bow, and 1 at the stern.
1 hit midships.
I was 100% certain of his course, as we were on a collision course, per 000 on the hydrophone for a very extended time. Speed was my best guestimation, under the circumstances of having no visual contact until the final moment. Thus 2 torpedoes.

Attack 2:
1 bow torpedo (G7A) on a Small Merchant.
Daylight surface attack in medium fog at 1.000 meters range,
Our speed was for 2 knots and turning to keep a bow on profile.
Target Course 090. Speed 6 knots. Unarmed. (Wind was 8m/s).

Torpedoes: 3 expended. 11 remaining.
Fuel Reserves: 80%.

It's interesting that the Type IXs, at this time, were doing rather local work somewhat close to England's Southern Approaches, while the Type VIIs were ranging far and wide across The North Atlantic.

PhantomLord 09-06-2010 08:45 AM

Patrol 1.

U-128, Type IX-C

Left Lorient on 8. January 1942
Patrol Grid: DB99 and surrounding areas

Current position: some miles north of the azores.

Passed some small single merchants. Decided to let them go. Trying to reach the american shore as fast as possible.

Weather is calm, wind 4, partly cloudy.

Schöneboom 09-06-2010 01:08 PM

U-536, 10. Flottille.

19 Juli 1943:

1730: Arrived at Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Deadline to complete emergency repairs and depart: 24 hrs.

1800: Attacked by PBY flying boat in clear violation of neutrality law! One Spanish armed trawler was sunk by bombs meant for us. Our boat has taken more damage, but we are departing at once. The Spanish authorities and German Consulate will lodge a formal protest.

Alert to all boats: If the Allies know your whereabouts, entering a neutral port will not guarantee your safety!

21 Juli 1943:

1030: All major repairs completed except for the deck gun. En route to DJ14 to continue patrol.

Skunkito 09-07-2010 10:22 AM

May 1941

Caught a beautiful convoy off the coast of Ireland. 4 Escort Destroyers but nowhere near me.

Managed to get off 4 torpodeos at 4 different targets, 3 hits, 1 back breaker the other two die slowly, the whaling ship takes forever.

Next thing I know I'm getting triple teamed by three of the DD's, there's a couple of hours before night fall so I just get deep, go silent and crawl away whilst taking a pounding.

Finally 2 give up and set off after the convoy the third larger one remains sniffing around as he drifts away I creep up to the surface and fire off a stern shot which catches him right up the backside and he sinks.

Full speed ahead and all that :)

Before I know it it's the early hours of the morning and I see three LARGE tankers lit up like Christmas trees, in my excitement (such a novice) I fire off a shot, only to notice they are flying the French or Italian flag.

However charging out of nowhere comes a British destroyer??????

I dive and spend the next 2 hours getting reamed. :)

Finally I get home, shot to bits. Great mission but I really don't know what hapened at the end there, the tanker I sank came up as a green icon on the map? IS that friendly or neutral? And if it were either why would a british DD be escorting?

Anyway long story short - the next three patrols have been spent hauling myself down to the Canaries in stinking weather seeing nothing but the odd spanish fishing vessel.


Snestorm 09-07-2010 11:27 AM

Green = Neutral.

Upon attacking a neutral unit, you become an enemy of all units belonging to that neutral nation for 24 hours.

ediko 09-07-2010 01:20 PM

BDU sent my VIIC to freetown.... again. Fuels out and I'm currently refueling from Corrientes supply ship. Met just one convoy heading to Great Britain from that sector. Sunk an Empire freighter with one torpedo. (3 others prematured because of the awful weather, honestly that was the worst weather I ever saw, huge storm with yellow fog huge waves and strong wind). Since I only had about 25% fuel left I decided to break off the attack and head for port, I'm not risking losing my boat and not like I could achieve anything in such weather.

Snestorm 09-07-2010 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by ediko (Post 1487209)
BDU sent my VIIC to freetown.... again. Fuels out and I'm currently refueling from Corrientes supply ship. Met just one convoy heading to Great Britain from that sector. Sunk an Empire freighter with one torpedo. (3 others prematured because of the awful weather, honestly that was the worst weather I ever saw, huge storm with yellow fog huge waves and strong wind). Since I only had about 25% fuel left I decided to break off the attack and head for port, I'm not risking losing my boat and not like I could achieve anything in such weather.

Welcome to IX country.
(It realy can be a dull area, except for the planes later in the war, which may be your only contacts.)

JokerOfFate 09-07-2010 08:13 PM

9 June 1944
Went to look at the fishy and then the fishy eat the whole ship in one bite.
I asked my NA for the weather and he said it was raining hegdehogs :o.
After that I got rammed by a destroyer:oops:.
I was going to attack a merchant when I remembered we left the torpedeos and the bow torpedeo bay at home.
3 weeks out to sea my watch officer confessed that he was blind.
I installed solar panels on my uboat to cut electrical bills.
The radar warning on the end of the snorkel can also get free HBO :ping:.

