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sublynx 09-28-13 09:14 AM

U 71 patrol 6
A near death NYGM escorts experience... NYGM is very much harder than GWX or Vanilla, IMO. Saved in the end by SH3Commander's thermal layer effect.

EDIT: well, my commander was saved by SH3Commander again as it decided to put him to a desk job. I guess three lousy patrols in a row was enough for BdU :)

EHB 09-28-13 10:59 AM

Sorry for posting so much, but this kaleun just turned the luckiest ever:
January 27th 1940, U-33, Oblt.z.s. August Jungmann.
To put it really short:
My 1WO spotted a ship. Intrigued I came to the bridge and found a British Task Force heading our way. It consisted of 5-6+ destroyers, a couple of light/heavy cruisers and an aircraft carrier. Almost dead ahead. Easiest sinking ever (apart from the Southampton-class a couple of days eralier). Four eels. Fours hits. Depth charged. Conning tower, periscopers, and antenna destroyed. Minor damage to deck and hull. Docked ten days later.
Total after 7 months of war: 108.756 tonns. HMS Rodney, HMS Illoustrious & HMS Manchester sunk + merchants.

Too much luck. Can't possibly last very much longer (Unless like the previous post SH3 Commander saves him...)


sublynx 09-28-13 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by EHB (Post 2120440)
Sorry for posting so much, but this kaleun just turned the luckiest ever:

Wow EHB you really are the luckiest guy ever :arrgh!: I've yet to even see a carrier in this game and now you bag one just after sinking a battleship :arrgh!:

With you on our side I begin to see a victorious end to this war :rock:

EHB 09-28-13 05:05 PM

I'm baffled to be honest. Been playing this game for years and only spotted a carrier from afar in the mediterranean. Feels like I'm somehow cheating.

desirableroasted 09-28-13 11:32 PM

If you want a guaranteed shot at a battleship, go up to Narvik on 2 April 1940... find a nice safe spot and wait for the fireworks. Upside: you get to take on a battleship, numerous destroyers and airplanes at close range. Downside: you are in shallow water and in fjords. It will spring-load your sphincter, that is for sure.

I believe this is only in GWX3.0.


Originally Posted by EHB (Post 2120682)
I'm baffled to be honest. Been playing this game for years and only spotted a carrier from afar in the mediterranean. Feels like I'm somehow cheating.

sublynx 10-01-13 04:09 AM

The patrol with the lowest career tonnage ever :oops: I just gotta love H.sie's modded torpedoes :O:

EHB 10-01-13 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 2121705)

The patrol with the lowest career tonnage ever :oops: I just gotta love H.sie's modded torpedoes :O:

Just had a 67 day patrol with a total of 108 BRT. Stormy weather and horrible plotting resulted in a torpedo attack in 15 knots windspeed on a motor vessel on the way home north of the Shetlands. Last torpedo. Magnetic pistol. Now I manage to hit. Damn funny though. The little tub got blown several meters out of the water. Next patrol I was stupid enough to attempt a Dover durchsprung. Forced to surface after 5 hours of constant depth charge attack between Le Havre and Portsmouth. Surrendered the boat. Total career tonnage: 108 BRT.

sublynx 10-01-13 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by EHB (Post 2121742)
Now I manage to hit. Damn funny though. The little tub got blown several meters out of the water.

That is something everyone should do at least once just for the laugh :/\\x: It really does look funny :arrgh!:

Another thing one probably does only once is the English Channel experience. Lots of traffic make travelling really slow, TC low and there's mines and destroyers. And it's shallow. Never again ! :dead:

EHB 10-01-13 04:40 PM

Only second time I tried the Dover strait. Guess I should listen to BdU in the future...

