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VONHARRIS 08-30-11 01:39 AM

U-505 IXC
Patrol 22
17 May 1944
11:25 hours Departed from Lorient to grid ED91

21 May 1944
Grid CG11 - convoy attack
18:41 hours HMS Pytchley (Hunt I class), 1000 tons. Crew: 154. Crew lost: 30
19:33 hours SS Sven Foyn (Converted Whale Factory Ship), 12017 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 79
19:42 hours U-505 was hit by hedgehogs at 150m depth. She was lost with all hands

Total career results
Ubooten : U-46 VIIB 3 patrols
U-109 IXB 8 patrols
U-505 IXC 11 patrols
22 patrols
1126 days at sea
132 ships sunk of which 117 merchants and 15 warships
734373 tons of which 692275 merchant shipping and 42098 naval ships
4 aircrafts shot down
Largest merchant sunk: RMS Empress of Britain (42913 tons) on 24 July 1940
Largest warship sunk : HMS Cumberland (Kent class), 13300 tons on 17 February 1943.

And now : back to 1939 for a new career.

Miltiades 08-30-11 07:17 AM

Judging from the year I wasn't that surprised, but you can be proud of surviving that long.
Doubt I'll even reach 1942.

Have fun hunting in 1939 :)

GoDeep 08-30-11 08:05 AM

In my current career, I am busy with patrol 12, in a Type VII/C, U-551. I am puttering around 300 km west of Gibraltar in March 1941. The past week has been nothing but storm, but with good visibility. Despite the waves I have managed to sink 3 unescorted merchants, but nothing big.
During the daylight hours, I am frequently harassed by British planes who have so far failed to do much damage. One time I was extremely lucky as I surfaced just as a plane was passing over me. I did not see anything through the periscope but suddenly two bombs came crashing down, one on either side of the boat! A good reminder to do VERY good scans of the skies as well as the horizon before surfacing.

I chased down a convoy last night following a convoy report, but the high seas kept slowing me down and throwing me off course, causing me to arrive only roughly in the area on the time that I wanted. No convoy was sighted and the hydrophones are all quiet. I am proceeding along the convoy's estimated course, in the hopes of finding them, but so far nothing but empty seas... :wah:

VONHARRIS 08-30-11 09:06 AM

Patrol No2 (No1 was the shkaedown patrol)

01 September 1939
00:24 hours Departed from Wilhelmshaven for grid BF17

08 September 1939
Grid AM54
17:37 hours MV Lucille M. (Pelagic Trawler), 888 tons. Crew: 16. Crew lost: 9

10 September 1939
Grid BE33
19:24 hours SS Clan MacAulay (Heavy Merchant 01), 9091 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 108. Crew lost: 8

11 September 1939
Grid BF17
15:41 hours SS Sneland I (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 32. Crew lost: 15

16:35 hours SS Stanhope (Small Freighter), 2228 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 28. Crew lost: 2

13 September 1939
Grid BF17
04:58 hours MV Fresno City (Ore Carrier), 8083 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 69. Crew lost: 12

19:18 hours MV Empire Audrey (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 15

14 September 1939
Grid BF17
15:21 hours SS Tyson Lykes (Medium Cargo), 5081 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 52. Crew lost: 35

17:17 hours USS Egeria (Convoy repair ship), 5216 tons. Crew: 152. Crew lost: 150 flying British colors

18 September 1939
Grid AM73
05:58 hours SS Glenapp (Heavy Merchant 01), 9092 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 82. Crew lost: 34

20 September 1939
Grid AM52
00:12 hours Q Ship HMS Cyprus (Medium Coastal Freighter), 2364 tons. Crew: 73. Crew lost: 37

26 September 1939
Grid AN14
05:51 hours MV Poelau Bras (Heavy Merchant 01), 9095 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 100. Crew lost: 44

30 September 1939
14:05 hours Returned to Wilhelmshaven
30 days at sea
11 ships sunk
54877 tons
Extensive use of the deck gun due to nice weather
No damages or casualties

Obltn Strand 08-30-11 09:14 AM

After one uneventful "training" patrol during invasion of Norway, Strand commissioned U-583 a new type VII u-boat.

