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Leg 05-07-10 08:03 AM

8 October '42 off Alexandria
During a storm I intercepted some radar signals and headed to their source.
Dived at PD the hydrophone operator signaled 2 DDs and a merchant just a few kilometer far and slowing down. I rised the attack periscope and just ahead of me there was a big sinking liner. I fired a single torpedo to the sitting duck but no explosion was heard or seen; then I fired a second one and eventualy the liner (about 50k tons, probably the heaviest ship I ever sunk) went down slowly.

krashkart 05-07-10 08:43 AM

U-122 - November 12th, 1940

Returned to Lorient following unscheduled patrol vicinity Reykjavik. Air patrols light, encountered two medium aircraft. Surface patrols heavy. At least three groups sighted. Hydrophones indicated perhaps six to ten more warships in area but did not investigate further. Forced to engage twice, sank one destroyer and possibly one MTB or trawler. Suffered direct hit to forward deck, which killed all three gunners. Expenditure of 13 rounds 8.8cm, three TI torpedoes. One dud.

Harbor facilities patrolled regularly by light group. No presence of shore defenses detected by watch.

Vessels observed at dock:

Aux. cruiser
Southampton class
Destroyer (class undetermined)

Several medium-large tanker, light-heavy cargo/freighter.

Vessels destroyed:

Aux. cruiser
Southampton class

Expenditure of two TI torpedo, three TII torpedo.

No further damage to U-122. No further crew losses.

Of note: reports of two convoy vicinity Reykjavik, one I/B one O/B. Reserve of fuel prohibited safe pursuit - returned home.

Recommend primary AE47, alternates BD59/83 w/ resupply Belchen.

Jimbuna 05-07-10 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by armyguy (Post 1384810)
Ok guys i got up to 6.5k renown in my IID so do i get the IXB or save up a bit more and get the IXC

Go for the IXB and don't upgrade again until the IXD2 becomes available.

pickinthebanjo 05-07-10 01:32 PM

whats wrong with the IXC?

Snestorm 05-07-10 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by pickinthebanjo (Post 1385165)
whats wrong with the IXC?

For one thing, it doesn't dive as fast as the IXB.
Aircraft. A L A R M !

armyguy 05-07-10 08:50 PM

Ok i going to get the IXB you get a lower dive time
and a higher submerged range but you get lower knots (by 0.1) and lower
range surfaced (8,700 vs 11,000)
ok a big hello for the U-103
my ship is full of newbes bye bye full vet crew :haha:

TBoone 05-07-10 11:17 PM

My curent SH3 campaign
I've been running SH3 GWX 3 with SH3 Commander My ship is U-2535 a type XXI U-boat my crew is elite and from 1939 to late 1944 I've sunk over 1000000 tons of shiping including the HMS Revenge Battle Ship. Playing on 0% realism.:rock:

pickinthebanjo 05-08-10 12:51 AM

I see, I've been getting constant air attacks when I cross northern England so that is good to know. Though I'll probably stick to The VII

Leg 05-08-10 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by pickinthebanjo (Post 1385531)
I see, I've been getting constant air attacks when I cross northern England so that is good to know. Though I'll probably stick to The VII

Consider the IX is for long range patrols, in zones with few or no aircrafts around.

raymond6751 05-08-10 05:46 AM

I keep starting over
I've had this game since the day it came out and have been playing it too. I have never finished the campaign and very rarely finished a patrol.

My problem is that I love mods. I keep finding new ones to play. That involves starting in port, since I don't have the patience to wait until a patrol finishes.

I must see the new mod stuff.

Talk about eternal patrols ! :)

KL-alfman 05-08-10 06:02 AM


Originally Posted by raymond6751 (Post 1385628)
I must see the new mod stuff.

be sure to check out these newer ones:
- rik007's SH5-water for GWX
- FM New Interior
- wide-screen fix
- Hitman's GUI
- MaGUI 3.2.1

there are a lot more which were released lately.

