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sublynx 07-26-11 03:00 PM

die Elster (one of the U-46s' currently sailing in SH3), Patrol 2, report 2
Lt.z.s. Walter Zantow
U-46, VIIB, "die Elster"
7. Flottille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol grid AL03

0304 AM51 Clear, visibility 9 km, wind 2.5 m/s. A large inbound convoy, estimated course 95 degrees, speed 7 knots. Approaching the convoy by keeping a constant bearing to the hydrophone sound of the closest escort. There are at least two escorts. The distance to the first ships is under 20 km. Planning for a submerged attack, because the night is very light, sea state 2 and sunrise is getting close. 11 torpedoes left.


Seaman John Ellis 07-26-11 03:37 PM

U-45 Reporting
Lt.z.s Alexander Gelhaar.

U-Boat is perfroming perfectly = dive,egines in good working order same for electric and batteries.
crew is well and perfroming excellent.

sublynx thks.. for replying so qiukly

october 14 1939 ?
is why i pick U-45 it sank on october 14 1939
just gives a chance to change history you know what i mean...

looking for your choice of mod on form.. sounds preety hot wow.. but how do you download it ?

HotiBomba 07-26-11 04:03 PM

Short one, Patrol no. 54 (late 1944)

I was alive for exactly 6 (SIX) minutes. Was preparing to leave Bergen port, when several allied bombers appeared above port. Apparently, one of their bombs tryied to join our voyage, and she fall exactly on bridge. We said: "No, you can't go with us". Then she went mad and explode, killing almost half crew on sub. Because of flooding we parked at bottom of sea...

Probably the most fail patrol ever...

p.s. Still no found anything about type-XI, which was mentioned to be made for SH3. Anyone knows anything about it? Thx and cheers from Croatian coast :salute:

Iron Budokan 07-26-11 06:11 PM

U-46 left Wilhelmshaven on May 22, 1940 and transited the North Sea to her patrol area: AN 29. This area is southwest of Bergen, possibly as a prelude to interdict shipping from England that might want to relieve/support troops she still has at Molde and Alesund.

Update: No contacts. Weather has worsened to heavy fog and rain; wind 15 m/s. Completed 24 hour patrol of assigned grid; awaiting further direction from BdU.

May 26 -- emergency communique from BdU to all u-boats. Massive evacuation currently underway of encircled British troops from Dunkirchen. U-46 ordered to interdict relief efforts from England. If we can crush the trapped Tommies with their backs against the wall we will have gone a long way toward winning this war and being home by Christmas.

U-46 now on SSW course at 12 knots. Have decided to forgo daily trim dives and travel on surface during the day in order to reach new operations area as quickly as possible. I have decided will try and approach Dunkirchen from Ostende at night. Expect very heavy air cover and destroyer presence as all available German and English units converge.

Fish In The Water 07-26-11 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by HotiBomba (Post 1713618)
I was alive for exactly 6 (SIX) minutes. Was preparing to leave Bergen port, when several allied bombers appeared above port.

That's '44 for ya...

The good news is it should get better from here (hopefully)! :DL

Iron Budokan 07-26-11 08:53 PM

May 27, 1940 03:00 Reached patrol area. Two V&W warships on NW course for Harwich. Impossible for me to move into any kind of attack position. Have radioed contact to BdU.

03:50 Sky is beginning to lighten. Am proceeding NE at 12 knots where I will submerge for the day. I will continue operations only at night for security/safety reasons unless a good opportunity for daylight attack presents itself.

May 28, 1940 21:04. Surfaced. Heavy fog and rain.

May 29 19:30 Hydrophone contact, unknown ship moving at 12 knots toward Dunkirk. Surface and move to investigate: Swedish neutral passenger ship. Decide not to attack since flying neutral colors and running with lights.

23:25 Sighted C&D destroyer. Dived to avoid.

May 30 Heavy Fog and Rain. Cat and mouse with small patrol craft.

May 31 Heavy Fog and Rain. Convoy moving into Dunkirk area on SSE heading. No hydrophone contact. Weather clear by 22:34 but wind at 15 m/s. Hope to find something tonight: crew getting disappointed.

June 1 22:31 Have decided Tommies may be transiting between Dover and Calais to relieve Dunkirk. Entering on Calais side where we have troops to investigate.

June 2 00:04 Task Force Sighted. Dived to avoid. 02:30 surfaced. Dived at dawn. Very heavy traffic overhead all day long. Could only surface and transmit contact data on one task force in the foggy distance. Two others came quite close to my position while submerged. Silent running all day.

June 3 04:20 Headed to AF 82; leaving area. Was unable to affect any attack or put pressure on Dunkirk operation. Crew quite happy we got out of there with a whole skin. If the English have this many warships at their disposal...I donít even want to think about it. :nope:

ijnfleetadmiral 07-26-11 09:19 PM

On last patrol (May 1940) U-49 (OLzS Matthias Suckel) attempted to get into Scapa Flow in a desperate attempt to at least GLIMPSE a British warship bigger than a Tribal-class DD.

