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VONHARRIS 06-19-11 02:08 AM

New career U-105 IXB
New career begins
01 December 1939
U-105 IXB sailed from Wilhelmshaven for her shakedown cruise.
Test dives , crash dives and other procedures tested
Crew qualificartions were given.
In the afternoon , U-105 docked in port.
Some rest for the crew as the first war patrol will start tommorow , 2 December 1939.

VONHARRIS 06-19-11 01:31 PM

U-105 IXB Patrol 2
Patrol No2
Willi Framm and his crew were ready to sail off.
02 December 1939
16:12 hours U-105 left the friendly waters of Wilhelmshaven to engage the enemy for the first time. Orders are to patrol gord AM77

10 December 1939
Grid AM57
17:24 hours
The first kill of the war : Medium merchant 01 sunk by 30 105mm rounds

16 December 1939
Grid AM52
13:19 hours.
A RN fleet auxiliary vessel spotted. She was a repair ship , heavily armed.
U-105 was armed with 22 TIs torpedoes all set at impact fuses. Kaleun Framm never trusted nor he ever will trust the magnetic exploders despite all BdU orders.
Staying submerged 2 bow TIs fired hit the ship. She sunk after 5 minutes. All the training had results.

20 December 1939
Grid AM52
18:00 hours
A small merchant was spotted in bad weather. U-105 dived to PD and set up a stern shot attack. The fisrt TI was a dud but the second split the target in half.

21 December 1939
Grid AM52
13:55 hours.
A big enemy freighter spotted. Submerged to attack by the book. 2 bow TIs did the job perfectly. The large merchant was left burning DIW. 2 stern torpedoes finished her off. 14m/s winds made the use of the deck gun impossible.

22 December 1939
Grid AM52
19:00 hours. An other succeful attack by 2 TIs sunk an enemy ore carrier

25 December 1939
Grid AM52
22:48 hours
An enemy coastal freighter was attacked by 2 stern TIs. The explosion that followed didn't match the size or the type of the ship. She turned out to be an infamous Q-ship.

26 December 1939
Grid AM52
07:31 hours
The very fisrt convoy attack. Of 4 bow and 2 stern torpedeos fired we had 4 impacts and a large merchant was sunk. We were pinged by the enemy and DCs were dropped. U-105 dived to 150m and escaped unharmed. The men were a little afraid during the attacks but this is normal.

28 December 1939
Grid AM52
16:33 hours
Enemy medium merchant 06 unescorted sunk by 2 bow TIs

29 December 1939
Grid AM35
13:19 hours
U-105 came across a rare sight. 2 RN destroyers steaming in a steady course at 10kts.
1 bow TI was fired at each DD. Both took evasive actions when the eels were seen but they didn;t evade them.
A V&W and a A&B class DDs sunk

02 January 1940
U-105 docked at home port.
32 days at sea
10 ships sunk
52665 tons
no damages or casualties

Fish In The Water 06-19-11 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Kaptain Schlag (Post 1686778)
Patrol Grid AN 68-- Ignored due to idiocy of Krigsmarine Commanders :har:

Poor BdU don't get no respect... :nope: :haha:

sublynx 06-19-11 02:16 PM

U-552, patrol 8, report 2
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol AN43

Statusbericht 11.10.1943
0800 AF77 clear, 15 - 16 km visibility, wind 7 m/s. Four torpedoes left. Finished patrolling AN43 and continuing free hunt towards the Faroes.

Patrol results.
At 2123 hours, grid AF78 two freighters seen at a range of 16 kilometers. Course estimated from sighting bearings as 75 degrees, speed 7 knots. On 10.10.1943 0024 hours one FAT I, one TIII and one Zaunkönig launched. The first ones hit a 10000 BRT freighter, stopping it eventually dead in water. A depth setting of 10 meters was used. The Zaunkönig hit a 1800 freighter at an approximate AOB of 130 degrees at impact time. A depth setting of 4 meters was used. The torpedo was heard hitting it's target, but not detonating. The 10000 BRT freighter was finished with a Zaunkönig, setting MZ, depth 4 meters, bearing 180, schusswinkel 0, range 2000 meters, speed of target 0, AOB 90 degrees port. After a run of 2 minutes 20 seconds impact and detonation. The ship sunk by 0157 hours.

At 0333 hours, grid AF78 a frigate was seen at a range of 14 kilometers. In order to experiment with the new acoustic torpedoes I decided to attack. An approach was made surfaced until the frigate, misidentified as a Black Swan, noticed us and turned towards us at a fast speed. We submerged and turned for an aft torpedo shot. At 0353 hours a Falke was launched. Schusswinkel 0, bearing 180, range estimation 2800 meters, speed estimation 16 knots, depth setting 4 meters. The range and speed were very rudimentary guesses. However at 0355 hours an explosion was heard followed by secondary explosions and immediately the sounds of a sinking ship. Kriegsmarine Radio intelligence service later informed us that the ship was not really a Black Swan, but a Captain II class.

