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sublynx 07-14-11 11:38 AM

U-10 (IIB, "die Elster"), patrol 6, report 2
Ob.Lt.z.s. Harry Wiebus
1. Flottille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol grid AN28

Statusbericht 25.3.1940

Returned back to Kiel. Two 1800 BRT freighters sunk in grid AN28. The other had a speed of 9 knots, course 65, the other probably 8 knots, course 55. Five torpedoes used at approximately 90 AOB angle, depth 5 meters, MZ. One dud in 9 m/s winds, two misses, two hits which were quite enough in sinking the ships. The port traffic to Bergen seems quite heavy.


Paul Riley 07-14-11 12:57 PM

Tonight's developments

Originally Posted by Paul Riley (Post 1702366)
Well,here we go,finally,a new campaign after almost a year away from the game,and I can tell you right now it feels good to have the bowspray back in my face again.Also I may need to point out that I have still yet to finish the game even after all these years (best so far is early 1943 with a respectable campaign tonnage of well over 1 million tonnes,with 4 careers I think it was),so hopefully this campaign could be the one.Please,no corrupt career files this time please? (fingers crossed)

Sept 1st 1939

So,with the onset of war with Poland we set off from Kiel in our snug type IIA for an assigned patrol in AN21 just east of the Shetlands.We dont expect much action this early in the war,however we could pick up a few loners in and around the area due to the fact that we have an extensive copy of previous captains ship co-ordinate logs from old campaigns.But with only a meagre supply of 5 torps this could be a short journey indeed,therefore we must employ the 'one ship one torpedo' philosophy to its fullest!.
I will need to get the men into a VII as soon as possible for I fear cabin fever may set in before long if I dont.

May the gods guide us safely on our mission.

Latest report from U-23

2nd Sept

3rd Sept
day 3 at sea

making our break into the North Sea from the SE tip of Norway we sighted a lone vessel heading 246,speed approx 5-6 kts.
followed for around 2 hrs,vessel clearly indicating it was a Norwegian medium cargo
broke off and sent contact report back to base
earlier in the day we recieved reports of a German UBoat attacking a Polish sub in AO94,which was finally sunk

4th Sept
day 4

no major events other than a radio message at 0846 reporting that HMS Courageous had been dispatched on ASW mission with destroyers Anthony,Acasta,Amazon,Ardent
second radio message,Royal Oak departed Scapa Flow on patrol in North Sea.If only I knew where

5th Sept
day 5

arrived in assigned grid AN21.patrol ends at 1000 on 6th Sept
dived to 20m

6th Sept
day 6

surfaced,co2 at 50%,14hrs submerged (smd)
set new patrol grid AN14-AN16 on an 80km corridor between the Shetlands and the Orkneys
radio report from U-38
fired at by steamer in CG5553
steamer sunk for approx 7.000 GRT
dived to 20m
will remain in area for 1-2 weeks depending on current situation
surfaced,4.5hrs smd,approx 15km covered,recharging
D20m,RC time 3hrs
sound contact,merchant bearing 50,speed slow
broke off from chase,visibility extremely poor with 15mps waves,target pulling away
sound contact
visual on target,British vessel,rough course 151,speed unknown
broke off due to poor vis and rough sea,cannot afford to attack in such uncertain conditions due to our meagre supply of 5 torps
sound contact
gave chase for a good 3hrs,no visual,target must have been faster than our mean speed of 9-10kts at full
radio message,convoy OA1 departed from Thames estuary for Halifax
sound contact,visibility improving,wind still 15mps
visual contact,target ID British Granville
got well ahead of target and set up for a submerged perpendicular shot fired from 1000m
fired 1,impact tip set to fast,depth 3m.torpedo aimed at foremast
torpedo impacted directly at intended still afloat yet secondary fires observed below front mast
blew ballast,keeping parallel with target mean course we got in position for a second 90 degree shot fired from the surface at 2000m,light fading,decent cover
torpedo passed literally inches from the bow
fired a 3rd,same
fired a 4th,same (incorrect torpedo setting) :damn:
target slowed to 3kts and still burning slightly
prepared our final fifth torpedo aimed slightly aft of first damage site
torpedo hit perfectly
target finally sank on even keel for 4707 GRT
report sent in to BDU,returning to Kiel
end of report


below average performance,I think mainly due to impatience,after all,this is my first patrol in almost a year away from the game and was eager for a kill,which after all said and done we did get ;)
Why on earth I left in a type II i'll never know,the only thing I like about it is its cramped space which lends a sense of coziness.
Two weeks back in Kiel and we should be ready for our 2nd patrol,or I may give the men 1 month bringing us closer to 1940...1939 is so slow

