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Gerald 05-31-11 08:30 AM

Good, :up: but you should not expose you to such a.

Snestorm 05-31-11 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1674140)
Good, :up: but you should not expose you to such a.

We never saw it coming.
The lookouts could use some retraining.

DvdW 05-31-11 09:30 AM

Small (bit offtopic) question:
Is it worth to sail far far away (across the Atlantic, or to the Indian or Artic ocean) when you you're playing SH3 without any mods...? Or should i just keep sailing the North Sea and the Western Approaches?

Snestorm 05-31-11 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by DvdW (Post 1674180)
Small (bit offtopic) question:
Is it worth to sail far far away (across the Atlantic, or to the Indian or Artic ocean) when you you're playing SH3 without any mods...? Or should i just keep sailing the North Sea and the Western Approaches?

Hotspots: England, Canada, Gibralter.

VONHARRIS 05-31-11 11:01 AM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No2
29 January 1940
U-103 has finished routine refit and she was about to set off for her 2nd war patrol
06:36 hours U-103 left port

9 February 1940
Convoy attack
Grid BE39
We gained contact with a convoy in bad weather , rain and windy night
U-103 managed to obtain visual contact with some ships of the convoy
04:09 hours Ore carrier sunk by 1 bow torpedo
We also have fire a spread of three torpedoes at a big shadow and 3 explossion were heard. The sonarman didn't hear any break up noises. We must have hit something but not hard enough to bring her down

12 February 1940
Convoy attack
Grid BE39
In the same bad weather , we intercepted a convoy after a BdU message.
3 bow and 2 stern tubes were fired
von Harris saw through the attack scope a large cargo being hit twice and set on fire and an auxiliary cruiser having the same luck.
Despite that no ship was sunk

19 February 1940
Grid AM52
18:37 hours Large cargo sunk by 2 stern torpedoes

22 February 1940
Grid AM52
00:14 hours Coastal freighter sunk by 1 bow torpedo
2 bow torpedoes remaining.
The weather was too rough to bring the external torpedoes in

23 February 1940
Grid AM52
08:26 hours We fired our last 2 torpedoes at a medium cargo but she remained on the surface.
U-103 surfaced and encountered 7m/s wind. Despite that the gun crew rushed to their gun. Acting above and beyond the call of duty they fired 23 rounds which finally sunk the medium cargo. Iron crosses for them when we come home.

10:02 hours A large merchant was seen. I just couldn't let 10.000 tons sail away and asked the gun crew if they were able to operate the gun in 7m/s winds. I didn't have to say another word.
After 20 rounds the ship was sunk.
The torpedo crew wanted to allow them to bring the externals in but that was out of the question since the wind was getting stronger and rain began to fell.
U-103 headed for home.

2 March 1940
17:40 hours
U-103 docked at home port
5 ships sunk
34232 tons
Minor damages (99% hull integrity)
vonHarris went to the HQ to file in his patrol report. There he was informed that he had badly damaged the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the auxiliary cruiser HMS Antonia
vonHarris asked if there were any news about U-39 and U-552. It appeared that both boats were at sea fighting the Brits

Gerald 05-31-11 11:04 AM


Missing Name 05-31-11 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by DvdW (Post 1674180)
Small (bit offtopic) question:
Is it worth to sail far far away (across the Atlantic, or to the Indian or Artic ocean) when you you're playing SH3 without any mods...? Or should i just keep sailing the North Sea and the Western Approaches?

I like Halifax, too. Very risky, though.

BigK 05-31-11 12:50 PM

U-54 June '40

U-54 was steaming towards its patrol grid in the Mid-Atlantic when a message about a convoy nearing St. George's Channel was received. Naturally the Kaleun set an intercept course and got lucky after a day and picked up several merchant screws. After determining their course an ambush was planned and executed.

Escort present were:

3 (maybe more) ASW trawlers
1 Black Swan
1 J&K classes
(perhaps more, didn't wait but gtfo after launching all torps)

Lined up my u-boot at periscope depth, it was a clear night so a surface attack was a no-go. Identified about 10 merchant ships and decided to focus on several large vessel, 2 large merchants and 2 ore carriers. I was still checking data when suddenly another warship contact popped up, in the middle of the convoy. Not a destoyer but a revenge class battleship.

Fired 2 eto's at it, both of them hit and it took on water. It slowed to a near halt but did not go under. Also fired 2 ato's at the nearest large merchant. One hit, other one missed.

After that, destroyer frenzy !! 2 of the trawlers and the Black Swan began sweeping and quickly discovered me. I was at a depth of 50m reloading my front tubes. Decided to move at flank speed under one of the merchant ships. This enabled me to reload all tubes without fear of depth charges.

