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sublynx 06-22-11 08:09 AM

U-552 lost
Enclosure to 2 Naval War Staff / B.d.U. Operations.
Group Command. Secret 539 Ing.

Enclosure to II (Losses in detail).

U 211 Veteran boat. Last report 11.11 west of Biscay area. Cause of loss unknown.

U 226 Veteran boat, new Commanding Officer. Last report on 17.10. West of Biscay area. Cause of loss unknown.

U 274 First trip. Last report on 22.10. west of Ireland. Cause of loss unknown.

U 280 First trip. Last report on 16.11. from Atlantic west of Biscay area. Loss probably by aircraft attack.

U 282 1st trip. Last report on 24.10. west of Iceland. Cause of loss unknown.

U 405 Veteran boat. Last report on 30.10. from the Atlantic east of Newfoundland. Cause of loss unknown.

U 420 2nd trip. Last report on 20.10. from Biscay area. Cause of loss unknown.

U 508 Veteran boat. Last report on 12.11 from Biscay area.

U 533 Veteran boat. Last report on 13.10. from the Indian Ocean. Cause of loss unknown.

U 536 Veteran boat. Last report on 19.11 N.E. of the Azores. Cause of loss unknown.

U 542 1st trip. Last report on 26.11. E. of the Azores. Loss probably through aircraft attack.

U 552 Veteran boat. Experienced Commanding officer. Last report on 21.11. grid AM13 after attacking a convoy with slight damages. Loss probably off a convoy.

U 600 Veteran boat. Last report on 23.11. east of the Azores. Loss probably off a convoy.

U 707 Veteran boat. Last report on 9.11. west of Spain. Loss probably through aircraft attack.

U 842 1st trip. Last report on 6.11. N.W. of the Azores. Loss probably through aircraft attack.

U 848 New boat, experienced Commanding Officer. Last report on 5.11 from South Atlantic, loss by aircraft attack.

U 966 1st trip. Destroyed on 10.11. by aircraft on the Spanish north coast. (This boat was already reported missing in October).

flag4 06-22-11 01:15 PM

Rain. November 1942.
...thank you for your letters of concern, i recieved them just before we left. unfortunatly i am in grid area BF13 south of Ireland, so i write this brief note now. maybe i could bring this letter myself upon my return - you could read it to me!
i think some of my crew should go back to school - kindergarten. i feel the creeping reality of our situation has not been told to them - but i am only joking, no? some are like babies in their cradles: kampfen kampfen kampfen!

our current patrol is not good at all. the weather is raining all the time. we have no wind only rainings. it is as though we are being followed by a bowl above us it is grey and all the water is only falling on our heads.

i can see nearly no things at all. i can only urinate off the front of the boat and this is as far as i can see!

and it is so still. the waves lick the sides of our boat. i have the feelings something big is coming. i have ordered many dives today to see if there are merchants or destroyers out there - we can see no thing. as we move the rain is following. a grey forest of cloud is beyond at all times.

we have left Williamshaven over two weeks ago - nearly three now. and we have seen no thing. we have heard the distant cutting of screws through the water, but these boats are many leagues from us. we are in a ghosts town i feel. the men do not like it, some of them have cried, the youngest is 17. he broke yesterday in his sleep. my watch officer heard him crying in his dreams somewhere far away. i have ordered that no one will laugh at him. we have all been here. i have spoken some words to him and put in the watch crew in the conning tower for a short time only. at least he can breathe up there.

now i will order another dive to periscope depth to listen for the churning screws and also for some relief, before we all go Fog Blind.

i will look for this interesting radio programme, you speak of, on my return - if i am lucky.

i whish you many sleepfull nights

Heinrich Von Baino U46

sublynx 06-22-11 04:20 PM

U-10, Patrol 1 Harry Wiebus
U-10, type IIA
2.Flotille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol grid AN18

Left Kiel 28.8.1939 knowing that the patrol started in peace time and that we we would return to port in war time.

