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vdr1981 11-10-18 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by fitzcarraldo (Post 2576545)
Superbe and crazy work...Congratulations, Vecko! :Kaleun_Applaud::Kaleun_Cheers:

About savegames in 2.2.9: Now Im playing HT. I understand with 2.2.9 the update is not effective working in current campaign (or in the actual patrol of the current campaign?)....But...will the update work completely when I return to base and continue campaign from the bunker, starting a new patrol for the same campaign chapter (HT, my actual campaign)? (load, save, reload, etc). Will the savegames with 2.2.9 in the sea cause CTDs or can I continue with my current patrol until I arrive to base and, then, in bunker, save, load, save, reload, etc, and 2.2.9 starts to work?

Many thanks!

Fitzcarraldo :Kaleun_Salute:

No Fitz, unfortunately this update requires completely new career (aka "Start new campaign" button from the main menu). :yep: It's because of new and modified crew abilities.

You can use "silentotto" cheat to start any campaign chapter you like of course. Also, you can add as much as you like crew promotion points if you edit manually ActiveUserPlayerUnits.upc file from your gamesave...:yep:

THEBERBSTER 11-10-18 02:18 PM

Hi guys
One of these days I will actually get to complete Total Germany.
Looking forward to v2.2.9


fitzcarraldo 11-10-18 02:41 PM

Many thanks Vecko!

Best regards.

Fitzcarraldo :salute:

aaken 11-10-18 02:53 PM

Will this update solve the issue with unescorted convoys in late war years? Thanks for the hard work

Inviato dal mio SM-A520F utilizzando Tapatalk

vdr1981 11-10-18 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by aaken (Post 2576585)
Will this update solve the issue with unescorted convoys in late war years? Thanks for the hard work

Inviato dal mio SM-A520F utilizzando Tapatalk

Well, I solved the SL (Sierra Leone-Liverpool) convoys you guys reported. They actually have been escorted after '41. If you encounter some more just upload your gamesave and I'll check it out. These campaign tweaks can be done anytime but they are hard to test, which means that player's feedback is very important here. :yep:

Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that every single convoy in late war years has been escorted...

scissors 11-10-18 04:57 PM

Vedran thank you so much for the great mod , The attention to making it an easy installation is much appreciated .
I just reinstalled sh5 and wos on my new rig after a year or so away and i was very pleased at the ease with which the entire process works now , Considering how much time it used to take to set up a new install, this is a great improvement.

olisko 11-11-18 03:14 PM

enigma help
ive turned the enigma off with JSGME but i keep getting encoded messeges is there a way to fix this?

vdr1981 11-11-18 04:54 PM

I'm really sorry guys but I'll have to postpone the update for tomorrow. I think I have find efficient way to check out and appropriately set late years convoys and their escorts. They indeed need some work, aaken is right.

Of course, you can start new campaign with beta 9 test patch because it will be full gamesave compatible with version 2.2.9. :yep::salute:

vdr1981 11-11-18 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by olisko (Post 2576734)
ive turned the enigma off with JSGME but i keep getting encoded messeges is there a way to fix this?

The addon should be disabled before you request new mission in the bunker. :yep:

THEBERBSTER 11-11-18 07:05 PM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > olisko
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Aktungbby 11-11-18 07:25 PM

welcome aboard!

vdr1981 11-12-18 06:32 AM

This is why I postponed the update...


- Completely revised and edited composition of late war years convoys. Now it will be much more difficult to find convoys without at least few old frigates on the protection duty from 1943 onwards, except in some very distant waters.
So aaken, I'll change my previous answer to yes, this update will resolve this issue as well...:yep:

vdr1981 11-12-18 10:16 AM

OK guys, here we go...

The Wolves of Steel v2.2.9 changelog:

- Western Approaches campaign chapter, flotilla renamed to more historically accurate 7th flotilla.
- OFEV stock settings: Range filter for useful contact reports from Captains Log increased to 800km (previously 400km), Hydro follow contact update time, 3 minutes + few more minor tweaks. (run batch file from TWoS Documentation folder to activate the changes)
- Edited tool-tip description of "Range filter for useful contact report" function which will hopefully make it more understandable for less insightive players.
- Slightly increased probability of enemy airstrike when you're detected and/or when sending radio messages.
- Historically accurate South African naval/merchant ensigns , flags chart updated as well.
- Removed "unknown contact" label if a sound contact is located outside of hydrophone detection parameters and can not be detected by your AI sonarman. The contact can still be heard by player though, due to engine limitation, but you won't be able to track it with the apropriate hydro GUI commands.
- Fixed bug which was causing certain (undamaged) warships and destroyers to appear at "deck awash" depth in the campaign.
- Fixed bug which was causing hospital ships in French ports to spontaneously catch fire and sink.
- Fixed typo in M4 Enigma in-game instructions.
- Edited U-boat flags appearance so that German flag is always on top.
- Fixed and completely redesigned crew efficiency bars visible in the crew efficiency page. The bars will now move in right directions depending on current crew/efficiency state(s). The percentage values of bars movement are not completely accurate and should not be taken for granted but they'll be accurate enough to give you a clue about what is going on in your sub and how certain crew special abilities can effect systems/crew efficiency.
- Added pumps and watch crew efficiency bars.
- Updated F1 key commands help chart: F11 key-Submerged torpedo loading, F12 key-External torpedo reserves transfer.
- Tuned and re-enabled "units visual sensor affected by available light" patch in TWoS Generic Patcher Snapshot (restore snapshot to activate changes).
- Completely revised and edited composition of late war years convoys. Now it will be much more difficult to find a convoy without at least few old frigates on protection duty from 1943 onwards, except in some very distant waters.
- Edited description and picture of GHG+KDB hydrophone upgrade pack from which is now clearly visible that your U-bot will be equipped with two hydrophone sensors after the upgrade (GHG which is stock + added KDB).
- German warships and destroyers are now completely removed from Mediterranean campaigns. Only auxiliaries and submarines will be present.
- Added two new dialog commands to radioman and WO dialog menus: Send weather report and Report the nearest stationary radio source/beacon.
- Added moderate crew morale bonus for merchants and significant morale boost for capital ships sinking.
- Removed all crew abilities which could effect torpedo damage.
- Added new active crew abilities which will allow the player to disengage sound and visual contact reports. "Watch crew off" ability is limited to 20 min while the "Hydrophone off" has a on/off function. Use these abilities carefully from obvious reasons.
- Redesign and improved crew morale/motivation mechanics. "Life saving" and normal operations abilities won't require any special crew motivation, while some individual skills will still require good morale in order to be activated.
- Crew won't directly reject your orders anymore if low on morale/motivation. Instead , you'll receive more appropriate answer like "I'll try Sir" or "I am doing my best Sir" without any "head shaking" animation ect.
- Added passive abilities to senior staff as well: Chief engineer (Pressure Hull-Critical Spots), WO (Watch Crew) and XO (Crew Check-enabled by default). Check ingame description for details.
- Added several more realistic crew abilities:
* External torpedo reserves transfer - to the best of my knowledge, this is the most realistic implementation of this dangerous and demanding activity so far which will make your sub very vulnerable until the transfer is complete.
* Submerged torpedo loading - Torpedoman's ability to "motivate" his men which will improve with every new level upgrade.
* Regular torpedo maintenance - Passive ability which will ensure nominal torpedo performance and range.
Chief Engineer:
* Air purification measures - Taken directly from type Type VIIC manual. Reduces CO2 accumulation for certain period of time and. It can be used only once per patrol.
* Last Resort - A new and interesting ability which will allow the player to send the crew to bunks in order to save the oxygen in especially desperate situations, inspired by well known "Das Boot" ending.
* Celestial Navigation: Should have effect only with Real Navigation Add-on.
- Various smaller tweaks and fixes.
- And of course, special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Andrew Kassian, Marcelo "lvl4F" Flores, Jeff Klatt, James Belless and especially to Maurizio "Torpedo" Cattaneo for his enormous 100e donation! Thank you very much Captains! Heil und Sieg und fette Beute!

*TWoS v2.2.9 is not gamesave compatible with previous versions.
New campaign is required!


Happy hunting Captains!

fitzcarraldo 11-12-18 11:03 AM

Many thanks for the new update.:Kaleun_Cheers:

I will download it this night and start a new campaign. :Kaleun_Applaud:

As ever, a great job.

Fitzcarraldo :Kaleun_Salute:

Fifi 11-12-18 11:41 AM

Cool :Kaleun_Applaud:

Will patch my V2.2.8 to V2.2.9 tonight ... and restart again.
Or maybe start directly at Happy Time campaign :D

Great job Vecko, as always :Kaleun_Cheers:

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