No such luck; the patrol ships were thick as fleas, but our patrol total was one Coastal Merchant, one Small Merchant, one C2 Cargo, one Flower-class corvette, and an impressive 3 DDs (one Hunt I, one J, and one C), two of which (along with the corvette) were sunk on the CO's birthday (26 May). Upon returning to port in the early hours of 31 May, OLzS Suckel received two very nice belated birthday gifts in the form of his Ritterkreuz and reassignment to command of Type VIIC U-209.

So we will soon depart again, hopefully this time to encounter something big.

sublynx 07-27-11 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Seaman John Ellis (Post 1713610)
october 14 1939 ?
is why i pick U-45 it sank on october 14 1939
just gives a chance to change history you know what i mean...

looking for your choice of mod on form.. sounds preety hot wow.. but how do you download it ?

I'm sure you will have a successful career in U-45 :arrgh!:

You should find the mod in H.sie's Mediafire pages. The link is in H.sie's post, but if I remember correctly this link is the one where I downloaded it from:

I don't think the mod can be installed through JSGME so read the instructions carefully.

ijnfleetadmiral 07-27-11 02:08 AM

U-209 departed on first patrol on 28 June 1940, finally breaking through the English Channel and arriving at her patrol grid on 2 July. On this patrol, the torpedoes malfunctioned or missed so many times, the crew is starting to believe the boat is cursed. (CO blames weather and the British).

Things started looking up, though: Coastal Merchant Zealand (2,042 tons), T3 tanker Athellaird (11,653 tons), and C2 Cargo White Falcon (6,447 tons) were all sunk by torpedoes, but final two fish went wide during attack on Coastal Merchants Outarde (2,043 tons) and Prosper (2,044 tons). Enraged, LzS Suckel ordered 'Surface the Boat' and destroyed both with deck gun. U-209 remained surface as she cleared the area at flank speed, and soon intercepted both Coastal Merchant Kuressaar (2,045 tons) and Small Merchant Bonifacio (2,336 tons) and sank them with deck guns as well.

En route home was surprised in rainstorm by Elco torpedo boat off French coast, but drove it off. When last seen, vessel was in flames. Arrived in Wilhelmshaven on 6 July with 7 ships sunk for 28,610 tons. LzS Suckel was rewarded for his troubles on patrol with promotion to OLzS, while all flak gunners and deck gunners in crew received Iron Cross 1st Class for their achievements.

Hopefully U-209 can break the fear that she is a cursed ship with her next patrol.

ijnfleetadmiral 07-27-11 03:54 AM

U-209 received orders to transfer to Brest, France as of 3 August 1940, and departed same date. As we had a full load of torpedoes, OLzS Suckel decided to take initiative and do some hunting before heading to U-209's new home.

The voyage was plagued by bad weather, but C3 Cargo Hunter (7,909 tons) was sunk in the middle of a severe storm on August 8. Heading south, the sub sighted Small Coastal Vessel Said (111 tons) and obliterated her with one torpedo. (Astonishingly enough, the sunken vessel crew of 15 ALL survived!) Continuing south, C3 Cargo Sea Oriole (7,909 tons) was sunk just before midnight. At 0145, U-209 was surprised (inadvertently) by British destroyer Vanoc (1,188 tons), which was fired upon, but the torpedo missed. Angered, OLzS Suckel ordered the stern tube fired; that torpedo caught the destroyer on the stern, setting off her depth-charges and sinking her, much to the relief of U-209's crew.

Later that afternoon, C2 Cargo American Clipper (6,449 tons) was sighted under attack by Ju88s (interestingly enough, the first German aircraft I've ever seen in the game!), and was one of the last three torpedoes was fired, hitting the ship on the starboard side below the stack, cutting her speed severely. Now out of torpedoes in the bow, Suckel turned his boat around and fired the stern tube, but due to a malfunction, the fish ran wild and passed well ahead of the stricken vessel. At this development, OLzS Suckel nearly lost it, but calmed when informed there was one more fish left in the stern. This was quickly loaded and fired, which struck the ship below the bridge, setting off a huge explosion that tore the ship in two.

U-209 then left the area at flank speed, arriving at Brest, France at 1326 on 10 August 1940, having sunk 5 ships for a total of 23,609 tons. OLzS Suckel was again rewarded for his troubles in the form of the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross, but the belief that U-209 is a cursed ship still persists. As the old saying goes, 'Third times's the charm'...will our next patrol finally prove the curse belief to be folly? Only time will tell.

Snestorm 07-27-11 04:17 AM

U109 IXB. Patrol 2. Part 2.
Continued from 9.aug.41 kl 0838
All externals have been move in, except for one stern torpedo.
All torpedoes preset to 3 meters depth, AZ (Impact Pistol).
Inside: Bow = 3 G7E + 6 G7A. Stern = 2 G7E + 2 G7A.

