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VONHARRIS 10-03-11 04:24 AM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No4
Orders : Transit to the new naval base of Lorient France
Engage any enemy ship on your way

02 September 1940
05:35 hours U-103 departed for France

09 September 1940
Grid AN14
23:02 hours SS Anghyra (Tramp Steamer), 1953 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 26. Crew lost: 21. 2 stern torpedoes fired - 1 hit. She was escorted by an ASW trawler. U-103 left undetected.

11 September 1940
Grid AM02 - Convoy battle
22:59 hours Fired 4 bow torpedoes at a Revenge class battleship - 3 hits scored

23:10 hours Fired 1 stren torpedo at a small merchant - missed or dud
12 September 1940
02:05 hours The convoy had gone. U-103 was at 80m and tubes have been reloaded
Fired 2 stren torprdoes as coup de grace at the listing and stopped giant - both duds.

U-103 swang around to fire bow tubes
02:19 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired - 2 hits with no visual results - range 700m
02:22 hours 2 more bow torpedoes fired - 2 hits - Ship exploded
HMS Royal Oak (Revenge class), 31000 tons. Crew: 1198. Crew lost: 1006
(It looked like th RN had raised her after the raid on Scapa Flow. This time she was sunk in deep waters)

16 September 1940
Grid BF17
01:38 hours SS Margarita (Small Freighter), 1663 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 33. Crew lost: 25. She was already on fire , possibly stranggler from convoy. 1 sten torpedo fired - 1 hit

17 September 1940
21:57 hours Docked at Lorient
16 days at sea
3 ships sunk
34616 tons
No external torpedoes used
No 10.5 cm rounds used
14 torpedoes fired - 9 hits , 5 missed or duds
No damages or casualties
Decorated with the Oak leaves on the Knight's cross

HW3 10-03-11 04:51 AM

Slipped into Scapa Flow through the front door early in the morning of September 14, 1939. (I will not try that again!) I worked my way into position for a 4 torpedo fan shot on HMS Hood at about 1500M at 0700 hours. All 4 hit but, my spread angle was way too tight.:nope: She listed but, didn't go down. With three hits in the middle in the engine room area, and one a little farther aft, I figured her engine room would be a wreak, and take months to repair. About 3 hours later, 1000 hours, as I was slipping out the east side, I get a report of a warship heading out of Scapa. I take a look and what do I see, the HMS Hood under full steam doing 12 knots, with no list, and no sign of damage.:o No wonder we lost the war, the Tommies are miracle workers!:har:


VONHARRIS 10-03-11 03:54 PM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No5
Orders : Patrol grid DH32. If no enemy is encountered proceed to CG95 and then to grid BF17

17 October 1940
07:40 hours U-103 left Lorient

27 October 1940
Grid CG89 - Convoy battle - poor visibility - rain
2 bow torpedoes fired on hydrophonr readings - missed

30 October 1940
Grid CG95
08:49 hours SS Maseio (Tramp Steamer), 2253 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 25. Crew lost: 13. 1 stern torpedo fired - 1 hit scored
14:15 hours SS Cens (Small Merchant), 2063 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 18 2 stern torpedoes fired - 2 hits scored

02 November 1940
Grid CG95
06:01 hours MV Aldington Court (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 92. Crew lost: 70 Sunk by gunfire

15 November 1940
Grid CG95 - Convoy battle - poor visibilty
1 bow torpedo fired - missed
Pinged and DCed - dived to 153 to escape.
Left the area

24 November 1940
Grid BE63 - convoy battle - An AI IXB was shadowing the convoy on the surface
20:50 hours SS Ada Gorthon (Small Merchant), 2062 tons. Cargo: Coffee. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 6 4 bow + 1 stern torpedo fired - 2 hits scored
AI IXB sunk by escorts - moved away and reloaded
23:12 hours Q Ship HMS Cyprus (Medium merchant), 4049 tons. Crew: 61. Crew lost: 56 2 stern torpedoes fired - 2 hits scored

29 November 1940
Grid BE39
16:10 hours SS Meroe (Medium Merchant 22), 4292 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 52. Crew lost: 24 Sunk by gunfire

03 December 1940
Grid BE39 - Convoy battle - moderate visibility - rain
08:18 hours SS Sellinge (Small Merchant), 2063 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 2
08:40 hours MV Rio Bravo (Small Tanker), 4387 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 15. Crew lost: 12
4 bow + 1 stern torpedoes fired - 5 hits scored
DCed - dived to 150m to escape
Damaged : Ore carrier + Large cargo

06 December 1940
23:15 hours Docked at Lorient
51 days at sea
8 ships sunk
25876 tons
No damages or casualties
18 torpedoes fired - 12 scores hit + 6 missed or duds
32 10,5 cm rounds used

WWII44 10-03-11 05:36 PM

rather on eventful patrol in our rust bucket. sank the 8030 ton Ore carrier Tyndareus blew her forward deck gun, bridge, and cargo derricks away with our 10.5cm then fired one torpedo as we dove to periscope depth. the torpedo struck her near the stern and she sank shortly afterwards we counted at least 40 men in the water.We patrolled our grid for 24 hours when we got word the Japanese bombed pearl harbor and the ban on us shipping was lifted. we returned to base as the U-124 was giving us some trouble with her engines, she's never been behaving the same since patrol five. To think the 124 was brand new in May of 1941 and five patrols later she looks like something that would make the centerfold of scrap collectors monthly, we can probably squeeze two more patrols out of her(three if we're lucky), My cheif says we have to take her on at least one partrol of Amerika before she is retired to give her a good send off.

mightymightychatham 10-03-11 07:00 PM

Beginning my patrol I noticed it was April 5th and I was in a prime position to get in on Operation Weserübung; my patrol grid was off the coast of Norway.

