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Snestorm 06-09-11 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Kermit the Frog (Post 1680342)
Should I finish a patrol and return base, or go back there and take my revenge...

What would be Your decision mates?

Go home, Kermit!
Let's hope you make it.

Tommy is waiting his turn to play with you, when Sam is done.

Thanks for a great read, and good luck with the return voyage.

Snestorm 06-09-11 10:09 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 8. Part 2.
CG45 (W of Spain)
1928: "Ship spotted! 339. Long range." Destroyer!
Turn nose on. Go to 15 meters for a quick listen.
1930: Periscope depth. Sound reports a convoy. Undected.
1954: Fire 2 (TII G7E). New depth 100 meters.
1956: Little Merchant sunk for 2.341 GRT.
Torpedo run 120 seconds. Convoy course 002, making 6 knots.
(All torpedoes set to 3 meters. Magnetic pistols removed.)

Gibralter - UK convoy. Course later corrected to 002. 6 knots stands good.

Our next attack was planned as a night surface.
We managed to penetrate the screen, but were forced to go to periscope depth because, we ended up at very short range, directly in front of the convoy. (Our broadside was overexposed).
2353: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E) at the only target visible in the periscope, with an 8 degree spread.
2354: Large Cargo sunk for 8.009 GRT.
Torpedo run was 40 seconds. Range 650 meters.

Next came our end run in preparation of a daylight submerged attack.
I wasted my only bow T1 G7A when a long range opertunity arose.
At 4.800 meters, I missed.
We turned immediatly after firing, and continued the end-around undetected.

CG42 (Same convoy)
0600: Sunrise.
0649: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E), with 3 escorts close-by. New depth 102 meters.
0652: T2 Tanker sunk for 10.871 GRT. 2 degree spread.
Torpedo run time 3 minutes. Range 3.000 meters.

U39 remained undetected throughout all attacks, thus far.

1000: Surface to Medium Rain, Heavy Fog, 14 m/s wind.
Further persuit was abandoned.

2100: Save & Exit.

Flaxpants 06-10-11 12:10 AM

U707- Patrol 4
Oct 26th, 1941

Currently sitting in the Western Mediterranean contemplating an attack on the port of Gibraltar....

Traveled from the Thalia in Cadiz and had a very 'exciting' trip through the straits avoiding depth charges and managing to sink a few merchants on the way. Am now letting the crew, and the sub recuperate, and am undecided about my next move. Its either a gung-ho attack on Gibraltar hoping for some juicy spoils or lurking around in the shipping lanes coming out of there.

Then home for Tea.

VONHARRIS 06-10-11 04:24 AM

U-505 IXC
Good news came in: U-39 had attacked a convoy sinking some 19K tons and U-552 had also sunk 9K tons of shipping. U-65 was still in one piece in the dangerous waters of AM53.
In Lorient U-505 had her camouflage pattern changed.
This time the patrol grid was ED98 just north of the port of Spain in South America. Orders were NOT to engage any target until patrol area reached
13 February 1942
03:25 hours U-505 left Lorient

03 March 1942
Grid EE55
12:14 hours Aircraft spotted , crash dived

09 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:51 hours Patrol grid reached

13:42 hours A US fleet oiler spotted sailing unescorted. She was heavily armed so no deck gun attack. Dived to PD for torpedo attack
14:14 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
14:15 hours Explosions , ship was left DIW , turning for stern shot
14:22 hours 1 stern shot
14:23 hours Explosion but ship still there
14:23 hours 1 stern torpedo fired
14:24 hours Hit , ship sunk after secondary explosions

19:37 hours Aircraft spotted
19:38 hours Crash dived , minor damages by machine gun fire 2 explosions heard

10 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:59 hours Moving to intercept small convoy
02:18 hours Visual contact , navigation lights on , neutral ships

12 March 1942
Grid ED98
00:42 hours Moving west to Curacao oil fields
03:50 hours A huge ship is spotted running fast dived to PD. Ship was indentified as the USS West Point a converted liner to troop ship
03:54 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired
03:56 hours All hit the target. She sunk in seconds, Only a few life rafts were seen

15 March 1942
Grid EC92
23;03 hours Airship of the US Navy spotted. Decided to engage this slow flying giant
23:10 hours 20mm rounds proved useless, Uboot damaged by cannon fire Crash dived to avoid more damages.

