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Scout614 02-27-15 05:22 PM

couldnt submerge lol a DD put a nice hole in me a few days earlier

Originally Posted by Friedhelm Winter (Post 2291890)

Friedhelm Winter 02-27-15 08:31 PM

Still would've moved the men out, and repaired it submerged.

Unless it was your electric engines, then you're a sitting duck.

What mod were you playing? Flooding realism in the vanilla version is terrible, I'm assuming it was GW but hey, it might be cool once I've finished my career.

Scout614 02-27-15 08:39 PM

GWX i was trying to get the hell out of scapia flow 4 inch shell though the pressure hull i was a gonner anyway

Zosimus 03-02-15 12:55 PM

U-108 in BB75.
Seventh Patrol Assigned to Port of Spain.

Two ships sunk so far. Diesel fuel 50 percent gone.

No sightings. Two contact updates in BB75 so I came here. No radar hits. Hydrophone contact with warship. I am so desperate for tonnage that I actually surfaced and attempted to position myself for a shot. Could not get into position.

Weather 6 Sea 5.

Convoy reported in CB31 heading ENE. God that's far. 7 knots. I'm trying anyway. Full speed on surface. Visibility about 800 meters. Radar completely useless. I hope to get another contact update along the way, or those two ships and one plane will be my patrol.

Zosimus 03-03-15 11:53 AM

U-108 docked at U-461
Seventh Patrol Complete.

Disastrous Patrol.
Attacked by planes.
Two men dead.
Hull Integrity: 36.2 percent.

54,264 tons.

Zosimus 03-04-15 09:06 PM

July 28, 1942

U-108 in AM29
Attacked by two planes while at full speed on convoy intercept.
Weather 1 Sea 1
Could not dive in time.
Both planes shot down.
Some hull damage.
Continuing patrol.

codmander 03-05-15 06:26 PM

black gap may 43 things are getting extreme:stare::stare::stare:

Aktungbby 03-06-15 01:15 AM

Intercepted Allied support convoy in Narvik fjord. Closed convoy from NW submerged. Slipped passed port flank destroyer (5) to close 8000 ton freighter; sank same with one electric eel at 1200 meters. Tried second freighter at similar range but less than optimal away angle; electric eel hit but was a dud. Rapidly switched to rearmost targeted troop transport--12000 tonner at 2500 meters with two steam eels set at 7 meters; both hit but also were duds. I was attacked and forced to crash 2H turning port full ninety to 200 meters. Thermal layer noted at 50 meters. Heard explosions and bulkheads parting on stricken freighter. Ran silent and evaded shallow depth charges until sunk by well trained three destroyer escort who read my mind.:dead:

sublynx 03-07-15 03:06 PM

From U 353 to BdU: = A 6500 GRT tanker sunk in BE6491. Chasing a 2300 GRT coastal freighter 50T 6 knots. NE 7, cumulus 4/10, sea 5, medium visibility. 7+2 torpedoes left. Torpedo depth keeping troubles. 81 cbm of fuel left. Wähling. =

sublynx 03-07-15 08:11 PM

From U 353 to BdU: = A 2300 GRT coastal freighter sunk in BE6463. WNW 7, cumulus 2/10, sea 5, medium visibility. 5+2 torpedoes left. Wähling. =

Kommandant_Wesser 03-07-15 10:01 PM

U-174 Commander Karl Hardegen Just got done refiting at U-461 on September 3 1942. Moving back into action then is to return to base.

u35_captain 03-08-15 03:55 PM

Returning to SHIII after a long absence. Decide to be bold on my third war patrol and sneak into Loch Ewe.

Expect, as with the Scapa visits I've made, to find at best a destroyer and a Fiji for my troubles.

Find a Nelson instead. Takes six torpedoes to put her down, by by Gott we did it. Stirred up the hornet's nest, with a mix of seven destroyers, Elcos, and trawlers all trying to find and kill me. Went north around the Isle of Ewe to escape, which they didn't see coming. Gunned it around the island at flank to charge batteries up just a little, then crept out the channel as silent as a mouse.

The patrol after was uneventful, but I'm happy. First time I've spotted a Battleship.

Zedwardson 03-08-15 10:30 PM

After a long delay I repurchased SH3 off steam, and was able to get the three mods I wanted (GWX, Sub Commander, and a widescreen mod) all working

Very rusty but I am going to play till I killed, then start a new guy at the same month and see how many captains it takes to get to the end of the war.

Heinz Bido

1st Patrol - Pre war shakedown patrol. (OOC - it was useful for me to remember the game controls)

2nd Patrol - War Begins as I am heading out to my spot. Sink six merchants For 16334 Tons

3rd Patrol - 7 Merchants and one Dutch warship. :oops: - Shot a lot of the merchants with the deck gun as the waters of the north sea were unseasonably calm. Found a Small Depot ship not moving 100 km North of Scapa flow. It was unlighted and fired two steam eels at long range. Turned out to be dutch and BDU was quite upset with me. They also sent me a reminder of how the french flag does not look like the dutch flag.

4th patrol - Fruitful, including sinking a large freighter (MV Siamese Prince) and I was awarded a Iron cross 2nd class. I also gave one to my watchman.

5th Patrol - Now well into 1940. Did not find much - but what I did find was good. A large freighter and a Glanville class freighter. Also found isolated tribal and a V&W steaming without zagging, and sent them to the bottom as well.

So far I sunk 20 merchants, and 3 warships, 59.5k in Merchant tonnage, and almost 10k in warship tonnage. Hopefully I can take part in some way with Operation Weserübung but that depends on the timing of the shipyards. (its Feb 1940)

Darthlucky 03-09-15 02:33 AM

I've sunk that same Dutch depot ship....what in the blazes are they doing so far north?

Zedwardson 03-09-15 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Darthlucky (Post 2295147)
I've sunk that same Dutch depot ship....what in the blazes are they doing so far north?

Since it wasn't moving I think it was secretly waiting for a British ship to transfer supplies to. Glad I had some other tonnage to claim so I wasn't cashiered as a commander.

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