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iambecomelife 03-02-11 04:16 PM

Great score Redsocialist. Nice interface, too.

Gereke 03-02-11 06:41 PM

April 1942
LtzS Heinrich Riedel
Z31 (Type 1936A Zerstorer)

I've been given command of the newly commissioned Z31. First tasking is to conduct sea trials before being given operational orders. It's been forewarned that I'll be ordered to relocate from Kiel to Brest to conduct harbor security and patrols into the Bay of Biscay. It's also likely that I'll be required to perform mine laying operations by night in the English Channel.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but I've already begun to formulate my plan for breaking through the Straights of Dover should rumor become reality.

HotiBomba 03-02-11 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by Bakkels (Post 1610088)
Great story HotiBomba. Going down guns blazing. Nice and dramatic (btw I'm was listening to Mozart's Requiem while reading your post so maybe that makes your story somewhat more dramatic to me lol)

Thank you :salute:

Missing Name 03-02-11 07:23 PM

Experimenting with modding via multiplayer and single missions. I have discovered that my 10.5cm will take out an auxiliary cruiser with 6 hits below the waterline, Hurricanes can handle an insane amount of damage if you can even hit them at all, and my Type IXB will crush at around 230 meters if I disable the crash diving depth. Also, event cam kills my computer.

Gereke 03-02-11 11:46 PM

LtzS Heinrich Riedel

The rumors about being relocated to Brest turned out to be just that. The reality was the ship was relocated to Wilhemshaven for duties in the North Sea. I breathed a sigh of relief for not having to make a dash through the English Channel. Our first trip out we were tasked with laying mines near the British coast in the Eastern approaches to the Straits of Dover. We departed Wilhelmshaven and timed our transit to arrive in The Straits at nightfall. There was another boon to us in the form of overcast skies and reduced visibility due to fog. This would make our job easier as we could use the fog as cover to avoid detection... or so we thought.

About half way through or mine laying operation we were attacked by a British Destroyer. Must have used RADAR to spot us, and my crew received their baptism by fire. They performed splendidly and we managed to sink the enemy without sustaining any damage to ourselves. We decided it was best to relocate in case our opponent had called for reinforcements, which they most assuredly had. A few hours before dawn we chanced upon another British Destroyer in the fog. He didn't spot us until it was too late! My gunners performed spectacularly and sent the enemy below the waves. I think we caught them sleeping because they barely managed to return fire. I noted that dawn was fast approaching and it was in our best interest to head to a friendly port. I had my navigator set a course for Calais where we would re-fuel and re-arm, as well as go ashore for a well earned reward to celebrate the success of our first combat actions!

Forty-eight hours later I had received orders to return to Wilhelmshaven, but not before doing a patrol of the North Sea. Our patrol route took us parallel to the NE coast of Britain, then cut across to the W Coast of Norway, then back down to German waters. We were to avoid any direct contact with the enemy, with orders to radio the location any enemy units we found. I was a little uneasy as we left the dock because I knew we would be operating on our own so close to enemy territory. I didn't like the fact that we were to rely on the Luftwaffe for support should we find ourselves in a bad situation. I prayed they would put down their ersatz coffee quickly and come to our aid if we needed their assistance.

We left Calais under cover of darkness and moved into our patrol route at high speed to avoid detection. For most of our patrol things were quiet, and I began to wonder if the Tommies were asleep. My assumption was proven wrong when one of my lookouts spotted a squadron of four Destroyers heading straight towards us. Looked like we were going to have a fight on our hands! Knowing I was in a bad situation I ordered flank speed and a course change to the south east. We sent a message to headquarters to alert them to our situation, and I hoped we would get some support from our fly boys. A hope that was to turn out to be in vain, as the response was "all assets are otherwise engaged". My attention turned to escaping from destruction, with the possibility of inflicting any damage to the enemy that I could. Once again my gunners performed splendidly, and proved that the hours they had spent firing at dummy targets had not been for nothing. We managed to sink one enemy destroyer and damage another as they chased us. After several hours of zig-zagging and running the enemy gave up the chase. We did not come out of the exchange unhurt however. The enemy scored several hits, and now I sit while my ship undergoes repairs. I must commend the crew's damage control efforts as they saved us from an early ending! I have made several recommendations for the Iron Cross, 2nd Class. I hope my superiors find my men as worthy of decoration as I do.