16 March 1942
Grid EC92
01:32 hours Still submerged a sound contact was established,
01:48 hours Ship was spotted and identified as turbine tanker , presumed unarmed
01:50 hours Surfaced and engaged with the deck gun from 2500m. 6 rounds fired
01:52 hours Return fire from the tanker, she was armed with a 4in stern gun and several small caliber weapons Damages and flooding Dived to PD
01:56 hours 2 bow torpedeos fired
01:57 hours 2 hits no visible damage to the tanker
01:58 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
01:59 hours 1 hit , ship was on fire slowing down , no smoke coming out from her funnel. Turning for stern shots
02:10 hours Coup de grace fired from stern tube
02:11 hours Ship hit and sunk

After surfacing the damages were estimated. The LI said that diving below 40m would be like signing our own death sentence. Time to go home

18 March 1942
Grid ED68
18:17 hours While on the surface , a ship was seen : turbine tanker unescorted. Dived to PD and waited as in her current course would pass some 500m from our stern,
18:38 hours 1 stern torpedo fired
18:39 hours She was hit and fire broke off on her stern.
18:40 hours 1 stern torpedo fire - hit after 40 seconds. At this range it was clearly seen that the ship was unarmed
18:43 hours Surfaced and opened fire from 500m range
18:45 hours She sunk after 16 105mm rounds

08 April 1942
07:03 hours U-505 returned to Lorient with out any further incidents
55 days at sea
4 ships sunk
67176 tons
44% hull integrity

1. Active sonar was installed
2. Bold decoys were intalled which can be very helpful as Kaleun Dietzmann
from U-552 has pointed out.

Gerald 06-10-11 06:18 AM

A good job, where you were now, is always a bit tricky when the inlet is relatively narrow with some wicked DD guarding, :DL

VONHARRIS 06-10-11 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1680963)
A good job, where you were now, is always a bit tricky when the inlet is relatively narrow with some wicked DD guarding, :DL

Thank you , I survived this time

Gerald 06-10-11 07:08 AM

You are a survivor man, :up:

Kip336 06-10-11 10:31 AM

U-336, just south of Ireland.

Seems I've been making an error in my reports. It's not 1939. It's 1940. I was off by a year!!

January 30
0130: Departed from Lorient. Planning to go up north a little, then following the convoy routes breaking into the atlantic
1130: Single PT Boat sighted, unfortunaly, he saw me before I saw him. Crash dived. Minutes later hydrophone picks his friend up aswell.
1430: Surfaced.
1830: ASW Trawler sighted, he hasn't seen us yet with the sun behind us.
Set course towards him.
1833: ASW Trawler apparently saw us at 8800m. Maybe it's the diesel smoke plume, we're running at 18 knots towards him. He turns towards us and fires with the deck gun. We're running so fast, most his shells land behind us by 300-400m.
We greeted him with an 88mm shell, by pure luck, on his deck gun.
Continuing to shell him, he starts firing his machine guns at a range of 6000m, still missing by hundreds of meters. We shrug and continue shelling

4000m, his shots start to get closer. One manages to get about 50m away from the startboard side, we bring him the good news; 4 shots hit him.

2500m. A shell on the exhaust. He goes boom.

1840: ASW Trawler sunk, we continue our plotted course.

January 31, 1940
0848 2 Large convoys reported about
One west of us, going east at medium speed. "Large convoy"
One east of us, going west at medium speed. "Large convoy"
Some calculations show that the west one will reach us earlier, time to head towards him and wreak havoc. After that, will chase the east convoy

Snestorm 06-10-11 03:18 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 8. Part 3.
News from our Radioman:
U65 is giving farewell parties to convoys, before they enter english ports, in AM53.
U552 is dealing with overwhelming allied technoligical advances, and staff officers who fail to grasp the situation at sea.
U505 must be complimented on a very daring and impressive patrol to The Carribean Sea.
She even managed to sink one ship RIGHT outside of the USN's base at Port Of Spain.
Well done, Kaleun VONHARRIS! Glad you made it home in one piece.