Thats about where I'm up too.

OSU 09-07-2010 08:37 PM

September 1940 - 1st patrol - 7th Flotilla - U-81 Type VIIC

Sunk 2 Granville-type freighters for 9000 GRT.

I am currently on my way to intercept a large convoy that is heading north-east to Britain. I am set up for a nice approach to their port side. I am supposed to get there early, and I hope that I can make a successful convoy attack this time. Wish me luck!

Hans Uberman 09-08-2010 10:40 AM

BdU had me transfered from Lorient (2nd) to St. Nazaire (7th), wishing for me to patrol more southwest of Britain. As the 7th Flotilla primarily uses Type VII boats, I was forced to exchange my Type IXB (U-122) for a Type VIIC boat. I am now the proud captain of the U-403, and have begun my 17th patrol.

ediko 09-08-2010 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1487213)
Welcome to IX country.
(It realy can be a dull area, except for the planes later in the war, which may be your only contacts.)

Yeah on the way home ( well not really had plenty of fuel and decided to get after that convoy BDU reported) I think I shot at something (either that or I forgot to load one torpedo to internal storage) and was reloading my external torpedo. Suddenly a plane is showing up from nowhere and is going straight at me. Can't dive since the operation is halfway and I give order for my crew to man the flak. Gunner hit's the plane a few times but to no effect. 2 bombs falling on my uboat now. Luckily they missed, the gunner didn't survive the impact though. I sailed on ahead full to get out of there and when I was safe decided to avenge my crew members death. Chasing after a convoy I got spotted by a destroyer. Another one arrived in no time. After a few hours my uboat is in critical condition and they finish me off with a direct hit in the conning tower. U77 failed to report...

Mr_Kaizer 09-08-2010 02:08 PM

Sep. 17 1939, Irish Sea, 2nd patrol for the U-53. First patrol was a 14 day peacetime shakedown cruise.

Left Wilhelmshaven 12 days ago for grid BF 19. Decided to risk the channel, being so early in the war. Got jumped by a French armed trawler just as we entered the channel, no waves, no wind, daytime and sunny. Didn't have ASW capabilities, so we just dove and ran. The watch crew got a stern talking to.

Around the straight of dover we got jumped by a MTB. Again we dove and ran.

Found a lone French merchant, but had orders not to attack French vessles.

Almost out of the channel we spotted another MTB, this time before it spotted us. Dove and ran.

Reached the assigned grid, found it empty. Spent the next 10 days dodging MTBs, chasing a convoy that got away because a damn ASW trawler kept me busy, and dodging some more MTBs.

Hearing radio messages about the success the other boats were having, the crew was getting impatient. This culminated when we got word about the sinking of the Courages (sp?).

At last, on the early morning of the 17th, 12 days after leaving port, we found a lone intermediate tanker, which we sank with guns at 600 meters. First shot set it on fire, but man that thing ate alot of 88mm rounds before it went down!

We decided to take the long way home. With about 70-75% fuel still remaining, we could take our time and chase down anything we found, spending the last fuel hunting in the North Sea. Having just entered the Irish Sea, we get jumpet by yet another MTB.

Later on the 17th., we encountered a british tugboat, which was sunk by gun fire. A couple of hours later, we encountered what we first thought was a lone Black Swan class frigate, but turned out to be the leading escort of a large convoy.
Ended up in a poor position, but decided to attack anyway. Launched 6 torpedos in total, 3 hits, 1 dud, 1 premature detonation (by mere metres), and one miss. Two ships sunk, 1 coastal merchant, 1 small merchant. Unidentified large merchant vessel hit, but kept up with the convoy. Was prosecuted by two Black Swan frigates but managed to escape without damage, though we're now quite far behind the convoy. Might break pursuit and continue north.
Funny though, there was a british S-Class submarine in the convoy. I wasn't in a good position to engage it sadly.

Been about two years since I played this game. My old comps motherboard fried, and I just now got enough money to buy a decent gaming computer again. And using GWX for the first time. Damn it's good to be back!

Kptl. Kaizer
U-53, "The MTB magnet."

Weiss Pinguin 09-08-2010 02:59 PM

Another career ends :lost:

I was attacking a convoy east of BB91, trying to catch it one last time before it hit shallow water. Destroyers detected me before the attack even began, but I got greedy and tried to close in to fire a spread... the torpedoes missed, but those ashcans were spot on :dead: After 30 minutes of fighting leaks I finally lost depth contol and my engines, so I blew ballast until I was at about 25 meters to try to buy more time... I arrived just as another escort made a pass. Finally had to surface and 'surrender.'

That was a bloody good patol too... but at least now I can put the Type IX to bed :smug: No more ocean crossings for me, no sir...

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