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pickinthebanjo 04-01-10 11:50 PM

Just south west and also north west of Ireland is where I always find the most ships near England. Also try sneaking into Scapa Flow for some easy tonnage. (Ill post a pic tomorrow of the easiest way in/out)

Also DS9 is great stuff:)

microlime 04-02-10 02:44 AM

1939 2nd flotilla

1st patrol passes by port of Dover and decide to get some easy tonnage seeing how it was only guarded by an armed trawler. Went to 12m 3 knots and came about 900m of port(while I was under I did get two sonar conatacts). Put two torps in a medium cargo,1 in another cargo and what i think was a small tanker(there were dozens of ships to choose from). the trawler goes crazy and I watch in amusment.

then he goes above me and starts firing and im thinking WTF? I raised the periscope and look all derictions and see 2 bright white lights in the distance. the trawler is taking damage from what i asumed a german ship so I think what the heck lets try some deck gun practice on the other ships.

I go the surface and shells start flying around me(at that point the trawler was sunk). CRITICAL DAMMAGE!!!! DIVEEEE!!!!

Damage assesment: flooding in the stern torp room/quarters,diesel room,sonar/radio rooms,bow quarters. Conning tower gone,middle to stern of sub takes critical damage. Sonar/radio man injured

FLOODING CRITICAL 15 mins later sub destroyed by flooding. some april fools joke

Was the ship in the distance firing at me and hit the trawler?

p.s. this was my 1st actual patrol in the game 30% realism, also can I start sinking british/allied ships this early?

KL-alfman 04-02-10 03:53 AM

must have been the shore batteries .... :hmmm:

Paul Riley 04-02-10 04:23 AM

Hey Mr.Alfman,
Have you any Easter plans? Hope you didnt forget to load your UBoat with chocolates this year? The men could do with a treat now and then :yeah:

KL-alfman 04-02-10 04:52 AM

thx Paul!
the crew is on shore leave.
got to test some newer mods (wide screen).
on Sunday I have in mind to search eggs and have roasted lamb. :D

Paul Riley 04-02-10 05:11 AM

Does that widescreen mod you mention eliminate the stretching?

Roast lamb eh?,sounds delicious,my favourite meat.
Have fun on your mine hu..,I mean EGG hunt :woot:

KL-alfman 04-02-10 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Paul Riley (Post 1344698)
Does that widescreen mod you mention eliminate the stretching?

Roast lamb eh?,sounds delicious,my favourite meat.
Have fun on your mine hu..,I mean EGG hunt :woot:

the mod is optimized for 16:9 ratio and 1366x768 resolution
only the 2d-screens need to be worked on, the 3d is marvellous already.

Dutch 04-02-10 01:50 PM

U-7 Patrol Orders: 1OCT39. Patrol Grid AN21 for 24 hrs.
Departure: Immediately
Crew Transfers: None (Yay!)

4th Patrol, 2nd War Patrol.

Snestorm 04-02-10 06:11 PM

U502 IXC. 2. Flotilla. Patrol 2.
d. 29.nov.41 til d. 10.feb.42.
Patrol Grid CA53 assigned mid patrol.
(South of Long Island, USA).

CA61. 100 Miles south of Long Island.
d. 29. and 30.dec.41
21.52. Sound Contact. Merchant.
23.20. Surface. (Times are GMT. Waited for darkness.)
00.17. Ship spotted at 3600 Meters.
00.25. Target making 6 Knots.
00.40. Target on course 100T.
01.22. Open gun mount visible on stern. (Night Surface Attack).
01.23. "Nearest visual contact at 335R, 1500 Meters.
01.25. Fire tubes 1, 2, 4. G7E x 3.
01.26. "Nearest visual contact at 351R, 1200 Meters.
01.27. C2 Cargo (6.446 GRT) Sunk.

At 09.00 we were on station.
Following our obligatory time on station we ventured closer to New York City in CA52.
When the total depth reached 55 Meters we departed the area.
Only one warship was heard on the hydrophones throughout the journey.

U502 made her return trip along the US and Canada coastline. No ships were encountered.
The North Atlantic convoy routes were also checked, without results.

BE63. Southwest of Ireland. d. 6.feb.42.
At 15.56 a Coastal Merchant was spotted at 3700 Meters. U502 went to periscope depth and let loose with a single G7A torpedo. The shot was rushed, and missed the target. (I over-estimated the speed at 8 Knots.)
By 19.29 U502 was lining op a new shot. target course 068T. 7 Knots. The merchant's gun crew had other thoughts on the matter, and forced a "speedy" (IXC) dive.

