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aj906 10-14-13 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by aj906 (Post 2124640)
U-67, Typ IXC
18 June 1944
Assigned to patrol AM97: St George's Channel

Left Bergen 30 May 1944 and skirt the Irish coast, sinking seven ships for a total of 29,360 BRT. Was able to sink two with the deck gun - both large trawlers - while I bagged a large tanker just entering the St George's Channel.

Constant diving for aircraft - thankful for the snorkel, but even motionless at night this isn't much of a help having been DC'd by aircraft with Leigh Lights.

I was on the surface at night reloading the stern tube when I was caught by an aircraft (although I didn't get a radar warning). I had approximately five minutes left of reloading so the gunners had a nice blatt at the Sunderland which did a little bit of damage. Just as I get underway and am about to order us to periscope depth my lookout screams enemy spotted. Turns out to be at least six sets of smoke closing at high speed. I swing the boat around and fire my last remaining acoustic torpedo in the general direction and then crash dive.

I jettison a decoy and get a depth check only to find we have 84 metres below the keel. I then spent three hours and, by my own count, 103 explosions from either DC or hedgehog before finally slipping the noose.

attack and observation periscope damage
radio destroyed
radar destroyed
hydrophone damaged
stern torpedo - 1 damaged, the other destroyed
both engines damaged
deck and flak guns destroyed
seven members of the crew wounded

Have 14 torpedoes remaining so am going to sit out another 48 hours in this grid and then head back to Bergen...

So having survived the St George's channel, I turn tail and head for home. I find two medium tankers that don't put up too much resistance on the 20th.

In the Western Approaches I blunder into a hunter-killer group in absolutely foul weather (my own fault, I was surfaced with no radar even though I had a working snorkel): rain, high seas, visibility limited to under 400 metres. I get absolutely pasted before finally being able to use the weather to my advantage and escape.

Damage is:
both stern tubes now out of action; hydrophone kaput, attack periscope destroyed, one engine for the scrap heap and two further injuries to the crew.

As I am heading home north of the Shetlands I pick up smoke on the horizon in clear weather at dusk that turns out to be the Nelson escorted by only three destroyers and a Fiji Class vessel. I still have 11 eels but decide discretion is the better part of valour as test dives below 25 metres had brought nothing but damage and flooding. :/\\!!

I was in the best position for an attack on the Nelson and the Fiji at some 3,300 metres: two torps each to slow them down and then a slow tracking of their positions while the escort stuffed around looking for me, a reload and then another go to finish them off (assuming my first two didn't do the job). Mind you, that was all in my head.

I don't have hull integrity showing in game but later after I return to port and check patrol results via Commander I find was down to 7.62%

Given my patrol resulted in a smear over 50K tonnage I'm pretty happy, but another 50K with these two ships combined should have seen me promoted to God. However, playing dead is dead, at least my crew and U-67 are still around to have another go. Now that is being more aggressive - making sure you live long enough to keep on hitting the enemy rather than going out in a blaze of glory. :rock:

sublynx 10-14-13 02:07 AM

7.62% !? That's like diving with a Swiss cheese :gulp: Congratulations on surviving and with some huge tonnage for that time of war as well :salute:

Rammstein0991 10-17-13 12:47 PM

=War Log=
U-502 (IX-C)

Returning to base from patrol NW of Ireland (Grids AM52, AM53) Despite several unfortunate misses and failed detonations, have managed to sink 5 ships, two C2 cargo ships, Two C3 cargo ships, and a small merchant for a total of 31,187 tons, would have liked to score more but perhaps next time.

ExFishermanBob 10-18-13 03:30 PM

Just struggled through the channel (late June, '40) and on my way to lurk off Gibraltar, in the sun, again. Happy days....

Rammstein0991 10-22-13 03:40 PM

=Captain's Log=
U-502 (IX-C)
5:12 AM

Am once again in preferred hunting ground of AM 52 (NW Ireland), Despite having just Arrived in the area, have already scored 3 kills (All "small" merchants), two however were sunk W. of Ireland about 20 or so nm off the coast on our way to our hunting ground, We have plenty of Fuel, Eels, and my cook tells me the food stores are still near full, so I am looking forward to a nice long hunt for some fat Tommies. The sailors plying their trade in the north shall find themselves losing much sleep for fear of us.

BassII 10-23-13 08:28 AM

Found a large convoy in area BC sailing my IXB in 1942.
Manage to hit and down 3 of the biggest merchant ships using 5 torpedoes!
(Thats a great % of torpedoes working!)

I went down, and soon after i was pinged by 4 destroyers. Sat a course away from the convoy, zigzaging depth and course, silent running (never heard and felt so many depthbombs). At a time i was down at 150m!!

I manage to sneak away, with my tower, aa and deck guns destroyed.

