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Missing Name 06-02-11 06:07 PM

The interesting tidbits of patrol #4 - not done yet, kameraden!

5-07-1940, 1713. Wilhelmshaven.
Set off to help operations off Bergen, AN24.

5-11-1940, 0917. AN2411.
Dove to test out boat.
Depth of 265 meters reached. CE recommended against further testing. Heading for the surface.
Broke the surface. Crew shaken but proud.

5-15-1940, 2006. AE9893.
Ship spotted, bearing 240, course NNE. Approximately 9km away. Diving to periscope depth.
Target moving at approximately 9 kn. No other contacts. Full speed to intercept.
Target confirmed to be British. Fired G7e from aft tube V. Impact, 2m. Target expected to be dead astern. Estimated range and time to impact: 4.2km, 5:45.
Hit observed, just behind the bow, 5:46 after launch. Target is slowing down. Smoke.
Target is down by the bow, smoking heavily. Surfacing and heading over.
Explosions. Target is now down very heavily down the bow, sinking rapidly. Crew appears to be abandoning ship.
We have arrived. Ship is barely visible. Count two rafts.
Target found to be the SS Beecher, departed from Blythe and heading to Reykjavik. 5000 GRT, loaded with munitions and timber. Crew given water, food and bearing to land. Allied forces expected to arrive soon.

Snestorm 06-02-11 07:06 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 5.
Underway from Willy on 25.aug.40, for patrol grid BF19.

On departure, we watched with great interest as U103 was having some major work done on her fuel tanks. Prior to that, there had been some leakage about the harbor.

Recieved a message on 1.sep.40, informing us of a base change to Lorient.

2135: During a convoy engagement, both stern external tubes were fired at a T2 Tanker.
Both G7As impacted the target, without result.

0337: Same convoy. Same target.
Tubes 1, 2, 3 (G7E) are fired with a 4 degree spread.
All torpedoes struck the target, sinking her for 10.871 GRT.

10, 11, 12.sep.40
BF15, BF16, BF12, BF13
Numerouse contact reports sent, and attacks made on outbound convoys.
Operated primarily in depths between 100 and 130 meters.
No daylight hours spent on surface.
Regular escort groups beefed up localy with Armed Trawlers.
5 attacks are carried out, and 3 additional ships sunk.

Passed through BF19 with empty tubes, enroute to Lorient.
There were no encounters in patrol grid.

Docked at Lorient on 16.sep.40. Awaiting the arrival of U103.

Patrol results:
4 ships sunk for 17.599 GRT.
U39 remained undetected throughout the patrol.
Boat and crew in good health.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended (3 G7A, and 9 G7E).
One C2 Cargo (3 G7Es) was missed due to a bad range estimate, and the limited range of the G7E.

U39's history to date:
5 war patrols completed.
10 ships sunk for 45.520 GRT.

VONHARRIS 06-03-11 02:48 AM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No5
24 July 1940
11:54 hours After refit U-103 left Wilhelmshaven to patrol Grid AM13. This is much better than the previous patrol

28 July 1940
Grid AN14
21:17 hours Aircraft attack. We had no time to dive as the palne was spotted at medium range so we exchanged gunfire with it. Flames erupted from its fusalage but it kept flying. The plane passed overhead without dropping bombs. At the same time U-103 crash dived. Nothing else was heard.

31 July 1940
Grid AM33
15:04 hours Small merchant sunk by 14 105mm rounds

05 August 1940
Grid AL33
17:54 hours Aircraft attack Exchanged gunfire and suffered minor damages, Crash dived to safety,

15 August 1940
Grid AD83
11:14 hours Aircraft attack Crash dived immediately

20 August 1940
No contacts in this area. I decided to leave and head for AM52

29 August 1940
Grid AM53
15:04 hours Small merchant sunk by 1 stern torpedo. This time the TIs are working in order.

31 August 1940
Grid AM52
03;37 hours Two hospital ships were spotted. U-103 dived to PC and remained there until the ships were out of sight.