08.22 Left from Kiel

20.53 Arrived Brunsbüttel

23.14 Spotted destroyer at 5 km. Crashdive, not detected. AF75

21.55 Spotted two portugese freighters. CG54

Arrived patrol area. CG89

10.13 Spotted airplane. Crashdive. Not detected. CG89

07.12 Spotted convoy. Attacked despite unfavourable weather.
Spotted by escort. Damage from gunfire. Depth charged, no
damage. CG88

11.02 Repairs complete. Resuming hunt.

12.54 Contact regained. Shadowing. CG89

13.39 Sunk straggler. 2000 tons. Lost contact to convoy. CG89

16.34 Contact regained by hydrophone.

18.43 Received contact report of same convoy.

20.39 Visual contact regained. CG89

01.33 Deteriorating weather prevents any further action.

14.05 Spotted airplane. Crashdive. Not detected. CG89

12.00 Christmas eve. Weeks of storm and rain.

00.00 Started return trip.

08.49 Arrived Brest.

Patrol results:

SS Menin Ridge (Tramp Steamer), 2085 tons.

VONHARRIS 08-31-11 11:39 PM

U-65 IXB
U-65 IXB Patrol No5
Page 1 / 3

Page 2 / 3

Page 3 / 3

Miltiades 09-01-11 02:52 PM

Got 2 aircraft in the same minute?
I know the Swordfish was slow but damn...

Can't attack a convoy at all, but battleships sink around me. :D

ijnfleetadmiral 09-01-11 03:23 PM

01 September 1939
Panzerschiffe Admiral Scheer departed Wilhelmshaven for initial training cruise commanded by OLzS Kurt Hossel to evaluate whether suited for command position.

Returned to port 15 September 1939 having sunk 26 ships for 19,921 tons.

1 Large Trawler
2 Tugboats
1 Small Freighter
2 Coastal Freighters
5 Motor Torpedo Boats
2 Elco-type Torpedo Boats
6 ASW Trawlers
6 Armed Trawlers
1 A/B-type DD

OLzS Hossel passed initial evaluation and will be granted a second command evaluation.

Evaluee's Comments:
Cruise would have gone much better had the weather not closed in at the end. The verdammt Elcos and MTBs were also major annoyances.

ijnfleetadmiral 09-01-11 05:45 PM

18 September 1939
Panzerschiffe Admiral Scheer departed Wilhelmshaven on second training cruise commanded by OLzS Kurt Hossel for further determination of command aptitude.

Returned to port on 24 September 1939 having sunk 9 ships for total of 15,248 tons.

1 Medium Cargo Ship
1 Elco-type Torpedo Boat
1 Coastal Tanker
1 Passenger / Cargo Ship
3 V/W-type DDs
1 J/K-type DD
1 C/D-type DD

OLzS Hossel passed his evaluation and was posted aboard Panzerschiffe Admiral Scheer with the rank of Kapitanleutnant.

GoDeep 09-01-11 06:36 PM

March 6, 1941.
Position: CG94.
Heading: 130
Speed: 1
Depth: 160 metres
Weather: clear but strong winds and high waves.

After submerging during daylight hours, to prevent being swarmed by aircraft, a single merchant was detected, bearing 96. Soon, that single merchant turned out to be one in a convoy, as more and more contacts were heard. Set course due south to intercept on surface.

After approx. 90 minutes, visual contact with convoy. Lightly escorted (only 1 destroyer and one corvette visible) but I can make out a warship in the centre. Sent contact report and continued on attack course.

Approx. 30 minutes later, submerged to PD. Commence attack. Selected two targets: the lead of the centre column and the one to her starboard. Ore freighter and empire freighter respectively. Approached targets to within 2000 metres. Due to terrible sea conditions, not possible to use magnetic impact pistols. Both targets will be attacked with a double shot. The warship turned out to be a Dido class cruiser.

Opened fire on furthest target (ore freighter), then on the empire. Empire struck first by one torp, just aft of engine room. Second torp failed to detonate. Seconds later, the ore freighter is also struck by one torpedo. The second one missed by a hair. Within 5 minutes she explodes and sinks. Wonder what she was carrying... :hmmm:

The empire seems to have stopped but U-551 is currently diving and I can't see her state. She is not sinking, though. Waiting for reload to finish so I can deliver the coup de grace.

Convoy steaming away almost due west. Will pursue!

