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VONHARRIS 12-22-11 01:47 PM

U-64 IXB
Patrol 9
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Zorrin 12-22-11 01:57 PM

Patrol 3
U-52, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: November 13, 1939, 09:41
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN14
Ship sunk!
Grid AN 41 Maria (Sloop), 8 tons. Crew: 10. Crew lost: 6
November 15, 1939, 23:13

Ship sunk!
Grid AM 19 SS Wear (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Scrap Metal. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 11
November 21, 1939, 06:26

Ship sunk!
Grid AL 99 SS Helvig (Tramp Steamer), 1964 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 7
November 30, 1939, 09:17

Ship sunk! Grid AL 99|SS A. M. Simpson (Coastal Freighter), 1871 tons. Cargo: Mail/Packages. Crew: 21. Crew lost: 18
December 2, 1939, 10:47

Ship sunk!
Grid BE 33 SS Agua (Coastal Freighter), 1872 tons. Cargo: Scrap Metal. Crew: 25. Crew lost: 13
December 18, 1939, 04:44

Ship sunk!
Grid BE 33 SS Glenstrae (Large Merchant), 10615 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 94. Crew lost: 67
December 18, 1939, 13:12

Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 6
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 18200 tons

There should have been an Ore Carrier added to that list... About 1,000km to go to Wilhelmshaven I stumbled upon once of them in the dark, calm seas with only my external stores and rear torpedoes left - the weather up until this point hadn't allowed for the external torpedo to be loaded. I was sprinting into position to fire from the rear and then finish with deck gun. Still had around 60 rounds left, my crew used up the other rounds to sink the effing Sloop! Whereupon to my good graces I got a CTD. I was so close to home as well, that I reloaded from my last save and just exited the patrol. I couldn't have stayed out much longer at sea because I realistically only had enough fuel to make the return journey, plus a buffer for high-speed if necessary. Therefore it seems as if the crew did make it home for Christmas afterall!

The patrol was not without its problems - apart from a rather disturbing lack of tonnage until I stumbled upon the Large Merchant my Boat also suffered some engine problems that meant we were unable to go at flank speed, at one point my attack periscope wasn't zooming so I was using the observation scope at 4.5x zoom. PITA.

VONHARRIS 12-23-11 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Zorrin (Post 1809223)
Patrol 3
U-52, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel

Congrats on your first report!:salute:

VONHARRIS 12-23-11 05:25 PM

U-64 IXB
Patrol 10
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Patrol 11
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Question: Why did I get those funny (ASCII) characters in the palce of the date in the entries I manually put in the report?

VONHARRIS 12-26-11 03:21 AM

U-160 IXC
Patrol 12
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VONHARRIS 12-26-11 02:57 PM

U-160 IXC
Patrol 13

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1. Have to fix the tanker 13 and the turbine tanker type T2.

twexl 12-26-11 03:22 PM

U-51 Day 4 , Nothing:cry:

roadrage 12-26-11 06:39 PM

To: BdU
From: U-96

25-4-41 04:09

Convoy sighted. Grid BE3451. Course 300. Speed 8 knots. Shadowing.

andwii 12-27-11 12:54 AM

Recived taskforce report.

visual contaact Battleship, 2 bow torpedoes left. Ship is heading at about 26 Knots southwest north east of scapa flow.

VONHARRIS 12-27-11 12:55 AM

U-160 IXC
Patrol 14
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Still to fix the turbine tanker type T2

Zorrin 12-27-11 08:48 AM

U-52 Type VIIB
Patrol 4. A real pain in the backside because I suffered around 10 CTDs while trying to prosecute a convoy at Grid CF33. Basically I could get into position and for what felt like the first 7 times there was a juicy Southampton Class tub sat in the middle, which I have duly sunk 7 times or so now... However before I could escape to safety CTD. The penultimate time before the one that is now in this report was my most successful attempt - 2 large cargoes, 1 ore carrier and a black swan. 'twas a shame!

Did another run through the English channel and it went rather smoothly, even got my first Warship.

7.1.40. 1527 Patrol 4
U-52, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: January 7, 1940, 15:27
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid CF32

Grid BF 33
Ship sunk! HMS Witherington (V&W classes), 1188 tons. Crew: 100. Crew lost: 74


Grid BF 32
Ship sunk! SS Dumra (Passenger/Cargo), 2253 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 179. Crew lost: 82

14:00 Grid BF 32
Ship sunk! SS Titan (Large Merchant), 10617 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 98. Crew lost: 23


Grid BE 95
Ship sunk! MV Agra (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 55. Crew lost: 37


Grid CF 33
Ship sunk! SS Romolo (Large Merchant), 10618 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 54. Crew lost: 7

Grid CF 33
Ship sunk! SS Port Caroline (Ore Carrier), 8085 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 72. Crew lost: 39


15:32 Grid CF 95
Ship sunk! SS Port Auckland (Ore Carrier), 8086 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 85. Crew lost: 83


15:56 Grid DH 64
Ship sunk! SS Kirnwood (Small Merchant), 2399 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 69. Crew lost: 15


05:13 Grid DH 61 Ship sunk! SS Santa Ana (Medium Cargo), 5081 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 58. Crew lost: 58


Docked at Corrientes
45 Days at Sea
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 9
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 53034 tons

VONHARRIS 12-27-11 10:41 AM

U-160 IXC
Patrol 15

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Fubar2Niner 12-27-11 11:12 AM


'Be More Aggressive! ' :03::har:

Nice patrol kaleun

Best regards.


sektor2006 12-27-11 12:25 PM

Guys, how do you get this statistics? Do I have to install a mod? I play the vanilla SH3 and I never get such detailed statistics. :down:

VONHARRIS 12-28-11 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by sektor2006 (Post 1811194)
Guys, how do you get this statistics? Do I have to install a mod? I play the vanilla SH3 and I never get such detailed statistics. :down:

All that stuff comes from the SH3 Commander.
You can find it here:

Happy new Year.

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