02 September 1940
Grid AM51
15:43 hours . Tried to intercept convoy after BdU message. The bad weather - 15m/s winds - made operations very difficult

08 September 1940
Grid AM53
16:09 hours Granville type freighter sunk by 2 stern tropedoes

13 September 1940
Grid AM35
08:06 hours Aircraft attack. Crash dived Minor damages by near by DC explosion

14 September 1940
Grid AN11
11:26 hours. The LI reported that we had already used up half of our fuel

15 September 1940
Grid AN11
18;06 hours Small freighter sunk by 15 105mm rounds

19 September 1940
Grid AN14
12:37 hours Ore carrier sunk by 3 bow torpedoes. 4 torpedoes fired 1 was a dud.

23 Semtember 1940
20:33 hours
U-103 docked at Wilhelmshaven but something was wrong. The flottila HQ was no longer there.
We had never received the message informing us of our base change to Lorient France. U-39 was already there after a succesful patrol.
62 days at sea
5 ships sunk
19857 tons
88% hull integrity
no casualties

BulSoldier 06-03-11 05:36 AM

Just started a new carrer

Current location an13 . On the way we had few encounters with enemy aircrafts , only one had managed to spot us an subsequently bomb us. No damage sustained.

Two enemy ships sunk in the eastern scotish coastal waters.
- Large trawler for 4-500 tons
- Middle Merchan for 3 5-800 tons

Atmospheric conditions:
-visibility 1500 or less.
-light waves

-Ammunition - 16 shells and 2 torpedoes fired.

Expected "hunting time" 2-3 weeks in northern and eastern coastal bristish waters.

VONHARRIS 06-03-11 09:51 AM

U-103 IXB
24 September 1940
04:00 hours U-103 left Wilhelmshaven to reach the port of Lorient France

21:14 hours
Grid AN95
New orders came in : Patrol Grid CF23 and then return to Lorient

28 September 1940
Grid AN14
13:25 hours Heavy merchant sunk by 2 bow and 2 stern torpedoes

02 October 1940
Grid AM52
Convoy attack in bad weather and rain. Visibility through the attack scope : 500m max
03:11 hours Empire type freighter sunk by 2 bow torpedoes
03:16 hours Ore carrier sunk by 2 stern torpedoes
1 bow torpedo fired at a passenger/cargo but was a dud
1 bow torpedo fired at a large merchant
Since the escorts didn't have a clue what was going on the bow torpedo crew managed to reload tube No1
The torpedo was fired against the large merchant and exploded but she went on.
U-103 dived at 100m and left the area undetected

03 October 1940
Grid AM76
19:55 hours Granville type freighter sunk by 2 bow torpedoes + 1 dud
At that point all internal torpedoes were used up and the weather didn't permit the externals be brought in.
vonHarris radioed Bdu and requested new orders
He was told to return to Lorient

04 October 1940
Grid BE36
19:55 hours Empire type freighter spotted at the surface. With empty tubes U-103 dived to PC and waited for the ship to move out of sight.

05 October 1940
Grid BE36
00:06 hours Still submerged , U-103 picked up the screws of a merchant but ignored it.

07 October 1940
09:47 hours U-103 docked at Lorient.
14 days at sea
4 ships
28661 tons
No damages or casualties
U-39 was in port preparing for her next patrol.
Kaluens Snestorm and vonHarris had some beers at the officers club while crew members of both Ubooten had some fun in the city's bars.
There were no news of U-552.
A new twin 20mm flak gun was installed at U-103 to use at the next patrol

Gerald 06-03-11 09:52 AM

Nice work,:up:

VONHARRIS 06-03-11 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1676610)
Nice work,:up:

Thank you , you have always a kind word.

Kermit the Frog 06-03-11 03:14 PM

Oct 15 1941
Radio contact with convoy. Looks like they're heading Gibraltar.
-New Course! HDG 340, flank ahead.

