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VONHARRIS 08-06-12 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by Harald_Lange (Post 1918552)
@VONHARRIS, I'm using NYGM and the Hsie V16B1 patch, with SH3 commander. Could you tell me how you get such detailed patrol logs? Thanks.

I am keeping notes as events happen and then I edit the patrol logs in Commander or directly in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My documnets\GWX\data\cfg\Careers\von Harris

von Harris = My current Commander name.

Zedwardson 08-06-12 11:44 AM

Had a hairy moment, was tracking a Task force, and was hoping to find a nice ship at the center of it. Then I ran into it.

3 torpedo boats, and 3 ASW trawlers. (opps) crash dive and slink away as they blow holes in the water with depth charges.

Luckily later i was able to find a convoy and sink three ships and survived getting dinked by a Q ship and got my crew home.

It is late 1940 and it is already MUCH harder to hunt.

VONHARRIS 08-07-12 12:32 PM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Patrol 11 page 1 of 2

Patrol 11 page 2 of 2

Patrol 11 map

Zedwardson 08-07-12 09:39 PM

3 14NOV40 - 19NOV40 (6 days) 3 (3/0) 7831 (7831/0) U-boat damaged (H.I. 82.34%)
I lived, very short patrol, sunk a low value tanker, then came to a massive convoy. Sneaked in, you would think that it would of been a turkey shoot, but Dud torpedoes was the rule of the day. Firing them off as fast as I could. Lots of duds. surfaced and manned the guns but the escorts fire was too close for comfort, so I crashed dived and waited for the convoy to pass me over. Then I finished off a small freighter who was crippled with the deck gun. Shadowed it till dawn, and gave a lot of locational reports, hoping for a air raid as it was so close to France in late 1940. I tried to sneak in once again with three eels, but a Town Class spotted me and damaged my boat, so I got quiet, got away, and returned home. Somehow A Intermediate Tanker was sunk by me, so I was able to get 7931 tons, my worse showing by far.

VONHARRIS 08-09-12 07:35 AM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Patrol 12 log page 1 of 4

Patrol 12 log page 2 of 4

Patrol 12 log 3 of 4

Patrol 12 log page 4 of 4

Patrol 12 map

VONHARRIS 08-12-12 01:24 AM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Patrol 13 log page 1 of 2

Patrol 13 log page 2 of 2

See also : post 10650

Fubar2Niner 08-12-12 02:07 AM

Pretty scary patrol Von :yep:

VONHARRIS 08-12-12 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by Fubar2Niner (Post 1920588)
Pretty scary patrol Von :yep:

It was almost a replay of my previous career end in the Carribean.
Same situation but I didn't survive.

Zedwardson 08-12-12 08:14 PM

17.1.41. 1626 Patrol 5
U-403, 7th/13th Flotilla
Left at: January 17, 1941, 16:26
From: St. Nazaire
Mission Orders: Patrol grid CF32
22.1.41. 1031 Grid BE 97 Ship sunk! HMS Bataan (Tribal class), 1850 tons. Crew: 206. Crew lost: 41 1144 Grid BE 97 Ship sunk! SS Bienville (Medium Cargo) (Medium Cargo), 5301 tons. Cargo: Wine/Spirits. Crew: 38. Crew lost: 6 1245 Grid BE 97 Ship sunk! HMS Cygnet (Black Swan class), 1250 tons. Crew: 183. Crew lost: 155 1904 Grid BE 94 Ship sunk! SS Sea Panther (Large Cargo), 6946 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 46. Crew lost: 3 2029 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 4
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 15347 tons

Almost bit it when suddenly a flowers class got the range on me on the opening salvo on my last attack. was depth charged out the wazoo and was under 50% hull when I limped home. Looks like the men will have time to visit the french girls while the ship repairs. It was a nasty convoy fight between me, a large convoy, and its five escorts.