On the second war day a Polish 2600 BRT frachter was sunk with three TI's of which one missed. MZ, depth 5, speed 40 knots.

The British joined the Poles on the 3rd of September and on the same day we hit a 7900 BRT passagiersfrachtschiff with two TI's. MZ, depth 10, speed 40 knots.

While returning to Kiel after shooting all of our a torpedoes a Polish 2400 BRT frachter was spotted. As there was almost no risk of airplanes or destroyers the ship was shot to pieces with over 1700 20 mm rounds.

The North Sea will soon be our sea, says my boatswain, Stabsoberbootsmann Hans Rappold. The start of this war has really been good to us. Five torpedoes, five days since the war started and 13000 BRT of sunk shipping to U-10's name.


VONHARRIS 06-23-11 12:37 AM

U-507 IXC Patrol 4
21 November 1943
Otto Herman , the radioman of U-507 was doing some testing in his equipment
when he received a very bad message.
U 552 Veteran boat. Experienced Commanding officer. Last report on 21.11. grid AM13 after attacking a convoy with slight damages. Loss probably off a convoy.
We were shocked as we knew that Kaleun Alfons Dietzmann was one of the best.
They will be missed but not forgotten.

U-10 out of Kiel had a very succesful patrol.
Nothing elese is known of U-171 and U-65 so far

Jobs done :
1 Changed radar to FuMo - 30
2 Changed Hydrophones to Balcongerat
3 Took 1 TIV Flake homing torpedo in tube No5

27 November 1943
01:58 hours U-507 left Lorient
Grid BF64
07:33 hours Meteox warning , stayed on the surface sice it was to shallow to crash dive.
07:38 hours Welligton shot down. The pilot was so confident that he didn't take any precaution while attacking , he just flew in a straight line. Easy target for the Flakvierling

04 December 1943
Grid CF53
13:58 hours Diving to PD as BdU informed us of convoy coming our direction
15:08 hours Sound contact with the convoy
16:37 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired (1 TI FaTI)
16:38 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
16:40 hours 2 impacts
16:41 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired (1 TIV Falke homing) - diving to 100m
16:42 hours Sinking sounds - Repair ship. Distant pinging - Bold launched
17:21 hours Depth is 150m running silent - no pinging
20:05 hours Surfaced.

11 December 1943
Grid CE77
00:23 hours Nice weather and full moon , moving the externals inside

27 December 1943
Grid DO74
05:58 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
06:20 hours Enemy warship ID : Evarts DE sailing in a non evasive course
06:51 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
06:53 hours Impact - explosions - sinking sounds. DE seen sinking by the bow

28 December 1943
Grid ED11
01:01 hours Ship seen , no meteox warning , dived to PD
01:06 hours Ships ID : Turbine tanker and motor tanker unescorted but armed to the teeth.
01:11 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired
01:17 hours 3 impacts but no sinking sounds , following submerged
02:27 hours Can not obtain favorable firing position - surfacing. Range was kept from 2500 to 3000 m and course parallel to the general direction of the zigzagging tankers. They couldn't see us.
03:07 hours Ships stopped zigzagging - turned and fired 2 stern shots
03:11 hours impact - impact nothing else observed. In a very foolish and daring act U-507 stayed on the surface shadowing the tankers in order to reload.
03:18 hours Turned to fire bow tubes 2 torpedoes launched
03:20 hours Impact turbine tanker on fire followed by explosions
03:21 hours Ship sunk by the bow
03:27 hours 1 stren torpedo fired
03:30 hours Impact - motor tanker DIW
03:47 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
03:49 hours Impact - what were these tankers made of?
03:50 hours 1 bow torpedo launched (TI FaTI used as normal TI)
03:52 hours Impact - series of explosions - ship sunk even keel
It took 4 torpedoes for the turbine tanker and 5 for the motor tanker to sink.
It was time to return.