Oct 15 1941 4:00 GMT+1, 3:00 local
Visual contact with convoy. 6 rows, one Black Swan class frigate leading convoy, 4 frigates on sides, and one hunter killer. For some time convoy is peacefully continuing its travel. They're still very far from us, when leading frigate starts zigzagging. What the hell?! Did he saw us? With washed deck? Impossible! We're still 6km far from frigate. I need to estimate course of convoy, and its speed. But everything is telling me that there is something unusual happening here.
-Dive! Periscope depth, periscope up!- I look around to see all the convoy zigzagging. I decide to prepare fire resolution on leading escort, however I didn't decide if I attack her or not. Corvette black Swan, zigzag +/- 180deg. stopwatch shows 14kts... again 9,5kts... again 6kts. She stopped her motors to listen!
-Silence on board! No shouts! No calls!
After a long long minute frigate turned motors again to run straight ahead flank speed. Now she's close to me... She slowed down and starts zigzag +/- 30deg I suppose. I measure speed... 12kts. Entering data into TDC... I fired G7a magnetic torpedo at range 800m and aiming angle 15deg.
She sunk at 4:20.
I went submerged inside the zgigzagging convoy and hit Large Tanker with one G7e magnetic torp, placed under last mast and Large Merchant placed also under stern mast, but before I could check the results I heard terrible... PING...PING
-Flank ahead! Dive!
...PING...10m...PING... PING...20m...30m...PING... PING... PING
-Frigate in attack run! Hard starboard!- 50m...80m...
KABOOOM!!! Endless explosions are shaking our boat. How many DCs can he drop simultaneously? I didn't expect any answer, but...
-I've counted 8 explosions sir- Says Torsten.
We're going deeper and deeper. The frigate over us is doing a circle to repeat attack. In the meantime I looked around over the crew... They seem rather curious than frightened. They're simply not used to DC exploding so close to us. I stopped dipping at 220m and went into silent run. Next series of explosions fall far over our head. After three circles I was ready to forget about the frigate over me, shadowing convoy maintaining the deep, when
...PING! ... ... PING! ... ... PING...............
Silence... You could hear a fly (if we had one) flying through the bridge...
-Enemy frigate. Bearing 230, closing, medium speed.- I took second headphone.
-Constant...- Suddenly, steady sound of propellers turn into loud roaring. -Frigate in attack run, he's fixed on us! Steady guys... Steady...
-DCs in the water!- I'm hearing splashes. One, two, three, four, five, six! Twelve DC?!- Hard larboard! Flank ahead!- I couldn't believe myself.
I turned stopwatch with first splash, now I check... 60... 65...-one third aread!- 70... 74 KABOOKABOOKABOOM! Series of enormous explosions behind me. However my boat is slightly shaking! My boat looks untaught, but my crew is not. For the first time in my life I see fear in their eyes. It's not because our boat shake a little bit, or because they felt a "real gun powder". In our 26 further patrols We were returning many times "on our knees". It's something else. They need a rest... And I need replacements, fresh blood. Hydro said, that large tanker is sinking, but I couldn't find a smiled face.
-Frigate moving away, moving fast. They not turning back!
-Periscope depth! Full ahead.- After a long ascent I looked through observation periscope, to find Large merchant with stopped motors 500m from us bearing 330. I finished their senseless existence with one surface running torpedo. I looked around, and since no sign of escort I decided to surface the boat. The sun is just rising, and there's a long day before us. A day of shadowing a convoy. Luckily two burning freighters make it easy. We can shadow them staying behind horizon. Hydro just set a music... "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt..." Suddenly I felt myself tired... I need a sleep.

To be continued...

sublynx 06-03-11 05:08 PM

U-552, Patrol 3. Report 3
Lt.z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol grid AN48

0511 AN24 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 5 m/s.
Metox warning. Crash dive. No contacts on the hydrophone. Possibly an airplane despite the cloudy weather.
1045 AN24 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 5 m/s. Metox warning. Crash dive.

0400 AN24 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 5 m/s. Dolphins on the hydrophone.
1608 AN24 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 5 m/s. BdU informs of a convoy 230 km SW. AN55 course SE, 7 knots. The convoy is behind the mined areas and in very shallow waters near to the English coast. I try to intercept anyway – BdU reported the convoy, so I expect he wants us to attack it, if possible.