BF41. D. 7.feb.42.
At 16.03 U502 came under air attack. Alarm! Crash dive!
Heavy damage followed.
Both periscopes destroyed.
Radio antenna destroyed.
Flak gun destroyed.
Watch tower destroyed!!!
(I had to stand watch alone when surfaced. No room for the deck watch.)
No injuries or deaths.

U502 arrived in Lorient on d. 10.feb.42 at 23.00 in medium fog.

Patrol Results:
1 ship sunk for 6.446 GRT.
50% Hull Integrity, with no loss of life.

U502's history to date.:
2 patrols from d. 29.sep.41 til d. 10.feb.42.
5 ships sunk for 28.145 GRT.

Fozzy22 04-02-10 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by Fozzy22 (Post 1344400)
Patrol report U-28 Type VIIB cont:

After sinking 2 large merchants and loosing my remaining eels in very bad weather trying to sink a tanker I proceeded north west to the Belchen supply ship off the coast of Greenland. After a day or so rest with the crew now rested i decided to scout along the convoy route of Halifax (Canada) to Liverpool, and with some success. Now at grid BC48 tracking ahead of a large neutral convoy, full of eels and ready to attack.

End report.

End of Patrol 7 report for U-28, Type VIIB, 2nd Flotilla:

Returned to base after large unescorted convoy attack at grid BC48.
Total of 11 merchants sunk - Total of 59955 tons.

Captain promoted with Iron Cross 2nd Class, medals and promotions for crew.

End Report.


UltimaGecko 04-03-10 03:06 AM

I just recently got SH3, but I've found it incredibly engrossing. So much so that I felt compelled to make a pseudo-documentary of my current U-45's exploits.

- - - - -

U-45; Type VIIB
U-Boot Flotille Saltzwedel
Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Officers Aboard
Commander: Oberleutnant zur See Matthias Himmelsdonner
Chief Engineer: Oberleutnant Ingenieur Volkmar Schäfer
Artilleryman, IWO: Leutnant zur See Gottfried Bargsten
Navigator, IIWO: Oberfähnrich zur See Herbert Lindner

U-45 - Patrol I (Test Run)
August 1st, 1939 - August 5th, 1939

The boat's first patrol took place on August 1st, 1939, but immediately ran into problems. Faulty gauges, engine troubles and mechanical failures forced her to return to Wilhelmshaven by August 5th for urgent repairs and refitting.

The commander's journal was lost in an unfortunate flooding accident, resulting in an understandably short patrol report.

U-45 - Patrol II (Test Run)
August 25th, 1939 - September 2nd, 1939

No Additional Officers or Crew Changes

By August 25th U-45 was once again ready for a test run, this time performing admirably - particularly compared to her first abysmal outting due to mechanical failures. With everything shored up, the crew undertook the patrol drill with due diligence - reaching their intended grid ahead of schedule. Torpedo and driving drills filled the late days of August as this training photo demonstrates:

Unfortunately, the training drill was cut short; due to the impending threat of war the U-Boat was called back. Cruising through the Straits of Dover early on the 1st of September on its way back to Wilhelmshaven, the boat wouldn't see peace in the English Channel again.

The boat would be fitted with a full load of G7e and G7a torpedoes and fuel and supplies would be topped off so that it could begin action immediately...

U-45 - Patrol III
September 3rd, 1939 - September 9th, 1939

Additional Officers
Crew Chief: Oberfähnrich zur See Adolf Kessler

Kaleun Himmelsdonner greeted his new crew chief upon U-45's return to Wilhelmshaven, but there was no time for pleasantries. War with Poland had erupted almost moments ago and there was speculation that Britain and France would uphold their alliance with Poland and declare war on Germany.

Crew on the dockyard worked tirelessly to restock the U-Boot's food, inspect her hull, top off her fuel, and load her with as many torpedoes as she could carry. U-45 managed to pull out of Wilhelmshaven after an astonishingly short 36 hour layover.

Slipping past the East Frisian Islands a message came from the FdU giving word that the UK and Germany were at war.

As U-45 made its way through the narrow Straits of Dover, the watch crew sighted a small freighter to the west travelling slowly northeast. Himmelsdonner immediately plotted an intercept course. Under the cover of night, just after 2200 "Taufen zur Sehrohrtiefe!" echoed through the ship as she dived to periscope depth to intercept her first vessel of the war.