24 January 1944
06:53 hours
U-507 docked at Lorient
59 days at sea

Snestorm 06-23-11 01:22 AM

U171 IXC. Patrol 2. Part 3.
News from our Radioman:
The veteran boat, U552, was lost in AM13, following a convoy engagement.
U507 has been busy sinking enemy shipping, including an Aircraft Carrier!
Well done! U171 sends many thanks, for easing our days at sea.
U10 has managed to sink 3 ships, for 13.000 GRT, on her very first patrol.
The crew realy worked miracles with their flak gun.

Last reported 0425, 8.nov.42, from DA94
One Liberty Cargo had been sunk for 7.367 GRT.
Remaining torpedoes are: Bow 6 G7E - 1 G7A. Stern 2 G7E - 2 G7A.

Times given are ZT (Zone Time - Local)

0424: Predawn dive. 67 miles S of New Orleans.
Nearest land is 45 miles. Total depth is 26 meters.

0414: Predawn dive. 150 miles SW of Galveston.
Nearest land is 60 miles.
No trafik of any kind encountered during nightly forays into the shallows.
Fuel dictates departing the area.

2015: Surface. Overcast, Light Fog, 9 M/S.

2040: "Ship spotted! 240. Long range."
Dived to avoid detection by a Medium Speed Trawler.

2209: "Sound contact! Medium speed merchant. 004. Closing. Long range."
2214: Suraface and close.
2224: New depth 15 meters. Target will pass to the North, moving West.
Set TDC: AOB 90 Port. 9 knots. 2 degree spread. Depth 4 meters.
Preliminary estimate is 287, making 9 knots.
2242: New course 017. Open tubes 1, 2, 4 (TIII G7E).
2300: Surface. Very dark night.
2305: Fire 1, 2, 4! One premature! Tanker!!!
2306: Impact X 2! Surface reloading approved.
2307: Fire 3 (TI G7A). Target slowed - torpedo missed.
2309: Target listing heavily to Port.
2325: Coming to targets course for an angled shot, angled at 90 degrees.
2330. Target appears stopped, or nearly so.
2356: Fire 6 (TI G7A, depth 6 meters!
2358: Target is not DIW, and the torpedo missed.
0011: Fire 6 (TI G7A). Stern on textbook shot. Depth 6 meters.
0013: Impact below the bridge, with lots of fireworks.
Torpedo run 78 seconds. Just over 1.000 meters.
T3 Tanker sunk, for 11.673 GRT.
6 torpedoes spent! 3 hits, 2 misses, 1 premature.
Current position DM7111. 28 miles S of westernmost Cuba.
3 bow, and 2 stern torpedoes remain. All TIII G7E.

0353: "Ship spotted! 093. Long range." Turn nose on to another Tanker!
0401: Set TDC: 9 knots. AOB 90 Port. Depth 4 meters. 2 degree spread.
0403: Visual contact lost.
0406: Submerge for a quick listen, and information gathering.
0419: Surface! All Ahead Flank!
0512: Target on 260, making 9 knots.
0520: Open tubes 1,2, 4.
0528: Turning nose on to target. AOB is 45 degrees.
0530: VCS (Variouse Courses & Speeds).
0533: New course 170 for final attack.
0535: Stern gun mount noted. Range 1.300 meters. Fire 1, 2, 4! Back slow.
0536: Impact X 3! Torpedo run, 64 seconds.
0537: T2 Tanker sunk, for 10.841 GRT. 2 G7E torpedoes remain aft.

1808: "Ship spotted! 295. Long range." Yet another Tanker!
It's day, and this attack will have to be made submerged.
Not so easy with stern tubes.
1816: Again, targets course is 260, and making 9 knots (I'm betting).
1830: Turning nose on to target, at Flank Speed.
1832: Range to target is 3.200 meters. New depth 15 meters.
1833: New course 080 (for Port to Port shot). Periscope depth.
1836: Turning for a textbook stern on shot. Open tubes 5 & 6.
1839: Fire 5 & 6!
1841: One impact. Torpedo run 1 minute & 57 seconds. About 2.000 meters.
1842: Little Tanker sunk, for 4.276 GRT. 14 of 14 torpedoes expended.

