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Warham 10-15-16 11:46 AM

Good job as usual )

I have a question about traffic. Is it realistic for your knowledge of that war? Or maybe you make traffic more for playability. For my self i want real traffic that my results were close to real.

Justy 10-15-16 12:01 PM

Wow, having been away form any SH game for the past 4+ years and with winter coming and snow and being stuck indoors... I decided to look for something "new" to play with. Seeing SH4 and 5 were still on my drive I decided to get them up and running with Win10 if I could. No problems! :Kaleun_Applaud:

I then saw this mod recommended in the sig of one of the mods here and came here to check it out. Outstanding! Got 1.05 installed and running. My current "issue" is I've forgotten so much of the game play and to do manual targeting, well, saying I suck is putting it mildly. :) Anyone know of a tutorial for newbies with this mod for manual targeting? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I'm also still impressed with this community and how well it thrives and continues to work on these games. Cheers all!:Kaleun_Cheers:

vdr1981 10-15-16 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Warham (Post 2440755)
Good job as usual )

I have a question about traffic. Is it realistic for your knowledge of that war? Or maybe you make traffic more for playability. For my self i want real traffic that my results were close to real.

Do you mean "traffic" like sea traffic lines or ship types and appearance ect ?

Warham 10-16-16 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by vdr1981 (Post 2440760)
Do you mean "traffic" like sea traffic lines or ship types and appearance ect ?

I mean the number of ships and convoys in the sea and as a consequence of a chance to cross them.

vdr1981 10-16-16 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by Warham (Post 2440894)
I mean the number of ships and convoys in the sea and as a consequence of a chance to cross them.

I would say that it realistic enough and within "realistic limits" provided by campaign files, given the circumstances of unscripted and random nature of SH5/OHII/TWoS campaign files. We can not expect to have complete reconstruction of WW2 sea traffic (that would be impossible and not very useful frankly speaking)

However, due to random and unscripted nature of campaign some illogicality are still possible, like occasional luck provoking enemy (read Polish) ships in Kiel canal early in the war, German supply ships in English channel in the late war ect...

From what I have learned so far, WW2 seas were pretty busy place with constant shipping traffic all over the world, somewhere/sometimes more, somewhere/sometimes less and SH files simulate this very well IMO. The fact that U-boat commanders had difficulties to locate this traffic is completely different story and it can be related to various factors, like Enigma code brake, inadequate air reconnaissance support ect...

If you check TWoS log files and my campaign improvements readme documentation you will find a lot intuitive tweaks which should enhance overall campaign realism...:yep:

Here's some of them...


- Remaining anchored allied shipping will be packed inside harbor perimeters in order to protect them from underwater torpedo attacks (this wont be always the case with American harbors BTW:))
- Removed player's ability to take provision (aka torpedo and fuel) in every "blue" coastal "willage" outhere. Only historically correct bases will be able to support U-Boat operations within a certain date span...
- Contacts reports probability variations dependent of war period/campaign. Probability will increase until mid war and than it will went down again in order to simulate number of U-boats available, Luftwaffe engagement in SSSR, Enigma code cracking ect...
- Revised/decreased convoys/traffic spawn frequency.
- Revised/decreased taskforces/warships spawn frequency.
- Revised/better distributed convoys/traffic speeds. By defauly, speeds were almost always 6 or 9 kn; Now, Slow convoys ~5-6kn, fast convoys 9-10kn and all others 5-9 kn with tendency to slower speeds.
- Higher speeds for troop transport convoys, 10-15 kn (all campaigns except MG).
- All airbases in opening CW campaign from "veteran" to "competent" in order to simulate less trianed airman crews.
- Convoys formation density is set to vary from 700m-900m of spacing between columns/rows (by default always 900m). These settings will best match historical convoy formations records provided by GAP and by various aerial photos/videos of WWII Atlantic convoys.
- Medium and small size merchants should now make majority in British coastal and slow moving convoys (with letter "S" at the and in convoy designation, MKS,ONS ect...).
- Units/warships skill variations dependent of war period/campaign, from Competent to Elite...
- Added internal cargo option for sea traffic (which will match external cargo settings most of the time).

