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Pohl 06-21-09 11:46 AM

oh look....a lonely Vogue Class (carrier)

I already took the escorts and im heading to him with sound homing torpedoes =) no way he's surviving, now that war will be over in less than 4 months

Leandros 06-21-09 12:03 PM

Not with the big guns.....?.......:arrgh!:......

grislyatoms 06-21-09 12:17 PM

"Das Boot" -sort of moment last night
Set up a textbook attack on a Granville freighter last night. Going to pass 500m off the bow, AOB 90 degrees starboard.

SO calling off bearing... 350...351...352...353... "sound contact lost".:o

Pop up the scope... sweep from 0-350...nothing. Cut back to 5-10-15-20... then back to 350...nobody out there.:damn: I thought I was either in "The Final Countdown" or the butt of a conspiracy theory ala "Philadelphia Experiment". :88)

Picked him up again visually at 40 degrees or so... didn't feel like creating another intercept so I just sank him with the deck gun.

This old Kaleun must need to get his eyes checked, and the SO needs a stern talking to.:D

Leandros 06-21-09 03:48 PM

U-34 April 3rd 1940 01:09 - North-East Newcastle - patrol 5

Left Wilhelmshafen on the morning of March 29th for grid AN51. Uneventful crossing except observed 3 Tribals on opposite course midway across the North Sea. They didn't see us.

Bumped into a small convoy in the assigned grid. Weather was too bad to use DG so spent some valuable torpedoes on some small merchants after first having ambushed the lone escort - a C&D.

Then received report of a large convoy coming up the coast. Here is:

Should I try to cut in behind the lead escort on the surface or first ambush the escort on the convoy port side. We only have 4 torpedoes left but full complement of DG has improved....that is, for DG use....

Jimbuna 06-21-09 04:25 PM

I wouldn't be considering using the deck gun with escorts in the vicinity.

Why not pick two juicy merchant targets and give them a couple of eels each then scarper/quit while your ahead :hmmm:

Captain Birdseye 06-21-09 04:31 PM

Had my first successful convoy attack this evening. large convoy with a big juicy Fiji class in the middle.

Decided to send a salvo of four torps off into the area most populated with boats (waited til it got to 0 gyroangle).

Every single torp hit and I was already at 70m, bagged an ore carrier and severely damaged a troop transport. Escorts came after me for half an hour, so I popped up after and got one of the Black Swan's returning to convoy, back the escorts came even angrier than last time. 2 hours later I finally pop up lost the convoy, and I pick up a straggling large merchant, 2 torps in his belly and he was a goner.

All torps expended we head off back to St Nazaire a happy bunch, certainly makes me feel better after my recent torpedo impact drought.

Leandros 06-22-09 05:17 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1121445)
I wouldn't be considering using the deck gun with escorts in the vicinity.

Why not pick two juicy merchant targets and give them a couple of eels each then scarper/quit while your ahead :hmmm:

U-34, patrol 5, back in Wilhelmshafen - 90 % HI.

You were right - as always....:03:.......Our choice really was to try to down all the escorts - and then use the DG. As it turned out the port-side Tribal was sunk first. However, 2 torps were necessary as the TII on magnetic just passed under it. A TI worked. That left us with one torp too little as we supposed there were 4 destroyers in all (it was). We then surfaced and proceeded towards the front of the convoy as one (large merchant) of the two fattest targets (the other was an Empire) was positioned there. The front destroyer (also a Tribal) turned towards us. That one also took two torps to get down - none left. Surfaced again, flanking towards the large merchant up North. The sea was rather swellish so we opened fire at approx. 2500 meters. At that time the other merchants in the port line had started to illuminate us and the destroyers from the rear and starboard side of the convoy converged on us full speed.

Soon their shells started to fall dangerously close. We had to go down. At that time we had hit the large merchant about 15 times but obviously no serious ones. Depth under keel was approx 85 meters, we went down as far as we could. Soon the D/C's were blossoming around us. We had some flooding but were able to rectify it. One diesel engine was destroyed and at one time we touched the bottom, albeit only at 1-2 knots. After a couple of hours we were able to zigzag eastwards, out of range.

One more lesson learned.