Knowing a little about the invasion, and knowing GWX had certain events from it scripted in, I quit the game, downloaded VonDos's excellent "HMS Warspite" and fiddled with the campaign files to make sure it appeared at Narvik instead of the silly looking and oft recurring HMS Rodney.

In place in the fjord, I awaited her approach, using a couple of small coastal vessels as deck gun practice while I waited. Sure enough, early morning on the 13th she came powering up the fjord at 20 knots with nine destroyers in tow. I came about 40' to port, submerged, and calculated my salvo.

I sent 4 electric torps at her from 1375m and quietly dove whilst the mathematics played out. Well, what do you know? Four hits! Of course, that was like kicking a beehive; all nine destroyers came after me. Whilst dropping to 110m at flank speed we heard the Grand Old Lady begin to sink.

Her death cries were so loud; at times I feared she would hit us on the way down. Jubilation soon turned into regret as she screamed in agony for over half an hour making her way to the bottom whilst I desperately tried to evade the destroyers.

Ninety minutes and over 200 depth charges later, the destroyers gave up and continued up the fjord towards Narvik. We surfaced, observed a minute's silence, and slunk away up the Raftsundet into the dark.

andwii 10-03-11 10:08 PM

Patrol Number 39 (had the IIA for like 20 of them trying to get enough renown for VIIC)

Left St. Nazaire on September 19th, 1942

later that evening I encountered a Gato class submarine, put 2 fish in her missing the first and the second hitting her stern (she went down like a stone.)

on the 24th I encountered a patrol, and narrowly doged a watery grave from a destroyer who got wind of me. Later that day I encountered a destroyer trying to link up with the convoy, and I sunk him

in the night I got radar signals from a convoy heading right for me, I set a cource for a better intercept and at about 0039 I let out 4 fish, hitting sinking all but one, then used a stern tube to put down a destroyer that was right behind me.


In the end I had about 6 destroyers on my stern lookin for me, and at about 0700 hours I successfully gave them the slip, no damage taken and over 200 DC's later... man that was scary. All out of tubes except externals and getting low on fuel from chasing convoys I set course for home. Crew received promotions and 11 uboat medals, and a total of about 600 renown. I am proud to have served with these men, they have saved me so many countless times and some never made it back. around my 20th or so patrol still in my IIA I was DCed for a whole night loosing 7 crew. Was a sad day.

WWII44 10-03-11 10:31 PM

blood bath for the tommies, 54475 tones of shipping lies at the bottom. heading to the south eastern caribean(mentaal note send Uncle Karl a post card). The U-124 will be reciving a new coat of paint for her trip and Herman(the Chief) and Harald(our head mechanic) have compleatly rebuilt her engines from the ground up. I'd now say she's got at least five more patrols in her now(the way her engines have bein fixed she might last us till 1943).

Paulie76 10-03-11 11:47 PM

August 30, 1939
U-23, 1st Flotilla Kiel
Hans Gruber Commanding

Our orders came in late last week and for the first time, the dark cloud of war looming above the crew feels more real. After a short shakedown cruise we returned on August 8th to a shipyards preparing for deployment. We have heard murmurings from the bars and nightclubs that 14 Uboats have been sent North in preparation for a declaration of hostilities. Those men with family and loved ones nearby were granted leaves before our next patrol. Those who had none I could do nothing for.

Our IIA has been ordered to AN52, pissing distance from the British coast; an area infested with naval traffic. I feel strongly that war will be declared within days at the most. By the time we arrive on station in 70 hours time we may well find ourselves in enemy territory.

Of my 27 men I've lost four to other Uboats. 3 seamen, an officer who received his own commision of a VII and my radio petty officer that the ungrateful swine took with him with the blessing of the BDU.

We set out this afternoon across the canal with a mixture of excitement and sorrow. No more target practice, no more shakedown. Our old girl is sailing right into the lions den.

WWII44 10-04-11 05:18 PM

9th patrol got us right off florida. four merchants and one celmonson destroyer got, me promoted to Kapitanleutant, the knights cross, and placed me as #5 on the U-boat ace leader board. Patrol ten will be off new york and our last patrol with the U-124.

roadrage 10-04-11 05:19 PM

And yet another patrol.