skin-nl 10-16-16 09:57 AM

Hi Vecko

I installed your new mod....the 1.06 rc1 and my problems in the chart section is gone....everything works perfectly now :up:

vdr1981 10-16-16 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by vdr1981 (Post 2437273)
Because of my revision of all imported dat objects , this megamod version should bi significantly more stable than anything before. You'll noticed that American airplane rooster now misses several airplane types (I used British planes to fill the gap) but also I've added several new merchant types from SH4 (not fully fine tuned but in working order)...

Some environmental units are still problematic (mines and buoys) so make sure to save the game when approaching the areas where these units can be encountered, just like before ( all in game ports, coastal waters, narrow straights ect...)

Note that the test version should be savegame compatible but any changes will be visible only after fresh Campaign start or advancement to the next campaign chapter...


TWoS 1.06 - release candidate version 2 changelog:

- Added several new merchant types (Check TWoS: New Merchant Fleet mission)
- Added few different ship variation of already present ships in the game.
- Fixed LoD setting for all imported ships.
- Added animated crew for imported ships.
- SH5 wake trail for all imported ships
- Fixed "New Merchant Fleet" historical mission.
- Added Rec manual Additional Informations for several more merchant ships (more stuff to read during long and boring patrols :)).
- Reorganized air/sea units roster and appearance intervals in order to assure the highest possible level of game stability.
- In game appearance of certain ship types moved for later war years, like Landing Ships, newly added Harris class Attack Transport, Liberty ships ect...
- Adjusted Campaign files in order to meet new changes.
- Adjusted player's new sub offers date intervals in order to avoid CTD resulting "collisions" between certain submarine types and some problematic sea units (VIIC available after early 1941, U-FLaK early 1943, VIIC41 mid 1943)
- Removed faulty submarine paints/coating upgrade packs and edited description for some (ex. player will be noted if paint is applied only to conning tower or if upgrade only works with certain tower type ect). Edited point costs.
- Few tweaks in cfg files responsible for AI detection abilities.
- "Silent running/state" ability is now available on surface too in order to compensate a bit for increased hearing abilities of escorts when sub is surfaced.
- Fixed game freeze when R2 node radars (rotating) is destroyed while rotation is active.
- Revised non-scripted campaign agents report in order to decrease expressed possibility of upcoming event and to simulate counterintelligence operations but at the same time to give player rough picture of current sea traffic state (ex. "Agents report, Convoy HX1, possible departure from...")
The Wolves of Steel 1.06 - Subsim Community SH5 Expansion Pack_RC2


Lanzfeld 10-16-16 09:42 PM


Congratulations on the new release. Could you explain more in detail the "silent running state" on the surface? What parameter did you tweak and does this affect the underwater hydrophone detection abilities of the escorts.

Thank you

Husksubsky 10-16-16 09:44 PM

Is 1.05 17 still around? we should start new campaign starting 1.06 right?

Warham 10-16-16 11:41 PM

Vecko, thanks for the detailed answer :salute:

kevinsue 10-17-16 12:40 AM

Would you believe I just downloaded RC1 and when I refreshed the page it was then RC2 :o Thanks for all the hard work making SH5 the game I always seem to come back to!! :up:

Warham 10-17-16 03:17 AM
How can i change this picture?

Torpedo 10-17-16 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by Warham (Post 2440997)

Hi Warham!

From this link you can download the original Captain's icon:

JSGME compatible


whiskey111 10-17-16 09:31 AM

It says "access denied" when I try to download a file :06:

Torpedo 10-17-16 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by whiskey111 (Post 2441060)
It says "access denied" when I try to download a file :06:

For the Captain's icon try this url:

TWOS restore captain's icon by


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