Then I lured all escort to one side of the merchant vessel before moving at flank speed to the other side and up to periscope depth. Fired my last eto at the revenge, which it hit and sank. Stern ato was fired at the Black Swan beginning its attack run, it was 500m out so it was a close call especially when considering arming distance. But it was a perfect shot, detonated under the ship and it exploded. However, the other ASW vessel were closing in, so I quickly launched all my remaining front tubes. 2 missed and 1 hit an ore carrier. Then I made my way thru the convoy, while being pursued by 3 ASW and the J&K. Went up to periscope depth twice to launch the stern torpedo, one missed and the other one nailed the J&K.

After that I failed to evade the escorts for about an hour and was the subject of several attack runs. Only 1 hit and caused minor damage. Was able to succesfully evade the ships and returned to base with no merchant kills but about 36000 tons of warship resting at the bottom. :arrgh!:

Fish In The Water 05-31-11 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by BigK (Post 1674342)
...about 36000 tons of warship resting at the bottom. :arrgh!:

Well done! As far as I'm concerned, 'resting at the bottom' is the best place for 'em! :salute:

Luno 05-31-11 03:41 PM

Nice reports all :up: Some very successful sorties, I see :arrgh!:

Continued from last time:

Sept 10, 1939
23:40 - We received a radio report of a ship moving at medium speed, northeast bound. We were down to less than 50% fuel, but I made the decision to attempt an intercept. The weather though was bad - fog and heavy swells. The anemometer read 12m/s.

Sept 11
2:15 - Visual contact with the ship. The sky was pitch black and it's hard to make out the silhouette. The initial assessment was a C2 Cargo, a juicy opportunity. I ordered us to go ahead-full to attempt a surface intercept. The waves crashed right up to the level of the conning tower. We were soaked and chilled to the bone, but we weren't going to miss this chance.

2:25 - Meanwhile, I was making measurements via the UZO and plotting probable routes. Something wasn't adding up. We got closer and I revised my assessment to a coastal merchant. The watch crew weren't entirely convinced...

2:30 - Revised assessment again. Damn, it was hard to see, but I was now certain that it was a regular small merchant. Despite the heavy winds, it was making 9 knots, it's known top speed. While it hadn't yet spotted us, I was sure it was running for a reason... After making satisfactory calculations, we ran parallel and ahead of the target in order to set up for a perpendicular attack, using the UZO.

4:06 - After getting into position, we fired tube 1. It hit right under the funnel. She then suddenly exploded and broke in two, the bow coming off just in front of the bridge. She sank immediately, within seconds. The odds of there being survivors were slim.

For a moment the watch crew and I stood staring at where the merchant once was. For over four hours in the pounding weather we had run at near top speed to catch it. Then it vanished in less than a minute, leaving no trace of its existence. We were suddenly left alone, in what seemed like silence, in the absence of the drone of diesel engines or the crashing of the bow fighting against the swells.

Minutes later, U-13 disappeared into the night...Only the wind, sea, and stars bore witness to our deed.

19:53 - The weather has cleared a bit, but the wind is still high. I asked the radioman to send a report to BdU. They congratulated us for our efforts and for sinking our first ship. The crew was exhausted, and the fuel was dwindling, but I was sure we'd make to base with plenty of reserve. Despite having 3 torpedoes left, we continued homeward.

Sept 12
22:50 - The storms have returned. The waves again were high, and peals of thunder came from all directions. Lightning tore from the sky on the horizon.

Sept 14
7:39 - Docked at port. Despite the miserable weather and early hour, we were warmly greeted by our loved ones.

Engineers at port assessed the damage to the boat and stated that the hull integrity was down to 96% from the depth charge attack. Our kill was confirmed by the command - she was the SS Empire Merchant, officially carrying coal, but I suspect otherwise given her speed. Maybe sensitive documents or VIPs... Tonnage sunk was 2,900 GRT.

It was a successful first patrol, but now it's time to rest before our next sortie.


sublynx 05-31-11 03:58 PM

U-552, patrol 2, third convoy attack
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol AM21

To BdU:

1509 AM15 clear, 8-9 km, 0 m/s

Radio reports tell of great successes by the Kriegsmarine. The radioman didn't hear the end of the report but at least the commanders of U-54, U-103 and U-252 were honoured by mentioning their names in the news flash.