0511 AN59 clear, 15 – 16 km, 15 m/s. About 5 – 6 kilometers from the port side merchants on the convoy I decide I just can’t attack. I can see ground on the periscope, I have only one longer ranged torpedo loaded and it’s day time. Because of the high seas I can’t even attack the port destroyer, since I can see only quick glimpses of it’s masts on the periscope. I have to let the convoy pass, because it is too risky to maneuver – submerged I might hit the ground.
0818 AN48 clear, 15 – 16 km, 15 m/s. Metox warning. Dived. A four-engined airplane seen on the periscope. Possibly of the type Halifax.

1005 AN48 clear, 15 – 16 km, 15 m/s. Airplane sighted at a relative bearing of 247 degrees. Crash dive.

1756 AN45 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 7 m/s. Metox warning. Crash dive.
2147 AN45 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 6 m/s. Metox warning. Crash dive. At 2215 hours two destroyers seen on periscope at a range of 8 – 10 km, speed 16 – 20 knots. Couldn’t be intercepted. Tried to lure them into approaching by surfacing, but they probably didn’t get our radar profile, while at a distance of 10 – 15 kilometers and heading away from us.

0515 AN45 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 7 m/s. Airplane sighted. Crash dive.
1756 AN41 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 7 m/s. Airplane sighted. Crash dive.

1213 AN22 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 7 m/s. Metox warning. Dive.

0536 AN24 cloudy, 8 – 9 km, 7 m/s. Back at Bergen. We’re alive, the boat is not damaged at all, but we didn’t get a chance of firing even one torpedo. We’ll get the boat refueled, cleaned and resupplied and a short leave. I’ll have a dolphin painted on the conning tower. Hopefully the crewmen will find the emblem lucky and worry a bit less and concentrate on their tasks a bit more lighthearted.

While on leave in Germany, I plan to meet with the commanders of U-39 and U-103, who have had nice successes with no or only slight damage on their last patrols and nice tonnage to their credit. I do need to get some ships sunk on my next patrol or BdU is going to have my head on a plate.

Patrol observations: FuMo – 30 keeps switching off in high seas, but is still a major improvement compared to FuMo – 29’s switching off tendency.

Operating depths measured on our route:
AN21: 110 – 148 meters
AN22: 118 – 164 meters
AN27: 113 – 144 meters
AN41: 111 – 157 meters
AN45: 74 – 159 meters
AN52 east: 44 – 83 meters
AN53: 65 – 97 meters
AN55 east: 45 – 84 meters
AN56: 43 – 70 meters
AN57: 26 – 42 meters
AN59: 12 – 43 meters


VONHARRIS 06-04-11 03:34 AM

U-103 IXB
Patrol No7
The commander of U-552 tried to visit us in Germany but he missed us for 2 days as we were transferred in Lorient. Both Snestorm and I talked to him on the phone and calm him down, He was afraid of the BdU judgement for not sinking any ship but for such a good commander that would be overseen. He had brought his crew and ship back home alive and in one piece

06 November 1940
00:28 hours U-103 left Lorient for grid AL33. A new twin 20mm flak gun was installed for testing

18 November 1940
Grid AD83
Convoy attack in light fog , no rain and 5m/sec winds
4 bow + 2 stern torpedoes fired
02:30 hours Ceramic type ocean liner sunk by 2 bow + 1 stern torpedoes
Turbine tanker hit by 1 bow torpedo but went on
Converted whale factory ship hit by 1 bow torpedo and despite the secondary explosions seen , she escaped

18 November 1940
Grid AD83
17:40 hours.
While on the surface , the torpedo crew had just moved the external reloads inside. The weather was very good 0m/s winds.
Aircraft spotted , a twin engined light bomber.
This was our chance to test out new twin flak gun.
Aircraft shot down during its initial approach. Minor damages from mashine gun fire, One parachute opened. We approached and gave a raft to the pilot and pointed him to the nearest land. He didn't resist nor he opened fire with his handgun. The other members of the aircraft crew died.