Kaptain Schlag 09-01-11 11:21 PM

Of to college later today, keep posting everyone, its always nice to end a day by reading great patrol logs.

Gute Jagd und können das Glück auf ihrer seite:salute:

GoDeep 09-02-11 01:21 AM

March 6, 1941, 1830.
Position: CG94.
Heading: 270
Speed: 10
Depth: 0 metres
Weather: clear but strong winds and high waves.

Came up to PD around 1400 hours after sound check proved no contacts. First scan with periscope revealed empire freighter stopped and still afloat bearing 175, range 2200 metres. Some listing by the stern. It's been almost 4 hours since she was hit so I decide to put another hole into her.

1430 hours. With only 3 torpedoes remaining, in forward tubes (and one external fore and aft), I don't really want to waste another torp on this ship. But the weather makes deck gun use impossible. Plus target is armed.
From a range of 900 metres, I put a second torp in her below the smoke stack. Big explosion and a hole well below the waterline, which comes up every now and then as the ship rolls. Lowering periscope and slowly circling target.

1500 hours. Target is clearly getting lower in the water.

1530 hours. Target lower still.

1600 hours. Target lists by stern and waves wash over aft deck. Not sinking further.

1630 hours. Target condition same.

1700 hours. Target condition still the same, she's a tough old girl! I decide to hit her again.

1715 hours. Firing position reached. Previous shot was on her port side mid section. Now going for starboard forward section. Torp set to run at 6 metres. Range 1100 metres. Firing.

1717 hours. Torpedo impact! Multiple explosions rock the ship and debris flies off. Lifeboats hit the water. Ship sinks fast.

1718 hours. Empire freighter sunk. Set course 270.

1800 hours. Surfaced. Trying to regain contact with convoy.

Fish In The Water 09-02-11 02:08 AM


Originally Posted by Kaptain Schlag (Post 1741204)
Of to college later today...

Do us proud, :03: and enjoy!

Leandros 09-02-11 08:33 AM

How difficult can it be?
Oh, boy after many, many months away from the SHIII (I've been busy writing a book) I thought it was time to brush up again. I wanted to start a career in September 1943 (after all, I have lasted the whole war from beginning to end a few times) because I like the fun of the home-seekers. As always, I started out at 74% difficulty (I have very good sub-officers)....:woot:....

Talk about numb fingers, the three first trials went down the drain right-away. The first mission I tried to stay above during an air attack, the other I struck some nasty "things" just outside Penang (chose a strange flotilla), the third got me as far an enemy convoy before I was sunk.

On the fourth try I finally got the hang of it, the first mission ended up nicely and I built up 1.700 points to buy two Zaunkønigs for. On the second mission I hit an enormous westbound convoy out of Gib. I ended up sinking the five escorts but then I was out of ready torps and generally worn down. The convoy had pulled away in the meantime. After a while I set off westwards while downloading fresh torps. Passing through a rainsquall I suddenly found myself in the middle of the same convoy. How I know? There were no escorts there. We received quite a beating from half a dozen very agitated merchant gunners before we got under. Repairs were made and a long haul to get around started on which the rest of the torps were downloaded.

Finally up front we let ourself be rolled over and hit 5 or 6 large merchants in the process. In the end we trailed behind to sink damaged stragglers with the gun. Then it happened! Suddenly we got too close and were hit by several solid hits from merchants up front. Having only 27% hull integrity before that probably did it. We were dead!

So where am I in my current campaign..? Back to scratch....!.....:salute:...

Obltn Strand 09-02-11 05:30 PM

After unfruitful patrol in Gibraltar, scuttlebutt in 1st Flotilla told Strand has lost his mojo. I disagree;)

Patrol 3
U-583, 1st Flotilla
Left at: February 20, 1942, 13:04
From: Brest
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AD88


14.38 Arrived patrol area. AD88


07.27 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depth charged. AD88


08.08 Convoy reported in the vicinity. Despite unfavourable weather,
decided to attack.

08.42 Convoy sighted.

09.25 Weather continues to deteriorate. Attacked two targets at
4 km and 3km. Detected by destroyer. Crash dive.
Depth charged. Heard one torpedo detonation and sinking
noices. Unidentified tanker most likely sunk. Further operation
against convoy impossible. AD88


02.40 Aircraft. Crashdive. Strafed and depth charged. Minor damage.

04.38 Aircraft. Crashdive. AD88


12.59 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depth charged. AD88

15.01 Aircraft. Crashdive. AD88

20.19 Destroyer spotted. No reports of convoy. AD88

20.25 Convoy spotted. Boat in good position to attack.

20.33 Detected by escorts. Depth charged.

21.07 Lost escort. Convoy near, confirmed by hydrophone and
estimations of course and speed. Will risk a periscope sweep.