0001: Status report sent to BDU:
"14 of 14 torpedoes expended.
3 Tankers, and 1 Freighter, sunk for 34.157 GRT.
Galveston bound tanker trafik is running just S of Cuba, unladen.
All 3 tankers US flagged. 2 of 3 on course 260, at 9 knots.
Farthest West tanker had already turned northward, on course 287."

Save & Exit.

VONHARRIS 06-23-11 05:05 AM

U-507 IXC Patrols 5 and 6
24 February 1944
U-171 had reported sinking 3 more enemy tankers. That means less fuel for those TFs and aircrafts that make our lige a living hell in the Atlantic.

Jobs done:
1 Change batteries for more capacity
2 Installed Naxos RWR system
3 Took TV homing torps

05:59 hours U-507 left Lorient for GR59 Capetown
17:42 hours Engines are behaving strange , cruising speed is down to 3kts and flank speed is no more than 10kts.
Aborting patrol to Lorient

25 October 1944
03:48 hours U-507 docked back in port

Requested transfer to Bergen - approved

Patrol No6
27 March 1944
16:35 hours U-507 left Bergen to patrol AN13
16:40 hours Naxos warning - man the flak guns
16:42 hours The port is under air attack.
Enemy Halifax bomber shot down and crashed on port installations

A flaoting dock was destroyed by the air raid

30 March 1944
Grid AF77
12:42 hours Naxos warning dived to PD
12:47 hours Multiple warship sounds indicate enemy TF
12:55 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired (1 T I FaT I)
12:56 hours DCs exploding , possible aircraft circling
13:06 hours Impact
13:08 hours Diving to 70m bold launched
13:15 hours 102 m , distant pinging , bold launched
13:20 hours More warship sounds approaching
14:14 hours Fired 2 bow torpedoes at KGV class BB with visual targeting (1 x TV)
16:43 hours As nothing was heard we surfaced. BdU informed us that we had damaged a Dido class CL

3 April 1944
Grid AF77
00:15 hours Moving to intercept convoy
01:15 hours Naxos warning dived to PD
01:19 hours Sound contact with convoy
02:35 hours 2 bow TIs fired at single target
02:36 hours 2 bow TIs fired at single target
02:40 hours 2 impacts - sinking noises Repair ship sunk
02:55 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired (1 x TV) - silent running - diving to 140m
14:59 hours Surfaced

5 April 1944
Grid AE92
10:07 hours Weather is good 1m/s winds , time to move the externals in
10:28 hours Naxos warning - man the flak guns
10:30 hours Sunderland flying boat destroyed
11:27 hours Naxos warning - man the flak guns
11:30 hours RAF B-17 bomber destroyed

9 April 1944
Grid AE76
10:04 hours Ship seen no Naxos warning
10:05 hours Ship ID : Repair ship
10:10 hours Dived to PD
10:23 hours 1 bow torp fired
10:56 hours After submerged chase , 1 stern torp fired - impact - ship DIW
10:58 hours Turning to fire bow torp
11:10 hours 1 bow torp fired
11:11 hours Impact - sinking noises - ship observed sinking

10 April 1944
Grid AE75
19:03 hours While submerged , picked up warship sound closing
19:07 hours Ship ID : River class DE
19:42 hours 1 stern torp (TV homing) fired
19:44 hours Impact
19:45 hours Ship sunk by the stern

11 April 1944
Grid AE74
21:08 hours Naxos warning dived to PD
12 April 1944
00:20 hours Warship sound closing
00:51 hours Ship ID : Captain II class DE will pass some 500m from our bow
00:57 hours 1 bow torp fired - impact - ship observed sinking

13 April 1944
Grid AD83
08:36 hours Aircraft attack - NO WARNING - Welligton shot down - minor damages
09:06 hours Aircraft attack - NO WARNING - Welligton shot down - more serious damages - dived as soon as flooding was stopped
Grid AD59
11:01 hours Sound contacts - convoy
11:42 hours 3 Bow torps (1 x TI FaT I)
11:50 hours Impact - sinking noises - 2x impacts Ammunition ship sunk