Moments later torpedoes were in the water and U-45 turned hard aport. Half a minute later the explosion of the warheads deafeningly loud over the hydrophones confirmed their trajectory.
(After numerous times playing the torpedo and convoy naval academy training missions, this was my first case of firing a torpedo completely may have taken a while to sink, but it did sink).

Himmelsdonner ordered the ship immediately surfaced to survey the damage.

After a short victory celebration alarm set in as an escort vessel was quickly overhead.

(...Notice that hydrophone contact on the map above? I didn't...This is what happens when you up time compression when you shouldn't.)

As fast as he'd come up, Himmelsdonner immediately brought the ship back down with an emergency dive. U-45 learned its first harsh lessons as the bow of the ship plunged into the floor of the English Channel and scraped across the silty bottom. Damage reports came flooding in. The forward torpedo room and bunks were flooding; water up to the ankles had alreay filled the command room. Repair duties were immediately assigned.

Then more bad news from the radio crew "Wabos!" Depth charges exploded all around the ship; new reports came in of flooding in the aft torpedo room as well. The force scraped the boat across the bottom; glass on gauges broke and lights shattered. It looked grim, but after nearly 10 charges had gone off nearby they stopped falling. It seemed the escort crew thought it had destroyed the Type VIIB.

U-45 was still in deep trouble. Hurried work contined 48 meters under the water. With the flooding under control and the hydrophones clear, Himmelsdonner ordered a full reverse in an attempt to lift them off the seafloor, but to no avail. As a last resort he blew the ballast tanks. The depth gauge finally ticked its way up - 47m and climbing.

Minutes later the sub broke the surface and the damage was assessed. The flooding had abated and the hull seemed intact, but the conning tower wasn't so fortunate. Both periscopes and the deck gun were irreparably damaged.

Not resigned to defeat so easily - even without the ability to effectively attack while submerged, Himmelsdonner ordered the ship to continue west through the English channel. With an UZO as their only aiming device they managed to engage and sink numerous small vessels (without crash diving into the seafloor...again).
The SS Trentonia and its load of iron flounder to the bottom of the channel from one of U-45's UZO-targeted attacks.

Expending 12 of 14 torpedoes, U-45 only managed to sink just under 10k in tonnage. Its first wartime patrol was a story of miraculous survival through poor decisions. No crew were lost. The patrol was cut short due to mechanical troubles again - this time they just happened to come from the commander instead of the dockyard.

Can they manage to pull their luck and leadership around and become a truly successful U-Boat?

...Well, I don't know if I can do much worse than crashing my boat into the seafloor and getting depth charged.

unterseemann 04-03-10 03:33 AM

Nice story Gecko, and welcome to subsim! :salute:

Flopper 04-03-10 12:47 PM

Still on patrol, west of Portugal, Feb. 1940

9 eels fired:

1 hit.
1 miss.
3 exploded prematurely.
4 duds on impact.

1 medium cargo sunk.


darkone999 04-03-10 10:35 PM

In port after third patrol..Just pure luck ran into a convoy with a heavy cruiser escort on my second four torps off at the cruiser(wanted her bad) then ran due to six escort destroyers also around torpedo hit the cruiser the others missed the cruiser and two of them hit a large cargo ship..I was like damn it I wanted to sink that heavy cruiser..Well while the escorts where beading in on me I am thinking **** all those ships and not one was sunk that sucks...then to my surprise the cargo ship went under..That made me fill better..then the next hour was spent avoiding depth charges..I then continued to scurry off at two knots and all of a sudden the heavy cruiser went under..I was so happy as I thought "no way it will sink with one torp in her"...In the end all that hard work payed off...Love it...

any one point me to a thread as to why my save game files for sh3/gwx3 are getting corrupted.some save fine and others wont load at all..Thanks in advance..


pickinthebanjo 04-04-10 12:08 AM

Just returned to base after a very short but very succesfull patrol. I patrolled the grid an8455 with no results. Then decided to make an attack on Scapa Flow for the second time. This time around I got depth charged by a lone destroyer that snuck up on me. I was forced to make repairs as the destroyer could not navigate the narrow chanal that I entered from and struck a ship barrier (lucky me) I then commenced my attack on another destroyer, and the light cruiser HMS Newfoundland (Fiji class) but then decided to wait it out till morning, before finishing my attack