9.aug.41 CG12
1005: Radio: "Convoy. CG17. N. 6 knots."
1012: Responding. Storm conditions. Max speed is 14 knots.

9.aug.41 CG14
1640: Radio: "Convoy. CG17. N. 6 knots."
1641: Partial clouds. Wind 12 M/S.
1724: Destroyer sighted. New course 216 (Bow on). New depth 15 meters.
1725: Multiple merchant contacts.
1730: Periscope depth.
1737: 4 warship contacts. Preset TDC: AOB 90 Stb. 6 knots.
1745: Steady on 277. Estimated course 007, making 6 knots.
1747: U109 is inside convoy's track.
1758: CE having trouble with holding trim.
1802: Open tubes 1, 2 and 4 (TII G7E) for T2 Tanker. Spread 4 degrees.
1804: Fire! New depth 102 meters! Maintain Silent Speed.
1806: 2 impacts! Torpedo run 1 minute & 48 seconds. 1.700 meters.
1808: 5 degrees Left Rudder.
1823: Steady up on 232.
1857: Return to course 007. Checking for a straggler.

2035: Surface. Full Moon. Target did not straggle.
2042: Radio: "Convoy. CG14. N. 6 knots."
2256: Reverse course towards convoy.
2301: Lead Destroyer sighted at 7.800 meters.
2302: New course 228. New depth 15 meters.
2305: New course 277. Periscope depth. No changes to TDC or estimations.
2329: Crossing escort screen. Outside convoy's track.
2337: Open tubes 1, 2 and 4 (TI G7A) for T2 Tanker. 2 degree spread.
2342: Fire! New depth 102 meters! (3.000 meter shot). Confident.
2346: 2 impacts! 2 minutes & 56 seconds.
2347: 5 degrees Left Rudder.
My standard evasion method, 45 degrees off convoy's track.
0145: (10.aug.41) Surface.

10.aug.41 CG11
0334: Starboard escorting Destroyer sighted at 7.100 meters.
0335: Continueing end run.
0359: Reversing course to 219.
0406: Lead Destroyer spotted at 7.500 meters. New depth 15 meters.
0410: Periscope depth.
0412: 5+ escorts. 2+ Destroyers. 1+ Frigate.
0427: New course 277. Inside outer escort screen.
0441: "Warship at 209 R. Short range"
0446: Open tubes 1, 3 and 4 (TI G7A) for C2 Cargo. 2 degree spread.
0446: (There was no time to change the spread. Warship lost in baffles.)
0447: Fire! (3 degrees late). All bow torpedoes expended. New depth 104 meters.
0448: 2 impacts! 1 minute run. 1.000 meters. Ahead Flank! 5 degrees Left Rudder!
0449: Silent speed. Fairly certain a merchant blocked the escorts persuit.

1000: Surface. Light fog. 13 M/S.
1050: Battery recharged. Save & Exit.

HotiBomba 07-27-11 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Fish In The Water (Post 1713843)
That's '44 for ya...

The good news is it should get better from here (hopefully)! :DL

It can't be any worse for sure... But it's still 1944, and i seriously consider to flee to Guatemala and sell my U-boat. Buy a new house there, find pretty latina wife and become fisherman...

sublynx 07-27-11 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by HotiBomba (Post 1714063)
It can't be any worse for sure... But it's still 1944, and i seriously consider to flee to Guatemala and sell my U-boat. Buy a new house there, find pretty latina wife and become fisherman...

I wonder if the commander of U-760 had similar wishes... Here's an excerpt from u-boat net:

On September 8, 1943, U-760 was sailing on the surface alongside the U-262 when they were attacked by a British Wellington aircraft (Sqdn 179/C) about 150 miles out of Cape of Finisterre. The U-760 arrived at Vigo harbor and was put under the supervision of the Spanish Navy cruiser Navarra. After 24 hours the boat had not left the harbor (the neutrality laws allowed this time frame for emergency repairs and such) and it was interned. The boat was taken to El Ferrol where she remained until the end of the war.

Maybe you can sail to Guatemala, burn all your petrol on the way and report to BdU that very unfortunately the boat has no fuel left. :O:

It'll be no more torpedoeing of ships for you, but on the other hand you might get a vessel or two with a small periscope with your pretty latina wife :woot:That would not be too bad, I think :DL

ijnfleetadmiral 07-27-11 10:45 AM

That might be an idea for me...I'm seriously starting to think my Type VIIC is cursed. We've been plagued with torpedo malfunctions and bad weather since our first patrol, and apparently one of the builders of the boat stashed a large quantity of stupid pills on board because it seems like every patrol I'm dealing with general incompetence at some point.


HotiBomba 07-27-11 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by ijnfleetadmiral (Post 1714272)
and apparently one of the builders of the boat stashed a large quantity of stupid pills


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