U39's big news is that she just passed the 100.000 GRT mark.

2317: "Ship spotted! 041. Long range"
There wasn't even time to ID him, beyond "merchant", as he was headed right for us.
Perfect situation for a stern attack BUT, U39 has external stern tubes, which can only be fired submerged, and are loaded with G7As, which are only to be fired at night!!!

Decided to gather what information I could, in a hurry, and dive for a submerged hydrophone shot. Bad idé! Course was estimated as 000, as opposed to the correct 348. Speed was estimated at 6 knots, as opposed to the correct 7 knots. The periscope showed nothing, as the night was overcast. Wind being 8 m/s ruled out use of the deck gun.

At 2345 tubes 2 & 4 were fired from 1.000 meters, with a 6 degree spread, and using the proper settings for course and speed. A 6 inch open mount was noted on the stern.
66 seconds later explosions were seen on both bow and stern of target.

U39 withdrew at Back Slow, keeping her nose pointed directly at the target, and remained undetected.

Target was followed until 2 hours before sunrise of next day. Target slowed to 5 knots, but showed no sign of sinking. There was no weather change, and 4 torpedoes were spent without return.

With all torpedoes spent, U39 was ordered to disregard the original objective, and return to base.

0630: Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results:
12 of 12 torpedoes expended.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
3 ships sunk for 21.221 GRT.

U39's history to date:
8 war patrols completed.
21 ships sunk for 118.652 GRT.

sublynx 06-10-11 03:48 PM

U-552, patrol 5, report 3
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol CG11


10.6.1943 AM51 clear, visibility 15 – 16 km, 6 m/s. Continuing towards our patrol grid. Seven torpedoes left. Progress has been slow, because the enemy's air patrols force us to dive very frequently.

Action report. On 9.6.1943, 1830 hours grid AM51 a ship was located by radio direction finding, at a distance of 36 kilometers, course 267, speed 7 knots. By 1932 hours identified as a 2000 BRT steamer. At 1957 hours one TIII G7e shot submerged from Rohr 5 from a range of 850 meters at an AOB of 90 degrees at impact time. In mirror clear waters a magnetic pistol was used, depth 5 meters. Hit the keel under the bridge. By 2007 hours the ship’s engines stopped, by 2017 ship observed sinking.

Enemy sightings.
0808 AM33 Metox warning. Dived.
1027 AM33 Metox warning. Dived.
1643 AM35 Metox warning. Dived.
0354 AM26 Metox warning. Dived.
0651 AM26 Metox warning. Dived.
1159 AM28 Airplane sighted, range 5 – 8 kilometers, relative bearing 255. Crash dived. At 1201 hours the boat was at a depth of 70 – 80 meters, when three explosions were heard around the boat. Some plates and stuff were sweeped from the tables and shelves by the impact waves, but no internal or external damage has been found.
1528 AM28 Metox warning. Dived.
0429 AM29 Metox warning. Dived.
1107 AM29 Metox warning. Dived.
1405 AM29 Metox warning. Dived.
1710 AM51 Metox warning. Dived.
0112 AM51 Metox warning. Dived.

Congratulations to U-505's and U-39's commanders, who OKW news report mentioned for their successes during their long range patrols against the enemy.


Osmium Steele 06-11-11 07:04 AM

From: CincLantConvoy
To: CincLantFlt

Subj: Convoy GN-7

The entire convoy has been lost. USS Somers reported an attack by a lone submarine at 1142 on November 24th. USS Somers subsequently reported lost.

Radio traffic received over the next 22 hours show multiple attacks, with complete loss of contact with the last remaining ship at 0947 on November 25th.

There were no air/sea assets in place to aid the convoy.

Something must be done to better protect these convoys or we can expect more of the same. See the recommendations in my report dated 17OCT42 titled Protecting East Coast Convoys.