Radar warnings.
1214 AF76

0622 AF75
1016 AF75

1212 AF78

0556 AF77

The acoustic torpedoes seem to work perfectly against fast targets and can be used as regular torpedoes against targets slower than the acoustic setting demands. However, if shot as a regular torpedo, the AOB needs to be good, or a dud might follow. U-105 and U-46 report successes against destroyers as well.


Kaptain Schlag 06-19-11 02:59 PM

@Fish In The Water

I loaded SH3 Commander and it popped up with a message saying Kaptain Schlag had been executed for treason.
Death groans were later heard over my speakers.:wah:

Snestorm 06-19-11 03:58 PM

U171 IXC. Patrol 0.
2120: Underway from Kiel.

0510: Docked at Bergen for a brief topping off of fuel reserves, prior to commencing our first war patrol. U171 will remain until 25.jun, due to a backup at the fuel reserves.

On enquiring about U552, we were informed that Kaleun Unger (I'm still in '42) was last heard from on 21.jun, when he sunk a ship in AE86.

Snestorm 06-19-11 10:08 PM

U171 IXC. Patrol 1.
AN24 (85 miles N of Fćrřerne).
0020: Underway from Bergen, enroute to DA86 (Gulf Of Mexico, S of Galveston).
0840: Exiting Fjords, via northern route (2 X longer than the southern ferry route).

2243: "Aircraft spotted! 284! Medium range!" A L A R M ! Crash dive.
Weather is Overcast, Light Fog, Wind 15 M/S.
Torpedo Tube damaged.
Aft Torpedo damaged, and flooding!
Empty Decoy Launcher damaged.
Flak Gun Damaged.
Hull damaged!
2250: CE advises not to pass 70 meters.
2300: Set course for Lorient.

0120: Surface and conduct repairs. Ahead Standard (10 - 11 knots)

1048: "Aircraft spotted! 068! Medium range!"
"We're under attack, sir!"
Ahead Flank! Full Right Rudder!
Following his strafing run U171 crash dived, without further damage or injury.
1049: "Sound contact! Medium speed merchant. Moving away. Long range."
1120: "Sound contact lost."

1300: Surface. Ahead Standard.

0325: Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results:
0 of 14 torpedoes expended.
No ships sunk.
Crew Integrity 100%.
Hull Integrity 59%.

Tinman764 06-20-11 10:56 AM

Lt z.s. Hans Kramer
U32 Type VIIb
Personal diary.

A rather ignominious start to our war, unfortunately.
We sailed from Wilhelmshaven during the early morning of 21 August 1939 with orders to patrol the Atlantic entry to the English Channel.
All was well and various drills were carried out to a high standard.
Radio communications kept us informed of the situation and I'm pleased to report that on the outbreak of hostilities with Britain, we were ideally placed to announce U32's entry into the war.

Our success, however was blemished when a malfunction sent us on an uncontrolled decent to over 100 metres, where we collided with the sea floor.
Moderate internal damage was sustained and subsequently repaired in good time and we were able to make for the surface.

Not knowing the state of the pressure hull it was decided to immediately return to port.

I regret that we docked with 8 serviceable torpedoes remaining.

The boat is now due for service and should be seaworthy again within a month or two.

Patrol ends with 9012GRT in the form of 2 Trawlers, 1 medium cargo vessel and a freighter.

* I managed to dive into the sea floor at x128 TC... doh!

sublynx 06-20-11 12:17 PM

U-552, patrol 8, end report
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol AN43

Statusbericht 23.10.1943
Back in Bergen, having seen no ships at all since our last report. In the officer's mess I hear that U-171 and U-37 have had no chance of launching their torpedoes during their last patrol. U-171 was badly damaged in an air attack, while U-37 had a diving accident with slight damages. We came back with four unused torpedoes. I was awarded the Ritterkreuz for having sunk 100 000 BRT of enemy shipping during my eight patrols. Times have really changed. In the happy times a type IX could have come back from just one patrol with that kind of tonnage. Now most of the experienced commanders are either at desk jobs or dead and new commanders have a tough time to collect the experience they need.

Enemy report.
We sailed around the Faroe islands and saw no ships. Air activity was very heavy. We got Metox warnings in grids AF77 (one warning), AE99 (six), AE98 (one), AE94 (one, and got bombed once just after surfacing, but got away with no damage), AE91 (one), AE64 (three), AE62 (one) and AE38 (one). Only one of the warnings came during night time, but evenings and mornings can be dangerous.

Apparently the enemy is now flying single-engine airplanes from a base at the Faroes. It looks like there is a more quiet route to the North Atlantic in the northernmost AE grids. The route is not totally free of air patrols, so caution is needed in there as well.


VONHARRIS 06-20-11 12:40 PM

My current career with U-105 just crashed.
I decided to raise vonHarris from the dead.
I will start a new career in May 1943 with a IXC.

sublynx 06-20-11 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1687635)
I will start a new career in May 1943 with a IXC.