I got promoted with yet another mass produced jacket is getting heavy:D

the dark knight 10-23-13 09:31 AM

January 18th, 1940 (campaign #2)

U-123 IXB

Patrolling in AM 65. I have been hunting unsuspecting merchants, and had already sunk a large tanker, small tanker, ore carrier, 2 coastal merchants, and a granville type freighter. I still had 10 of my torpedo's left (most of my victims being finished off by the deck gun) when near the mouth of the River Clyde I run across the HMS Hood sitting stationary. Finding it odd that she is here, I fire all four bow tubes at a range of around 2000M. I set 2 to impact, 2 to pass under the keel with magnetic detonators. One of the magnetic pistols explodes half way through its run, yet the Hood doesn't respond. The two impacts hit amid ships, and the last passes under the keel and explodes. I turn the IX around and fire both stern tubes at 5m depth with impact pistols. One aimed for the forward powder magazine, the other for the rear magazine. Both hit, and HMS Hood turns turtle and sinks! On my way home with 2 torpedo's in the stern and 2 in the bow torpedo rooms.

I say it is odd that the Hood was near Greenock, because according to the HMS Hood's war diary, Hood was supposed to be patrolling the Shetland–Faeroes gap from the 15th-24th of January in 1940.

Rammstein0991 10-23-13 11:47 AM

(From message to BdU)
Kptlt. Viktor Kress.

23:49 Status Report
09/01/42(Jan) 23:49
U-129 (IXC). Position Grid EN 32
Torpedoes left: 13
Tankers Sunk: 4
Total Tonnage: 30,300

Not a bad start for a new career. :arrgh!:

Woxor 10-30-13 05:04 PM

I want to start by saying hello to you all since I'm new to both subsims and to the forum as well. I've always had a fascination for submarines, but in the last month it has really escalated. As I bought a PC for just some weeks ago it opened up the now several years old, but amazing, world of Silent Hunter III.

Naturally it took me a few (disastrous) patrols to get up to speed with all the controls and all the gameplay, but with the aid of assisted torpedo targeting and a realism level of 65%, I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and am now on a quite succesful (compared to my other patrols) patrol on grid CG, North West of Gibraltar.

I started out by patrolling grid DH47 with my IXC based in Lorient, as that was my objective, but did not have any success during my mandatory 24 hours of patrol. However, as I was heading East towards Gibraltar I stumbled upon a merchant, which kind I cannot recall. After sinking her with two torpedoes I felt the crews and my own morale rise, and I decided to head even closer to Gibraltar.

I sneaked around about 80 kilometres west of Gibraltar and, surrounded by destroyers, managed to sink another cargo ship. While heading west submerged to escape the heat, I encountered several other lone cargo ships, last one being a C2 Cargo, my biggest sinking so far.

I am now heading West by South-West, with seven torpedoes and 70% fuel left, which should allow me to sink a few more before I head back to port. Wish me luck! :salute:

sublynx 10-30-13 11:58 PM

Happy hunting Woxor :ping:

Rammstein0991 10-31-13 12:02 AM

Try going to AM52 AM53 and AM02 Woxor, lots of lone shipping there especially between 40-43 :arrgh!:

TECHNICOLOR 10-31-13 01:08 PM

Near Canadian coast.Intercepted a convoy full of fat targets,about 5 10000+ ships including a battleship.Planned to kill escorts and use all remaining torpedoes on the ships .Sunk an Flower Class,then detected and depth charged for 8-10 hrs in-game time.Periscopes, front compartment damaged and floded. Gun,radio, hydrophones destroyed. Returning for repairs to Lorient. Nobody died and the kaulen learned an important lesson.:/\\!!

Grun Teufel 11-04-13 09:45 AM

U-105 type IXC

Almost to my patrol grid CB13. Shot down 7 Sunderland Bombers as soon as I left Brest, France. Then shot down a mkII before I decided to dive to get away from the rest of his unit. sank 2 merchants along the way. ran into a convoy which Appeared to be coming out of Halifax. Engaged and sank a T3 before breaking contact with them. Hopefully I will engage another convoy before heading home.