Shadowing convoy. Three torpedoes left. Course estimated as 245 degrees, 9 knots. 5 columns of 3-4 merchants line astern. Six escorts around the convoy, Black Swans and Flowers identified. At 1122 hours a 7000 BRT freighter on the port side column of merchants very probably damaged with a TIII G7e torpedo, depth 10.5 meters, magnetic pistol. Shot at an estimated range of 2500 meters, rohr 5. The estimated impact time was 2 minutes 30 seconds at an AOB of 90 degrees port. Explosion heard after a run of 2 minutes 37 seconds. Escaped diving silently at 100 RPM. Slight pinging heard twice, first for about 40 - 60 seconds while initially at a depth of about 35 meters, minutes later a much shorter series of pings for a few seconds. Evaded turning and continuing silent diving. No Bold launches, no depth charges.

Surfaced at 1243. Two Metox warnings, at least two airplanes sighted. Crash dive, AK, hard turn port side. 3 - 6 explosions almost simultaneously at a depth of 20 - 30 meters, no damage. The airplanes were not sighted with the periscope and it might have been that the airplanes were circling quite precisely over us.

The fact that we have attacked the convoy thrice and been in constant threat from airplanes since yesterday morning is beginning to show on some of the crewmen, who are getting tired and jumpy.

Metox warnings again at 1343 and 1454. Dived. Now running surfaced again. Trying to get into a position to pass the convoy during the expected lull in air activity during the night, for a fourth and final attack on our convoy, and then back home.

Gerald 05-31-11 04:01 PM

Good, :up:

Missing Name 06-01-11 12:18 AM

Kptlt. z. s. Wolfgang Grimm
U-127, Type IXB
Patrol 3: DH37, 2/23/1940 - 3/23/1940.

14 merchants sunk for 53,000 tons.
2 warships sunk for 12,000 tons. (1 DD, 1 CL.)

Sustained damage from convoy defenses, west of Libson. Pressure hull weakened; it's expected to take some time to repair.


After that, I fiddled around with the game's files YET AGAIN. Some more "discoveries" have been made.

Dialogue I haven't seen pop up yet:
- Cannot bury crew while submerged!
- U-Boat surrenders.
- Enemy ship on collision course, sir!
- Submarine; Aircraft; Land (Identifying hydrophone contacts)
- We cannot stop the flooding!!!
- We should move to beside the supply boat!
- Transferring supplies!
- Re-supply operation on going!
- Re-supply operation interrupted!
- Re-supply operation completed!
- The escort is ready, sir!
- We must follow the escort, sir!
- We’ll follow the escort, sir!
- We’re docking, sir!
- Enemy radio message intercepted!
- Ship sinking!
- Ship breaking up!

Has anyone ever seen any of those before?

- The USS Cyclops is somewhat modeled in game. It's kind of a ghost ship, incomplete and with transparent textures. Torpedoes and guns have no effect on it. In fact, you can run straight through it.

- The Revenge/Royal Sovereign and Nevada class battleships use the same model, just with different turrets. The dead giveaway are the masts - a clearly British style.

Luno 06-01-11 03:19 AM

U-13's second sortie
Lt.Jr. Roland Thorstein
U-13 Type II A
U-flotilla Weddigen

Sept 18, 1939 - Still docked in port. I've asked the port crew chief's to reload the empty reserve tubes with the electric TII. There are only a few available, and I can't wait to "test" them.

A. Libe, my radioman got into a bar-fight and broke his jaw, so he'll be staying home. That guy's had such a temper because he hasn't been able to send contact reports to BdU :shifty: I wish he hadn't done that though because we've had to scramble to find a well-trained replacement. Bruno Fischer will take his place. He just got out of school, so we'll have to teach him a thing or two :know:

Lastly, we received some word concerning the Empire Merchant. The English picked up six survivors the next day, barely alive, clinging to debris. That was out of a crew of about 40...

Sept 27
5:13 - We're in port. The weather is fair and we're ready to set sail. There's only a slight chop in the harbor.

Sept 30
14:04 - We've reached the designated patrol grid, AN-47. It's been a slow trip. We haven't seen a single contact. All the reports are for ships that are just too far for us to catch in our "canoe". The wind has picked up but visibility is good. Maybe we'll get lucky soon...

Oct 1
7:26 - We're still patrolling this grid. The wind has died a bit, but clouds and thunder have rolled in. I haven't slept too well; I'm just itching for some action. But I have to be careful - in September, we lost two U-boats.

10:57 - Watch has sighted a ship far on the horizon, some merchant, it's hard to say from here. We will watch what it does.

11:05 - After some reckoning, using the UZO for measurements, we begin our intercept course. The storm has gotten closer - there is lighting striking less than 5 km from our current position.

11:16 - I've determined that it's a small coastal vessel. I weighed the decision of using a torpedo. She would have been small fry, and not worth the expenditure. I considered sending Fritz to the AA gun, but the high seas were splashing over the deck. I did not want to risk any of my men falling overboard, so I let the vessel go, and went on my way.