It sure is different playing in 1943 than in 1939. I was just thinking about how nice it would be playing in 1939 or 1940, with the possibility of safely using a deck gun to rack up the tonnage, and far less aircraft activity, and the possibility of spotting a convoy with only one escort.

However those acoustic torpedoes of late 1943 are a welcome change to the diffculties of hitting zigzagging fast speed escorts.:Kaleun_Periskop:

VONHARRIS 06-20-11 01:24 PM

The story
28 April 1943
Grid CF98
13:00 hours
U-150 was returning to her base when the IWO spotted the bodies on the water.
U-150 stopped to investigate.
They found Kpltnt vonHarris and two men his crew from U-505 which had been lost earlier this day. How did they ever make to the surface was unknown. The crew of U-150 fished them out of the water. They were unconsious but alive.

30 April 1943
U-150 docked at Lorient and noone could believe their eyes: vonHarris was coming out of the Uboot.

A month later , June 1943 vonHarris was in command of U-507 IXC Uboot and ready to go out to sea despite all pieces of advice givem to him. The other two men followed him as well.
More to come .......

Kaptain Schlag 06-20-11 03:00 PM

Note: Tonnage Numbers for this career will be unrealistic as map contacts are enabled and use of weapons officer assistance in setting torpedo solutions is used.
Kaptain Schlag
U-46 Type VIIB
from Wilhelmshaven
Left Port June 6th, 1940
Ordered To Patrol Grid DH71

U-46 left port and proceeded south through the english channel with relative ease with the invasion of France taking place. It would be a great idea for bdu to establish bases along the French west coast.

U-46 reached its patrol grid with no incident. In fact no contacts were made with any vessels for several days in and around grid DH71.

To ensure U-46 had enough fuel to patrol effectively, it sailed to the supply ship Corrientes in the Canary Islands.

Ten days later, U-46 left for the Strait of Gibraltar where some 30.000 tonnes of enemy merchant shipping were sunk.

Most were individual merchants however a three ship convoy consisting of two large merchants and one medium cargo was sunk by three torpedoes and around 80 88mm rounds.

The U-46 then sailed to supply ship thalia where it resupplied.

Kaptain Schlag then informed his crew of his plans to raid Gibraltar.

U-46 entered along the western edge of the harbor

1 elco tp was spotted and a slow moving merchant contact later id'd as a tugboat was heard at the time.

U-46 safely entered and although no visual contact was made, a Nelson Class Battleship was manually spotted i the harbor. Without aid of a map contact, Kaptain Schlag maneuvered his boat into a straight bow shot on hte Nelson. Four torps were fired of which two hit. This set off the port alarms and an armed trawler came in pursuit.

Kaptain Schlag lured the Trawler into a trap by running silent towards shore and once close purposely increasing speed to flank. The trawler pursued and U-46 then turned north along the shore at 2 knts while the trawler ran aground a few meters behind.

Kap'n Schlag then lined up two more torps for the coup de grace on the Nelson.

Patrolling to the east of the harbor, two Southampton class cruisers and several destroyers were docked. One cruiser was sunk by 2 torps. On the way out one stern torp was put into a medium cargo but no sinking was observed.

U-46 then sailed out of Gibraltar semi-casually as no warship contacts were unaccounted for and therefor no depth charge bearing vessels were present.

The U-46 then sailed for the Thalia.

Ten days later, U-46 set course for Wilhelmshaven. Bdu reported a task force leaving the strait of gibraltar for the Atlantic, but U-46 was unable to intercept as it was too far to the north. Contact was made with a large convoy which U-46 engaged in passing. Two torps sank one Granville-type freighter for ~5000 tonnes and one torp hit/missed an ore carrier leading to no sinking. U-46 was not discovered nor pinged !?!?! and despite safe precautionary descent to 93 meters, U-46 later ascended to p-depth and sent an astray torp at what was believed to be the previously hit ore carrier. It was noticed some escorts/merchants were severely on fire when we arrived. Glad to see someone else is fighting in this war too.

No further contacts were made during the return trip and U-46 docked in mid-august 1940.

Rough estimate for total tonnage sunk ~80-100.000 tonnes.

Total tonnage this war ~218.000 tonnes.

Kaptain Schlag
PS: To other U-boat commanders, I am having trouble sending contact reports. I have tried sending them on surface while spotting an enemy vessel, however in the radio log no record appears of a message being sent. Any help would be appreciated greatly!:help:

Fish In The Water 06-20-11 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Kaptain Schlag (Post 1687125)
@Fish In The Water

I loaded SH3 Commander and it popped up with a message saying Kaptain Schlag had been executed for treason.
Death groans were later heard over my speakers.:wah:

Unlucky break that... I guess BdU doesn't share our sense of humor! :haha:

Jimbuna 06-20-11 04:10 PM


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