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ivanov.ruslan 05-27-16 12:07 AM

Come boldly into battle! :salute:

lolballz 05-27-16 02:45 AM

Most recent career,
starting October 1, 1939,
sailed out in U-123 (IXB - SH3Commander).
First kill, H.M.S. Nelson (Rodney Class BB).
Then, someone tells me Type IX wasn't available until 1940.
I'm all about historical authenticity...
talk about a buzz kill. :/\\!!

Sailor Steve 05-27-16 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by lolballz (Post 2407383)
Then, someone tells me Type IX wasn't available until 1940.
I'm all about historical authenticity...
talk about a buzz kill. :/\\!!

Someone told you wrong. See my reply in the thread you started. :sunny:

Benzin1973 05-30-16 08:54 PM

1 Attachment(s)
- 14th patrol, august 1940, above england, early morning, agitated seas VIIC U46. Going arround england to my patrol grid near the gibraltar channel.

- Radio report, "enemy task force, sector [i forget], speed 7 knots".
Hmm, they are practically on my path! and in deep waters. Lets see if they have something juicy. Ill just take a peek.

- "Ship shighted!" - Periscope depth!
Hhhmm... lets see... damit! so hard to see, waves keep blocking my periscope!. its about 8-10 warships. Destroyers, light cruisers, is that a frigate? and... whats that huge thing???
Oh momma! that IS juicy indeed! heavily guarded, but it doesnt get much more juicy than this!
Should i go or abort? thats a LOT of DDs! But that thing just looks so... so.... tasty!! :D
Oh well, sea is agitated, theres lots of dept... Who wants to live for ever, right? Set intercept course! Start plotting their exact course and confirm their alleged speed of 7knots.

- Full stop! Im as close as i can get to it without his escorts runing over me (literally), and there is an escort destroyer about 3km from me, set to pass almost over my periscope! once he gets too close i wont even be able to peek thru the scope without him seeing me. Its now or never.

- I can barely see the thing for a maybe a second before a wave blocks my view, let alone range it. He seems pretty far away still, lets see the chart... dang! 3200m. Maybe i should abort? mhh, but its sooo tasty! Ef it! calibrating AOB from 0 heading, i allready know the speed, get expected range at time of intercept, punch the numbers on the TDC. Ill use Type II eels since its daylight, damit! i only have 2 loaded! it will have to do. Dont want to risk them seeing the eels if i use type 1s. Set to impact pistols, set to run at about 6.5 meters.

- That Escort DD is now about 2km away from me, cmon juicy momma, get within 10!

- Damit! Juicy momma still @ 17, but DD now about 1.5km away from me, i dont think he knows im here but hes heading straight for me! its now or never! FIRE 1!, FIRE 4!

Confirm silent running!, set dept 200 meters!, course... what ever is on our 180, ahead slow [and STOP chewing on your fingernails!]

- Ok ok, they dont seem to be looking for me, why the hell im i descending so slow??? ok, im only going 3knots. Stay cool. Still a couple of minutes left on the timer.

- Nearly time, in compliance with my own rules, i will resign any chance to shadow and take another shot as penalty for using the external camera to see. Im dying to watch big momma take the hit Ok, hit F12 for ext camera... [im not gonna hit it, it was too far away]

- Torpedo impact!... Torpedo impact! - Crew cheers.
Ohhh yaa! 2 out of 2! @ over 3k away! amazing! [Note to self, from now on all targeting will be based on plotting data. Not just speed & AOB].
But i wonder if two hits are enough to sink juicy momma? shes big! ill shadow her for a little while, and see if she sinks using the ext camera.
But for now, my priority is keeping a close eye on those escorts.

- Ok, they clearly have no idea where i am. I feel relatively safe, take us up to say... 100 meters.
Time to see how juicy momma is doing. [F12] lets see, where are you? there...
Oh momma, you dont look so good...

- Ok, im falling behind, last escort looking for me has rejoined the convoy. Secure from silent running.
start the trip back to periscope depth. maybe i should incr- "Shes going down!" [crew cheers again] - :rock: :woot:- [nearly poop my shorts]

And that, ladies & gents, is my first attack against an enemy task force, and my first carrier (a.k.a. juicy momma) kill.

Man i love this game!

Fahnenbohn 05-31-16 02:46 AM

@ Benzin1973 : Fabulous !!

Benzin1973 05-31-16 11:39 PM

Thanks Fahnenbohn! :)
I had a ton-o-fun on that particular patrol.
...and in all SH3 really. so much so, that i cant bring myself to play SH4+UBM for more than 10 minutes, without jumping back to SH3! LOL :har:

Von Due 06-01-16 05:37 PM

Awesome patrol there, Benzin1973. That must have been a thrill when that carrier turned up in the scope :D Nice job!

Zedwardson 06-02-16 02:51 PM

After taking a year or so off from the game, I returned.