Losses: 9 ships

USS Somers
2 cargo
7 tanker

Sending all available asets to search for survivors.


sublynx 06-11-11 04:54 PM

U-552, Patrol 5, report 4
Lt.z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, type VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders. Patrol grid CG11

Action report.
1059 BE39 cloudy, visibility 8 – 9 km, wind 15 m/s. A ship sighted. Submerged, course estimation 64 degrees, speed 5 knots. Two ships identified, one 1800 BRT freighter followed by a 4700 BRT freighter. At 1243 hours two TIII G7e's launched against the first one at a range of 1000 meters. Both missed. At 1244 one TIII G7e and one FAT II launched against the latter ship. Speed estimation now 7 knots. Both torpedoes hit and the ship was observed sinking by 1252.

1701 BE39 clear, visibility 8 – 9 km, wind 8m/s.
A TIII G7e torpedo launched against the 1800 BRT freighter. The calmer seas made using magnetic pistol possible, depth setting 5 meters. Shot at a range of 1250 meters, speed estimation 4 knots. The ship was hit under the bridge and was observed sinking by 1708.

1030 AM78 cloudy, visibility 4 – 5 km, wind 15 m/s
. Two TIII G7e's launched at a Hunt class destroyer, course 254, speed 12 knots, range 900 meters. One torpedo aimed just in front of the ship, one just after the stern. Impact pistol, depth 1.5 meters. The first torpedo missed, the second hit, but only a thud was heard in the hydrophone. Possibly a depth of 1 meters would have been a better choice in the rough sea conditions. No torpedoes left. Evaded at periscope depth.

Enemy sightings.
AM46 0808 Metox warning. Dived. Two Mosquitoes observed in the periscope.
AM46 1313 Metox warning. Dived.

AM73 0220 Metox warning. Dived.

BE39 0548 Metox warning. Dived.

BE33 2020 Metox warning. Dived. A warship moving away, 92 RPM.

AM73 0703 Metox warning. Dived. A warship on a southerly course, speed 11 – 18 knots.
AM73 0945 Metox warning. Dived.
AM73 1046 Metox warning. Dived.
AM73 1150 Airplane, bearing 357, crash dived.
AM73 1721 Metox warning. Dived. While still at periscope depth, an explosion shattered some glass off the meters of the boat. Bold launcher was initally reported as knocked out of action and the hull damaged. Continued with a crash dive to A+20. Explosions heard at 1724, 1725 and 1727 hours, but no further damage.
AM49 2022 Metox warning. Dived.

AM51 1002 Metox warning. Dived.

AN11 1307 A two- or four-engined airplane, bearing 73, long range. Crash dived. Two explosions on the port side of the boat when at a depth of 77 and 79 meters. No damage to the boat.

AN11 0316 Metox warning. Dived.
AN12 0919 Metox warning. Dived.

AF 75 0457 A radar contact, long range. Dived. Nothing heard. Possibly an air plane, although the weather was rainy and visibility low.

Boat status
22.6.1943 1317
Back in Bergen I heard that a whole American convoy GN-7 was decimated. The damage to the boat's pressure hull from the air attack of 16.6.1943 was worse than we had thought and took 5 days to repair. I managed to promote Bootsmann Wolfgang Koch for his outstanding work when repairing the damage and gave LI Reinhold Wild an EK2 for his part in keeping the boat in control while damaged and crash diving.

Patrol observations.

1. Enemy airplanes don't seem to have a radar, that Metox doesn't see. However the airplane patrols around the British Isles make movement very slow and surfacing very dangerous.
2. There were lots of single merchants on our patrol route and even a single U-boat can wreak havoc.
3. Bold type 2 lasts for seven and a half minutes, one and half minute longer than the previous versions.


Snestorm 06-11-11 04:55 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 9.
0935: Underway from Lorient.
Orders: Recon Area W of Gibralter, as far as DJ11.
U39 is free to attack single targets of opertunity enroute.
All convoy contacts to be reported and shadowed, until relieved.
U39 will be acting as scout for a patrol line of 7. Flotilla boats covering Gibralter - UK commerce.
Upon completeing a thourough search of said grid, U39 is to join a 2. Flotilla patrol line, N of Freetown. Target grid will be updated as needed, after completion of original objectives.

