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Faamecanic 07-03-17 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by skin-nl (Post 2497095)
I am now in '42 and i always attack in waters where i can dive to 160 mtr then hit silent running :up:

Wish I could go to deeper waters... in 1939 my mission is at the eastern British coast (guess I don't have to sink ships there with a DD in hydro range and just avoid DDs). I was just shocked that I sank a ship (at periscope depth), dove to 40m, headed 180 away, and a DD that was at hydro range only and that DD made a beeline right for me. As if I was in the surface.

Only thing I could have done differently is head 180 away and rig silent running. Either way that DD WAS RELENTLESS.

mkiii 07-03-17 04:28 PM

I came across a Large Liner with an escort of 3 DD on the way to a patrol grid near Iceland, got in position and set up the solution and waited, popped up the scope for a peep and was a bit early, and a bit further away than estimated, approx 1500m, but fired 2 at the Liner and turned to the lead escort to find it already heading towards me, spotted in 15 seconds, so a panic shot and crash dive and then silent running, 6 hours later I was at all stop at 100m+ with all 3 still within 2000m 1 stationary and the other 2 searching, an hour later they gave up. Liner was 35011 tons:)

I had given up with the sim a long time ago, but thanks to all the hard work of the modders, and vdr for putting TWOS together and tweaking it to near perfection, it is a "SIM" now.....and not a mediocre game. :Kaleun_Salute:

THEBERBSTER 07-03-17 05:24 PM

A Warm Welcome Back To The Subsim Community And To The TWOS Experience > mkIII
Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community:salute:

Faamecanic 07-03-17 06:23 PM

So the CO2 warning was going off at 10% got me. This was 3 hrs in.

What % CO2 does TWOS consider "deadly"?

kevinsue 07-03-17 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by A-n-d-r-e-y (Post 2496718)
This is part from mine addon for TWOS. I can post how a separate mod raobf and attack disk later.

I would very much appreciate if your RAOBF textures could be made available to download. I am using the older original textures which are "yellowish" in colour and not as bright as the "White" version included in TWoS.

I also replaced the Attack Disc's "Attack Course Pointer" with the original version as the current one makes it difficult to read the target AOB as the bug or heck shot markers partially cover the AOB scale on the target disc. Both versions differ from the illustration contained in the "Kriegsmarine Angriffsscheibe Handbuch" which looks like the ideal one for the attack disc.

You probably have this already, but if not the Attack disk handbook pdf is included with the TWoS mod and is located in the Documentation section of your Silent Hunter 5 main directory. :up:

C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\The Wolves of Steel - Documentation\NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_v18_ByTheDarkWraith

kevinsue 07-03-17 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Faamecanic (Post 2497173)
So the CO2 warning was going off at 10% got me. This was 3 hrs in.

What % CO2 does TWOS consider "deadly"?

The crew will die when the analogue gauge adjacent to the helmsman reaches 10% or the UI bar gauge indicates 100%. This level is usually only reached after 30 - 40 hours submerged, depending on crew state. The UI CO2 warning button is incorrect and was tied originally to the broken analogue gauge which Vecko has since fixed in one of the TWoS updates to reflect the correct value.:D

palmic 07-04-17 03:33 AM

^^^^ + they will start to loose morale from 10% of Co.

Eventually whole crew could become useless by morale lost..

Faamecanic 07-04-17 11:44 AM

Thanks all.... now I know ;) I knew it seemed like 3 hours and running out of O2 seemed wrong.

Last question... If you upgrade the torpedo man, does that still bug out your Auto-TDC? Specifically I upgraded the torpedo man's "maintenance" ability to reduce duds...and now it seems like all my torps are missing. It could be the ship spotted my periscope... but I just want to make sure.

skin-nl 07-04-17 01:12 PM

My torpedo man is fully upgraded and auto tdc is still working :03:

Before you fire do you open the torpedo hatches?


Frederf 07-04-17 03:26 PM

I have an encrypted radio message that I think is buggy. I got


I decrypt NSMS QBCD as MKTN (group 367) DNNU. Hydra Oktober, 1st, gives

Beta-A, 4-Z, 1-P, 6-O wheel internals; plugboard 19/12 21/1 10/16 2/14 23/18 7/26 15/3 11/6 4/5 8/13; wheel position DEJZ. Entering key gives me decode wheel position LQHB. Message starts "Agents repor----" and then goes to trash.

By guess and check I found block "QSLS" should read "QKJZ" to finish the word report but after that I have no clue.

Also the "send to ship log" plain text summary doesn't work for me. It puts my enigma inputs into the right hand text area and not the outputs so it's worthless.

Faamecanic 07-04-17 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by skin-nl (Post 2497394)
My torpedo man is fully upgraded and auto tdc is still working :03:

Before you fire do you open the torpedo hatches?


Yes I did open tubes prior to firing.

I think the ship was spooked and was weaving... reliefs to know... didn't want to have to start over :)

palmic 07-05-17 03:49 PM

[REL]The Wolves of Steel - SH5 Megamod
Now i can tell you i really love 30's music, sh5 gramophone and Mafia1 game made me love it :)

palmic 07-05-17 03:55 PM

I tried even to find out tube headphone preamp which would be able to run old Valvo tubes which was used in uboten, but there is no amplifier to run such old tubes..
Original kriegsmarine Tubes are still to find at eBay...

I was eager to hear hydrophone through this, but it's impossible until someone create custom amp for these

Steiger 07-05-17 04:05 PM

Would it be possible to stop the LI from reading out depth reports after you crush? It takes away from the ambiance of dying when your crew is till talking.

Faamecanic 07-05-17 06:15 PM

I have (or had... will need to look for it) a full 2-4 hours of actual German radio from 1940-42. It included news reports from the front, a speech by Goering, commercials, and music.

VDR if you would like them to include with a future update let me know. it is very cool. Unless you are fluent in German and are in your sub after 1941 or so (the news reports would be very off)

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