20 April 1944
Outside the Fjords of Bergen
Playing chicken with German minesweeper

21 April 1944
15:58 hours Docked at Bergen
26 days at sea
5 ships sunk
20143 tons
4 planes shot down
75% hull integrity
no casualties

vonHarris left U-507 at the hands of the IWO.
He took command of the most valuable asset of the U-boot fleet :U-2511 XXI electroboot

Snestorm 06-23-11 09:15 PM

U171 IXC. Patrol 2. Part 4.
Since our last report from DM73, on 17.nov.42.

DM76 (E of Cuba.)
1839 (Local Time): "Ship spotted! 001. Long range." Tanker!
No torpedoes left.
New depth 20 meters.
Tagets course estimated at 220.

2030: Surface. Send message:

From: U171
Tanker route to Galveston observed.
East of Cuba, on course 220.
South of Cuba, on course 260.
South West of Cuba, on course 287.
Very heavy westbound trafik.
No eastbound trafik observed.

0700: U171 docked at Lorient. Commander 2.Flotiila boards for inspection.

Patrol results:
14 of 14 torpedoes expended.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
3 Tankers, and 1 Freighter sunk, for 34.157 GRT.

U171's history to date:
2 war patrols completed between 25.jun.42 and 22.dec.42.
4 ships sunk, for 34.157 GRT.

Upon leaving the boat, we were informed that The Ghost Of VONHARRIS would be attending training school, for future command of a new type uboat. No details were available about the boat's capabilities.
Looking forward to hearing of his future exploits.

VONHARRIS 06-24-11 09:22 AM

u-2511 XXI
Patrol 1 (7th for the crew)
22 May 1944
13:32 hours U-2511 left Bergen for her first war patrol. The first XXI ever to sail for patrol
Orders were to patrol AN28 for testing the boat

After reaching AN28 and patroling there for 24 hours , U-2511 left for grid AN11. The whole cruise was done submerged using the snorkel. In a crash dive U-2511 reached the speed of 20kts submerged.

26 May 1944
Grid AN11
While snorkeling U-2511 came under attack probably by aircraft. That new RWR on the snorkel needs a lot more job. Major damages to the watch tower destoyed radio , radar and the snorkel which remained locked in the raised position.
18:36 hours
A warship was heard approaching.
A TV was launched and down she went , a Black Swan frigate.
The tube was reloaded in less than a minute thanks to that new hydraulic system.

27 May 1944
Grid AN12
09:51 hours Sound contact warship approaching depth was 60m , rising to PD
10:18 hours Ship ID: Colony class DE
10:20 hours T V homing torpedo fired
10:21 hours Impact - sinking sounds

28 May 1944
Grid AF75
06:15 hours Sound contact warship approaching
06:29 hours Ship ID: Captain class II frigate
06:30 hours T V homing torpedo launched
06:32 hours Impact - sininking sounds

U-2511 started her return passage submerged
31 May 1944
18:05 hours
U-2511 docked at Bergen
3 ships sunk
4080 tons
83% hull integrity
no casualties.
This was a small sample of the XXI's capabilities. The patrol is dedicated to U-552 and her crew who were lost in this war.

U-171 and Kaleun Snestorm returned safe to Lorient.
Welcome back.
Kaluen Snestorm reported heavy tanker traffic in those waters. I might take U-2511 there in the next patrol

VONHARRIS 06-24-11 12:54 PM

U-2511 XXI The end
Oberleutnant z. S. von Harris and U-2511 were lost sometime on 16JUL44.
U-2511 attacked a very heavily escorted convoy - 8 escorts at least.
She sunk a large troop ship and a large tanker but she sufferred a direct hit from an enemy hedgehog.

She imploded at a depth of 240m

Fish In The Water 06-24-11 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1690067)
Oberleutnant z. S. von Harris and U-2511 were lost sometime on 16JUL44.