Leg 06-22-09 05:49 AM

Operation drumbeat! Off US eastern coast, attacking all ships in sight! Really juicy targets (some still with lights on), no escorts, a few airplanes, that's the deck gun feast!:woot::arrgh!:

Leandros 06-22-09 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by Leg (Post 1121660)
Operation drumbeat! Off US eastern coast, attacking all ships in sight! Really juicy targets (some still with lights on), no escorts, a few airplanes, that's the deck gun feast!:woot::arrgh!:

Save your ammo.....long way to replenish....:03:...

meduza 06-22-09 06:35 AM

Nov 1942, SE of Sicily. U-371
Encountered a small, 3 ship convoy, escorted by one DD and frigate. I sank 2 ships. It turned out that the escorts are much better than usual. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of them. After 2 hours of playing cat and mouse 240m bellow, I was desperate enough to try to go even deeper, down to the very limit. I found the limit at 288m :o, and lost the escorts along the way. The boat sustained some pressure damage, but nothing serious.

After that I attack another small convoy and sank both ships (troop ship and landing ship tank). The next day I sank another, larger, troop ship escorted by three destroyers.

So far we bagged 44,000t, and the patrol continues, with three eels still left.

Leandros 06-22-09 07:22 AM

U-34 - Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - April 8th. 1940 18:53 - patrol 6

Left Wilhelmshafen this afternoon for grid AN23 (South-West of Stavanger). The Wilhelmshafen area is reeking with activity. He111's on their way to recce the North Sea

and.....a supply convoy - for Norway...?...- escorted by a T35

Leandros 06-22-09 09:13 AM

U-34 - Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - April 13th. 1940 06:17 - patrol 6

Position: The outer approaches to Narvik. Have received reports that a British naval force has entered the fjord ahead of us. Shall try to cut it off if/when it returns......After all, some of our best destroyers are in there...:-?....


Ship sighted! A task force heading westwards out of Ofotfjord (Narvik)....

In the middle......could it be Warspite...?

Well, it sure doesn't look like her.....

Jimbuna 06-22-09 09:45 AM


You mustn't be playing GWX3.0 then? :hmmm:

Leandros 06-22-09 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1121735)

You mustn't be playing GWX3.0 then? :hmmm:

I believe it is called 2.1...?...I haven't dared fiddling with my SH.....something bad always happens....:cry:....

Leandros 06-22-09 10:49 AM

U-34 - Narvik Approaches April 13th

It proved to be Nelson....the second of consecutive TII hits......

.....created some very angry destroyers....

...ooops, that one really shook our tailend....

.....and some very frustrated.....

....where is he.....

Boy, oh boy hope they soon loose their patience - we have some repairing to do. As has also HMS Nelson....

Leandros 06-22-09 12:17 PM

U-34 - Kaleu Georg Eckhardt - April 13th. 1940 20:20 - patrol 6

Still on the bottom of the OfotFjord beside a sunken British destroyer. This is getting creepy, 7 angry RN destroyers are still swirling around on the surface like crazy hens. We had reckoned they would leave after a couple of hours but it has now been more than 8 hours - and we are getting short on oxygen. Sometime this evening/night we seem to have to try getting away. We have a little handicap, though, the attack periscope is stuck and the observation scope is very sticky. We have plenty of torps but shall have problems defending ourselves due to the scope problem. There is a little swell building up.

Any suggestions...?....:hmmm:

....crazy hens....


...totally crazy....

Captain Birdseye 06-22-09 12:47 PM

Can you go silent speed out of there, in a zig-zag pattern?

Leandros 06-22-09 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Birdseye (Post 1121803)
Can you go silent speed out of there, in a zig-zag pattern?

Well, we can always zigzag but with 1-2 knots speed not to be detected they have plenty of time to saturate the area with pings....

It is 02:14 here now and the oxygen meter is creeping into the yellow area. Soon it gets light again, too. The sea swelling has not increased much.

Wish us luck..!

meduza 06-22-09 01:15 PM

I think you are doomed. :dead:
There's one thing I would try before raising the white flag: shoot at DDs using hydrophones to aim. Magnetic detonators to avoid hitting at some obscure angle, if you know their drafts. But this probably wouldn't work because they are pretty close, judging by the screenshot, and the eels may not arm. :hmmm:

nikbear 06-22-09 01:35 PM

Leandros,I think the words that describe your situation rhyme with 'Clucking Bell':o:dead::rotfl:......Shallow water cup final,DD's 1,U-boats 0.:timeout:Best of luck chap:03:

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