VONHARRIS 07-14-11 11:34 PM

U-111 IXB
Patrol 12
21 May 1941
04:17 hours U-111 left Lorient for grid ET29 ,Freetown

05 June 1941
Grid EK47
04:03 hours Warship seen - fast dive to PD
12:31 Surfaced

12 June 1941
Grid ET29
11:39 hours Warship seen - fast dive to PD
11:45 hours Positive ID: Hunt I class DD
11:51 hours 2 x TI(stern) fired - impacts - ship sunk
12:00 Surfaced

14:24 hours Aircraft spotted - engaged
14:25 hours Aircraft damaged - minor damages from machine gun fire
14:27 hours Crash dived as aircraft was moving away
16:26 hours Surfaced - attacked by aircraft - engaged
16:27 hours Aircraft shot down - PBY Catalina

16 June 1941
Grid ET29
01:12 hours Warship seen - fast dive to PD
03:09 hours Surfaced
19:49 hours Moving to intercept convoy
20:48 hours Ship seen - US Somers class DD - convoy neutral

18 June 1941
Grid ET38
18:19 hours Warship seen - fast dive to PD
19:41 hours Surfaced

22 June 1941
Grid ET29
18:30 hours Warship seen - fast dive to PD
18:38 hours Positive ID: Tribal class DD
18:43 hours 2 x TI(stern) fired
18:44 hours Impacts - ship sunk

11 July 1941
Grid BF77
21:37 hours Ship seen
21:45 hours Positive ID: Medium cargo unarmed
21:58 hours Opened fire
22:02 hours Ship sunk after 31 105mm rounds

12 July 1941
Grid BF72
21:58 hours Ship seen dived to PD
22:03 hours Positive ID: Medium merchant 01 armed
22:17 hours 2 x TI(bow) fired from 600m - both duds
22:18 hours 2 x TI(bow) fired from 500m - impact
22:20 hours Sinking sounds - ship went down

This was not looking like a good patrol.
14 July 1941
08:34 hours U-111 docked at Lorient.
55 days at sea
4 ships sunk
13594 tons
94% hull integrity
no casualties

U-23 returned after her first patrol (Nice report Paul)
U-10 also returned safely having sunk two ships. Commander Wiebus must be given a bigger boat. I will see to it. I must talk to Karl about it!
U-56 is also at port with no sinkings this time but she evaded two enemy destroyers.
U-65 is enroute to her patrol grid , hopefully.

Snestorm 07-15-11 03:14 AM

U56 IIC. Patrol 6.
1040: Underway from Kiel, bound for AM36.
All torpedoes set to AZ (Impact Pistol), running depth 3 meters. Finaly!

1.jun.40 (Clear & Dead Calm)
AN14 (Shetland - Orkney Narrows)
1717: "Sound contact! Medium speed merchant. Long range. Closing."
1728: New course 180. Preset TDC for AOB 90 Port, 9 knots. (090 - 9 knots).
1735: New depth 20 meters! Ahead Flank!
1740: New depth 12 meters! Silent speed!
1741: Open tubes 1, 2, 3. Target IDed as english, C2 Cargo.
1742: Fire 1! Fire 3! Fire 2!
1745: Miss! Impact! Impact! Target was making good 8½ knots.
1746: New depth 20 meters. New course 090.
1747: Reload tubes 1 & 3.
1750: Target DIW (Dead In [the] Water).
1845: Fire 3!
1847: Hit, but no explosion. Angle is perfect. Target DIW. Dud!
1848: Fire 1!
1849: Impact! Target broke in two, and went down center first.
1850: New depth 20 meters. New course 090.

From U56
Position AN14.
1 sunk for 6.000 - 7.000 GRT.
All torpedoes expended.
3 good impacts.
1 dud.
1 miss.
Weather clear, and dead calm.