Happy Hunting!!!

the dark knight 11-05-13 09:35 AM

U-123 type IXB, February 1940 orders for grid square EJ66

North of scotland we ran into a task force with HMS Rodney, HMS Hood, and HMS Renown. I was not in the best position to engage, and was only able to close to 5000m. The closest warship to me was Renown, so I aimed for her stern, hoping to cripple her ability to run at speed. 2 torpedoes hit, and Renown comes to a grinding halt. Escorts go crazy, but they never find me. I fire 2 more into Renown under the powder magazines and she turns turtle and sinks. As I headed south near Ireland, I attacked 3 trawlers with the deck gun, and an ore carrier and large merchant. I continued heading south when between France and Ireland I ran into a huge convoy (20+ ships) in daylight and being ahead of the convoy, I submerged and let the convoy close. I raise the periscope and I spot the HMS Nelson in the center of the convoy! I do some quick plotting and find that HMS Nelson will pass 500m in front of my bow! I wait for her to close and fire 4 torpedoes into her. Nelson comes to a halt and starts to sink. I fire my stern torpedoes into a large merchant, who turns turtle and sinks. I am able to slip away since the only escort was busy looking for me elsewhere. We are currently docked and resupplying at the Thalia.

nataraj 11-06-13 05:38 AM

First post, first patrol, first blood, first convoy
Hi all, this is my first time with SH, first post in this forum.

Lt zS Helmut, at your service. :salute:

First patrol uneventful. Start at W'haven, assigned grid BE16.
Took the channel route to get there -3 days Aug.1-Aug 3 1939 (72 h)
and 5 1/2 days to return via North route. mostly 30kn winds, sea rough.

Watch crew on tower completely submerged at times, but unfazed, continued looking through their binoculars :huh:

Between Patrols: upgrade hydrophones to KDG

Patrol 2: start at W'haven, assigned grid BF16, this time we go the long way (N of Scotland, Ireland). My log (BTW, is there a convenient way to keep a log in-game?) of the first days:


W'hafen 1939
08 31
    1600    leave port
    1700    part. cloudy, wind 8kn N
              exercise: man deck gun, load HE, return to watch
    1831    radio msg.: war starts, "no attacks!" "waiting positions" - continue plotted course

09 01   
    0400    overcast, wind 15kn SSW
    2000    radio msg. "Poland hostile", rest:neutral

09 02   
    0730    position: 150nm E of Lerwin
    1700    position: 80+ nm NE of Shetland (+ 75|76 78|79 ) HDG 270

09 03   
    0000    position: 80nm N of NW end Shetland Is. (+ AF 74|75 77|78 )
              overcast, wind 15kn SSW
    0211    radio msg: "at war with GB, attack merchants", continue course (peri / surface)
    0600    position: 190 nm N of Scapa Flow
    1000    position: (+ AE96|AF74 AE99|AF77 ) HDG 247
    1400    radio msg: attack troops, escorted, hostile action targets
    1551    radio msg: attack British ships
    1553    radio msg: do not attack French, only defense
    1948    radio msg: SSS 56°44'N 14°05' W "Athenia" - too far
    2101    radio msg: Brit., FR, AU, NZ, IN at war
    2113    radio msg: SSS Polish sub (AO94)
    2200    position: 30nm S of Färöer (+ AE98 AM31|AM32 ) HDG 225

    0800    overcast, wind 15kn SSW
    1202    radio msg: "do not attack passenger ships (even in convoy)"
    1809    radio msg: enemy AE83 HDG WNW 18kn (dist. 320 nm)

09 05   
    0000    position: 15nm NE of intersect (+ AM29  AM43|AM51 ) HDG 190 13kn
    0600    position: (+ AM43|AM51 AM46|AM54 ) HDG S, peri depth, 6 kn (ETA BF16: Sept 8 0800 - 72 h)
    0830    SSS 45°29'N 9°45'W "Bosnia" (Biscaya)
              Battery 50% (in 2,5h 50% ???) - surface
    0855    Battery 100%
    0905    radio msg: Convoy AM49, course NE, spd 5kn (dist: 100+ nm)
    1005    set course 230 to intercept convoy in 6-7 hrs at 10kn
    1212    Merchant ship - dist 4km BRG 005, new course 210 to get side view and torpedo angle
    1219    Identify British flag, Passenger/Cargo 2-3km BRG 030
    1222    2 torp T1, 1 hit 1 miss. Surface. Deck gun
    1225 *    she's going down. 2k+ GRT. continue towards intercept approx. 40nm at 10kn, ETA 1630
    1302    radio msg: SSS "Pluvoise" (off Gibraltar)
    1401    radio msg: SSS "Royal Sceptre" (Biscaya)
    1523    radio msg: "Large Convoy" AM49, course NE, 5kn (dist approx 10nm) - peri depth, slow
    1540    Contact: "Warship Medium Speed Closing! Bearing 342! Long range!"
    1549    more contacts (merchants), Silent Running HDG 130
    1600    7 contacts (1 warship, 6 commercial)
    1630    more than 15 ships in convoy. Dist 12km.

OMG, it's a huge convoy ... should I try to take out the warship (destroyer maybe, or frigate?) first? It worked in the Naval Academy exercise.
But who knows how many more destroyers there are?

Hm, in real life it was past midnight, so I postpone the decision.
What a long day ...

over and out,

edit Nov.15: changed rank to Lt zS as I'm only starting my career.

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