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cjslax6 01-04-18 01:55 PM

I'm all set. Reinstalled the mods and reinstalled old DX9. Up and running!

Aktungbby 01-05-18 12:12 AM

welcome back
cjslax6!:Kaleun_Salute: AFTER A SIX YEAR SILENT RUN! & WELCOME ABOARD TO ROA! IN Northern Jytland, DENMARK!:Kaleun_Salute:

Niko91 01-07-18 08:46 AM

Will the game proced to the next chapter of the campaign with Wolves of Steel automaticaly or is it necessary to do anything manualy?

THEBERBSTER 01-07-18 11:12 AM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > Nico91
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All in the FAQ#s on post #1

Niko91 01-07-18 05:21 PM

LoL I read the FAQ over and over again and didn't find the red marked line... I just thought the FAQ start's with the Enigma question...

Oh hey apropos Enigma... I think I have a bug on my Enigma.... I did the first steps of decoding till the point where I have to change the codeword from HYDRA to another codeword. But if I klick on the arrows next to "HYDRA" nothing happens. Can't change from hydra to the codeword which I need :( Any help for this?

THEBERBSTER 01-07-18 06:38 PM

Hi Niko
There is no bug.
Read the tutorial carefully and all will become clearer what to do.

Niko91 01-08-18 02:28 AM

I know what to do... still can't change the codeword Hydra by klicking on the arrows.... I wanna change from Hydra to Potsdam. But can't change it.

I'd show you what I mean but can't find where the screenshot saves are.

Niko91 01-08-18 07:39 AM

Here's the video of what I mean:

Cyborg322 01-08-18 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by Niko91 (Post 2535451)
Here's the video of what I mean:

Video Not available for some reason ?

Niko91 01-09-18 03:33 AM

Sorry! Video should be visible now!

THEBERBSTER 01-09-18 03:48 AM

Hey Niko
Your are in January 1939 which is Hydra why are you looking for Potsdam
You match the BDU message date to your Enigma machine.
Potsdam does not start until June 1941 in the Black Sea.

Niko91 01-09-18 05:32 AM

Ok Peter, seems like I need some more training in decoding this... I'll try it again. I'll report here about my progress :ping:

CaesarCzech 01-09-18 06:19 AM

Campaign Dynamic ?
So Can i actually impact the course of war ? even if germany loses can Kriegsmarine do more damage than historically ? i mean i actually want atleast flavor mentioning if not change course of war.

Furthermore i doubt i can handle this scale of simulation SH 5 Vanilla "Simulation" yep but this ?

Niko91 01-09-18 07:03 AM

Ok, I was able to decode all messages. Thanks for your help.

I messed up the date. I used the date when the message was incoming and not the date which stands directly (date message was send?) in front of the message. With the correct date I got everything done correctly.

@CaesarCzech I think you can lower the rate of realism before you start a new campaign e.g. navigation.

skin-nl 01-09-18 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by zeus (Post 2534799)
Is there wolfpacks in campaign for wolves of steel?

In the Black Pit campaign there is, but dont't expect to much :up:

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