From BDU
To U56
Return to Kiel

2340: Docked at Kiel.

Patrol results:
5 of 5 torpedoes expended.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
1 ship sunk for 7.909 GRT. (I had underestimated my tonnage a tad. Target turned out to be a C3 Refrigerated Cargo.)

U56's history to date:
6 war patrols completed.
3 ships sunk for 16.398 GRT. (eleventh place).

Dockside News:

U111 departed Wilhelmhaven on 31.maj.40, for a long range patrol to DJ11.
U111 transited AN14 just 3 days after our departure, and claimed a Small Merchant sunk.
Coming from Wilhelmshaven, he must have passed well south of us.

Paul Riley 07-15-11 03:43 AM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1705213)

U-23 returned after her first patrol (Nice report Paul)

If only the other 3 torpedoes had found their mark.Torpedo speed setting is SO vital even if it means taking longer than you normally would to aqquire,you cant really afford to get the speed wrong.If in doubt dont attack in 15mps seas :nope:
...we learn...even after all these years.

VONHARRIS 07-15-11 10:12 AM

U-111 IXB Patrol 13
14 August 1941
U-111 left Lorient for Grid DH28
U-56 returned to port after her 6th patrol having sunk a C3 cargo , well done.

28 August 1941
Grid CG97
16:23 hours Aircraft seen - crash dived
19:00 hours Surfaced
19:22 hours Aircraft seen - crash dived
20:40 hours Surfaced

30 August 1941
Grid CG94
18:07 hours Ship seen
18:09 hours Positive ID: Empire type freighter - armed - dived to PD
18:19 hours 2 x TI(bow) fired
18:20 hours Impacts
18:24 hours Ship DIW - lining up for stern shots
18:33 hours 1 TI(stern) fired
18:34 hours Impact
18:35 hours 1 TI(stern) fired
18:36 hours Impact - started reloading stern tubes
18:46 hours Tube 6 loaded - 1 TI(stern) fired
18:47 hours Impact
18:50 hours Ship sunk
18:53 hours Surfaced

02 September 1941
Grid CG94
19:53 hours Moving to intercept convoy
22:06 hours Sound contact with convoy
22:45 hours 1 TI(stern) fired - impact - Medium merchant 06 sunk
22:50 hours 1 TI(bow) fired - impact - Small merchant sunk
22:53 hours 1 TI(bow) fired - diving to 100m silent running
22:54 hours DCs exploding away
22:57 hours Depth 30m - pinging - DCs exploding no damages
22:59 hours Depth 44m - distant pinging
23:00 hours DCs exploding in medium distance
23:02 hours Depth 56m - pinging
23:04 hours DCs exploding in medium distance
23:08 hours Depth 85m - no pinging
03 September 1941
00:45 hours Surfaced
13:35 hours Moving to intercept convoy - unsuccesful

04 September 1941
Grid CG94
19:03 hours Aircaft seen medium range - engaged
19:06 hours Shot down - Kingfisher

07 September 1941
Grid CG89
22:44 hours Moving to intercept convoy
08 September 1941
00:01 hours Sound contact with convoy
01:09 hours 4 x TIs(bow) fired
01:11 hours 2 impacts - Turbine tanker sunk - impact - Ammo ship sunk
01:40 hours Depth 90m no pinging
03:48 hours Surfaced - 2 bow torpedoes left - externals not loaded yet due to weather

09 September 1941
Grid CG49
18:52 hours Ship seen
19:00 hours Positive ID: Large cargo - armed - dived to PD
19:08 hours 2 x TIs(bow) fired
19:09 hours Impacts - no damage seen
20:17 hours Surfaced - no torps left - moving close to the Spanish coast to find better weather

12 September 1941
Grid CG21
06:44 hours Ship seen - dived to PD
06:51 hours Down to 30m
11:57 hours Surfaced
12:52 hours Ship seen - dived to PD
12:55 hours 3 merchant sound contacts + 1 warship
13:27 hours Pinging - diving to 100m
13:28 hours DCs fell - no damages