First approach i was spotted well outside the convoy, and I sunk the Tribal with a electric eel gut shot before I crashed drived, the flowers class that annoyed me the entire battle depth charged me. I surface, reload with steam torps, and launch a long string of steam torps at the convoy at 10k meters. get two hits, and one is fatal. perscope depth, and get a ideal shot at one of the escorts, so I sink it and go down as the flowers pounds me with some more depth charges.

Now it was night, and i was down to one steam forward, and one rear. So I charge in, and there is a front escort, a rear escort, and a type S somewhere inside. So I launch the steam at a large frighter, and I flip around to launch the last torpedo when I am spotted. Star shells are fired, and I order my gun crew into action to cause mayhem, as I keep turning at flank speed to get my stern shot off.

Then the same flowers starts to pepper my haul with fire. Crash dive, damage control teams get the damage under control, and i risk 100 meters and go silent.

Get 40 depth charges toss at me by the flowers class and its buddy. As they go they are sailing back at 8000 meters to the convoy. So I use my stern shot to take a last chance at the flowers class, and when it misses, surface, and head back to base.

Didn't get as many freighters as I wanted. Do the allies already have radar in Jan 41?

NightCrawler 08-12-12 10:14 PM

Came home from fifth trip
almost hit the 100.000, but it was 95.875 tonnage, the credit i had was 2500, torped 17 ships, and 1 bi-plane....

Tonight im ready to sail out again saving credit to purchasing XB for long haul to US coast, away from the planes... hopefully will have luck like the last mission..

But DD's gettin smarter every day, i had 1 mission grid CG 85, there was a DD in 1940 that already use hedgehogs..., it was a pain to get away, but it works, and made home....

VONHARRIS 08-16-12 02:35 AM

U-124 IXB
Two patrols completed
Lots of time to play

100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch
Not much details this time:oops:

Patrol 14 log page 1 of 1

Patrol 15 log page 1 of 2

Patrol 15 log page 2 of 2

VONHARRIS 08-19-12 12:01 AM

U-154 IXC
Patrol 16 Log page 1 of 1
Not much of a patrol , as both scopes were useless!

After repairing the scopes , U-154 was ready to sail again

Patrol 17 log page 1 of 4

Patrol 17 log page 2 of 4

Patrol 17 Log page 3 of 4

Patrol 17 Log page 4 of 4

Next patrol will be at the US East Coast , operation Paukenschlag

Sepp von Ch. 08-19-12 04:02 AM

05.1941. On the way to the coast of Africa (Freetown) with my lovely VIIC Boat. I am saving fuel

NightCrawler 08-19-12 10:42 AM

Mission 5, Juli 1940
Mission grid: AM53, after patrolled that grid 24 hours heading south to Gibraltar, there are loaded with ships coming in/out that corridor, just wait and take them down... with luck 2 ships together.. the weather change quick, torped 2 ships and 1 friendly fire(Greece ship)(small cargo ship) but didn't sink otherwise it will reown me minus, it was to dark to check the flag... the greece ship was limped(out of order) or in german language "aus ter stelle"....

Now heading back to Ireland grid BE, have 6 torpedos left, and 100 round deck-ammo, hopefully after this mission, i can relocate to Brest or Lorient..
Im at 5014 reown, need to have for IXB 7500, so hopefully i pass the reown, to pimp my new IXB for the next voyage...

Came home at Lorient when i received a message that Lorient is available, on the mission book it said back to Wilhelmshaven, but i was lazy to take a long route all the way to N13/N14 thats crowded with DD's later in the war, so came home, with tonnage of 29500, not enough to get the IXB, so i stick for 2 mission with the VII type..
I will upgraded for 300 reown from single to dual AA, and keep the rest for the new boot...

sublynx 08-20-12 10:54 AM

U-29 patrol 6

Here's my latest patrol:

It's the whole war diary I kept during the patrol, 24 pages, so I put only a link here.

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