21.10 Convoy dead ahead, distance 1500m, excellent fire solution.
Attacked two large tankers and large freighter. 3 hits out of 4.
One tanker sunk immediately.

21.24 Detected by asdic. Depth charged.

21.34 Sinking noises heard.

21.38 Sinking noises heard. Two large tankers and large freighter
sunk. AD88


01.28 After four hours search convoy was lost.

02.19 New orders recieved. Patrol AL44.

13.48 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depth charged. AK34

15.16 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depth charged. AK34


14.57 Arrived patrol area. AL44

12.21 New orders recieved. Patrol AL2.


10.13 Arrived patrol area. AL2


05.49 Spent six hours catching a fast merchant. AL29

09.10 Aircraft. Crashdive. AL29


14.59 Encountered a hospital ship. AL39


22.00 Low on fuel. Started retun trip.


15.15 Docked at Brest.

Ships sunk:
SS Kosmos II (Whale Factory Ship) 12 017 tons
SS Suderoy (Whale Factory Ship) 12 018 tons
SS Westfold (Whale Factory Ship) 12 019 tons
SS Port of Nicholson (Ore Carrier) 7 106 tons

Fish In The Water 09-02-11 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by Leandros (Post 1741389)
Oh, boy after many, many months away from the SHIII (I've been busy writing a book) I thought it was time to brush up again.

Good to have you back out on patrol...

Welcome back to the pack! :arrgh!:

Missing Name 09-04-11 10:17 AM

January 1940. 1900 hours.
The North Sea, 300km or so ESE of Scapa.

Heading home to Wilhelmshaven after a very successful patrol, I had no torpedoes left. The deck gun (and the few remaining shells) would be useless in the fifteen-knot seas.

From the watch tower:

"Destroyer! Seventy degrees from the port bow! Closing fast!" Hartmann had to scream to be heard above the wind.


The hydrophones were full of contacts - a convoy! This far away from the Islands, they must be heading to Norway or possibly Sweden. But why the influx of ships? Is something happening?

The destroyer barreled past and the bulk of the convoy started moving east. We ran decks awash to get a better view - little risk of being spotted in these seas! We were less than a kilometer away from the closest ships.

"That's a collier... it's blocking out what looks like a big cargo ship behind it."

"Looks like a tanker or fleet tender there. Norwegian? I can't quite tell."

"Yes, Norwegian. Big flag painted on the side. Can you read the name on that one over there?"

"S.S. Kristianna Pedersen... a name like that, that one's Norwegian too."

"I'd say fifty ships or so, all blacked out. And most of it Norwegian shipping."

"With the Empire's escorts. We should report this."

"I believe so."

Moments after the message had been sent, a black mass loomed out of the waves directly to the port.

"Another destroyer closing in fast! Dive to sixty meters!"

With so little time, there was no way to get out of the destroyer's path. The best we could do was dive. Expecting to hear the splashing of depth charges at any moment, we all waited, hardly breathing.

"She's almost upon us. Slowing down."
Wolfgang took the headphones off.

The propellers suddenly churned into high speed, deafening us.

"Scheisse! Brace yourselves!"

And she passed directly over us without stopping.

"Enemy is moving away fast. No sign of changing direction."

We waited for ten minutes, during which the destroyer held her course. After half an hour, we judged the distance was substantial. Surfacing, we could see the convoy ten kilometers away and fading into the darkness.

"That was close," Zapf sighed in relief.

"If anything, it will make an interesting story at the tavern. Heiliger Gott! Look at all those ships."

All was silent for a moment. Then I finally broke the silence.

"Well, there's no point in just sitting here. Joachim, take us home."

"Jawhol, Herr Kaluen."

