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Sinistar459 01-03-15 05:34 PM

Black Screen
Ik whats causing it, NewUIs TDC is causing my game to freeze after loading screen goes away

Sinistar459 01-03-15 06:43 PM

Anything I can do to fix that issue?

Aktungbby 01-03-15 07:20 PM

welcome aboard!
Sinistar459! :Kaleun_Salute:

Sinistar459 01-03-15 07:27 PM

Thank you :)

Sinistar459 01-03-15 09:37 PM

Been trying to fix it
I have been trying to fix this issue multiple times now, to no avail, I would love to play this mod, i just wished it worked :/\\!!

Echolot 01-03-15 11:01 PM


Ik whats causing it, NewUIs TDC is causing my game to freeze after loading screen goes away
Try to wait a little longer after the loading screen. Or you get an error message and CTD after the loading screen?

Three or more minutes can happen after the first run.

Sinistar459 01-03-15 11:21 PM

Still no change
I let it sit, for 10 minutes, still, problem persists

Jimbuna 01-04-15 06:56 AM

Welcome Aboard Matey :sunny:

Sinistar459 01-04-15 10:20 AM

Thank you, and about the problem, theres no CTD's it just sits there on a black screen and says not responding when i get task manager up.

Sinistar459 01-04-15 07:26 PM

Can anyone help me? I have been trying all day but its still not working :/\\!!

jscharpf 01-04-15 09:19 PM

I'm not sure but you mentioned installing OH then Wolves of Steel?
I don't think this will work.

Try a fresh re-install and ONLY put the Wolves of Steel mod in.

If it still crashes, or you think you know exactly which mod does it, try looking at the Wolves of Steel list and removing one or more of the mods.
I realize that this is not an easy fix but I don't have any other solutions.

The other thing I've done is to download each one of the mods that Wolves of Steel has and install it one at a time to find the "bad" one.

There must be something else about your installation because many run that mod without problems.

Are you sure you are installing Wolves of Steel on a FRESH CLEAN SH5 installation? Not one that was modded and unmodded..

That's all I can think of at the moment.


Sinistar459 01-05-15 05:48 PM

The only mods i have activated on JSGME is Wolves of Steel, OH isnt active, and I know exactly whats wrong with it, NewUi's TDC 7_5_0, for some reason, my game doesnt like that. I let it set for an hour, nothing, just a black screen and it says the game isnt responding in task manager :/\\!!

Sinistar459 01-05-15 05:53 PM

I use all the other NewUi's TDC stuff, like alt officer wounded, das boot crew, real navigation, the file NewUi's_TDC_7_5_0ByTheDarkWraith causes the issue, i tried just playing OHII with the above file, didnt work, played OHII alone, with no other mods, and that worked:/\\!!

limkol 01-06-15 06:43 AM

sorry if I misunderstand you, but are you using Wolves of Steel and OH? But isn't OH included in Wolves of Steel already?

Deep_Hunter 01-06-15 12:32 PM

Hey guys,
I play the wolves of steel mod with Dragons Addon and I have the strange bug, that in some habours (like Kiel) I observed ships tumbling around and getting destroyed or standing with the bow up in the air like totaly destroys the atmosphere for me :wah: Is there a way to fix it?

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