DU47 (U39 has asumed her position in the 2. Flotilla patrol line.)
Location between Cape Verde & Canary Islands.
1332: Radio dispatch: "Convoy. DT61. S. 6 knots."
2345: While attempting a night surface attack, U39 was detected by an enemy destroyer. As she was diving, U39 was struck in the upper portion of the conning tower by artillary fire. All hits were of the 5 inch variety, and all hit above the watertight compartment. However the force of the impacts caused damage to a frame. The dive was halted at 100 meters, under strong advice of the CE. U39 managed to avoid submerged detection, and slip away in spite of many blindly laid DC patterns.

0300: U39 surfaced to conduct external repairs, and head for home with nothing to show for her time.

2200: "Uboat sighted. 345. Medium range."
One of the new IXCs turned out to be Kaleun VONHARRIS, driving his brand new U505.

0300: Docked at Lorient.

(Dug back in the posts for matching dates).
Hessler is preparing for his first patrol as CO of U65, which is scheduled for 1.okt.41.
Scheide (Sublynx) in U456 is being kept busy on the convoy lanes, by the 7. Flotilla. Wonder if he was part of the patrol line we scouted for.

Patrol results:
No ships sunk this patrol.
Crew Integrity 100%.
Hull Integrity 82%.
No torpedoes expended.
Although BDU was not thrilled with the patrol, he wasn't angry either, as U39 neither shirked nor cowered.

U39's history to date:
9 war patrols completed.
21 ships sunk for 118.652 GRT.

maxextz 06-12-11 07:14 AM

ahh Gibraltar i was cornered trying to sneak through to see what all the noise was about on my hydrophones;).got depth charged and managed to sink one of the two annoying boats before the second one killed both my diesels.:down:

i sank both of them but the trip home was a very long one at 1knot having to surface for the crew till the batteries gave up.
so being helpless i decided to sink the boat :Da depth of 187 meters did the trick:nope:

i will continue the campaign anyway but will have to be more careful around the area.

sublynx 06-12-11 03:53 PM

U-552, patrol 6, report 1
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE33

0809 AM33 clear, visibility 8 – 9 kilometers, wind 8 m/s from 283 degrees. The weather has just cleared after two days of mostly bad weather. Good weather means we will continue submerged by daytime. We left Bergen on the 12th of July. Just off the coast of Norway we had to dive because of a four – engine airplane, relative bearing 331, long range. It might have been one of our FW-200 Kondors.

BdU has been told by our own airplanes, that U-boats still keep diving regardless of the orders to stay surfaced if the airplane is too close for a safe dive. I have no desire to fight airplanes either, but I wish I don’t have to: BdU’s orders allow us to travel submerged in heavily air patrolled areas. I’ll just keep my boat submerged when the weather is good enough for flying. This has been working so far. Only one Metox warning (AF78) and one airplane (AN11) besides the probable Kondor yet.

I just hope we don’t have any torpedoes left when we meet our next convoy. The convoy would mean we would have to surface to try to catch it. If we get a contact report, I’ll try to intercept it with a wide enough berth, to make the final approach submerged if possible. BdU tells us that the route of the America – Gibraltar convoys have been swept clear by an escort carrier and A/S groups before the convoy has arrived, so it might be that we will have to stay and fight the airplanes, anyways. Then we get damaged, if we are lucky, and try to limp back. If the enemy pilots are any good, we won’t come back.

So far on our patrol we heard an A/S group of 2 – 3 destroyers in grid AM32 on the 17th and sunk a small 1500 BRT tanker in grid AM33 today at 0554 hours. Spotted and shadowed the tanker with radar in bad visibility, course 308, speed 7 knots. Shot two TIII’s with identical settings (range 800 meters, impact time AOB 90 degrees, Schusswinkel 0) except that the first one’s depth setting was 5 meters and the second one’s setting was 1 meters. I didn’t trust the new pistol of our torpedoes in 15 m/s winds, but both torpedoes hit the target and exploded nicely. Two torpedoes at such a small ship caused a lot of damage and probably made the sailor’s chances of surviving slim. The chances of our survival don’t look too good either, but I heard that the first 20mm Flak vierlings have arrived and are a formidable weapon. There’s room for one on the front deck, where the now useless 88 mm deck gun used to be. If we get one or two of those new Flak guns, we might be able to keep the planes at bay.

Fish In The Water 06-12-11 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by maxextz (Post 1682148)
i will continue the campaign anyway but will have to be more careful around the area.