Obltn Strand 09-04-11 11:58 AM

Happy days in U.S east coast are certainly over:hmmm:...

Patrol 4
U-583, 1st Flotilla
Left at: May 24, 1942, 04:32
From: Brest
Mission Orders: Patrol grid CA64

11.37 Ship spotted. CD11

12.21 Small freighter sunk with one torpedo fired at 900m. CD11

14.12 Two ships spotted. CC24

14.39 After sudden course change good attacking position lost. Fired rear
torpedo at 2km, missed.

15.52 Dived to periscope depth for new attack. CC24

16.00 Fired two torpedoes at 1,5 km, one hit, other malfunctioned.

16.03 Fired third torpedo, hit scored.

16.10 First ship sunk.

16.20 Second one sunk. Two small freighters sunk. CC24

14.23 Took external torpedoes on board.

06.19 Task force reported nearby. CB43

08.50 Contact not made at persumed point. Resumed original course.

11.44 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged, light damage. CB42

02.24 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. CB41

09.29 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA63

10.58 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA63

16.33 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. CA62

19.07 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. CA62

20.08 Aircraft. Attacked just after surfaced. Strafed and depthcharged.
Light damage. CA62

22.08 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA62

03.50 Arrived patrol area. CA64

13.18 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. CA64

14.49 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA64

19.20 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA64

20.52 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA65


07.02 Aircraft, short range! Strafed and depthcharged. Crashdive.
Damage. Long range bombers and airships severly hinder operations!

19.31 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. Damage. CA64

20.40 Informed BdU of situation.

21.41 New orders received. Patrol CC17.

01.38 Aircraft. Crashdive. Depthcharged. CA65

16.39 Aircraft. Crashdive. CA66

12.55 Arrived patrol area. CC17

10.09 Aircraft. Crashdive. CC17

21.58 Aircraft. Crashdive. CB39

03.36 Ship spotted. CC14

05.27 Attacked with rear torpedo at 1,5 km. Hit scored. Immediately after
being hit ship opened fire. Crashdive.

06.39 Small freighter sunk with gunfire. CC14

11.07 New orders. Patrol BC79

19.24 Aircraft. Crashdive. CC15

01.23 Ship spotted. CC15

02.20 Small freighter sunk with rear torpedo at 1,2 km. Ship broke in half
and sunk immediately.

01.30 Arrived patrol area. BC79

13.00 Started return trip. BC79

10.14 Docked at Brest

SS Ericus (Small Freighter) 1761 tons
SS City of Lancaster (Small Merchant) 2578 tons
SS Recorder (Tramp Steamer) 1825 tons
SS Cap Tafelneh (Tramp Steamer) 2087 tons
SS Afiena (Coastal Freighter) 1869 tons

Kapitänleutnant Strand
U-6 1 patrol
U-583 3 patrols
Career total: 10 ships for 55 365 tons

ijnfleetadmiral 09-04-11 04:24 PM

26 September 1939:
Panzerschiffe Admiral Scheer departs on another mission off British E coast.

Returned to Wilhelmshaven 6 October 1939, having sunk 24 ships for impressive total of 63,462 tons. KL Hossel was awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class and Surface Fleet Badge.

Highlight of patrol came on 4 October 1939. Spotted A/B-class DD charging us out of nowhere. Sank it and continued on course. After sinking three more DDs coming from same direction, blundered into British TASK FORCE consisting of Nelson-class BB and three Southampton-class CLs!


Escape successful; the four heavies did not deign to follow.

1 Large Merchant
1 Ore Carrier
1 Medium Cargo Ship
3 Granville-type Freighters
1 Small Freighter
3 Coastal Freighters
3 A/B-class DDs
1 C/D-class DD
3 J/K-class DDs
1 V/W-class DD
2 Tribal-class DDs
2 ASW Trawlers
2 MTBs

gazpode_l 09-04-11 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1736348)
Hi Guys
Sorry not posted in a while.. I'm afraid R/L commitments have got the better of me at present and I've simply not had time to sit and play SH3, nor any other games :cry:

Hopefully, Me and Hessler (my in game character/skipper) will return soon.

For now.
Best wishes
(R Hessler)

Well real life has begun to calm down a bit and i've managed to get myself back out on the virtual water that is SH3. Will post details of my most recent patrol soon

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