Snestorm 03-03-11 06:50 AM

U531 IXC40. Northbound.
Patrol 2
Grid GR95 (Southwest of Capetown).
2 merchants sunk for 8.852 GRT.
1 merchant of 10.448 tons damaged for 0 GRT.
7 of 14 torpedoes remaining (3 bow & 4 stern).

Overestimated the speed of a T2 Tanker, but spread my torpedoes enough to score 1 hit (in the nose) of the 3 torpedoes fired during a night surface attack. Merchant was armed with a gun mount on the stern. U531 remained undetected and went to 50 meters to reload tubes 1, 2, and 4. The target slowed from 13 (I had guesstimated 14) to 5 knots but continued onward. After 1 hours we surfaced and took up a slow speed chase, expecting the target to settle and sink. Didn't happen. It was getting light as we change heading to move the target from 000 to 269 for a perfect submerged stern shot at close range. All was well until, his range stopped decreasing, and his position relative to us began to change rapidly. What the . . .? He exucuted a 90 degree turn. Straight into the shallows, and straight for Capetown.

Of the 2 sunk merchants,
One was a night surface attack with 3 T3 Torpedoes on a 9 knot target.
The second was a daylight submerged attack with a single (my only!) T1 Torpedo on an 8 knot target.

4 days were spent in our assigned grid (GR99), with nothing seen but Heavy Fog and 15 m/s winds. Will again pass close to Capetown in search of targets. 2 months at sea so far.

kapuhy 03-03-11 04:33 PM

Hmm... I must have really pissed off someone in BdU. First, they order me to patrol AN16 "and don't you try to return home saying you found nothing interesting in north-west corner", then for the next patrol... BF24.

Next patrol they'll probably order me to make close-up photos of the white cliffs of Dover.

Frontier359 03-04-11 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by kapuhy (Post 1611489)
Next patrol they'll probably order me to make close-up photos of the white cliffs of Dover.

Group shots while standing atop those cliffs. ;)

Snestorm 03-04-11 04:11 AM

U531 IXC40. Plodding along on Patrol 2.
3.nov.43 0330 GR27
Still plodding northward along the african coast.

On 29.okt.43 at 2229 came the cry, "Ship sighted" (GR55).
Destroyer at under 4000 meters (full moon).
Her lookouts must have reported, "Uboat sighted".
As U531 was increasing depth to 100 meters the destroyer was busy decreasing range.
He made 2 DC runs on us, neither of which caused any damage, at 2235 and 2241.
But, he also notified the folks in the planes of our detection. Not good.

On 1.nov.43 at 0545 (GR52) we sank our third merchant for 2.042 GRT.
It was a sunrise submerged attack with 3 torpedoes being fired at 1.000 meters.
Target course estimated at 165.
Speed estimation of 10 knots.
2 hits were obtained, and there was no guilt felt at using 3 torpedoes.
Remember, it was over 2 months out before we even saw another ship.
Targets are not plentiful, and this one was not going to escape.

Status: 3 merchants sunk for 10.894 GRT.
4 torpedoes remaining (all in the stern).
Fuel at 67%.

HotiBomba 03-04-11 01:10 PM

Bad luck with XXI
I recently transfered to Bergen to get new XXI type. On first patrol with new sub i was sunk after being raped :D by convoy escorts for hours... I usually don't load my carrer, i follow the rule - once the U-Boat is sunk i started a new carrer. But i made an exception because it's late 1944 and really wanted to finish this one. So i loaded game and started new patrol (51).