21:07 - We are leaving AN-47 after patrolling for about 33 hours. The weather has cleared and we will sweep down the English coast, some 40 km offshore. I've ordered the watch to keep a sharp lookout.

Oct 2
1:20 - Jackpot. We've received intelligence of TWO ships nearby, both heading towards our position. Their proximity makes it possible to attack both in short succession, if all goes well.

2:18 - Dove to 20 meters for a listen. The target is right where we planned. However, we picked up very faint sounds from another unknown ship. Jurgen Schultze, my hydrophone operator thinks it's a destroyer. I'll take his word for it, and remain cautious.

3:21 - Through the observation scope I identified the target as a Coastal Merchant.

3:32 - Fired 1 torpedo, impact pistol. Hit under the funnel...She was dead in the water. Since I now had the time, I waited to make sure she would sink. She was gone after some minutes. We surfaced and continued to the second contact.

4:32 - Ship spotted, and oh boy is it a big one. A C2! I decided stay on the surface for the attack.

4:45 - Fired two torpedoes. The first hit where it was aimed, under the funnel, and she was dead in the water. The second, which was fired at the bow, must have just gone past it after she slowed.

4:55 - After repositioning I fired off the first of the electric torpedoes. Too bad they couldn't be used to their full potential. It scored a hit on the bow. Now she was listing, but after two direct hits she wouldn't go down...

5:03 - After loading the last torpedo, we fired it off. It hit the stern, causing some fires. Now she was really going down. As I congratulated the men with me on top, we heard a second explosion. Then another, and another, from the rear to the front, like a domino effect. What a show! Then she broke in half and went down. Because the water was so shallow (less than 60 meters) the bow and stern remained at the surface for a long while afterward, still burning. Out of torpedoes, we turned home.

Oct 5
5:19 - The weather turned foul again. The wind is now 15 m/s and the rain is really whipping us up, and only seems to intensify, but we'll be home soon.

Oct 6
12:54 - Back at port the wind died a bit, but the rain didn't. Maneuvering the boat through the harbor within a thick blanket of fog sure was tricky, but my helmsmen pulled it off with great dexterity, giving a good end to a good patrol.

Oct 9
As it turns out, we sank two iron ore carriers, the SS Goodwood, and then the MV Stag Hound. They were worth about 2200 GRT and 4800 GRT respectively. Most of the crew from each survived.

I've requested some TIIs again, but their availability is low. We'll see. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm the fifth highest scoring U-boat captain as of today.


Snestorm 06-01-11 05:12 AM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 4 conclusion.
Continued, from our last report of 3.jun.40.
Prior damages restrict U39's max depth to at/around 100 meters, per CE.
2 attacks thus far, against 1 convoy.
6 G7E and 1 G7A torpedoes remain, in the bow.
No ships sunk to date.

1940: On station.

1100: Begin northward trek along the Freetown - UK shipping lanes.

1655: Radio dispatch: "Convoy. CF86. NNE. 6 knots. VON HARRIS shadowing."
Weather: Heavy Rain & Fog. Wind 11 m/s. (Responding at high speed).

0231: Radio dispatch: "Convoy. CF83. NNE. 6 knots. VON HARRIS shadowing, without torpedoes."
Weather: No Rain. Medium Fog. Wind 7 m/s.
Submerging, and moving WNW.

0334: Sound contact, followed by many contacts.
0457: Fire 1, 2, 4 (G7E). 022 - 6 knots. Bow on shot.
Settings: 3 meters, impact, 2 degree spread. Bearing 000. Range N/A.
Impact! Little Merchant sunk for 2.343 GRT. (Unintended)
2 more impacts on the intended target (C2 Cargo), without effect.
0458: Fire 3 (My only bow G7A). Angled shot. Transport.
Settings: 3 meters, impact, Bearing 350, Range 3000 meters.
New depth 104 meters. Variouse courses, silent speed.
0500: Impact! Still evading stb escort.
0517: Sound report DIW merchant.
0618: 2 torpedoes are fired short range, sinking the Transport for 8.010 GRT.
No tankers sighted. Must be where VON HARRIS' torpedoes went.

1200: Docked at Willy.

Patrol results:
2 ships sunk for 10.353 GRT.
Hull Integrity 89%.
Crew healthy & alive.
11 of 12 torpedoes expended.

U39's history to date:
4 war patrols completed.
6 ships sunk for 27.921 GRT.