30MAY40 - 09JUN40 (11 days)

1744 Patrol 8
U-52, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: May 30, 1940, 17:44
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN84

21:03 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! HMCS Margaree (C&D classes), 1375 tons. Crew: 154. Crew lost: 35

23:45 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! HMS Northern Dawn (ASW Trawler), 1100 tons. Crew: 51. Crew lost: 49

04:39 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! HMS Newfoundland (Fiji class), 10725 tons. Crew: 745. Crew lost: 499

04:53 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! MV White Castle (Small Tanker), 1981 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 17. Crew lost: 13

04:58 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! MV British Pride (Modern Tanker), 10872 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 76. Crew lost: 3

05:11 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! SS Accra (Troop Transport), 8011 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 237. Crew lost: 109

05:37 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! SS Saltwick (Small Merchant), 2404 tons. Cargo: Scrap Metal. Crew: 80. Crew lost: 55

09:04 Patrol results;
U-boat damaged (H.I. 72.83%)
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 7
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 36468 tons

frau kaleun 04-04-10 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by darkone999 (Post 1346828)
any one point me to a thread as to why my save game files for sh3/gwx3 are getting corrupted.some save fine and others wont load at all..Thanks in advance..


Hey Tim

There are a lot of threads regarding problems with corrupted saves. Sometimes they just happen for no reason anyone can pinpoint. However the general consensus seems to be that you can lower your chances of having problems by:

- not saving when submerged
- not saving when within visual range of land or other vessels
- if you are using mods, disable/enable them only while in port (unless the mod's readme says it's safe to do otherwise)
- if you are using SH3 Commander, set it to "roll back" any changes it makes each time you exit the game

If you're already doing all the above and still getting corrupted saves, you can try posting some more of the relevant details and see if anyone can give you a few more ideas.

Keep in mind though once you have a corrupted savegame, any savegames made after it will also be corrupted, so if you want to continue the same career or mission you'll have to keep going backwards through all the saves you made until you find one that is clean.

Exakt 04-04-10 09:15 PM

ObLt z. S. Ernst Wagner has been reassigned as a Admiralstabsoffizier in the staff of Dönitz. His front career consisted of 10 patrols, for a total tonnage of 197252, 37 merchant ships and 3 warships. He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd and 1st class, the Knight's Cross, the U-boat War Badge and the U-boat Front Clasp. After the war, he served in the Bundesmarine and retired in March 1970. He died in Kiel on 9 September 1972.

Paul Riley 04-05-10 05:18 AM

2nd patrol of U-48 commanded by Kaptain Kurt Neulinger
War diary , U-48
8th Dec 1939

Having now been at sea 11 days we have been patrolling a 200km corridor from BF11-BF14,accounting for 3 sinkings in the area so far,including 1 French freighter,1 British modern tanker (a good 9000 tonnes too!),and 1 British intermediate tanker for a total of 14.464 GRT.All attacks were performed at close range with contact tips (2 at night,1 in total daylight) in practically perfect weather conditions,hardly a breeze anywhere.
8 torpedoes remain with approx 150 rds of HE shells.
-Kapt. Kurt Neulinger , U-48

U-48 has also raised concern about faulty torpedoes experiencing 2 duds and one that failed to keep its depth passing right under its target.

Looks like it may be a good Christmas booze up if they manage to fire off all remaining torpedoes with successful sinkings and make it back in time.Doenitz has promised 2 weeks of leave for every man.They plan to spend possibly 1-2 weeks more on patrol then attempt another risky passage through the channel for a brief 3 days or so.Kurt however plans to spend Christmas with his elderly mother and to visit the grave of his recently deceased father.He is thankful he has good men aboard his UBoat to keep his morale in top form during this difficult time.
Wish them luck! :woot:

Paul Riley 04-05-10 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by Flopper (Post 1346268)
Still on patrol, west of Portugal, Feb. 1940

9 eels fired:

1 hit.
1 miss.
3 exploded prematurely.
4 duds on impact.

1 medium cargo sunk.


Chin up mate,you arent the only one plagued by those bloody duds! :nope:
Hopefully the head sheds back in Germany will design better,more reliable torpedoes for us,sooner the better.

Vipper 04-05-10 06:39 PM

It is 5th patrol and 1. april 1940. Going to Narvik...Wish me luck.:)

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