Jimbuna 05-08-10 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by pickinthebanjo (Post 1385165)
whats wrong with the IXC?

Nothing....but why waste renown when you can get the final IX model a short while after and have enough renown to rig her out with all the latest equipment?

Jimbuna 05-08-10 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by TBoone (Post 1385510)
I've been running SH3 GWX 3 with SH3 Commander My ship is U-2535 a type XXI U-boat my crew is elite and from 1939 to late 1944 I've sunk over 1000000 tons of shiping including the HMS Revenge Battle Ship. Playing on 0% realism.:rock:


Zedwardson 05-09-10 07:01 PM

Well, since my last guy died, starting a new one at the start of the war.

Setting sail on September 1st, Otto Van Graf and U-35 set sail, with the war in Poland just starting.

Heading to
grid BE61, the radio reports that Germany and england are at war, at is spotted by a pair of ASW Trawlers, french flagged, and is able to avoid them running silent. Soon he finds his first ship of the war, a Granville-type Freighter and torpedo strike and then finishes off with the deck gun, just as the boat is sinking, a shot goes over U-35 bow, and a A&B DD is headed to the boat, quickly getting submerged, Von Graf is shocked when the A&B breaks off at 1200 meters and goes broadside to the boat, right across its front tubes, not looking a gift horse in the mouth, the HMS Antelope is put to the bottom with a electric eel.

Further down the channel a Moter Boat and two
Coastal Freighters are put to the bottom by the deck gun, and then U-35 is chased away by some British Torpedo boats. U-35 heads west to the patrol grid.

A Naval Tugboat and a Passenger-cargo boat are put to the bottom on the western part of the channel, though two Irish tramp steamers had to be let go, being of the wrong nation.

Almost at the grid location, and down to four eels in the front, and two in the rear, Otto is gleeful when a massive convoy appears in ideal location, and quickly is intercepted.

coming in the eastern side of the convoy, he spots a Ore-carrier among small freighters, and launches a long steam torpedo strike, which hits, then is chased deep by a tribal, who does not detect the U-boat. So heading back to scope depth, the 2nd long steam eels from the tube five in launched, and hitting the same ore-carrier, this time the Tribal as more of a idea, and Otto watches as it gets closer and closer. (Stupidly) launching Electric Eels at it at 1200 and 1000 meter marks. staying calm as the Tribal has not indicated that it knows where the U-boat is in the choppy water, at 700 meters and the Eel is a direct hit, and the DD falls dead into the water, and is quickly sinks. No other escorts are in this convoy of approx 15 freighters, so spotting a large freighter, U-15 comes along side, and fires a shot from the stern, which explodes prematurely, reloading, and setting it to impact pistols, U-35 puts a Eel into the freighter, but it stays afloat, U-35 shadowed the convoy as long as they dared, and the Ore-Carrier eventually floundered, but it never was calm enough to use the deck gun, which would of added to the total greatly, as U-35 had to watch a unprotected convoy get safely in.

Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 9
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 21923 tons

gazpode_l 05-09-10 07:22 PM

My previous skipper got D/C to hell so I started a new career (my 3rd this month).

My new skipper Walter Suhr has been assigned aboard u-93 (a vIIC) based out of Kiel. The only problem with Kiel is that it is right in the heart of Deutschland.

We've set out in March 1941 and have encountered one aircraft flying overhead, he did not fire but we were closer to norway than England.

We've been set a grid of AM21.

Just a few days out of port and although we are progressing through a storm we've yet to encounter anything i'm hopeful that I can last out this career a bit longer.

ALthough my career WILL be enforced by a REAL TIME holiday aboard a beneteau 331, provided the ash cloud and strikes allow us to even get to greece.


Zedwardson 05-10-10 05:02 PM

Otto has just come back from his second patrol.