This time i decided to avoid large convoys, and looked for smaller ones and lone merchants. Went north around Iceland, and tryied to reach North Atlantic as less contact as possible. First 2-3 days of patrols were like this:

- Detecting radar signals
- Ahead flank, dive to 30m
- Ahead 1/3
- After half hour - periscope depth - surface

This routine was done x564 :D until i reached apromax. middle of North Atlantic, and air contact became minimal. I decided to go to the waters of the South America counting that there will be probably less allied air and warship presence.

First stop - Azores port of Ponta Delgada. I spent two days searching around the island at 100-200 km distance. Found nothing. Then i decided to move closer to see if possible to raid the harbor. There were three warships patroling at wide space, so i decided to sneak in. I was coming from the west and manage to close up to the harbor, just started with attack tactics when suddenly U-boat hit something. "We are taking damage sir, Hull damage blabla bla bla...". I thought - "damn subnet!"

But... there was nothing! So it must be a mine, but when i checked depth - it was around 250 meters below keel. So i was confused, cos i readed somewhere that maximum operating depth of mines during WW2 were apromax. 150 m :06::06::06::06::06: Don't know maybe i was wrong about it...

Sub starting to go down, tryied to retake control but nothing. Hit the bottom at 230m. And again - became a fish food :dead:

redsocialist 03-04-11 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by iambecomelife (Post 1610622)
Great score Redsocialist. Nice interface, too.

Thanks man, died on the 14th patrol. Total Tonnage 40k in a Type IID. Oh well, those destroyers... man, and that attack periscope killed me :P

Snestorm 03-05-11 04:46 AM

U531 IXC40 Sunk.
Grid ET24 (Coastal grid NW of Freetown).
Date & Time: 30.nov.43 02.46
"Detecting radar signals!"
A L A R M ! Crash dive into oblivion.
Aircraft DC caught her just as she began her dive.
About 10 seconds after the scuttle closed, it was all over.

Campaign Summary. 3 Boat Carreers.

U27 VII(A)
1.sep.39 til 1.mar.40
5 patrols
20 Merchants for 132.653 GRT
Retired to schoolboat status.

29.mar.40 til 2.apr.43
11 patrols
32 Merchants for 200.366 GRT
Retired to schoolboat status.

U531 IXC40
30.apr.43 til 30.nov.43
2 patrols
3 Merchants for 10.894 GRT
Sunk by aircraft NW of Freetown.

Back to '39. Contemplating a IIA, IID, IX? route.

redsocialist 03-05-11 11:05 AM

Check out my let's play to see where my little adventure in the Type II is currently :)

VONHARRIS 03-05-11 01:43 PM

U-200 IXD2
Jakarta February 1945
U-200 IXD2 sails off for - probably her last patrol.
In every front things are bad.

February 20 1945
U-200 is surprised on the surface some 2000Km west of Darwin by a B-17 Flying Fortress bearing USAF markings.
There was no time to dive so the crew manned the flak guns and started firing.
The aircraft dropped its bombs from a safe distance and left.
Despite manouvering a stick of bombs fell close wounding the M42 gun crew and Kptltn Hanz Hacker who was on the bridge at the time.

The Kaluen's condition was critical , so his XO Obltnt zS Adolf Garin took command. Adolf was a hardcore Nazi still believing in the Third Reich's victory. So he ordered to set sail to the Australian coast to leave his CO there and then he was planning to go to Argentina.

February 22 1945
U-200 was out of luck. The night was moonless and foggy. The radar detector malfunctoned and she was surprised by two HMAS destroyers.
U-200 was sunk with all hands.

Snestorm 03-06-11 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by redsocialist (Post 1612759)
Check out my let's play to see where my little adventure in the Type II is currently :)

Been there. Done that. And going back for more.
Good, fun channel.

Decided to start with a VII(A) so I could try out the speed mod I've been contemplating.
So far I'm realy happy with it. No more going to the CE's station to set the perfect silent speed. That's what Ahead Slow does now. Made some other corrections to the speed settings as well.

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