Leutnant z. S. Erwin Wulf commanding U-19


11.3.40. 2251 Patrol 6
U-19, 1st Flotilla
Left at: March 11, 1940, 22:51
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN28

15.3.40. 0232 Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! Coastal Merchant, 2042 tons
Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! Small Merchant, 2343 tons
16.3.40. 0137 Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! Coastal Merchant, 2043 tons
0011 Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! Coastal Merchant, 2044 tons
1319 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 4
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonage: 8472 tons

Got a promotion to Oberleutnant z. S. upon arrival at Wilhelmshaven.

eschemschnuz 10-04-11 09:05 PM

Eschem Schnuz's Letters, 29th Flotilla
Dear Uncle Karl,

Funny thing, raging storms. On the one hand, you can attack squat when the wind and the rain and the fog are all out at sea.

On the other hand, neither can the enemy.

Which is why I have the bad weather to thank for preventing them from finishing me off after a plane just about tore the stern off my boat.

U-87 Type VIIB, 29th Flotilla reporting from Patrol 22.
Realism @ 50%, original game specs.
8-day cruise. I LIVE!!!

Over and out.

WWII44 10-04-11 09:49 PM

Claimed our first oceal liner on our 10th patrol, was a little irked when I was told I had been demoted to Oberleutenat z.S. went out into the irsh sea to give the U-124 a proper burial wile Unlce Karl sorted out the mix up of paper work that got me demoted. acompanied by the U-46 and U-213 out to the irish sea. we had gutted the 124 of all her secret junk and useable machinary(wich I dare say was quite little. we severd her fule lines an riged her torpeadoes to go off with a bang then we retrated to the U-46 and U-213 as the chief chucked a book of lit matches down her hatch. in 2 minute she was a blazing inferno and ten minutes later the fire touched off her torpedos and deck gun ammo and she was blown sky high. we had a moment of silence and we headed off for home.

RIP U-124, may she find peace at the bottom of the Irish Sea.
the liner I sunk

Nibor 10-04-11 10:35 PM

I just sunk the HMS Rodney in the North Atlantic after first crippling her to 3 knots and then come back after a few hours after the convoy and it's escorts had moved on. Hit with a total of 4 torpedoes (including the first that crippled her propulsion).

VONHARRIS 10-05-11 12:57 AM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No 6
Orders : Patrol Grid AJ38.
Secondary: Move to area around Grid AD83 and then to grid AM52
Freedom of attack is granted.
Maintain radio silence. You are not to take part in any wolfpack.

05 January 1941
07:34 hours U-103 left Lorient

07 January 1941
Grid BF17
19:18 hours SS Largo (Small Freighter), 2410 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 25. She was sunk by gunfire. U-103 took damage from light AA guns which I had failed to spot. No casualties

03 February 1941
After reaching AJ38 and stayed there for 24 hours U-103 headed north
Grid AD59 - Convoy battle
4 bow + 2 stern torpedoes fired - 5 hits scored
20:58 hours SS Baltraffic (Medium Merchant 11), 3130 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 25. Crew lost: 9
Grid AD83
22:59 hours SS Amy (HMT Aquitania), 44592 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 1200. Crew lost: 28. She was hit in the initial attack and sunk 2 hours later.
A large tanker was damaged by 1 torpedo

15 February 1941
Grid AM43
22:25 hours Agais (Coastal Freighter), 1871 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 28. Crew lost: 8. 1 stern torpedo fired - 1 hit scored

18 February 1941
Grid AM52 - east side
15:23 hours Aircraft destroyed! Kingfisher. The plane surpised U-103 while an external torpedo was brought in. The eel was thrown overboard. Light damages. Fortunately the pilot missed way back with his bombs.

19 February 1941
Grid AM52 - Convoy battle
4 bow + 2 stern torpedoes fired - 3 hits scored
13:32 hours Escaut (Ammunition Ship), 6001 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 110.
Crew lost: 31
A large cargo was damaged by 1 torpedo.

22 February 1941
Grid AM52
08:47 hours SS China Mail (Medium Cargo), 5663 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 63. Crew lost: 50. She was sunk by gunfire as she sail unescorted and unarmed.
08:51 hours Aircraft destroyed! Kingfisher. It seemed that the merchant had called for help.

It was time to leave the area.

26 February 1941
Grid BE36 - convoy battle
4 bow + 2 stern torpedoes fired - 6 hits scored
21:03 hours MV Danmark (Tanker 16), 10678 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 80. Crew lost: 4
A large tanker was damaged by 3 torpedoes by she escaped.

28 February 1941
20:49 hours Docked at Lorient

55 days at sea
7 ships sunk
74345 tons
19 torpedoes fired - 15 hits scored + 4 missed or duds
2 torpedoes not used
1 torpedo thrown overboard
62 10,5 cm rounds + 261 2 cm rounds used
2 aircrafts shot down - Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher
No casualties
U-boat damaged (H.I. 93.72%)

Fish In The Water 10-05-11 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by Nibor (Post 1761120)
I just sunk the HMS Rodney in the North Atlantic after first crippling her to 3 knots and then come back after a few hours after the convoy and it's escorts had moved on. Hit with a total of 4 torpedoes (including the first that crippled her propulsion).

Well done, and welcome to Subsim! :salute:

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