Way to hang in there, better luck next time! :up:

gazpode_l 06-12-11 07:29 PM

Pat2,Rpt3, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)
Pat2,Rpt3, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)

23/10 4pm
Radio report recieved: LG CONVOY, GRID AM53, SPD 7knts!!!

23/10 5pm
plotted intercept course and find we can easily get into position

23/10 7pm
first intial sighting of outer protection of convoy.

23/10 7:30PM
U-65 in good position and is awaiting decent firing range in order to open up on convoy - Also discovered HMS Nelson is a part of this convoy too.

23/10 7:45pm
Hessler taking soloutions at both Nelson and Lg Whale ship

23/10 8pm
Tubes 1&4 fired against Nelson using G7e set at 12m depth and magnetic fuses.

23/10 8:03pm
Torpedos run directly underneath Nelson but fail to detonate and carry on going.

23/10 8:04pm
Tubes 2&3 fired, using 1-2m depth. Containing G7a torpedo's these were set using impact fuses.

23/10 8:06pm
Torpedo's detonate on target!! Nelson is hit badly, and seconds later it was seen & heard that the ammo container underneath gun turrett nearest bridge was detonating, which sets off a large chain reaction with a series of secondary blasts right across entire hull. Nelson grinds to a halt.

23/10 8:12pm
Nelson is observed sinking!!! :Kaleun_Party:
CREDIT: HMS Nelson 36,000 GRT

23/10 8:20pm
After diving to reload, Hessler brings U-65 upto Periscope depth. Quick soloution readied upon F.W.S and tube two fired Using G7a - set to 2m depth, impact fuse. :Kaleun_Periskop:

23/10 8:22pm
U-65 crash dives to 120m.

23/10 8:25pm
As U-65 nears 100m a torpedo detonation is heard. A small steamer is observed on hyrophone as being stopped dead, but no breakup sounds are heard as yet.

SAVE & EXIT @ 01:10hrs R/L Time :Kaleun_Sleep:

Commander Snestorm with U-39 has been busy and has bagged at least three more ships in a recent patrol, altough had to curtain his latest one due to damages.

u-552 contines to do well against the british and has another 1 or 2 ships to his name.

U505 (formerly U103) is currently in lorient (last we heard) and is undergoing repairs/refit.

A new commander in U-336 has logged a patrol report recently as well. Good luck to them in their planned attacks against a nearby convoy - would be nice to know exact what type of boot she is though! :hmmm: :Kaleun_Salute:

VONHARRIS 06-13-11 03:02 AM

U-505 IXC
Patrol 14
Good news and bad news came in.
U-65 has managed to sink a British Nelson class Battleship , BdU sent a message to all Ubooten for that.
U-39 has managed to sink more than 100.000 tons of shipping
These are two very good reasons for raiding the bars of Lorient.
A drink would be very good for Kaluen Snestorm as he returned from his last patrol empty handed , badly damaged but alive.
U-552 had some success against enemy convoys.

07 June 1942
U-505 left Lorient for grid CA79. Orders were not to engage anything until reaching operations area

11 June 1942
Grid BE38
08:20 hours Moving to intercept convoy after BdU new order
08:54 hours Sound contact with convoy , moving away. Tried to use the active sonar to get a range but failed. It seemed possible that the escorts had heard the ping. Fired 2 bow torpedoes completely blind
08:55 hours Diving to 100m
08:59 hours Two explosions heard followed by sinking noises. We had sunk something.
Grid BE37
17:57 Surfaced the boat , moving the externals inside.

20 June 1942
Grid BC93
18:19 hours Aircraft spotted , single engined Avenger torpedo bomber
18:20 hours My gunner shot the aircraft down during its initial approach.
18:22 hours Dived to PD to hear for a possible TF. Nothing heard
18:50 hours Another Avenger attacked
18:51 hours It was shot down. There must be a carrier near. Dived to PD to listen. No contacts

02 July 1942
Grid CA89
23:47 hours Merchant spotted , dived to PD
23:50 hours Two ships seen , a repair ship and a passenger/cargo moving away at 10kts , abandon attack