By the way, wich tool do you use for the report/captains log? Is it just a template to fill in or generated by some software (with your entries)?

sublynx 10-02-13 12:34 AM

BdU usually has very good ideas, but on the other hand sometimes he has orders that just need to be broken - like the one in 1943 that orders one to try to engage aircraft instead of crash diving :dead:

The doc is just a template I made for Google Docs. It uses free fonts I downloaded from the internet. I run SH3 in windowed mode so it's easy for me to type my notes while the game is running:

The only problem is I lose sound when I write the notes, so I need to keep an eye on the crew texts in case they warn about an approaching airplane. I won't hear the warning if I'm writing :O:

BTW If somebody wants the template for their own war diaries, I can upload it somewhere.

aj906 10-07-13 12:45 AM

U-67, Typ IXC
18 June 1944
Assigned to patrol AM97: St George's Channel

Left Bergen 30 May 1944 and skirt the Irish coast, sinking seven ships for a total of 29,360 BRT. Was able to sink two with the deck gun - both large trawlers - while I bagged a large tanker just entering the St George's Channel.

Constant diving for aircraft - thankful for the snorkel, but even motionless at night this isn't much of a help having been DC'd by aircraft with Leigh Lights.

I was on the surface at night reloading the stern tube when I was caught by an aircraft (although I didn't get a radar warning). I had approximately five minutes left of reloading so the gunners had a nice blatt at the Sunderland which did a little bit of damage. Just as I get underway and am about to order us to periscope depth my lookout screams enemy spotted. Turns out to be at least six sets of smoke closing at high speed. I swing the boat around and fire my last remaining acoustic torpedo in the general direction and then crash dive.

I jettison a decoy and get a depth check only to find we have 84 metres below the keel. I then spent three hours and, by my own count, 103 explosions from either DC or hedgehog before finally slipping the noose.

attack and observation periscope damage
radio destroyed
radar destroyed
hydrophone damaged
stern torpedo - 1 damaged, the other destroyed
both engines damaged
deck and flak guns destroyed
seven members of the crew wounded

Have 14 torpedoes remaining so am going to sit out another 48 hours in this grid and then head back to Bergen...

sublynx 10-07-13 01:26 AM

I've never survived to 1944 and it sounds like I'm not too sure if I even want to...

Radian 10-07-13 05:29 PM

18th Patrol
Switched to Type IX for my 18th patrol. Left for a grid off the coast of Casablanca. After completing my 24 hr patrol, Radio message says Germany has declared war on America. Dec 8 or 9?

Any way... so it's off to America......

Long cruise. I get distracted by a large convoy above the Azores. Bag a large and intermediate tanker... Slink off and decide to continue on to America.....

Arrive off North Carolina. Head north. Not long before I find a large freighter and a small freighter. Both running with lights on... I casually sail up to them and sink them with deck gun! No threat and no place for them to run. Just target practice in rough seas.

Continue on. Hydophone picks up a target closer to shore so I go to get it.... A stinking trawler!
Well Better to use the flak gun on a 98 ton trawler then a plane attacking me. Just as it sinks I get a look out warning of ship spotted! Humm another target?

NO! High speed torpedo boat heading for me. "Crash Dive!" Just made it.

So now decide to head south and off Georgia I sink another large freighter and a great lakes coastal freighter with my deck guns. Deck gun now down to only 9 shells. I'm going to have to use some of the 17 torpedo's I have left.

So I want to use them on high tonnage easy to sink targets. Nothing better then fat loaded tankers....

I sail around Florida and head for Galveston. I sail almost to the harbor. It's night and I find nothing other then a stupid armed tug....

So here I am just off of Galveston with a bunch of torpedos and nothing to show for my cruise from Georgia around Florida.....

So I guess it's time to do a harbor incursion!

Sweet. A spend the entire night slinking around at periscope or 7m depth. Then I attack. I bag a large tanker, a Modern Tanker, a 7.9k Troop Transport and another armed tug blows itself up by dropping depth charges in 18 meters of water!

I'm cruising out on the surface as the sun is coming up.

So now I'm thinking I might sail back and check out Miami Harbor. Still have 10 torps left... More then 1/2 a tank of fuel... It's dark and I'm wearing my sunglasses.


Jimbuna 10-07-13 05:31 PM


sublynx 10-08-13 01:04 AM

That's the offensive spirit :/\\x:

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning. --- Smelled like . . . victory."

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