13 September 1941
02:11 hours Surfaced
19:42 hours
Grid CG23
Off Vigo - nice weather - 1m/s - moving external reloads in

14 September 1941
02:18 hours Job completed - moving to hunting grounds

19 September 1941
Grid BF42
17:53 hours Ship seen
18:01 hours Positive ID: Heavy merchant 01 - armed - dived to PD
18:14 hours 1 TI(bow) fired
18:15 hours Impact - ship on fire
18:16 hours 1 TI(bow) fired
18:17 hours Impact - more fires erupted all along her hull - heavy bow - 1 TI(bow) fired
18:18 hours Impact
18:19 hours 1 TI(bow) fired - impact - ship sunk

21 September 1941
01:18 hours U-111 returned at Lorient.
39 days at sea
6 ships sunk
41265 tons
1 aircraft shot down
No damages or casualties

Patrols: 13
450 days at sea
Start: 01 August 1939
63 ships sunk (51 merchants + 12 warships 3xBBs , 2xCVs 1xAuxiliary cruiser 1xArmed merchant cruiser)
486.299 tons (290.084 merchants + 196.215 warships)
6 aircrafts shot down
Torpedoes used: TI only on impact pistols

sublynx 07-15-11 01:38 PM

U-10 (IIB, "die Elster"), patrol 7
Ob.Lt.z.s. Harry Wiebus
1. Flottille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol sea area east of the Shetlands

Statusbericht 27.4.1940

A patrol in support of operation Weserübüng. However, the Brits outsmart us here badly and no enemy ships were sighted. We are now back in Kiel with the morale in the dumps. No action in our last patrol, all we did was getting reports of torpedo failures here and there. Only Vonharris had success, otherwise it has been quite miserable for the Kriegsmarine. Norway seems to be firmly in our hands, in spite of everything.


Fish In The Water 07-15-11 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1705690)
...the Brits outsmart us here badly and no enemy ships were sighted. We are now back in Kiel with the morale in the dumps.

Hang in there, it's always darkest before the dawn! :salute:

Snestorm 07-16-11 02:50 AM

U56 IIC. Patrol 7.
Underway from Kiel 6.jul.40, for AN21. (E of Shetlands)
Return to Kiel 21.jul.40
Finaly made Kaleun/Lieut.

No enemy contacts, and no ships sunk this patrol.

U56's history to date:
7 war patrols completed.
3 ships sunk for 16.398 GRT. (fourteenth place on BDU's list)

Dockside News:
On 23.jun.40 U111 sunk HMS Victorious. Well done! Another hazard removed.
She returned to Wilhelmshaven on 14.jul.40

The Canoe Crew, U10, U23, and U56, are still paddling along.

VONHARRIS 07-16-11 03:22 AM

U-111 IXB Patrol 14
22 October 1941
New Alberich sound absorbing coating installed
10:26 hours U-111 left Lorient for grid DJ21
U-56 and U-10 have completed their patrols with no sinkings but they are home safe and sound.

30 October 1941
Grid DJ21
01:55 hours Ship seen - medium range
01:57 hours Positive ID: Medium cargo - possibly unarmed
02:13 hours In position for stern tube attack
02:14 hours 2 TI(stern) fired
02:16 hours impacts - ship on fire - maintain speed
02:20 hours Shadowing target
02:40 hours Under attack - she was armed - minor damages - dived to PD
02:50 hours Stern tubes reloaded - 1 TI(stern) fired
03:00 hours nothing seen or heard
04:12 hours Surfaced

31 October 1941
Grid DJ21
12:08 hours Aircraft seen - medium range - engaged
12:09 hours Took near miss hit aft and next to the turm - flooding - various damages
12:10 hours Shot down - Hudson
12:32 hours Flooding stopped in all damaged compartments - hull breached - unable to dive - abandon patrol to Lorient

04 November 1941
14:51 hours U-111 docked at Lorient badly damaged
14 days at sea
0 ships sunk
0 tons
1 aircraft shot down
no casualties
47% hull integrity

sublynx 07-16-11 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by Fish In The Water (Post 1705921)
Hang in there, it's always darkest before the dawn! :salute:

Thanks Fish, I'm planning to start another patrol tonight or tomorrow night, maybe U-10'll get lucky this time.:)

Congrats to Vonharris on returning safely though badly hit.