22 November 1940
Grid AD83
17:32 hours convoy attack in good weather
4 bow and 2 stern torpedoes fired
Laconia liner hit by 2 bow + 1 stern torpedo but escaped
Converted whale factory ship hit by 1 bow torpedo but she escaped
Large tanker hit by 1 stern torpedo , caught fire but didn't sink
No ships sunk in this attack

25 November 1940
Grid AD83
14:10 hours Convoy attack in good weather
Ore carrier hit by 1 stern torpedo but escaped (+1 dud)
14:13 hours Motor tanker sunk by 2 bow torpedoes
14:13 hours Small freighter sunk by 1 bow torpedo
14:20 hours Small freighter sunk by 1 bow torpedo

No attacks by the escorts , U-103 dived at 120m and left undetected.
With 3 bow + 1stern torpedoes remaining vonHarris started the return passage

01 December 1940
Grid BE36
05:23 hours Large cargo sunk by 30 105mm rounds
When the ship went down the IWO saw two more ships bearing 003.
Since the weather was good 1m/s winds I decided to hunt them down.
They were two Granville type freighters.
And then it came: A shell landed some 500m in front of our Uboat. The merchants were armed and zigzaging.
U-103 kept a distance of 2500m and started shelling the enemy. Fortunately the enemy gunners were very wrong at their aim.
05:59 hours Granville type freighter sunk by 25 105mm rounds
The other merchant didn't open fire so I assumed she was unarmed and clased in. I was lucky
06:10 hours Granville type freighter sunk by 17 105mm rounds

13:58 hours Small merchant sunk by 19 105 mm rounds
14:22 hours Large merchant sunk by 1 bow torpedo and 56 105mm rounds. She was armed with 2 x 3in guns , one at each side

2 December 1940
01:43 hours Passenger/cargo sunk by 14 105mm rounds

3 December 1940
04:01 hours
U-103 docked at Lorient.
vonHarris wrote a report about the armed merchants so all other commanders would be warned and use extreme caution when attacking with the deck gun from now on. A hit from a 3in shell can easily end a patrol and make the Uboat unable to dive.
28 days at sea
10 ships sunk
61096 tons
1 aircraft shot down
90% hull integrity

Snestorm 06-04-11 10:25 AM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 6. Part 1.
U103 finaly showed up in Lorient, and the bars all turned a nice profit from our combined crews.

Departed Lorient, 5 days behind U103, on 11.nov.40.
Assigned the Freetown - UK shipping lanes, with a turnaround point at DT94.
News traveled to Lorient concerning the daring exploits of U552, into the extreme shallows of the AM50s, and their safe return to Bergen. Kaleun & Crew are thankful to be with the more level-headed Commander 2.Flotilla.

CG15 (290 miles W of Spain).
Time ?: "Ship spotted! Long range." Corvette!
New course 336 (Nose to nose). New depth 15 meters, followed by periscope depth.
Weather: Clear. Dead calm. Full moon at night.
1759: Open tubes 1, 2, 4 for C2 Cargo.
1804: Fire 1, 2, 4 (T2 G7E). Target course 179, making 5 knots.
5 degree spread. Bearing 000. 3 meters. Impact only. Range 1.000 meters.
New depth 103 meters. 5 degrees right rudder.
1805: C2 Cargo sunk for 6.446 GRT.
1825: We have company. New depth 150 meters.
1827: Ping x 3.
1829: Many DC at varrying depths. (U39 passing 117 meters).
1831: Warship pinging from short range in our baffles. (passing 124 meters).
1834: New course 000. (passing 130 meters). DC.
1839: DC. (passing 140 meters).
1841: Distant pinging.

1921: Surface. Tubes to be reloaded on surface, per Handbook.
1927: Corvette. 7700 meters. Full moon. All Ahead Full!!!
1955: Paralelling convoys track. Heading 179.
2007: Corvette. 5500 meters. All tubes reloaded. All Ahead Flank!!
2022: Return to heading 179.