BigK 06-01-11 08:03 AM

19.9.40. 0929 Patrol 16
U-51, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: September 19, 1940, 09:29
From: Lorient

First mission from our new base in France. Manouvering to open sea is hell compared to Wilhelmshaven. But the distance to the Atlantic makes up for the pain at the start of the patrol.

Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM32

1917 Grid BF 21 Spotted a lonely Large Merchant, moved into striking position and hit it with 2 torpedoes. Finished it off with the deckgun. During the attack a message from BdU came in about a convoy steaming towards England, so we set an intercept course and steamed ahead. :salute:

After a day and a half we heard noises during our periodic sonar sweeps and tracked the position of the convoy. Ambushplan was conceived and executed.

Launched 4 torpedoes at two different Empire-class freighter. 3 Torpedoes hit and 1 missed. Got attacked by 2 flower class destroyers and an A&B class. Evaded for a while then went up to periscope depth and launched stern and 2 bow torpedoes. Stern torpedo hit a Flower class, which immediately exploded. First bow torpedo missed the A&B class, second one hit and sank the crippled Empire-type.

Grid AM 51 Flower class, 950 tons
Grid AM 51 Empire-type Freighter, 6784 tons

Picked up more warships on the hydrophone so decided to get out. Had some trouble evading patrols and got hit good with depth charges and made heavy water. Sank from 60 to 115 meters before regaining control and started rising again.

Made it home with 50% hull and no casaulties :D Drank a beer with the crew and fellow Kaleuns !!:up:

Fish In The Water 06-01-11 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by BigK (Post 1674950)
Drank a beer with the crew and fellow Kaleuns !!:up:

Cheers, and good work! :salute:

Kip336 06-01-11 11:55 AM

Patrol #10
VIIB - U-336

6 Sept, 1939

Multiple sound contacts from the sonar.
A periscope up reveals bad weather, and we've drifted out of their course quite a bit.

We take up a position about 8000m from their left-flank. A Lone Flower Corvette patrols this side.

The bad weather continues, and the daylight doesn't give us much space to attack, we shadow the convoy more.

Sun is starting to set. It's getting time. After starting a few different plots, and comparing them with each other, we get the course and speed of the convoy down to an entire knot;

12 knots, 354 degrees true.

Now ahead of the convoy, we start to turn on a perpendicular track to get into position.
Bad weather is in our favor, and we manage to sneak past all the escorts, on the surface.
A Black Swan class was just 1500 meters away!

23:12 In the convoy. Behind us a large merchant, in front of us a Fiji class and a large merchant. Torpedo's los!

23:13 Torpedo 5 hits the merchant, it limps on at 12 knots.
23:14 Torpedoes 1 misses the Fiji, one detonates prematurely. The other 2 hit the Merchant, sending it down.

23:21 Reached the other side of the convoy undetected. We take up position and shadow them.

05:00 All tubes reloaded, external torpedoes are inside. Taking up a second position

05:48 There's the Fiji again. 2 torpedoes. One hits the ammo bunker, she explodes and starts sinking. The 2nd one hits the bow.
A medium cargo on the stern. Sinks by one torpedo

The last 2 bow torpedoes miss their marks (Probably a wrong range)
The escorts have no idea what's happening ,and run in the wrong direction

08:00 Time to surface and set course to Lorient, our new base as per BDU orders.
We transmit a message to BDU telling them of our attack.
"Return to port as situation permits. First round on Flotilla command"

Gerald 06-01-11 11:56 AM


VONHARRIS 06-01-11 02:11 PM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No3
U-39 returned home safe and sound having sunk an enemy troop transport, The Werhmacht would have less soldiers to fight against
U-552 is still out but alive

01 April 1940
03:15 hours U-103 left port for her 3rd war patrol

07 April 1940
Grid AN14
15:49 hours Coastal freighter sunk by 1 stern torpedo.
When we surfaced we were spotted by an enemy aircraft.
U-103 crash dived and avoided any damage. Two explosioms were heard far away.
18:50 hours A warship sound contact was heard at long range. It looked like that the aircraft called in surface units.
U-103 remained at 100m until nothing was heard

13 April 1940
Grid AM51
Convoy attack in bad weather fog and rain
No visual contact could be made
11:52 hours Medium cargo sunk by 2 stern torpedoes. She came out of the fog and presented a nice target
12:30 hours No other ships could be seen but we were spotted by a Flower class corvette and attacked.
Flooding begun in the Zentrale and fuel started leaking.
The situation was out under control but the fuel kept leaking
The escorts didn't spot the trailing fuel because of the heavy seas so we survived.

21 April 1940
15:35 hours U-103 docked at Wilhelmshaven
21 days at sea
2 ships sunk
6950 tons
96% hull integrity

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