Jimbuna 07-16-11 03:10 PM


Paul Riley 07-16-11 04:11 PM

U-23 sets out on 2nd patrol for assigned grid AN87
Tonight U-23 set out on their 2nd patrol for assigned grid AN87.It looks like BDU wants us to probe the northern French coastline,which we look forward to doing,for we have been itching for a fight with the French for a long time.Dunkirk is our nearest enemy port to check out for a day or two then we will sail along the coast and patrol the area around the Dover Strait.We have been in this area before and will have to be extra vigilant for British warships.
Our real desire though would be to sink a capital ship,and judging by last patrol's incessant radio messages concerning Portsmouth this would be a good place to hunt for them.

sublynx 07-16-11 04:45 PM

U-10 (IIB, "die Elster"), patrol 8, report 1
Ob.Lt.z.s. Harry Wiebus
1. Flottille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol AN24

Statusbericht 11.5.1940

BdU has reprimanded the U-boat arm for the somewhat unimpressive results of the last patrols. "Seien sie mehr aggressive!" Anyway, he's happy with Snestorm, I guess, since he has promoted him to and Riley is hopeful on sinking a capital ship.

When we left Kiel a squadron of He-111's flew over us, probably on their way to bomb the last resistance pockets in Norway. Luftwaffe is definetely showing a fighting spirit, sinking troop ships and damaging capital ships.

So far in our patrol we have sunk a Norwegian 2100 BRT steamer east of Bergen. Probably the ship tried to escape to Britain. The ship was sunk with three torpedoes of the type G7e, depth setting 3 meters in 15 m/s winds and medium visibility. Rohr 3 missed (pistol setting AZ), Rohr 2 hit (pistol setting MZ) the front of the ship and Rohr 3 (pistol setting AZ) hit the stern of the ship. The estimated of course of the ship was 175 degrees and speed 7 knots, range 1000 meters. However the torpedoes did not hit were intended and the running time indicated a range of 1100 meters. Probably the ship's speed was misestimated. We are continuing our patrol with 2 G7e's left.


VONHARRIS 07-17-11 12:10 AM

U-111 IXB Patrol 15
27 December 1941
The crew and Kaleun of U-111 have celebrated Christmas and they were ready to sail for their 15th patrol
U-10 was already on patrol having sunk a medium freighter and U-23 had left as well. There were no news of U-56 , probably still refitting.
14:51 hours U-111 left Lorient for grid BB99

01 January 1941
20:01 hours Radio message received from BdU

17 January 1942
Grid BB98
18:36 hours ALARM - Aircraft spotted - Crash dived

19 January 1942
Grid BB95
00:01 hours Multiple sound contacts - Convoy closing in
00:51 hours 2 TI(bow) fired
00:52 hours Impacts - Tanker 16 sunk in flames
00:57 hours 1 TI(bow) fired
00:58 hours 2 TI(stern) fired - impacts
00:59 hours 1 TI(bow) fired - sinking sounds - ore carrier - diving to 100m - undetected so far
01:28 hours Depth 100m - no pinging - that Alberich sonar coating seemed to be working.
01:52 hours Sinking sounds - Small tanker sunk

21 January 1942
Grid BB94
21:53 hours Moving to intercept convoy

22 January 1942
Grid BB95
01:16 hours Sound contact with convoy
02:27 hours 2 TI(bow) fired
02:28 hours Impacts - 1 TI(bow) fired
02:29 hours Impact
02:32 hours Converted whale factory ship sunk in flames
02:46 hours 2 TI(stern) fired
02:47 hours Impacts - Dido class CL sunk
05:00 hours Surface in 13m/s winds but no rain - 3 bow torpedoes remain

23 January 1942
Grid CC21
The weather cleared and we managed to move the externals inside.
12:36 hours ALARM - Aircraft spotted - medium range - engaged
12:37 hours Anson shot down

24 January 1942
Grid BB99
00:34 hours Moving to intercept convoy
04:27 hours Sound contacts showed that the convoy was moving away - abanded approach

03 February 1942
Grid BB98
13:18 hours Moving to intercept convoy
16:51 hours Convoy out of range - abandoned approach.

23 February 1942
03:53 hours Returned to Lorient
59 days at sea
5 ships sunk
38432 tons
1 aircraft shot down
no casualties or damages

Took command of U-161 IXC
The whole crew came together.
Upgrades : Sonar - Bold 1 decoys - Alberich sound coating - IX1 type turm

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