2035: Making good 18 knots. Convoy beyond sight to port.
2039: Begin arking inward (on guesstimations).
2114: Down we go. Will have to work our way outward for stern shot.
2241: Fire 6. New depth 102 meters.
2242: Little Merchant sunk for 2.339 GRT.
2243: (passing 20 meters). 5 degrees Left Rudder.
(Target was right beside a Corvette. Surprise!)
Known escort is 3 Corvettes, and 2 Armed Trawlers.
There are almost as many warships as merchants.
One C2 Cargo remains. The rest are Small, and Coastals.
2300: 5 degrees Right Rudder. New depth 152 meters.
2304: Ping. (passing 110 meters).
2306: U39 rocked hard by DC, but took no damage.
2309: Ping. (passing 124 meters).
2312: DC above.
2315: Slow pinging.
2318: Distant DC.

0307: Tube 3 (My only bow G7A) is fired at a C2 Cargo, deemed too distant for T2 G7Es.
0309: Target is struck, but uneffected.

0539: Escorts thwart final attack attempt.
Convoy continues toward Gibralter.
U39 continues toward the Freetown - UK lanes.

1740: Status. 2 ships sunk for 8.785 GRT.
7 of 12 torpedoes remaining.
6 bow (G7E), and 1 stern (G7A).

Following this patrol, I have to figure out how to stop this "Ship spotted", over and over again. It's that, or a desk job!

BossMark 06-04-11 10:55 AM

December 25th 1939
U 123 has just finished her third patrol sinking 18000 tons of Allied shipping including one medium tanker and downing one Swordfish torpedo\bomber.

Kip336 06-04-11 03:22 PM

A more detailed report will follow, just want to get this event out;

Was sailing from the Western Approach up north to catch up with about 3 convoys that where reported in the AL / AM grids at flank speed.

Most of the journey was done at flank speed in high seas, 18m/s wind, 0 visibility.

We dove to 40m multiple times when we reached AL to listen, and home in.

After listening for 20 minutes, with a lot of confusing reports;
Merchant bearing 270, long range! Closing!"
Warship, high speed constant distance, bearing 180
Merchant bearing 220, high speed, short range!
Merchant bearing 330, slow speed short range closing!

I decided to go up. It'd be rather odd to be surrounded by convoys on 4 sides, all going different ways.

Up on the surface at 4am, we didn't see a single thing. Not wanting to stick around, back to flank speed. I look around, and suddenly a white, flashing light...uh, that's odd.
Lets turn around and investigate, they wont see us.
Another light right in front of us.
To the right a flashing the left.

"we're under attack!!"

Turns out, a merchant was attacking me, and I was in the middle of 3 convoys.

I sneaked away on surface. Will regain contact once the visibility is more.

Fish In The Water 06-04-11 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by BossMark (Post 1677216)
December 25th 1939
U 123 has just finished her third patrol sinking 18000 tons of Allied shipping including one medium tanker and downing one Swordfish torpedo\bomber.

Congrats on the Swordfish! The pilot probably needed a bath, so thanks for helping him out! :D

BigK 06-04-11 05:12 PM

My first patrol in the new sub, the crew and I went to Germany to make the trip with the new boat ourselfs. That way we got to know her a bit and it made our first patrol go much more smoothly.

5.1.41. 0221 Patrol 19
U-123, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: January 5, 1941, 02:21
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid DT29

The seas were clear when steaming to our designated grid, as was the grid itself. After some time covering suspected trading lines, we picked up screw noises and went down to periscope depth. The noise was coming towards us, so I decided to wait it out and see what shows up. Turned out to be a ASW trawler. After maneuvering a bit at silent running, I got a perfect shot and fired a torpedo. Range was about 500m, not giving the unaware ship time to react at the torpedo noises.

13.1.41. 1308 Grid EK 11 ASW Trawler, 1100 tons After that I continued the patrol and played some cards with the crew. Nothing much to do for about 4 days. But then, smoke at the horizon !! One warship identified, several unkowns. We went silent and down to periscope depth. As with the first, these ships were oblivious to the doom that was just meters below the surface.