Gone but not forgotten, thank you for your gallant service and especially for the ultimate sacrifice! :salute:

Snestorm 06-24-11 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1690067)
Oberleutnant z. S. von Harris and U-2511 were lost sometime on 16JUL44.
U-2511 attacked a very heavily escorted convoy - 8 escorts at least.
She sunk a large troop ship and a large tanker but she sufferred a direct hit from an enemy hedgehog.

She imploded at a depth of 240m

Kaleun & Crew of U171 shocked and saddened by the loss of U2511.

gazpode_l 06-24-11 06:02 PM


OCTOBER 24, 1940 - 8pm
After sitting dormant & quiet for some time, it now appears we've shrugged off the torpedo boats - another sound signature is heard feigntly ahead. Let the chase begin! SURFACE!

We are nearing the merchant that is in front of us, which is a fairly large coastal frieghter. Typically these arent worth alot in BRT but worth sinking anyway.

1x standard torpedo fired, 2m depth, impact fuse - from tube 2.

DETONATION heard on target!

Breakup sounds are heard

The merchant slips beneath the waves

Re-surfaced, we get the heck out of dodge and head west, towards the atlantic.

25th Oktober 1940
in the morning, once the sun was fully up, Kln Hessler asks the engines to be stopped and the chief engineer is summoned to the deck....A sharp-eyed rating has noticed our hull is looking quite beat-up and expressed concern. Upon seeing the damage the kaluen also became concerned.

Chief engineer looks at the damage and confirms that we have taken a much more severe beating than first suspected and advices an immediate cease of the patrol and to make for Lorient ASAP. Kaluen Hessler agree's and course is set for home.

27th Okt 1940
U65 docks at lorient
Days @ sea: 6
Total Tonnage Sunk 39880 GRT
No of Warships: 3
No of Merchants: 2

SAVE & EXIT 12:45hrs R/L Time (friday am)

kaluen Snestorm, has been giving the british even more batterings, in his new boat, another IX from what i remember hearing...Possibly U-171.

Sad news regarding Kaleun V.Harris. It would appear that they were given a type XXI to play with, but ran into a well escorted convoy. All contact has been lost and we can only assume the worst. A great Kaluen, one of the best is now lost to the sea. :wah:

We also understand that the former kaluen of U-552 has also failed to make contact recently.

No further news of late from U-93, whom we can either assume is moored somewhere undergoing repairs or is out of radio range. Hopefully they are still alive!

We've been given the verdict on our u65. Another encounter with a destroyer and we've a had it! our hull rating was down to just 21% when we returned, which now means that we won't be going out again this year.

U65 will have to undergo a major refit & restoration which is likely to take months.

RPT ENDS............

R/L News: I've only had time recently for 1hr sessions, some of the time this week i've not been able to play much at all, and have only logged 2x sessions this week hence the lack of reports. I am hopeful to be enjoying more game time during the weekend and early next week....during which I will be putting u65 back to sea after our refit.

Gazpode (Kln R. Hessler - U65)

Snestorm 06-24-11 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1690260)

27th Okt 1940
U65 docks at lorient
Days @ sea: 6
Total Tonnage Sunk 39880 GRT
No of Warships: 3
No of Merchants: 2

Very impressive! Good to see back again.
And glad to see U65 made it back in one piece.

U171 in drydock with a "program error".

VONHARRIS 06-25-11 02:01 AM

01 August 1939
An eager young Kaleun stands on the turm of U-83 VIIB Uboot in Vilhemshaven. His orders are clear: Test the boat , the crew and then make a recce pass through the English Channel to check the shipping lanes.

19 August 1939
U-83 returned to base with all the valuable information. The war seems very close now.

gazpode_l 06-25-11 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1690370)
Very impressive! Good to see back again.
And glad to see U65 made it back in one piece.

U171 in drydock with a "program error".

Awww... I do hope u get your issues resolved soon mate. :salute:

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