03 July 1942
Grid CA89
02:09 hours Surfaced
Grid CA87
21:27 hours Aricraft spotted , crash dived
22:23 hours Surfaced

04 July 1942
Grid CA79
09:21 hours Reached patrol area , decided to stay at deep waters
11:05 hours Aircraft attack Heavy 4 engined bomber
11:06 hours Crash dived , 5 - 6 explosions heard , damaged by DCs
11:58 hours Surfaced
15:40 hours Aircraft attack PBY Catalina , crash dived
15:41 hours Two explosions heard , no damages
20:13 hours Surfaced

05 July 1942
Grid CA79
00:13 hours Aircraft attack , crash diving
00:14 hours 6 explosions heard , damages and flooding
00;15 hours more explosions
01:00 hours Surfaced to check for damages.
14:15 hours Warship spotted Fletcher class DD dived to PD
14:33 hours Fired 2 bow torpedoes
14:40 hours Torpedoes missed , the destroyer was looking at the wrong place for us.
17:11 hours Surfaced
17:55 hours Aircraft attack , crash dived no damages
21:10 hours Surfaced
22:29 hours Aircraft attack , crash dived no damages
22:53 hours Surfaced
23:11 hours Sailing boat spotted flying US colors. Could it be a trap or some idiot who decided to take his boat in a war zone?
23:26 hours No trap, boat sunk by 20mm flak guns
23:36 hours Merchant spotted , dived to PD
23:34 hours 2 ships seen : Small freighter and a coal freighter closing in

06 July 1942
Grid CA79
00:03 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
00:04 hours Small freighter hit and sunk
00:09 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
00:10 hours Nothing seen at the estimated time 1 bow torpedo fired
00:11 hours Coal freighter hit and sunk
00:19 hours Surfaced
00:29 hours Aircraft attack , crash diving
00:30 hours More than 10 explosions around U-505 Damages. vonHarris decided to leave the area
02:48 hours Still submerged picked up sound by a merchant closing.
03:10 hours Two ships indentified Heavy merchant 01 and an ore carrier unescorted.
03:34 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired on the heavy merchant
03:35 hours 2 hits , 2 bow torpedoes fired on the ore carrier
03:36 hours 2 hits
03:37 hours Ore carrier sunk. Turning to use stern tubes
03:45 hours 1 stern torpedo fired on the heavy merchant
03:46 hours 1 hit , ship caught fire and started listing 1 stern tube fired
03:47 hours 1 hit , ship is DIW , waiting to reload stern tubes. Fortynateky the sea was calm.
03:50 hours Ship sunk before the tube was loaded. Stayed down to reload all tubes and then surfaced
06:39 hours Large cargo spotted , dived to PD setting up stern shot attack
06:53 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired
06:55 hours 2 hits a star shell was fired by the merchant turning to use bow torpedoes as no signs of sinking could be seen
07:09 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
07:11 hours 1 hit , nothing else observed so 2 bow torpedoes launched
07:12 hours 1 hit , ship broke in two and sunk
07:18 hours Surfaced , and left the area for Lorient , 2bow and 2 stern torpedoes remaining in external canisters. Moving them in.

18 July 1942
Grid BC94
23:26 hours Merchant spotted , dived to PD for stern shots
23:47 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired
23:49 hours 2 hits , ship on fire DIW

19 July 1942
Grid BC94
00:00 hours Surfaced at 2500m from burning ship , engaged it with the deck gun
00:01 hours Ship sunk after 2 105mm rounds

30 July 1942
23:00 hours U-505 docked at Lorient.

54 days at sea
8 ships sunk
41458 tons sunk
2 aircraft shot down
62 % hull integrity

1. Don't try to engage the B24 heavy bombers with flak guns.
2. I didn't had the chance to use the Bold decoys
3. A new piece of equipment was intalled : Meteox radar warning device.

Kip336 06-13-11 05:49 AM

Nice logs guys!!

Is it me, or do we always seem to sink the Nelson, and not another battleship? I sunk her last week too :D

sublynx 06-13-11 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by Kip336 (Post 1682734)
Is it me, or do we always seem to sink the Nelson, and not another battleship? I sunk her last week too :D

I haven't even seen a battleship yet, so I think it's you :DL Just keep sinking it!! :arrgh!:

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