1054 Grid ET 38 V&W classes, 1188 tons
Grid ET 38 ASW Trawler, 1100 tons
1125 Grid ET 38 ASW Trawler, 1100 tons

That'll thin out the enemy ranks in the mid-African area a bit. Still in high spirits, a message from BdU came in. Large convoy spotted, moving at low speed. Distance about 150k. We plotted the most likely intercept point and went there at maximum speed. Took us a day and a half to catch up, with another day waiting for the weather to clear and give us a good look of what we're dealing with.

A juicy convoy, several large cargo's, tankers, merchants and also a lot of smaller vessels. I picked a spot between the second and third row and drew up a new attack plan. Calculated the rough course and moved into ambushposition. Perfectly planned, only minor correction was necessary.
I had to avoid the large merchants because in order to get a clean shot, I would have to move in such a position that I could only shoot 1 highpriority target.

Launched all 6 torpedoes, of which 4 hit. No ships went down on the first hit. Went down to 175m and reloaded. Moved into a new firing position and fired again. One cargo went down immediately, another was dead in the water. I also hit and severely damaged a tanker.

20.1.41. 1724 Grid ES 31 Ship sunk! Large Cargo, 8449 tons
Grid ES 31 Ship sunk! Intermediate Tanker, 3490 tons
Grid ES 31 Ship sunk! Large Cargo, 8578 tons

Had to evade depth charges. Moved out of the convoy and about 10k away. Moved remaining external reloads inside and prepared for the final assault. Something went wrong, was almost ready to fire when escorts picked me up. Fired all remaing front torpedoes, because of which one large cargo later sank. Turned away and fired both stern tubes at the escorts, only 1 hit but managed to sink it.

1905 Grid ES 31 Ship sunk! Black Swan class, 1250 tons
Grid ES 31 Ship sunk! Large Cargo, 8577 tons

Got DC heavy, one direct hit at 110m killed one of my senior officers. A 18 patrol veteran, who will be missed greatly. Also took on water and went down to 195m. Ship was keeping together :). Previously tested her @ 225m.

Managed to shake them off. So a lot of ships went under, but also a good man, colleague and friend. :cry:

Snestorm 06-05-11 02:01 AM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 6. Part 2.
2102: Three T2 G7Es are fired at a C2 Cargo, during a night surface attack, on a NE (053) bound convoy. Weather is Medium Fog. U39 dived immediately after firing, and shortly after went to silent speed. Three explosions were heard, but no sinking sounds.
2145: Straggling vessel detected on sound.
2225: A single G7A is fired from the stern, sinking the straggler (DIW) for 6.448 GRT.
U39 goes deep and vacates the vicinity prior to the arrival of an escort.
Heavy Fog was found on surfacing, and further attempts at persuit were abandoned.

1845: "Ship spotted!" Sea is dead calm. Target dead ahead.
VON HARRIS had recommended some gunnery practice. Done!
1856: C2 Cargo sunk with deck gun for 6.452 GRT.
The following day we recieved his warning concerning armed merchants.

1559: Our last 3 torpedoes (G7E) are fired during a daylight submerged convoy attack.
Sea state is dead calm. Escort comprises 3 DDs.
1601: C2 Cargo struck, and sunk, for 6.453 GRT.

2250: U39 ties up alongside U103 at Lorient.

Patrol results.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended.
Crew and Hull Integrity 100%.
5 ships sunk for 28.138 GRT.

U39's history to date:
6 war patrols completed.
15 ships sunk for 73.658 GRT.

Gerald 06-05-11 02:31 AM

Good work!

sublynx 06-05-11 04:38 PM

U-552, patrol 4, report 1
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Freie Jagd Arctic ocean between Spitzbergen and Bäreninsel

31.3.1943 Arctic Ocean near Bergen
1138 hydrophone screws, eventually though to be a trawler.
1153 surfaced. Metox warning. Dived.
1229 after some underwater maneuvering we established a warship's course and speed, 22 knots, 60 RPM. The destroyer turns out to be one of our own type 34's. To scare the pants off of the destroyer we surface in perfect shooting position and take a picture of the meeting. If we make it back, we'll send the picture to the captain to remind him to keep zigzagging! If we had been an enemy submarine, he would have been in big trouble.