Starting out at 4.10.39

heading out sank a number of freighters, including a Norwegian ship that didn't have lights on and Graf thought it was British. After patrolling the grid for the time frame needed, U-35 went hunting north of Ewe and Southwest of Scapa, in a storm he found a V&W crossing his bows at a ideal angle, and a single eel put it in the bottom in seconds, no time for lifeboats, and quickly another DD, this time a J class came along the same line, but they had lost sight of each other in the storm and the J Class stumbled on like a dunk girl at a nightclub. It too was sunk and U-35 sailed on, wishing the sailors best of luck in the storm, and glad to adding to the misery of the Royal Navy.

The rest of the patrol consisted of putting eels in single merchants on the North West coast of scotland, and had just put the finishing touches of a sinking, when the boat had a real scare as the watch officer, Gustav Reschinsy spotted a plane, his alarm saved the boat as we just had enough time to crash dive before bullets and bombs fell. Other then glancing off the bottom as the boat didn't stop fast enough once Otto realized that he was in just 40 some odd meters of water, and sunk a last coastal freighter with the last two eels and then returned home.

Gustav Received a Iron Cross, 2nd class, and Otto has informed him that after the next patrol, he will be released for his own command.

Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 8
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 23297 tons

MrKWMonk 05-10-10 06:46 PM

July 1940. Kiel. Just finished my 11th patrol in the type IIA U-6.

One ore carrier and a medium merchant sunk in the area of AN55 for ~12000GRT (4 short range impact pistol, 1 dud). Have noted increased RN ASW activity but bad weather helped me to avoid them and kept the RAF grounded.

Have finally upgraded to a type VIIB :woot:

We've sortied for patrol 12 but have only gone as far as the Kiel breakwater. Wow the VII is fast compared to the type II. Doing 14kts at ahead standard. She's so quick and I was so busy admiring the boat I scraped it along side the Kriegsmarine pilot boat taking me out of the harbour :oops:

Luckily no damage. Just a dent or two, some scratched paint and many red faces. I'll never live that down.

Do I need all these crew members? I notice there's not enough beds like in the type II, so where to keep the extra's - the torp rooms or the inactive engine?

Looking forward to going into action tonight once I get home from RL.


Career #1 @ 60% difficulty

Zedwardson 05-10-10 06:51 PM

Monk, it better to put them in the inactive engine then the torp room in regards to fatigue....

and congrats on the VII, just as a note, the II, while not having many torpedoes and no deck gun, is very nimble, and the VII can get a great II captain killed by not timing it up right. :shucks:

Fozzy22 05-11-10 06:31 PM

Started a new campaign in the Med out of Salamis with the 23rd/29th Flotilla. On way to patrol grid I came across a small convoy of two granvilles escorted by FOUR Black Swan destroyers, I shadowed them for a bit and got in front of them to set up an attack run. Then the Luftwaffe show up and start to bomb the merchants. after the planes got shot down I sank both merchants and then started getting depth charged by all the destroyers. After about 40 minutes some stukkas show up and sink one of the destroyers and while the other three are caught up i slipped away to safety. Thanks fly boys! :salute:

Wish I could have taken screen shots but it doesn't work and trying with FRAPS causes CTD :cry:

schlechter pfennig 05-11-10 09:07 PM

While on the way to DG99, on my second patrol after taking over U-64 from her first commander, I received on 4 September, 1940, at around 2345 hours, a radio contact report of a large convoy approximately 60km from me in CG42.

It's now 0730 in CG75 and I've attempted five attacks, two which have been successful. The first attack netted a large cargo and a large tanker at 0236 on 5 September, while the second one netted a large merchant and an ore carrier on 6 September at approximately 0220 hours, for a total GRT of 35002.

Of the three unsuccessful attempts, two of them I aborted due to poor positioning, while the third one resulted from an early detection by the escorts, who swarmed in my direction like bees to spilled honey.

Twice now the convoy has made slight course changes, making a good intercept resolution difficult. I've been harrassing them for about a day and a half and I'm still shadowing them as we 'speak', calculating their course once again before heading off at flank speed to reach a good interception point.

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