2nd patrol, first night of war with the UK I do a nice nighttime surface attack on a convoy I been tracking though my sector. Sank three ships before the Polish (!) escort forced me under. I tried to do another attack by shelling the last ship and try to shove a eel down the excort throat, which would allowed me to shell the convoy at my leisure. was forced down again, and went home with almost 20k tonnage on the first morning of the war.

ivanov.ruslan 06-02-16 03:05 PM

Yes, hunting is definitely not an easy job

Retribution comes inexorably

Intuition has saved more than once

Hardigen 06-02-16 03:11 PM

Was returning to base from mid Atlantic when SW of Ireland picked up a C3. The weather was foul with fog but managed to put a fish in her stern on the starboard side , but to my dismay No loss of speed ,She must have felt it cause she starts zigzagging . I give chase and puts another fish on the port side stern(I always keep 1 or 2 Torps for the trip home you never know what you,re gonna bump into) NO Loss of way, they must have been Duds I,m playing the game at 100% realism can,t get the gun crew on deck due to the weather,so I pull off an head for home . Get another mission and save and exit .Then a few days Later windows 10 decides to try and take over my PC and install itself ,Well! I,m not having that Yet !! ( Windows 7 forever ) was told to restore to an earlier time , did that ,then 2 days later went on SH3 and blow me if I,m not back in the position before I picked up the C3. YEHHHH!!!!! Got her again BUT this time put the 2 on the Starboard quarter and she went down in 4 min , lifeboats and debris floating about . Thx window 10......HaHa HaHa

ivanov.ruslan 06-02-16 04:03 PM

Reinhard,nice story,heh,heh ;)

Benzin1973 06-05-16 10:02 PM

Task force groups... What would i do without them?

January 1941, 19th patrol. Going arround on the AM* grids looking for convoys, It had been going slow so far. Only found a lone "medium cargo" (RIP). Then i got my favorite radio message "Enemy task force..."

Since they were almost on intercept course to me, it dint take much manouvering to intercept them.
Several Destroyers, and two or three huge battlecruisers, going 24knots.
Since they were going very fast i barely had time to come up with a solution. Dint even identified the ship. Got all data from plotting.
4 shot salvo to his port and...

subir foto

It was the HMS Hood! :rock:

I guess they dint take too kindly of me sinking their hero ship, they bombed me for quite a while. But i managed to escape (and discovered my Type VII can safely dive to 240 meters!).

Some time later i surface again, start reloading my tubes, and start heading back to my convoy huntung grounds when...
subir imagen

Its the same Task force coming back! :woot:
Either they still have the grudge for me, or are heading back home. Either way, lets pay them another visit...
My last 4 bow torps go into the other battlecruiser (again dint even identified it). This time one doesnt detonate, but 3 connect solidly on its starboard.

Crash dive to 230 meters, some more bombing but for a far shorter time compared to last time. Maybe they ran out of dept charges? (or they have learned to fear me??? :har:)
The task force (whats left of it) has gone on its way, and the event cam hasnt poped up to show me the ship sinking, nor have i heard the crew cheering. Maybe it dint sink? (i had disabled external camera for this patrol).
Periscope depth. Lets take a peek...

She is dead in the water. And obviously sinking.
I wait for a while, and still it doesnt sink. Lets give it a hand! but im all out of bow torpedoes, get him on our tail... good.
TDC... Set speed to zero, AOB is irrelevant, range about 2.5k, Tube 5, fire!
subir imagen

More time pases. Still no "shes going down" message!
By now i have hit her 4 times (5 actually if you count the one that dint detonate), but im tired of waiting. Since my aft tube is now loaded again... Fire 5!

"Shes going down!"... Finally! she took her sweet time! Lets take a look from the surface. No one on hydrophone, no one on visual, Ok. Surface the boat!

ahh, beautiful day. some smoke on the horizon...
imagenes gratis

Hhmm, i wonder what ship was this? I dint identified it previous to firing at it. :hmmm:

sube imagenes

HMS Renow this time!

Sweet! lets go home now.
"Ship spotted!" [Grins]
Well, no point in returning home with one (hopefully) perfectly good torpedo!
Its a freighter... [Enter usual attack proceedure here].Fire 5!
RIP :arrgh!:

Results: The most productive, successfull patrol ibe ever had!
subir fotos online

106,509 Tons! :rock:

They gave me medals, promotions for my crew, and promoted me to Kapitanleutnant!
share image

Task force groups... What would i do without you? :har:

ivanov.ruslan 06-06-16 01:51 AM

This is a successful hunt!:up:

Fahnenbohn 06-06-16 04:12 AM


Originally Posted by Benzin1973 (Post 2409703)

Its the same Task force coming back! :woot:


Leoz 06-08-16 07:56 AM

November 1940 west of Gibraltar
Been using stock SHIII a lot. Now just into GWX3. Love it.

One thing I like about it is the white right-screen mouse-over compass. Helps out a lot.

1st real patrol after solving some tech issues with the install (now stable).

West of Gibraltar, Nov 1940, with a very green VIIB crew out of St Nazaire.

A small passenger / merchant, periscope attack, 485M, 1 G7e, (contact pistol), hit aft of dead center on the starboard side. Sank from the stern in 10 minutes.

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