1308 Cloudy, visibility 3000 - 4000 meters, 15 m/s. After a month of watching icebergs north of Bear island, we are returning to base. Then a report comes in. A large convoy Länge 7, 28' Ost, Breite 67, 56' Nord. 213 kilometers from us, 25 degrees true bearing, making 5 knots, course W. Intercept estimated at 2030 hours.
1606 After a Metox warning and some hydrophone operations we listen helplessly as an unknown large warship passes us too far to be intercepted, course 215, speed 30 knots.
2041 Heavy rain, visibility 800 - 1000 meters, wind 15 m/s from 354. Nothing heard on the expected intercept location.
2113 A new report from BdU. Convoy 40 kilometers SW from us.
2203 Convoy heard relative bearing 345 - 15 degrees. Attack windward, inside the convoy, because the visibility is so bad.
2332 Based on hydrophone the convoy probably has 5 escorts and 24 merchants.
0057 Three TIII G7e's shot at a range of 600 meters. Rohr 1 and 2 at a 2200 BRT merchant and Rohr 5 at a 1800 BRT merchant.
0058 Three explosions.
0103 The 2200 BRT sunk, smoke rising from water. The 1800 BRT merchant on fire. Evasion at PD.
0135 The escorts seem to have lost us and I decide to surface.
0137 Search lights approaching straight at us. The enemy must have picked us up with radar, but we got no Metox warning! BdU must be informed of this. We dive towards the depths, first silently, then after we get some pings crash diving and turning away from the destroyer. Two Bold's launched. No damage, though the boat was badly rocked by the depth charges. After the initial run the escorts kept pounding the Bold launching site.
0248 Reloading and getting ready for a second attack. Nine torpedoes left inside the boat and two outside.


Jimbuna 06-05-11 05:21 PM

*not so much a detailed report*

Approaching the entrance to the Thames Estuary (about 70 clicks away) and observing a convoy of 20+ ships...only one problem, I'm in a Type XXIII with a full load (two eels) so need to make some choices regarding what to attack.

gazpode_l 06-05-11 06:05 PM

Walter Suhr u-93 (DEAD)

Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1669978)
After some time not playing SH3 due to being away on HOL in R/L, I am back with my commander, "Walter Suhr" who's skipper of U-93.

We are Currently located in AM94.

After destroying a small-ish steamer (some 1000grt aprox) we persued a sound contact in the bristol channel (Aug, 1941). Some time later, two prop contacts have become one, BUT we are in visual range - however the contact eventually turns out to be a "HUNT III" class destroyer.

The DD made a number of runs against us but wasn't very good at his accuracy. After around an hour or so, we managed to lose our pursuer by tactically changing depth and running quiet, whilst also presenting a small profile to the enemy.

Just before dawn the following day an ALARM is triggered when 2x Hurricane fighters are spotted. However they are at high altitude and clearly haven't spotted us.

We continue up "ST George's Channel" and towards wexford with a view to finding any targets in what looks like a possible anchorage, found on the chart by the navigator.

********WALTER SUHR AND U-93 ARE LOST!!!******
In a position some 25km SW of Plymouth, UK

W Suhr proceeded on a recon of Plymouth harbour but was detected some 25km away by a group consisting of an ASW trawler and a torpedo boat.

After sustaining some attacks from the ASW, suhr thought he had evaded the enemy and pressed on ahead at 6knts submerged..

However, it now appears the enemy once again regained contact from a distant 3km, and now accompanied by a second ASW and a flower class corvette, W Suhr was soon under heavy attack.

Severe damages followed astern forcing Suhr to the bottom, a shallow 53m in depth. However, he managed to mostly repair u-93 and was bringing her back upto a reasonable depth of 40m when he sustained a direct hit from 2x D/C, meaning the end of the Boat and the loss of 41 hands, including Kln Suhr.

He will be missed. :dead: :cry:
Patrols completed: 4 (lost at sea during patrol 5)
No of Ships Sunk: 14 (11m/3w)
Total tonnage sunk 58,638Grt (54,000 merchant/4000 wship)

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